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Oh hell this is going to go nowhere because my blog is just that tiny but I am burning with need for an answer.

As we just saw like a day ago, the moon only blacks out the sun totally for a very small amount of time in a very small path, and definitely not all at once.

So how big would the moon have to be AND/OR how close would it have to be to us to block out the whole world completely?

Because I keep seeing posts about “i wish the moon would have just stayed in place and plunged us into a world of darkness and black magic” and while I am all for that happening in the future, that is not how it works. It would only stay night for like a what 10 square mile radius?

So I want to know how we could get stuck in a situation like that

Highlights of 10th:

Victor and Chris in the pool - also I don’t know what i expected from Chris, i mean of course he would want to go skinny dipping into a hotel pool

many POVs - i appreciated Victor’s point of view, it was soooo interesting

holy fuck, Yurio made katsudon pirozhki by himself <3 look at that apron


sleeping beauty Yuuri <3

Yurio and Otabek interactions are good and pure and I love them both

bickering Victor and Yuuri - because of nuts…

Victor watching Yuuri’s sparkly eyes *o*

that was a fucking engagement, i dont care about your “good luck charms”, Yuuri, fucking face it, Victor is your fiance - the way they did that scene, my godddd - blushing, and tender hand touching, and Victor’s lit up eyes

he is so in love god damn it

Phichit being so goddamn happy for Victor and Yuuri cured my depression - so pure

fucking drunk dance off - also Victor being in love with Yuuri for a year before meeting him again, every interaction since Victor came to be Yuuri’s couch has now a whole new meaning, IM SCREAMING

Victor’s and Yurio’s conversation, holy fuck

Georgi on a date <3

i mean of course The Chicken Nugget would lead a local cheerleading team for Yuuri, i dont know what i expected

the new ed!!!!! holy fuck!!!!!! fucking pole dancing au in the actual fucking show

Yurio’s and Yuuri’s dance off <3

Yes or No? Part 2 (Montgomery de la Cruz, 13 Reasons)

~it’s finally here! I like how it turned out. Please tell me what you think and as always, request! Love you all, thanks for the support~

First day back and you hadn’t even made it through the day, what a trooper you were. You’d managed to contain yourself enough to call your mom and ask her if you could spend the night at Jessica’s. She couldn’t contain her excitement, that you were finally going out and being a person again with someone other than Monty. Little did she know, everything was worse.

Jessica had ditched the rest of the day to be with you at her house. She’d even ditched her plans with Justin that night. But she said if he even so much as went to the same get together as Montgomery, she’d cut his balls off. You could tell she was trying not to have “I told you so” talk. She’d been one of the most vocal when it came to being anti- your relationship with Montgomery, in the beginning especially. She listed all of her cheer friends he’d hooked up with and never texted back. She’d mentioned on many occasions what a flirt he was. She’d even said that his anger problems should have been enough to keep you from dating the jock. But it only took mere weeks for you to be head over heels for the hothead. And no one could deny how happy he seemed to make you. Just like no one could deny that you brought out the good in him.

It was midnight. Jess was still up with Sheri. You were passed out on Sheri’s lap. They’d pretty much watched you cry yourself to sleep. Two girls that you probably wouldn’t have been all that close with had it not been for your relationship with Monty. You’d been acquaintances at best. They were apart of Jeff’s ‘friend group’, sure. But you two lead your lives separate enough to where you didn’t necessarily know all of the same people.

You’d wanted to invite Hannah, hell, you’d even wanted to see Skye when she texted you, reaching out. Jesus, shit got around fast. Then again, a lot of people had witnessed it for themselves. On that very public stage that was the main hallway. Bottom line was though, neither Jessica nor Sherri seemed to want Hannah there. Maybe that was what made Hannah think everyone hated her. You couldn’t blame her for that.

Out of no where, you were startled awake by Jessica raising her voice and her bedroom light being switched on.

“I swear to God I’ll get my dad. Get out of my house! All of you. Go on!” You opened your eyes slightly. You had a feeling you knew what was going on, but you didn’t want to believe it was happening.

“God damn it Jess. There’s no need for that. I heard him out. You guys should.” Justin whisper-yelled.

You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and see Justin pleading with his girlfriend, while Monty stood behind him, his jaw clenched.

“Why the hell are you two breaking and entering?! And Jessica said you’re not even supposed to be with Montgomery.” Sheri whispered.

“There’s five of them!” Jessica pointed out her bedroom window. Standing on the roof right outside were Marcus, Zach, and Alex.

“Leave!” Sheri said, her tone normal, but not level the same time.

“No.” All five of them said at the same time, causing a booming echo.

“Leave before you wake up my brothers.” Jessica said firmly. She glanced towards the wall that she shared with one of her brothers, as his bedroom was next to hers.

“I’m not leaving before I talk to you.” Montgomery was being serious, no doubt. His eyes were full of pain and they were red. You couldn’t decide if he’d gotten high with the boys or if he’d actually been crying. But either way, you wanted nothing other than to deny him his wish.

“This is Jessica’s house. She doesn’t want you here. And neither do I.” You said sharply. You didn’t look straight at him, because you didn’t want him to see how many tears were already slipping down your cheeks. So you buried your head in Sheri’s lap again. She ran her hands up and down your back, trying to help level your breathing.

“I’ll throw you over my shoulder and drag you out of this damn house myself, Y/N.” Montgomery walked forward. Jessica pushed him back.

“No you fucking won’t.” You snapped, still not looking up at him.

“Oh yeah? Who’s gonna stop me? Twig one and twig two? I don’t think so.” Monty knelt down so he was face to face with you, since you still hadn’t moved from Sheri’s lap.

