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Hi admins just wanna request a list of fics, old or new, with chen/(any former or present exo-m member) pairing that has a plot where they r good friends or know each other(or obliviously love each other) then gradually loves each other but with some angst/jealousy

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Here is Part 2 of “That One Call”. Enjoy me peeps!

“You sly, teasing fox of mine,” Judy breathed again as Nick squeezed her tail. She did the same with Nicks tail.

Chills went up his spine in response.

“Okay, okay Carrots,” he cautioned her, knowing well the foreplay move that she loved to pull.

“Don’t we have some pictures to take? You’re everyday ‘Judy and the baby growing pictures?”

He moved away so he was looking down on her. He said 'we’ because he hasn’t been in any of the pictures yet, being that it had only been a few days since she told him about the baby.

“But it hasn’t been a week yet,” she retorted.

“I just wanted to be in them from now on,” he replied, his paws tracing the edge of her belly. “I want to see how much all of us will grow in the next coming months.”

That thought of Nick being included into the pictures never did cross her mind, which made her feel guilty. But the growth between not just her and the baby, but also him as well, will be much different from what he looks like now to when the baby is born.

She got dressed into a sports bra and shorts, Nick also putting on a ZPD t-shirt so he wasn’t in the nude.

They took different poses with each picture. But the one they liked the most was the one where Nick cradled the underside of Judy’s belly with their lips interlocked; Judy facing her lips upwards meeting Nicks.

Now that it was Saturday, they had plans to hang out with Jack and Skye that day, if they were available of course. Being the police chief and lieutenant of the MPD was a stressful job in the least. So they made a call down to the station with the personal number and extension that Jack had given them to call when they were ready. Nick had already made a contact for Jack and pulled it up on his phone.

Two rings into the call and the rummaging of papers and fast paced keys of a keyboard was the first thing that broke through into the speaker of nicks phone. They could faintly hear the sound of other voices in the background, particularly a female voice coming from the arctic fox, Skye.

She was yelling out as if giving commands to other mammals that were far out of listening range of the office phone of Jack’s.

He greeted them as kindly as he could speak, with stress in his voice.

When Nick asked when they were free to enjoy some relaxation, the striped bunny questioned the red fox multiple times before finally understanding what he said. The commands and loud commotion died down to the minimum where even the ticking of the clock could be heard. Skye and Jack both apologized for the inconvenient noise.

They explained that they were assembling a task force of the most highly trained officers in the MPD to seize a local gangs drugs and illegal dispensary of weapons. Along with the kidnapped mammals, the two MPD officers had been keeping an eye on the gang and had finally received evidence that would finally take down the gang along with their contraband.

But the excitement in their eyes left when Judy asked about the missing/kidnapped new. I’m

“We haven’t had any sign of them, nor the recent victim,” was what he said. His ears drooped in sadness, a touch of agitated anger in his eyes. He knew that everyday that passed was another day of the victims being tortured. Or worse, killed.

“The only other evidence we have at the moment is what Nick gave us last night” reminded Skye sounding somewhat discouraged. “And we don’t have much time before the latest victim is… Well…”

“Skye, everything will be okay.” Judy tried sounding as condescending as she could to take away the doubt in Skye’s voice. But Judy had a feeling that it wasn’t going to help. She knew the feeling of doubt when it came to a case, especially the doubt that came into knowing a mammal may die in the next day or two.

“If there’s anything we can do, let us help” Nick offered.

“No, no. You two are on your honeymoon. There is no need for you two to cease your enjoyment for the sake of us,” Skye replied heavily. But as Judy and Nick were about to object, Skye said “and before you try and object, I’m going to remind you both one fact: Judy is pregnant. And you Nick, need to be there for her at all times. You don’t need her and the baby to get stressed out.”

Her words were clear and stern. Commanding. They got the message that she wasn’t trying to sound rude or say that she didn’t want their help. She was just looking out for their well being, above all, Judy’s. And they weren’t going to argue with that fact. Nick and Judy both knew well how it felt to be on the lashing end of a higher ranked officer like Chief Bogo, and had no intention of finding out what Skye’s anger level could reach to.

“Touché,” Nick agreed.

“We’ll let you know if anything pops up” Jack spoke in, his tone of voice calmer than it was from just a few moments ago. “As for our get together, we should be done around, I’d say around six o'clock. But that also depends on how much paperwork there is to follow up on.”

Nick couldn’t help but chuckle to the striped bunny’s complaints. He could sense the eyes of the buck rolled. Paperwork was the worst part of the job and the one thing that all officers hated. All except chief buffalo butt back in Zootopia. He seemed to live in his office. Nick often wondered if the buffalo had a secret cot folded in his closet.

“I feel you there stripes,” he laughed. “But look at it this way; Somebody’s got to do it.” He grinned

Jack sarcastically laughed, not finding Nicks quirk amusing.

“Okay, we’ll let you two go then. Good luck on your raid, and stay safe! The both of you,” Judy stated firmly.

Their new friends needed all the luck, and support they could get as it was running short for one particular case.

“Thank you Judy,” Skye thanked graciously.

“We’ll see you at six,” Jack stated before the clicking sound of the phone hanging up.

“Six it is,” Nick repeated with a sigh, placing his phone on the table.

“So, what do we do in the meantime?” Nick asked to Judy whom had her paws on the lower of her back.

“Mmmmmm… Is there any shops that you want to visit?” Judy grunted, her back arching so she could stretch the still tight muscle.

“I was actually thinking we could just stay here today and relax. Watch some tv, get some breakfast,”

“Breakfast sounds amazing right now” the sore bunny agreed just as her stomach rumbled with hunger. She and the baby were hungry.

Suddenly, her stomach tightened with ferocity, forcing herself to hunch over in pain. She clutched her abdomen as the searing pain coursed down her legs while on the verge of letting out a scream. The pain was so immense that her legs felt as if they were going to give out at any second.

Nick rushed over to her side frantically.


He helped her reach for a chair to support herself from falling over. “I’m… I’m okay Nick,” she huffed heavily.

She tried controlling her breathing to a slow and steady rate by perking her lips as if she were whistling. It took her about a minute until the pain, and her heart rate to reach back to their normal levels.

“I’m okay Nick,” she repeated once more, sitting in the large couch of the living room. Her paw rubbed her bump, still feeling as if the cramp was still affecting her.

“What was that?” Questioned Nick, his own heart racing.

“The baby is growing. And when it does, so do I” she calmly stated with grinning teeth. She remembered the times when her mom was expecting. She had the same types of cramps all through her pregnancies. But not once did she ever see her mother experience what she just endured. But her mother also wasn’t expecting a child with a fox either.

“Do you need me to get you anything?” Nick asked, still feeling the worry in his gut.

He was about to walk towards the faucet until Judy verbally halted him. “No Nick, I’m fine I promise. I just need to rest.”

“Well it’s a good thing we decided that then,” agreed Nick, sitting next to Judy. He played his signature hug to give her some comfort; she gladly accepted by leaning into the crest in his shoulder.

They both closed their eyes in the warm comfort of each other’s presence.

But the loving moment quickly ended with Nick’s stomach mumbling with agonizing hunger. His eyes shot down to his stomach, seeing ripples on the inside of his shirt from his stomach.

“Hungry slick?” Judy smiled with a chuckle.

Nick looked over and smiled back innocently. “Maybe a little.”

“Come on then. It’s my turn to serve you breakfast,” Judy chittered happily, quickly dragging the unsuspecting fox out of the couch and down the hallways of the hotel.

Returning after an hour of eating and catching up on some news from back home in Zootopia, finding out that the weasel well known as Duke Weaselton had been apprehended for copy right infringement. The dozens upon dozens of movies that were found in his possession which were illegally copied was going to cost him some jail time, prison more likely.

“Serves that little weasel right,” Judy crossed as she devoured the last remaining bits of her carrot donut.

“He was gonna get caught eventually,” Nick agreed.

“How was he able to get out of jail after stealing those Nighthowlers?”

“Minor offense, most likely. I remember when Finnick went to jail for a day or two after trying to hustle his way into a police cruiser.”

“Why would he do that?” Judy looked up to Nick with a confused look on her face.

“He was drunk. And I dared him to.”

Finnick. Drunk. That didn’t surprise Judy in the least. But she found that Finnick drunkly messing around with cops was slightly funny, but also mean on Nicks part.

“You’re a jerk.”

“Only when I want to be,” he grinned slyly.

Clever fox, Judy thought.

Back into their room, Nick plumped into his bed and turned their fifty inch tv to a entertainment channel. It was a crime show no doubt, Zootopia Crime Scenes: Crime Files. The scenes and characters were all fictionally made, but it was exhilarating to watch some cool crime scenes that would never happen in their career as officers.

“That would never happen!” Judy exclaimed while pointing to the tv. A wolf officer had dropped his gun, knowingly, and didn’t even bother calling for back up.

“Calm down Carrots, it’s just a show. Plus it’s not like they could hear you even if you wanted them to” he teased.

“It doesn’t matter Nick! If they’re going to portray officers then they better start telling their actors to start acting like it.” She beamed the tv with dissatisfaction, wishing her eyes could find someway to meet with the actors terribly portraying as officers.

“You overreact too much fluff.”

She leered her eyes to Nick, not enough for him to notice, but enough for him to know that she was eyeing him; a constant knowing that she was always just a few feet away from him to get in a good punch.

The episode ended with a happy ending, a scene of a bunny holding a brand new baby, litter of six more like it, of light brown bunnies. And that brought back a thought that had been rattling in his mind.

“Have you thought of any names since you found out that you were pregnant?” Nick asked, glancing over to his bunny curiously.

Actually, she had. She picked out a few names, but names that she had been accustom to were all names that had resided in her family already. And unfortunately for her, she had no other unique names to name off.

“I had a few in mind,” she stated, but the smile she wore slightly faded to a depressed smile. “But most of the names I picked are all members of my family.”

He reached for her paw and squeezed it, reassuring her. “It’s not like I have room to judge. I’ve just been thinking about what to call our child. And although I am one of the smartest mammals in Zootopia, no names stuck to me,” he bragged jokingly.

She rolled her eyes to her foxes jesting, but returned to her dolefulness; in which Nick picked up.

“How about we look up some baby names,” it wasn’t a question, it was an action. He pulled out his phone and went straight to the Safari browser and began typing in, List of Popular Baby Names.

Judy, watching Nick furiously typing, slid her way over to him so her head was lying on his shoulder. Lists upon lists of different sights containing hundreds of names, too many to count. They all ranged from names that were from decades ago to just a few years old.

“Holy cripes! This is gonna take forever to look through!” Judy said, feeling discouraged from the many names she was reading through. She had thought that she was overwhelmed with figuring out names before, but now that she was face to face with them, her mind was blank with many different thoughts and emotions.

“We have plenty of time to pick them out Carrots,” he reassured her. Then he held her paw in his. “It’s not like you’re going to have the baby anytime soon love.”

“I know Nick, but still. It just feels so overwhelming with all the different types of names.”

“We’ll get through it fluff, I promise.” And when he made promises, he kept them diligently.

So for the next few hours, they went back and forth on many names. Some of them liked by one while the other didn’t, or rejected the names in unison. They were on the edge with a few names like Michael, Luke, Todd, Joshua for the male names to name a few. As for the female names, they chose a few as well like Maria, Nicole, Olivia, Isabella and Kathryn.

It was now 2:37 when Nick checked the time after typing down the last name that they agreed on. He didn’t realize it, but they had reached the farthest pages of the Internet while looking at the countless pages for names. Or at least it seemed like it for both the fox and bunny. Fifteen pages. Fifteen pages worth of Zoogle and looking through each website they could find, agreeing or disagreeing on the names, and then writing them down into Nicks phone.

“Four hours,” Judy complained, falling into her bed. “Four hours and only a handful of names!”

She felt frustrated more than anything, but also discouraged. Not just for just the naming of the baby, or babies, but because she felt like she was already failing as a soon to be parent. Stressing out over a few names wasn’t a great thing to start off on, and she knew that. But her hormones that went crazy almost non stop now did not help her situation at all. But when she looked to Nick, she saw that he was calm, no sign of stress.

Normally she would look to him for a sense of calm. But now she was concerned why Nick wasn’t even a tiny bit stressed.

“How are you so calm?”

He looked to his phone, then to Judy, then back to his phone. He let out a chuckle of amusement.

“Maybe because I’m not the pregnant one?” He winked to Judy.

She found it as amusing as other mammals calling her cute.

She raised her eyebrow, her death glare at the maximum. “That’s not funny Nick. I’m being serious,” she beamed.

“I’m just messing fluff. But in all seriousness, I’m just trying to stay as calm as I can. But this is how I look at it,” he began, changing the subject so he wouldn’t feel the wrath of the pregnant bunny.

“How many kids did your mom have her first litter?”

“I think… Around ten or so. Why?” she replied, curious to where Nick was going with his question.

“And you’ve said that you have two-hundred and seventy five other brothers and sisters?” It was a rhetorical question.

Judy nodded again.

“I can bet you all the pawpsickels in the world that your mom was feeling the same exact way when she was pregnant,” he stated, which made complete sense to Judy now that he just stated a very good point.

She didn’t take into consideration that her mom had gone through the same thing while she was pregnant. And come two hundred and five children later, her and her brothers and sisters were named.

When she was a teenager, her mom had explained, during her eighth pregnancy, she was telling Judy and the rest of her litter mates how she and Stu came up with names along with the struggles of finding those names. Many names had been passed down through the generations of the Hopps family. Only a few of the names that were picked out were new. Judy being one of them.

But she remembered the countless books that Bonnie had of their family tree, matching each bunny kit with a name that best described them.

“I am over thinking this, aren’t I?”

Nick gestured with his fingers, almost pinching them together. “Just a little,” he chuckled.

“What would I do without you Nick?” She smiled lovingly towards her handsome fox, her arms engulfing themselves around his waste.

“Well, let’s see,” he started as a list of things ran through his mind. One of the things he thought was Judy unable to reach the top shelf of anything due to her small size. She would always use Nicks shoulders as a ladder for her to reach.

But before he could mutter the thoughts rambling around in his skull, Judy quickly placed a finger over Nicks lips.

“Ut-tut-tut! That was rhetorical. So stop thinking whatever you’re thinking, sly fox,” commanded the pregnant bunny.

“You can see right through me, can’t you?” Nick asked, his worlds mumbled with Judy’s finger on his lips.

She nodded and smiled. “You know it, slick.”


Nick and Judy were on their way down to the park in middle of the busy Hippotragus City. A few hours before, they had called a Finnick and told the old friend of Nicks about the baby.

The Finnic fox laughed at first to even the idea of a fox and bunny baby mixed into one. But after a few silent moments that were filled with seriousness from both Nick and Judy, Finnick could tell that they were in no way joking with him. And for the first time, Judy heard a new sound from the always grumpy looking fox.

It was like a high pitched squeal coming from thousands of fan girls at their favorite pop musician, but it came out of Finnick like he had done it a thousand times over. If it were any louder, he could have easily broken the speakers on Nicks phone.

Even for Nick, hearing his closest friend squeal like a school girl, which he had only heard once before years ago, put a huge smile on his face.

Judy was even smiling to the small Finnic fox, even when they were five hundred miles away.

He gave the two the biggest congrats thus far, even more than Stu. He told the two that he was going to help them in any way he could, whether it be baby sitting, or buying the little infant clothing.

They insisted that he didn’t have to, but their words fell on deaf ears. The loud exhaust, rap music, and the sound of tires screeching down a road was the only thing that was heard. Then a “see ya two love birds when you get back,” followed by silence as the call ended from Finnicks end.

The others that they wanted to tell included Clawhauser, Chief Bogo, Francine, a few other officers, and even Mr, Big and Fru Fru. But they soon took out the idea of telling Clawhauser and Chief Bogo. Not that they didn’t want to tell them, but knowing the chubby cheetah, he would spill the beans of telling everyone at the precinct even if he tried his hardest not to. And as for the chief, they wanted him to know personally. Not over the phone. Otherwise, they probably would get chewed out for not telling him in person.

As for Fru Fru and Mr. Big, they were thrilled for them, especially the cheerful daughter of the mobster. In the background, they could hear the deep, but loud, chuckles from the polar bear body guards. They never spoke much, but Judy and Nick knew that they were happy.

In the streets of Hippotragus, the streets were much less busy than they were the day before. It was peaceful there; no car horns blaring every few seconds, not as many mammals. Just clear blue sky’s in the sunlight filled city.

Being midday, Nick wore one of few single colored shirts that he had in his wardrobe. It was a pearl white, almost completely matching his white fur from his chin down to his stomach. Judy just wore the ZPD shirt she had put on for the pictures from earlier. It was comfy. She figured she’d wear it before it would become too small for her to wear, with her belly growing day by day.

Neither Skye, nor Jack had called to let them know when they got back from their raid, so they decided to venture out to inspect the park for themselves.

Zootopia’s own park was around six acres long by three wide. Park benches, swings, and trees; the norm of any city park. The Hippotragus City Park had all the same features. It was just more massive, taking up a whopping twenty two acres.

It was like a mini amusement park. Pop-up water fountains, cart vendors with food and drinks. Street artists, from face painters to spray paint on canvas, it was a sight to see. Along with something else.

Home. It felt like home. The calm and relaxing atmosphere. No troubles, no work that had to be done, and no deadlines. Just the two of them together, and their growing baby, in the comfort of each other.

“This is exactly what we need,” Nick proclaimed as he sat down on a park bench, stretching his arms and legs. “A relaxing day at the park with my adorable bunny wife, and our baby.”

Judy sat down next to him, carefully to not plop down on the hardwood seat. Her everyday growing belly was getting to the point where she wasn’t taking any risks with damaging their baby, regardless if it was small or big.