“I would say Jeff would kick your ass, but we all know why that’s not gonna work out, now don’t we?” There was a tension filled silence. Sheri wouldn’t let go of your hand as your breaths grew more and more uneven again.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that.” Monty finally mumbled. Yeah, you did know. And maybe it was selfish, but you said it so he’d hurt even more than he already was.

“I guess. But I still want you to leave.” You got up and stood next to Jessica, who had just finished fending off Justin’s who was trying to get back on her good side by embracing her.

“Look me in my eyes and say that.” Montgomery said. His tone was firm, like he knew you weren’t going to be able to do what he said. He was right. So you stayed silent.

“See, I know that after everything we’ve been through, you don’t wanna just throw me away like that. Let’s go.” He stood behind you. Everything he’d ever done for you crossed your mind in that moment. The times that you were sick and he’d fall asleep on the couch after picking up your prescription for you. The countless times he asked your mom if she needed any help with dinner, or if your dad and Jeff needed help with any labor work outside. 'If they’re happy with me, then they’ll continue to let me make you happy, Y/N.’ he’d said once. You’d told the girls about it, they found it unbelievable that Montgomery De la Cruz had said that to a girl.

You turned around slowly, looking up at him. You nodded, and he took your hand, heading for the bedroom door.

“I swear to God if you hurt her anymore than you already have I’ll do what Jeff would have done if he were here.” Jessica’s words truly came out in a growl.

“Davis, you’ve always hated us together. I get it, maybe I don’t deserve her. Hell, I know I don’t. But I’ve never hurt her before this. I didn’t mean to hurt her now. So don’t talk about things when you don’t know shit. As I recall, you haven’t really stopped by too much in the past few weeks, have you Jessica?” You had told Jessica not to stop by. You’d been a mess and you were really only comfortable with Monty seeing you in your state. She’d broken the rule a few times but not that many.

“Fuck you Monty. She told me not to.” Jessica moved as though she was going to hit Monty, but Justin stopped her.

“Well let me tell you something about Y/N, alright? It’s all in her eyes. She can say one thing and mean another and I can tell you what the fuck she’s actually thinking just by her eyes. That’s why she won’t look at me and say it. Because she knows she wants to hear me out.” Montgomery’s statement got no response from anyone else in the room. And with that, he took your hand again and lead you out of the bedroom door. No one stopped him. No one could find it in them to stop him.

You were silent. Still angry and upset, you didn’t know what you could say even if you wanted to speak.

“I love you.” He said once you were both seated in his jeep that was parked out front. You laughed a little.

“Do you, though?” She asked him. He threw his keys down on his dash in frustration.

“That’s a bullshit question, and you know it.” He grumbled, still staring at you, practically begging for eye contact.

“I love you too.” You mumbled back to him, staring at your hands that sat in your lap.

“I didn’t say it the way you think I did.” He said, now getting straight to the point. You couldn’t take it anymore, you turned and stared at him.

“What other ways can that be meant?” You scoffed. For the first time that night, the two of you made true eye contact.

“The boys asked why coach was going so easy on me missing practice and games. I said that he knew I was taking care of you. They asked if you were doing better. I said not really.” He said, still looking at you. He went to grab your hand, but you swatted his away. Apart of you wanted to grab his hand. Skin to skin contact with him was one of the only things that made you feel good automatically. It hadn’t gone away, you had to admit, even after what he said.

“And you responded with yeah, she’s sad so she’s eating a bunch of shit and gaining a ton of weight and if it continues she’s gonna have a problem.” You still stared at him.

“You don’t believe that.” He stated. You rolled your eyes.

“So now you know me better than I do?” He shook his head, laughing a little.

“Maybe. You know deep down I would never say that about you. I love you whether you’re two hundred pounds or one twenty, I don’t give a fuck. I just- I’ve seen the way you grab at your stomach while you look in the mirror. It’s an unhealthy dislike towards yourself, baby.” You winced at him calling you what he’d called you for the year you two had been dating. You couldn’t find it in you to tell him to stop though.

“I’ve gained fifteen pounds over the course of three weeks, that isn’t normal.” You squeaked out, tears flowing down your face now. You flinched as his arm hook around your waist, attempting to move you onto his lap. You eventually gave in begrudgingly.

“Love me, God damn it.” He whispered into your hair. You gave in a bit more, wrapping your arms around him as you continued to cry.

“You knew I didn’t say anything bad.” He kissed your temple as his fingers traced shapes on your shoulder blade.

“Maybe. It’s just-” he didn’t let you finish.

“It’s just that you wanted another excuse to be this sad still.” Your breath hitched. Fuck, he was right.

“It’s not normal to still feel this bad.” Your voice was hollow.

“Well, no matter how abnormal you are, I fucking love you. I changed a lot so I could at least try to be deserving of you, did you know that? I even watch my language around your parents.” You chuckled a little.

“Mom still complains about it.” You looked up at him.

“To my face.” You saw him smirk a little bit. You sighed deeply.

“I don’t care if you’re this sad for five more years. I will be here for you until you can little by little move on.” He moved your chin with his hand so you had to look at him.

“I’ll say it again, I fucking love you. I want to marry you. I want you to have my babies. And I want us to tell all kinds of stories about Jeff to our kids. Because he would have been the best damn uncle out there, yeah?” You nodded before burying your head in his chest, letting out a heart wrenching sob.

“We’ll get through this, alright? And if it takes you gaining extra weight or you watching the same movies over and over to get through it, then that’s how it’s gonna be, alright baby? Do you get it?” You nodded again, wrapping your arms around his neck, his arms settled at your waist as he rested his head in your neck. In a few minutes he’d give you back your 'ring on a string’. Although this time he didn’t want it on a chain. He wanted everyone to know that you and him were in it for the long haul, no matter how shocked they’d be.