“Agreed on that,” Judy grunted on the bench. She was comfortable and relaxed, for the most part at least. Being pregnant and all wasn’t the easiest job in the world. But seeing Nick kicking back and enjoying himself again was a heavenly sight to see for her. Especially after last night. She wanted Nick to have the best and most memorable time without any asshole dirtbags getting in the way.

She kissed him on the cheek drawing in closer into him and cuddled his side into the safety of his arms, smiling.

“How’s the baby?” He asked, cradling a paw under the bump.

“Calm now,” she confirmed thankful. “No more little growth spurts.”

“I can’t believe how big it’s gotten in just two days,” Nick beamed down to Judy’s midsection. For him, since Judy told him, her baby bump had grown exponentially.

But Judy knew that the baby bump he was seeing dwarfed in comparison to other bunny pregnancies. Normally around this time, bunnies would be showing a lot more than Judy is at the moment. Yet, unlike most of her siblings and the other thousands of bunnies in the world, she was bearing a child that was half fox. And like her doctor had told her, since it was a hybrid, it was going to be abnormal compared to what she was used to seeing.

“It’ll get a lot bigger slick. Trust me,” she inquired.

Nicks fatherly smile grew back onto his face.

“Do you need anything to eat?” He asked since it had been more than a few hours since they last ate.

As if he were a mind reader, she was hungry. And she had been on cravings non stop during that morning.

“A bug burger,” she bluntly stated with a straightest face.

Nicks eyes grew wide. He instantly thought that she was joking. She had to have been right? Bunnies don’t ever eat meat.

“You’re pulling my leg Carrots,” but the look Judy gave him didn’t change. She was serious.

“You’re serious?”

“I need protein for the baby Nick,” she replied. “Plus, I’ve ate a few burgers before I was pregnant.”

Giving up on comprehension, Nick shrugged. “Alright then. Two big burgers it is.” Nick dashed away to a vendor, only a speck of his red fur visible.

She couldn’t object he ran off so fast. But she was grateful to have such a loving and caring husband who was willing to get her everything she needed. She loved her fox. She knew it, that he was going to be a great father.

He had never felt so responsible before in his life, exempt when he was a kit when he was told to make his bed every morning. He loved the feeling that he was going to be a dad. A dad!

During his childhood, he didn’t have a father figure to teach him the rights and wrongs of the world. But his mother did her best with him to try and raise him to the right track. The one thing he feared, above all else, was of failing. Failure was never in his nature. But it was the fear of not being a good parent to their baby, like whether or not the child will like him or not.

Come on Nick! You know better than that! Of course the baby will like you. It is your child after all.

His thoughts rang through his mind like bangle drums in a steel cage.

They were right of course. They always were. He was… Is going to be a good parent. And he will be damned if anyone says otherwise.

He hadn’t realized, but he had already paid for the crunchy bug filled burgers and was heading back to Judy.

He arrived seconds later giving Judy a burger. She thanked him before devouring into her burger, bits of the crushed insects and bun falling to the ground.

Nick hadn’t even taken a bite of his, watching Judy already halfway done with hers.

“Judy! Nick!” A familiar voice called out.

Nicks head popped up from his gaze on Judy to the surrounding area of the park to see who called him. And to his name being called once again, he could tell the voice was coming from behind him. The scent of familiarity filled his nose as he turned around to see the two mammals Judy and himself had been waiting for.

Skye and Jack. Wearing normal clothes. The striped rabbit was wearing a light blue with whitish-gray lines polo shirt, while Skye wore a black spring dress that outlined her body perfectly. Jack was strutting his walk with an incandescent smile. Skye, was not as confident. She was biting her claws with nervousness and looking around as if frightened. Her ears were down and the whiteness in her cheeks turned rosy.

“Stripes! Over here!” Nick waved to the other bunny and fox couple.

The red, excited fox also noticed something else. They were holding each other’s paws! Out in public. The buck took his advice, not patting himself on the back or anything, but Nick was happy for them. Happy that they were being themselves.

Jack shot his eyes around before finding the red fox next to his wife, waving frantically at them. Skye was relieved to see a friendly face. Her being in a dress was a rarity for anyone to see, even Jack and he had only seen her in a dress once. She just felt out of place without her dress shirts and pants.

Once by Nicks side, Jack was about to greet him with a handshake when he heard a crunching sound. His, along with Skye’s ears, twitched to fast chomping sound of something crunchy.

Both the Metropolis dwellers peeked around Nick, whom forgotten about his bunnies’ new eating habits. But he realized too late to tell them an explanation.

Jack couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. A bunny, his own species, eating meat. Well, a type of it anyways; but still! Never in his life had he thought he would see a carnivorous rabbit.

Skye’s reaction matched that of her partners. Their jaws dropped. And if they could have, they would have went down to the ground.

Judy didn’t notice the two of them, and was mid bite before her senses finally kicked. Her eyes wandered forward towards the arctic fox and striped bunny. She squeaked with teeth sunken which was muffled by the bread; wide-eyed.

“Is that a bug burger?” Jack asked hesitantly.

Swallowing the morsel quickly, she replied in a shaky, nervous voice.

“Uhhh…” She didn’t have an answer. The answer was obvious after all.

“I never thought rabbits could ever eat meat?” Skye questioned, following up after Jacks question.

Judy was so embarrassed at that moment. She felt the heat rise to the tips of her ears. With others around that she didn’t know didn’t bother her new eating habits, but in front of their new friends made her slightly self conscious.

Skye sensed the bunny’s distress and addressed her, “Don’t be embarrassed Judy, you have nothing to be ashamed about.” The white fox tried sounding as compassionate as she could.

Judy wished her ears could cover the whole of her face, to hide the bashful embarrassment.

“It’s… For the baby…” She quietly whispered. She hoped they weren’t judging her. “I read up on what mothers need to give foxes for protein and growth… And the burgers were one of them,” she said with ears down to her shoulders.

Nick knelt down and placed a reassuring paw on her shoulder, noticing his wife’s change in character.

She was making that face again. A face he hadn’t seen until their first date together. The face of fear of judgment. But Nick was good at reading others, a great trait for a fox to have, especially during stakeouts. He could tell that Skye and Jack were far away from being judgmental. If anything, his guess was that they were just surprised from seeing a normal prey mammal eating meat. Hell, a lot of mammals were still surprised at seeing Judy and himself together.

But being who he was, he was always the shoulder to lean on. Especially now that Judy could have an emotional breakdown at any given moment.

“We didn’t mean to sound judgmental Judy!” Skye then said in an apologetic tone. The white vixen felt a knot in her stomach, like someone had punched her. Seeing Judy’s sadness, sensing herself that something was bothering her, made her wish she chose different words. Judy being pregnant slipped slightly from her mind.

She looked over to Jack, slightly scowling at him because he hadn’t said anything after her. “We’re not being judgmental now are we, Jack?” She growled towards her striped buck for only him to hear.

He caught her growl instantly. Not wanting to feel her wrath later, he quickly blubbered out, “No! Not at all! I was just surprised is all. And if I sounded that way, I deeply apologize.”

He was sorry. Truly. And even if he was going to judge, not that he would, he had no room to talk. He was the epitome of someone to be judged by others.

“It’s alright you two. I know you wouldn’t mean it,” Judy reassured them with a smile. “How did the raid go?” She then said, wanting to change the subject from the awkwardness.

Both Skye and Jacks faces lit up, cheery eyed.

“Very well actually,” Jack said, pleased.

“Not only did we get the drugs, but we got all the evidence we needed to take down the sellers. And soon, hopefully, the dealers that’s been supplying them.”

“That’s great news!” Judy mused with a smile.

“Excellent,” Nick nodded. That’s one less, or group, of dealers in the world.

The four began to make tracks around the park, resuming on the well earned success of the MPD’s latest drug bust. They told Nick and Judy how easy the infiltration was and how unsuspecting the dealers were when they broke in on their operations. They had confiscated a couple hundred pounds of heroin, along with unregistered weapons. Both sides of the animal spectrum were there; prey animals, predators, and even some moles and mice. Seventeen mammals in total were arrested and were being held for questioning.

They walked the complete outer area of the park, stopping a few times for Judy to catch her breath before returning back to the bench they started from. The length of time they walked could have taken them a total of at least twenty minutes or so, but they wanted to take it easy, for Judy, and just to have a relaxing walk. No rush. Soaking in the enjoyment of their company.

“It’s a good thing that those jerks are in jail now. Less drugs on the streets, less crime in the world.”

Judy was going to miss those types of cases when her adrenaline pumped through her veins and her senses were at one-hundred percent. She was hoping that before Nick and her tell everyone about the baby including Bogo, she could get at least one last great case in before taking maternity leave.

“Yeah,” Jack confirmed with Judy, but his confidence shifted. “Now we just need a bigger break with the kidnapped mammals and this city would be better off.”

The deepening sick feeling in his stomach was growing more substantial as time passed by. He feared that, which his gut instinct was telling him, was that they were going to have to call the family of another innocent mammal.

“Something will come up sweetheart,” Skye spoke gently, taking his tiny paws into hers. That was the first time calling him that out in public. But it felt good saying it. Like a relief had washed over her after saying it. And being with others who were exactly like them, a couple of star crossed lovers from two different worlds entwining their very beings into each other, made everything that she was worried about, disappeared.

Nick’s, Judy’s, and Jacks smiles were proof of that. But the way Jack’s ears perked up from her calling him sweetheart made her heart flutter with joy.

Jack grabbed his vixens paw and gave her a loving squeeze. Her sky blue optics looking down on him with a love which had been sparked deep within her, hiding from the outside world from judgment, was starting to show its true colors.

He hadn’t done a thing like what he was about to do, since the two of them had just revealed their relationship. With a nervous shaking paw, the palm of his paw pressed against the softness of her cheek, ever so softly. Her head followed the bucks paw down to his own, like she had no control of herself. Instinct, if you want to call it that.

Their lips locked with an electrical charge that neither had felt before, bringing each other in closer to a tight embrace, their kiss deepening. No restrictions, no nervousness around others, just them. Just like Nick and Judy, the two Metropolis officers were well known around the city. And they knew that they felt thousands of eyes on them in that moment, but not having a care in the world. And it was all thanks to their new friends; giving them the confidence they needed to place their relationship out into the world for all to see.

Judy couldn’t help but smile towards the them. It was like watching a replay of Nick and herself going out on their first date, and their first kiss. She blushed from happiness.

Nick was smiling alongside his wife, bringing her in to his side. He looked down on her with pride in his eyes. It made him happy that his shared encouragement had actually changed someone’s life, and so quickly. He just hoped that his advice wouldn’t get the two in trouble later on.

“I’m sorry about that,” Jack said to Nick and Judy, cheeks red after Skye and himself unlocked lips. “I’m not normally this flustered around others.”

Skye too was red in the face, a matching pair for the other fox and bunny couple. She was biting the tips of her claws as to cover her face.

“No, no, no! You’re okay!” Judy insisted, shaking her paws to the striped bunny and white fox. “We don’t have a problem with that kind of thing. We do that in front of others all the time. Our friends back at home don’t mind us doing it either.”

She looked up to Nick and gave him a love nudge; him replying with a humorous chuckle and nod.

“You’re among friends. Who cares what others think or say” Nick added.

“We’re just not used to being ourselves in front of the public,” Skye replied bashfulness in her tone, still nibbling the ends of her claws.

“Well if you want, we can invite you back to our hotel room for some…”

“That’s kind of you Judy, but I don’t want to run away from this. I want the two of us to go through with this head on. No more hiding.” He wasn’t trying to sound or act rude, but his words held truth. He was tired of hiding, and he wanted the whole world to know that he was in love with the most beautiful vixen in the world.

“Me too,” the white vixen held Jacks paw tight with hers in agreement.

Nick and Judy nodded to Jack and Skye for their decision.

“So how did you two meet?” Nick asked, curiosity filling his thoughts about the two ever since they became friends. He guess many differ scenarios, but he wanted to know for sure.

“Oh, that’s an old story,” Skye shooed with a paw to Nicks question.

“I’d like to hear it,” Judy smiled to the vixen.

The bunny had the vixen fixated on her smile. Judy really did want to hear the couples love story.

“Okay,” Skye sighed with a smile.

“Jack?” He turned to Skye to his name. “Would you like to start?”

Jack grinned wide before saying, “Of course,”

“It started at the academy before we became officers. Back then, I was more into rabbits, even had my eye on a doe at the time. I was also very distrustful of foxes as well, as I’m sure you can relate to Judy,”

Judy nodded to the bucks old similarity, remembering her old family ideology that every single fox were the worst animals of the animal world.

Jack continued. “And when I first saw Skye, it definitely wasn’t love at first sight. I couldn’t believe that a fox had actually gotten in to the academy.The instructor had the two of us do a timed course of going across some ice bergs just to see where each applicant was. I told her good luck, in a smug way. And I half expected her to snort back or come back at me with something just as smugly. But was surprised me more was that she just smiled back at me. She even said 'Thank you’ as if my smugness didn’t bother her, which caught me off guard. What made it worse for me at the time, was that no matter how hard I tried, she was always keeping pace with me.”

“It was cute, the way he got frustrated. Especially when I beat him at a few of the courses,” Skye added in with a wink to Jack.

“Yeah yeah,” he mumbled in reply, a small amused smile crossing his face. “Soon enough, the instructors began putting us cadets into teams of two. And as if it were fate, Skye and I became partners.”

Jack looked over to Skye to continue.

“Needless to say, he wasn’t the happiest mammal their. He instantly went to the instructor and begged to be changed with someone who was more of his size and, for lack of better words, someone along the lines of being prey. It did hurt when I heard him say those things, but I couldn’t let what he said get to me, since I was trying to be the best out of all the cadets there,”

Judy related to that on a personal level. Her and Skye were practically twins when it came to wanting to be the best at what they do. She had some similarities to Nick as well.

“He came back soon after, saying that he will have to live with being partners, otherwise, they told him he would have been kicked out for insubordination.”

Jack began again on his side of the story. “It wasn’t pretty. We didn’t get along at all the first couple days as partners; always bickering about what moves we should make next, how to do something a certain way for one or the other. Like I had figured before, we weren’t going to be a compatible team. The kindness she had shown was gone, replaced by a demanding and stubborn vixen.”

Jacks expressions were matching the faces he made during his academy days. Irritated, exhausted, and fed up. Then, at remembrance of the next part of the story, it changed to content and gratitude.

“Then the day came for practicing in urban area combat,” he started, pausing as if for effect. “Skye and I, along with two other pairs of cadets were put together to form a squad. Our mission was to rescue a 'high class kidnapped victim’ from other officers that were playing the bad guys, with as little to no casualties as possible. Since it was an exercise, we were using paintballs as the ammunition so no one was in any danger. But we had to act as if it were the real thing.”

Nick and Judy listened with intent and fascination. At the Zootopia academy, the closest thing they had was a small empty three story building with paper pop up targets. Very rarely were they given the chance to go team vs team until they were actually officers of the ZPD.

“I was squad leader, and Skye was the second in command. The only info we had was that the victim was on the second floor, and that there were seven assailants. We had six in our squad. My decision was to split our group up into two separate squads, one leading to the rear and then Skye and I and the cougar in our group charging the front. Scent neutralizers were used so the noses of both Skye and the cougar were unusable.”

“Not two minutes into the drill, we heard shots coming from the other group,” explained Skye. “They told the rest of us that two of the assailants were out. That’s when things became heated real quick.”

Skye spoke with enough emotion that it drew Nick and Judy deeper, like they were really there.

“Our group ran up stairs, where most of the gunfire was coming from. My adrenaline was running through my veins so fast that I couldn’t hear Skye yelling out something to me. Gun fire was heading in our direction, but from who, we couldn’t tell. Our communications were completely static, so we couldn’t hear the other group or even tell them if the enemy was down. And with me not thinking, high and headstrong, I turned the corner. Bad mistake.”

His head drooped down to Skye’s shoulder.

“Why?” Nick asked, leaning in his seat towards Jack.

Again, both Jack and Skye looked at each other, an old worried look on their faces.

“There was an 'assailant’ right around the corner that Skye had yelled out to me, but didn’t hear. He had a clear shot at me. I thought I was done for. Like a fool, I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact of the bullet to hit me.”

“I heard the shot, and anticipated the impact. But it never came,” Jack paused.

“What do you mean?” Judy asked, ears perked in confusion.

Nick couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. “What happened after that?”

With his head down, Jacks face was hidden with his ears in front of his face. They half expected it to have a frown, but there wasn’t. He smiled.

“I looked up, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Skye was in front of me, in a protective stance, covering me. She had taken the shot.” He gave Skye an appreciative smirk for the countless times since that happened. “The other member of our group shot the one who was trying to shoot me. But I was in complete dismay after that, seeing that Skye was willing to risk her life to save mine.”

That stance of protection was forever engraved into the bucks mind, her tight broad shoulders and long arms extending out, flexing in the tight shirt she was wearing. There really was no reason for her to make such a move, as her lengthy toned body was more than enough to cover two of him. The one thing he cared about in that moment was the new appreciation he had for the vixen.

“Once the exercise was over, I asked her why she took the bullet for me,” he began before giving Skye her cue to tell her side again.

“I told him that because even though we fought a lot, he was still in command of our group and our performance. I also told him that if it were a real situation, I would’ve done the same exact thing. And, I secretly found him attractive,” she confessed with reddened ears.

“So, long story short, after that moment in the training house, Skye and I grew close to one another. And my distrust for foxes turned into a bond that you now see today.”

Jack stood on the park bench and leaned in to his vixen. His nose drew closer to her cheek and once it made contact, he nuzzled her lovingly. Pleasure rose from the bottom of his feet all the way to his ears, a soft cheerful chitter escaping his vibrating throat. Skye responded by returning a soothing purr to Jack who was still nose deep in her white fur. She also noticed that he was marking her. No idea why, but more than likely just for fun.

This was the first time in a very long time where they were being intimate with each other. And for very obvious reasons, each were enjoying it thoroughly.

A couple minutes passed of Skye and Jacks nuzzle session before the striped bunny asked both Nick and Judy, “So how did you two meet?”

Neither were expecting the question. They nervously looked to each other while also nervously chuckling. Both were nodding to the other to start first, but Nick made a valid point of saying that Judy was the one who made the first move on them meeting.

So she proceeded to tell the story of their first encounter with each other and Jumbeaux’s ice cream parlor. Nick and her took turns telling their sides, from the start of the Missing Mammals Case, to how they acted towards each other in the beginning and how Judy blackmailed Nick into helping her with the case.

The hardest part for the both of them was proclaiming the hardships they faced during the news conference and the downfall of their friendship from the words that were said. But she explained how they’re bond was rekindled after she apologized with the most apologetic way of saying your regrets of what you said.

Nick then told about them finding where the Night Howlers were being used as a weapon and who had been manufacturing them. He over exaggerated the parts about the train saying that he did most of the work in saving Judy and himself from the rams and how close they were to death. But Judy made it accurately clear to Jack and Skye that she was the one who took out the ram who saved them from certain death from an oncoming train. When the museum was brought up, the red fox and pregnant bunny told them the plan they thought of when realizing that Belleweather was the mastermind behind the attacks on predators. The part where Nick went “savage” and how Judy had to act terrified in order to find out the truth from Belleweather before revealing that it was all an act.

From Nick becoming an officer and finally being partnered with Judy was heartwarming to both Skye and Jack. Their stories almost matched each other’s, except Judy and Nick left out a huge gap of their life in the dark. The few months where they had broken up because of Judy’s sister. They weren’t comfortable with letting others know about that dark time in their lives. Even to their closest of friends.

“It seems like our lives are practically almost the same,” Jack commented, his smile facing to Nick and Judy.

“Pretty much stripes,” nodded Nick to the striped rabbit.

The sky had turned into a beautiful display of orange and red rays dancing off of the clouds. Most of the mammals had left the park, save a few stragglers, leaving the four under the street lamps of the park. None of them had realized the time that passed during their story’s of finding their love.

“It’s getting pretty late,” Judy noticed, ears pointing towards the setting fire-orange sun. “I hope we’re not keeping you two too late.”

“Oh! No not at all! We enjoyed your company, you and your husbands.” Skye smiled in delight. It was thoroughly enjoying, spending time out with her bunny and their new friends.

“Yours too!” nodded Judy. “We needed the fresh air. After last night, we needed to lighten our stress load.”

She was referring to the bar incident where Nick’s bullies from childhood confronted him and her. She was still slightly agitated from her meeting them, but not to the extent from last night.

Nick, on the other hand, wasn’t as calm about the situation as his wife. Sometimes, his eyes would search around the area as if half expecting them to show their faces. He looked away, embarrassed from his cowardice, pointed ears drooping down.

Jack noticed the foxes change; he could read Nick just as well as he could read Skye. Their changes in emotion were quite similar if not identical. The same droopy ears, wandering eyes. The sense that something was wrong.

“What happened?” He noticed that Nick was distant, as if in another world from their own.

“It was…” But the country rabbit paused, looking to Nick for approval before answering the buck. She watched her husbands eyes, now a dull green, move to her. A small nod he answered with.

She continued. “A few mammals from Nicks past came back and confronted us at the bar we went to. They had hurt him when he was just a kit.” She ground her teeth through each word she spoke. If she had even let out of one their names, she might have turned into a high tense, emotional off the rails bunny with a few mammals in mind as targets for her anger.

“I’m sorry to hear about that,” Jack condolence to Nick, who didn’t respond.

Judy’s ears popped up after realizing how late it had gotten.

“Sure is late,” she said, noticing the lights in the park shining bright in the almost darkened areas.

“It gets pretty dark here very quickly in Metropolis,” the white vixen said, her white fur glowing in the light of the lamps; It looked like it was on fire from the gleam.

“How far away is your home Jack?” Judy only asked because of how late it was and didn’t want them to travel too far if she could help it.

“Oh, it’s a little ways from here,” he began as he pointed towards the opposite direction of where Nick and Judy would be heading to. “It’s about fifteen blocks away from here.” What he wasn’t adding in was the extra eight blocks to the precinct. But, he had a squad car to drive him to and from his apartment. At the moment, however, they had walked to the park from the station.

Fifteen blocks was almost a mile away. And Judy wasn’t about to have that, especially now that it was dark out. She knew that they could hold their own, but she didn’t care.

“Well, that’s a little far. How about staying in our hotel room for the night?” She suggested with a smile.

Nick, now back into their conversations added in with a nod. “Yeah, that’s a bit of a walk. It’d be good bonding time for us to get to know each other better.”

He smiled to the couple with innocent canines exposed. He agreed with Judy to inviting them over for the night, but his mind was still on Kieran and the others. The way they were looking at him just set his senses off.

“Are you sure? We don’t want to impose on your time here just for us,” Jack was only exclaiming Judy’s offer because of just that reason of they were on their honeymoon. But Judy just shook her head with a smile.

“No, no, no,” she began. “You two can stay with the two of us for the night. And before you protest, it’s getting real late out. I know you’re officers and you can take care of yourselves but, we would like to have you as our guests.” The crafty bunny was using the same phrase that Skye had used when Nick and her asked if they could help with the case, but she said no. Now she was using it against them. Inside, she was smiling deviously, watching the striped buck and white fox exasperating in defeat.

“Okay, you win Mrs. Wilde,” Skye laughed.

“Great! Let’s go!” Judy said with a hop in her step. She made a few steps before a paw lightly pulled her back.

She was met with green eyes and a blue Hawaiian shirt.

“I’ll meet you back at the hotel,” he simply said.

She rose her brow with confusion to his quite sudden decision. “Nick, it’s dark out. I don’t want you by yourself out here.” She said it with a worried tone.

But what he said after made all the sense.

“I need to clear my head.” That’s when it became clear to Judy by what he meant. She noticed the way he closed himself around his walls of protection when she brought up the incident with Sam, Kieran and the rest of their worthless gang.

But with it being as late as it was, she would like it for him to be with her and talk things out back in their room. But with Nick, she knew that she had to give him some space, now especially with the circumstances. It wasn’t like this was his first time going out and taking a quick walk. Most of the time though, he talked to her about what was in his mind. This time, however, was different.

He was her fox, and no one else could read him better than her. Nick needed this.

She ran up to him, surprising the fox with a hug. Tight as it was, her belly pressed against him. “Please come back soon babe. I know you need this. Just come back to us safely. That’s all I ask. Please.”

Her please wasn’t pleading. Just a way for her to let him know that he will be forever needed by her. Being new-coming parents, they needed each other through the next stage in their journey.

“I’ll be back soon Carrots. I’ll even bring back some food and drinks for us as reassurance. I promise.” He looked deep into her eyes as he said this. His kiss between her ears made Judy let out a pleased hum with an added tail twitch.

“I love you Judy.”

“I love you too Nick.” She stood on her tiptoes and met his warm loving lips. “You be back in an hour, alright?” She whispered into the his long ears.

“That’s plenty of time. I’ll be back before you know it,” he half smiled before giving Judy’s fluffy, but tight rear a flirting squeeze.


Nick had a bag with chocolate covered donuts for Judy’s cravings, a few energy drinks for himself, a couple of other small snack necessities in his paws. It had been half an hour at least since he went to clear his head and watched his wife, along with Jack and Skye, head back to the hotel.

The time he spent walking was more than enough time for his mind to clear from Kieran, and especially the beaver Sam. Now, he felt the weight of those glares from the bar in his mind leave. It was exactly what he needed so he wouldn’t be one of those party spoilers who brings others down because of their attitudes.

“Just what I needed,” he breathed a smile, his breath turning into a light mist.

The night was colder than most since he and Judy had been in Metropolis. But it was nothing that his thick fur couldn’t handle. Plus, after a warm day, it felt nice to let the brisk cold city air flowing through the streets sink into his skin.

During his walk, he passed by many bars and restaurants with mammals having a good time. From the loud music and conversations, to the great smelling food. It made him smile again at seeing the joy that this city brought him, and the reason why they came here in the first place.

His day dreaming, however, had led him into a part of the city he didn’t recognize. An ally way of sorts. He was pretty observant when it came to places he had been most of the time, and when it came to new places like Metropolis, he had to be.

He was pretty sure he was now lost in this huge city. Him, of all mammals in the world, lost. So much for making it back in an hour, he laughed. He looked around for anyone who could tell him where the hell he was, but no one was even around. Not even a taxi. Just a bunch of dumpsters filled beyond the brim, and old shopping carts left behind by some homeless mammal, maybe.

He was just about to take out his phone to text Judy to tell her that he was going to be a late, and call a zuber. However, when the sound of many empty cans followed by voices echoing from around the corner, his curious ears shot up. From what it sounded like to him was maybe some type of deal between mammals going down.

Night vision sure did come in handy when it came to places that were unknown to him. His main senses, hearing and eye sight, were on high alert. Ears pointing in every direction, directly in front of him mostly. Then the sound of something hard hitting the ground and a car door slamming shut rang in his sensitive ears.

“This can’t be good,” he whispered. He was now in cop mode.

He proceeded to reach for his weapon on his hip, but found nothing except his empty belt loop. Oh yeah… He wasn’t in uniform. He also didn’t have any sort of weapons on him besides himself and his phone.

Nick stayed as close to any sort of shadows as he could so he wouldn’t be seen. He put his phone into camera mode, prepared to take any sort of picture or video. This wasn’t something normal, he knew. And something in his gut was telling him to see what was just around the corner.


“This place is stunning! Very posh,” Skye gasped as she found her way inside of Judy and Nicks room. Judy had invited her and Jack to sit down on their quite lavish set of couches, in which they thanked her kindly.

The bunny, though as worn out as she was from walking all day, offered them a glass of wine. She was half tempted to pour herself a drink but best thought not too. Nerves from her pregnancy were high with Nick not being there.

Jack watched the pregnant bunny pacing back and forth, a worried look imprinted on the bunnies brow. Her ears would pop up every time she heard someone walking down the hall. A relieved smile crossed her face, only to be replaced with a frown as the footsteps got quieter down the hall.

“Judy, Nick will be fine. Just calm down. You’re going to over stress this.” He saw that she was already stressed enough as it was, pacing across the floor the way she was.

“It’s been almost an hour,” she replied in a shaky voice, holding her phone in paw. “What if something happens to him? What if he’s in trouble and needs help? What… What if he’s…” She trailed off from what she was about to say because, well… No. She shouldn’t have even thought about that. But the other questions she was asking rambled in her brain. She just wished that she would have convinced him to come back with them to the hotel.

“He’s a fox Judy, just like me, and an officer of the ZPD” Skye pointed out, trying to put reassuring thoughts back into her friends worried mind.

“I know! I know!” she replied, a brooding look filling her eyes as she looked into Skye’s blue eyes.

Judy’s yell surprised Skye to how abrupt it had came.

“Maybe I should call him to see if he’s almost here.” The idea calmed her down just a little, which was better than nothing. He had to be almost back to hotel room, right? He just has to be.

Just as she was about to dial in Nicks cell number, her phone began ringing. Her ears shot up instantly, with a wide eyed look towards her phone. The number that was shown wasn’t in her contacts, coming up as some local number. But without a single thought of hesitation, she answered, hoping that Nick’s voice was going to be on the other end.

“Hello? Nick?”

Jack and Skye watched the bunnies happiness to the call as it came out tenfold, a wide smile on her face.

Short lived.

If her ears had any weight on them, they probably would have fell through the floor and crashed into the earth with the force of an asteroid impact. Tears welled up under her eyelids and threatened to spill out, her lungs gasping for air as she started hyperventilating. Her lips were even quivering uncontrollably.

Her phone slipped from her paws, cracking the screen as it hit the floor.

“Judy?” Skye called out, only to be responded with glossy amethyst eyes.

imagine: Can you make an imagine where Hayes and the reader gets into a fight about girls flirting with him, but he dose nothing about it but flirt back and the reader feels left out like she’s not enough for him and the next day at school she found him having a make out session with a girl in the girls bathroom and she got upset and ran away crying and went to her secret hide out and the rest is up to you. If you need more details let me know. Thank you
Request from: Anon
Warings: Not that i know of… ? except maybe a few curse words.. like two
A/N: So the way i ended it was you kinda got with Nash but not really… Hope you enjoy! :)

You were causally leaning up against the locker besides Hayes while he chatted with some more girls. Or should you say while he flirted with them.
“OH WOW you do have some pretty big muscels” One stated, but his reply didn’t help the situation as you watched him lift his shirt up.
“I got some pretty decent abs too” He gave them a wink before the slantered off giggling, content they got to feel Hayes up. You on the other hand were not content. You wanted to get home and you have to wait on Hayes everyday after school with some new girls or girl.
“Do you not like me or something?” You asked while opening  your car door as Hayes got in on the passenger side.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t i???” He seemed a bit annoyed, but you did ask quite a bit recently.
“So you would consider us together, right?” the car roared to light and you swiftly pulled out of your high schools parking lot.
“Yes ?!”
“Well doesn’t seem like it since you’re always flirting with every other breathing being except your own girlfriend”
“Are you kidding me right now?? They flirt with ME” His lips formed a thin line the signal that you probably should drop it but enough is enough and you couldn’t stand his treatment towards you. He always got so defensive when you mention it.
“UH im hayes look at my muscles arnt they big, here let me lift my shirt so you can feel them while my girlfriend is right beside me” You snapped in a terrible imitation of his voice.He was quiet for a moment.
“So you’re jealouis, typical, drop me off at home.” He growled.
“Gladly” a bitterly response came from your mouth, you probably looked pissed and in complete control but on the inside you were slowly breaking down. You always felt like you weren’t good enough and every smile that sends to another girls just seems to make it worse.
When you started pulling up the driveway to his house he got out before the car even stopped and slammed the front door behind him. You let out a sigh and turned your car off, maybe you should just go home, cry, call your best friend an eat some ice cream. Instead you get out and walk inside. You were greeted with the warm smell of cookies and Nash and Skye standing over the oven.
“(Y/N)!” Skye screamed happily as she saw you walk in the kitchen, Nash sent you a small smile probably already knowing you got in a fight with Hayes. Skye ran up to you and hugged your legs tightlg.
“Hi princess” you smiled sweetly while giving her a hug in return.
“Want a cookie ? we`re about to watch a movie for kids if you want to join to” Nash said holding the magical gooiness of a chocolate chip cookie.
“NASH it IS not for little kids!” Skye sassily replied to hi and put her hands on her hips.
“My bad a super duper adult movie” He replied cheekily to her and she giggled while running off to start it.
“Yeah i’ll join, thanks” You aceppted the cookie, he gave you a look but didn’t press anymore and you both wondered to the living room. Once all settled in on the couch with the biggest blankets you could find skye pressed play.
Half way through the movie Hayes decided to grace you all with his presence.
“Wow so since i can’t give you the right treatment you run to my brother, smart” He glowered at you.
“Hayes shush you’re just mad because Nash treats her better than you” Skye was quick to respond, a shock look spread over his face and he mumbled a whatever before returning back to his room. Skye turned her attention back to the movie.
“Thanks Skye” You sent a small smile her way before finnishing the movie with them, when it finally finished you gave them both a quick goodbye and went on your way to your car. you didn’t even say goodbye o hayes, he didn’t deserve it.
The next morning you went to get Hayes only to be greeted by Nash saying he already left, he thought he went with you but you assured him it defiantly wasn’t. So you headed to school alone, for the first time in a pretty long time. You probably looked like a mess so you went to girls bathroom to freshen up but the scene that unraveled before was something you never have been prepared for. Hayes was lipqocked with some girl right there. They wouldn’t even regard your presence as you let out a gasp and you hands flew to your mouth tears already threatening to spill like waterfalls.
“Hayes” You voice broke only then did he even turn. Shock, confusion, anger all flashed in his face like a slideshow. He started to say something, probably an excuse but you wouldn’t hear it because you were already gone the tears that were threatening to spill falling freely. You were just through the motions it was time had stopped as you fled to your hide out. You couldn’t believe it, i meam sure yo guys had your moment but he would never CHEAT on you. But then again he just did.
“omygosh how manyi times HAS he cheated on me?” you gasp to yourself, you barley could see where you were going now the raindrops in your eyes making you become blind.
You stood in front of the huge tree, the leaves spilling out of the branches like mimi canopies. You crawl up to the little treehouse you built when you were probably about five. It was two story but just about one room and then anther staked on top. The droplets fell hard and you felt like you couldn’t breathe.
Why did you ever fall for that smile of his?
Why did it hurt so much when you knew this probably was going to happen?
“(Y/N) ?” A small voice broke you out of your thoughts. You did realize how much time passsed by but the sun was starting to set over the horizon.
Pease don’t be hayes you begged silently.
Nash appeared before your blurry vision and you gave a small smile. Then a small laugh. Then before you knew it you were laughing, hard. You probably looked like a mess, you could feel the mascara streaks on you cheek ad your hair was everywhere from you constantly pushing your hands through it.
“Um Hayes has been searching for you… Why, why are you laughing?”
“I have no cue to be honest” he said in between gasps of air and giggles. A few moments passed and your laughter soon died down.You reached for your phone and to your surprise Nash was right you had 20 missed calls and even more messages.
(Y/N) I’m sorry
please reply
i messed up
well i messed up a lot
I’m sorry you saw that
it was her
please reply
it won’t happen again
You loaned and pushed your free hand through your (Y/H/C) hair. You felt Nash breathing beside you.
“Im sorry” he finally broke the still air.
“You shouldn’t be the one apologizing”
“How many times have you caught him” you heart stopped for a second, times. As in plural.
“What do you mean times” you emphasized the s.
“Shit” Nash cursed under his breath and now it was his turn to push his hands through his raven black hair. you glowered at him urging him to continue. “Well i might have caught him once..” You rose your eyebrows “…twice..” you just continued to stare ”..a lot, okay? Ive caught him a lot, and I’m sorry i should’ve told you but..” That was all you needed to here for the so though dried up well filled up again.
Nash pulled you into him as you bawled your eye out drenching his shirt. He whispered comforting words as he realization that all those scenarios you thought off became real. Hayes cheated on you. Multiple times. After a good half hour you calmed down enough to talk again.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you held up a finger for a one-moment thing. You had to dump his sorry ass first. You dialed the all too familiar number into your cell phone as it began to ring. Half of you felt strong and believed you could do it, the other half felt like you were crumbling apart.
“omg (Y/n) ? Im so so sorry, just please…” you were quick to cut him off.
“Cut the crap Hayes, how many times ?”
“wh-what do you mean ?” he blubbered.
“How many times did you heat on me” you emphasized each word as i you were talking to a child. The other line went silent. “How many ?” you repeated.
“I’ve lost track..” he trailed off, you let out a scoff.
“Alright cool, so heres whats going to happen, were over. Since you can’t seem to commit i won’t make you, have fun with people who won’t care about you. Also ill still be coming over because i love hanging out with Skye and Nash and when i am over you aren’t to speak at me. Have fun” you clicked the end call button before you could even protest. Nash had become quiet either with shock or because he was impressed. “Ready?” you asked already climbing down the stairs to the bottom of the tree.
“For what?”
“I wanna make cookies with Skye”
“You know Skye was right” He let out a chuckle before following after you to your car.
“About what?” you questioned, trying to fix yourself up as much as you could in the car mirror. The end result was about as close to as putting a bow on a trashcan.
“I do and would treat you better than Hayes.” Nash replied as he climbed into the passenger seat, his blue eyes piercing your own.
“I guess i should find out if thats true then huh?” you causally replied with a million dollar smile as you turned the ignition on and drove to his house for a date with Nash, Skye and chocolate chip goodness.

skye--walker  asked:

Pssshhh all those people saying "stop with italy angst" he deserves angst guys everyone else gets it let him have the angst (make him suffer and make me suffer 10x more because I care way too much amirite)

(adm: You do have a point, friend LOL plus, who doesn’t like to destroy cinnamon rolls… I mean come on y’all, this is Tumblr, there isn’t a single pure soul in this god forsaken website lmao)

anonymous asked:

I know college has been stressful for you, and I hope it gets better. But when everything gets easier in college would you ever consider doing a comic series on nick and skye. I absolutely love your work with that and I would love to see more.

Thank you so much for the wish <3 obviously college really did brought me into full study mode o_o

and yes,  I’m always up for some Nick and Skye series! (I think I kinda did that already but, you know, doing more of it XD ) .  Let’s just pray I have the free time again to even draw them! ._.

Hmm.. probably I’d do a Young Nick Wilde & Skye series like I used to…


Request:  “PART 5 for the Grant Ward!! It’s so good”

Description: You wake up after being unconscious for some time after being rescued from the botched mission that led to both yours and Grant’s torture.

Continuation of Part 1, Part 2Part 3, & Part 4

Rating: E (Mild Language)

Characters: Grant Ward, Reader, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Daisy Johnson (Still Skye at this point in the story), Melinda May (Mentioned), Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

Relationships: Grant Ward & Reader, Leo Fitz & Reader, Jemma Simmons & Reader, Daisy Johnson & Reader

Warnings: I am so sorry if I get anything wrong medically. The worst I’ve ever had happen to me was passing a kidney stone. Twice. And there was no need for any major medical equipment involved.

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also can I just comment on the fucking music it’s perfect I love the music music is FANTASTIC




*cough* WOW


Ok. Bye i’m in love ! You want to kill me with your annonce  !


when you so shocked and in awe that you can’t even scream or shout you just stare at the screen and internally being like oH MY FUDGING GOD WWWHAAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH




Holy frick frack it’s beautiful. I wasn’t hyped before but now I’m more then ready to dive right in.


(adm: OHMY GOD GUYS YOUR REACTIONS KILLED ME LMAO OMFG I’M SO GLAD YOU GUYS ENJOYED IT ;W; <3333333!!!!!!!! I was really worried it wouldn’t be good enough since I couldn’t spend too much time on it but wow, thank you so much for proving me otherwise!! About the music, yes, I love it too, it’s amazing! I used it once on HetaOni, and here’s a little secret: I kinda chose it to be Iggy’s character song! XDD I chose others for the other characters too, but I’ll probably only share them with you later!

Anyway!! I’ll try to keep posting bits and pieces without revealing too much, and speed up on the making of the game!! <33333)

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Pride prompt Coffee shop AU wheee Skye is kicked out by her foster parents and she runs into May who decides to take her home where she lives with her girlfriend Natasha

AN ~ lucky you get to jump the queue as it allows me to cover a few further up the list as well :D I hope you all like your found families with an extra helping of Gay™ this time of year! also tagging @mocking-point who prompted me something similar a while back in relation to this fic (tw: abuse), and @the-shy-and-anxious-fangirl, sorry I don’t write much Maria, but I put a little of her in here for you <3 I hope everyone enjoys!

main relationships: Skye & May, May x Nat. some background Skimmons.

Rated T mostly for swearing and some sexual references, but in this fic Skye is underage, so I won’t be writing any smut for it, though I am open to other prompts in this ‘verse.

Read on AO3 (~2000 words)

Where the Heart Is

There was always a place at Mack’s with her name on it, the manager had told Skye once. She’d been grateful for it at the time, but never more than in this moment, as she hissed and swore at her computer screen and its crappy wifi and everything that her day, so far, had been. She had a backpack, a duffel, and her computer bag surrounding her like rounded wagons; all her belongings in the world not even reaching the other side of the booth. She had a table at Mack’s with her name on it, and not much else except the tears running down her face.

“Shit- fuck – shit!” she muttered, wiping furiously at her tears and raking her hair back in one hand. Lincoln was out of town, Fitz and his mother barely had enough room for themselves, and Jemma was probably having her own ass handed to her right at this very moment. Mack had his daughter to think about, and Skye had way too much damage to bring herself to taint their lives with hers. She dragged her hands down her face, all the guilt and fear and panic combining into bitter-tasting, gut-wrenching shit.

“Can I help you?”

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“When do I get to properly meet this boy?” James asked, taking the other seat on the sofa as Skye replied to a text from Felix. She felt herself blushing already.

“Never. Absolutely not.”

“It’s Felix, right?” James grinned, already knowing her answer before Skye nodded fearfully. “Called it. Your mother owes me a dinner out.”

“You bet on whether I’d be with Felix or not?” Summer gasped. “You are the worst father ever!”

“Best,” James corrected. “I’m the best, obviously. Also I’m not blind, and neither is your mother. We both thought you’d get together, your mother just thought it would happen sooner.”

“Oh my God,” Skye muttered.

Second Chances (Grant Ward x Reader)

Originally posted by shadowing-not-smothering

You felt a tear roll down your cheek as Coulson told you about Ward being HYDRA. “I can’t believe him!” You spoke in the midst of pain and anger. Ward  had known everything about you but it looks you did not know everything about him. He had been lying to you from the beginning. You tried not to break down, swallowing hard “I-I loved him” You said tears finally pouring out of your eyes. “i know you did. I’m so sorry.” Coulson said gently. Ward had broken your heart into a million pieces. What you did not realize was that Ward was engulfed in pain, just because you were hurt. You had meant the world to Ward. You were the light in his world of utter darkness, his true escape from his reality.

“Y/N” Skye said knocking on your bunk. “No one’s here. Don’t come in.” you said sniffling in between words. Being Skye, she disobeyed opening you bunk door. “Oh god, Y/n.” was all Skye said. You had been crying for the past few days straight ever since Coulson had told you the truth. Your eyes were red and puffy, your skin pale from your usually bright and spirited face. “Come here.” Skye spoke pulling you into a tight hug. “Calm down y/n, you’re gonna kill yourself doing this.” Skye said her voice calm. “I know this is about Ward. I know you trusted him, we all did. But, I also know you loved him, When someone you love turns on you, it hurts more than ever. I know, trust me. But please you have got to stop blaming yourself. Ward chose evil. It was his decision and his only.” Skye comforted you. You nodded, trying to wipe your tears away.  You took in a deep breath, calming yourself. It was the truth, Ward was gone, and you could do nothing about it. “Alright now, how about shopping spree, you and me?” Skye suggested. You scoffed, Skye knew exactly how to cheer you up.

“Grant!” Garrett called from behind him. Grant sped up his pace. He knew what Garrett wanted, and that was to eliminate you. You were one of the highest threats to HYDRA, but Ward did not care. He still loved you. It pained Grant when his only memory of you was the pained look of your face as you found out what he had done. Now that John was better, Grant only wished to make things right again, with the team and especially with you. It was the only thing he wanted. And nothing would stop him from getting the girl he loved in his arms once again.

Yup. This is what you needed. The mall. Crowds surrounded you, the smell of perfume from Bath and Body Works filled your nostrils, the sound of pop music echoing through your ears. “Well, who said Agents can’t kick butt and look cute at the same time.” Skye’s voice pitched in. You smirked “I totally agree. Where to first?” You asked. “I’m thinking Abercrombie or Hollister, I know it’s gonna bomb our wallets but whatever you deserve it.” Skye replied. “Alright.” you said before following Skye into the store.

You felt a vibration in your pocket. Who the hell was calling you on your day off. You pulled out your phone. You looked down at your phone. “Oh god” you whispered. It was none other than Grant Ward. They guy you were trying to get off your mind. You let it ring, remembering Skye’s advice “It was his choice, he chose evil.” A few seconds passed and your phone vibrated again. Dammit, Ward…. not again. Over the next hour, Grant had called about fifty times. The next time Ward called, you picked up the phone, not understanding what was so important for Ward to tell you. “Y/N…..” Ward’s deep voice spoke. “Hey Ward.” was all you said. “What did I tell you, call me Grant.” his voice was so pleasing to hear again. “Don’t. You betrayed the entire team Ward, you betrayed me. You hurt me. Don’t try to be nice. I know what you did.” you said. “Y/n, I-I’m so sorry. I’m so freakin sorry. I hurt you and it broke my heart that I did. I’ll never forgive myself. I screwed up so badly. I can’t undo anything I’ve done. I can’t. I just want to make things right with you. I really do. Please Y/N I’m begging you.” Ward confessed. His protective wall around him finally broke, and it broke because of you. “What do you want Ward.” you said trying to hold strong, not realizing that your voice had become shaky. “I want you. I want to be with you. Please. Tell Skye you have to leave and meet me in front of the mall in ten minutes. I will explain everything.” Ward spoke his voice softer than ever. “ I-I don’t know I” you said starting to tear up. “Fine Grant, I’ll be there, ten minutes.” you said, hoping that you would not regret this decision later.    His heart skipped a beat, you called him Grant again. Every step of the way meant the world to him. 

You picked up your bag from Hollister walking out of the shop. You had told Skye you were going to Forever 21. She did not need to know you were about to sneak around with SHIELD’s sworn enemy. You reached the front of the mall in exactly ten minutes. And there was the man that broke your heart,  right where he had said he would be. His tall figure towered over you. His leather jacket blowing in the wind. Battle scars formed over his soft creamy skin. “Y/n….” Ward whispered out moving closer to you running his fingers over your arm. “Hey.” you gulped, his touch, it still sparked you everytime.  “Please don’t be scared. I never wanted to scare you. Hell, I never wanted to hurt you, ever. I don’t know what happened. I hate this. This war forming, between HYDRA and SHIELD. The worst part is I’m stuck in the middle and it’s all my fault. I’m not a good man Y/N. But, I want to ask one favor from you. Can you give me a second chance?” Ward asked, his eyes full of guilt. “Grant, you- you’re not a bad person. You can change. Here and now. The past, we can forget about it and start over. Coulson might not believe in second chances, but I do, and I’m willing to give you one.” you replied, cupping Ward’s cheek with your hand. Grant nodded. “You and me Y/n, we can run away from this. Finally get a happy ending. Will you come with me? I want this, how about you?” Grant asked a willing look on his face. Something inside you made you say the words you never thought you’d say to Ward again. “Yes… I want that” you whispered. Without saying anything else, Ward crashed his lips on yours. That was all he needed, a yes from you. His whole world had come back together. You were in his arms once again, a happy ending waiting for the two of you. 

aeonferal  asked:

This is more a private ask. But I am curious as to why you support Skye and Nick? She is a pretty fox, but I want to know why. It is always interesting to see why one does this. I support Nick with Judy. But I am interested in your perspective.

Hey there! Good question,

I’m guessing when you say “support” it kinda means shipping? I’m just gonna take this as a shipping question. 

Okay so I don’t really talk about who I ship in the Zootopia fandom. Soooo reveal! I actually do ship Nick and Skye. Its a minority opinion, but I don’t care. However, this doesn’t mean I hate Wildehopps :) I can see why they would ship them, the fanarts and fanfics are just adorable <3 I’m open minded about that ship as well just to let you know~ 

To just start of with this discussion, Skye is just a deleted character and nothing is stated about her except she is a mechanic.

There was also Jack Savage, an agent who went to the Pacific Islands for a mission… ( I know it seems like going off topic but bear with me here) 

Then I found a second picture of Skye in a diving suit. And the background location does seems like somewhere in the Pacific Islands as well.

So I’m guessing she was also some kind of agent, or maybe associates with them. 

And finally, we have Nick who was also an agent. 

But eventually Nick’s role is just being a normal citizen of Zootopia, trying to earn a living. 

Warning, head canon below: 

Now, here I’m thinking how to connect these characters if they were to follow the official plot (The movie) and where their places would be. I would say, Jack remains as an agent of Zoootopia, but left to the Pacific Islands to continue his mission. 

As for Skye, I feel like she used to work in Zootopia as a mechanic, maybe spends half of her life there until the time when she leaves to the Pacific, as explained in my comic. She then came across Jack and well… I lets just say they become good partners like Nick and Judy :) 

Whats the relationship between Nick and Skye then? Now this is up to me to fill in the blank. Since we know Nick used to be an emotional fox when he was younger, he can’t just becomes cold right after one incident (unless if it was trauma) , It would take time to shape up to his character we know today. 

And how do people change? One of the main reason why people change their attitude and personality is because of the influence of friends, especially best friends. 

And here’s where Skye comes into the picture. I imagine Skye could be kind of a tomboy-ish vixen and very out going when she was younger and Nick would see her as a role model in a way. She’s something like Judy, except she as well accepts the stereotypes of being foxes as sly and took advantage of that to earn success. Nick and Skye would do all kinds of mischievous things without getting caught during their teenage life. No doubt that these two are the smart ones in class. 

Once they graduated, getting a job was pretty hard for them. Skye was lucky to get an honest job, a mechanic. However, Nick wasn’t lucky at all. So instead, he got into hustling. At this point, Skye felt that life is unfair towards him and hope that one day someone will give him a chance :) 

Thus, this head canon creates into my “ Young Nick and Skye ” comics, you can check the rest of them: here

So my point is, I only ship them as teenagers. Not really as adults. This is where I’m open minded to whom Nick chooses :) 


I felt like my shipping idea is complicated X’D

Anyways, I hope this answer would satisfies you I guess?

Kung-Futopia Chapter 7

Here’s the next chapter, sorry for the long wait 

@cloudyloudy @andyourteeth @ryutolbx @reddoshirousagi06

           Jack and Skye entered the cafeteria and found Bogo nursing a cup of coffee. They went up to the counter, grabbed some for themselves, and then sat down to join him. Bogo greeted them with a grunt.

           “So,” Jack began after a protracted silence, “do you have any ideas for interrogating the supposed ancient kung-fu masters residing in the cell block?” Bogo regarded the bunny tiredly and shrugged.

           “The basic routine.” He replied wearily, taking a sip of coffee, “There’s no real way to prove who they are yet, so we should stick to the basics: verifying their story and seeing if there’s a match in the database.”

           “Actually,” Jack said uncomfortably, “there may be a way to get at least some proof.” Bogo raised his eyebrows and appraised the nervous bunny.

           “And what might that be?” He quizzed.

           “Well, they claim to be from ancient China right? So we can quiz them on the time period they claim to be from. It wouldn’t be conclusive, but it could still help.”

           “Yes Savage, but we’d also need an expert in the history of the time period to verify what they’re saying is true!” Bogo snapped at the bunny, his exhaustion and annoyance growing by the minute.

           “I may, uh, have some experience in that field.” Jack replied sheepishly.

           “Oh Jack, you’re too modest!” Skye said gleefully, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, “Jack here majored in ancient Chinese culture and history while he was in school. In fact,” She continued as Jack began to blush furiously, “one of his favorite subjects was the legend of the Jade Palace and its heroes.” Bogo let out a bark of laughter and Jack glared at his smiling wife.

           “She left out that I double majored and that my other one was math and advanced data analysis.” Jack muttered sourly.

           “Well then Savage,” Bogo said with a smile, “it seems that we do have a plan.” Bogo got up and left the cafeteria, tossing his coffee cup in a trash bin on the way out. Jack remained sitting at the table, sipping his coffee, emitting an air of wounded dignity.

           “C’mon Jack, don’t be so sensitive.” Skye teased the bunny, “It’s actually turned out to be pretty useful information, especially with Asha.”

           “Yeah.” He said with a sigh, “I just wish it didn’t sound so nerdy.” Skye chuckled as the bunny stood up.

           “Well, you’re my nerd.” She said affectionately, “Now how about we go interrogate the panda? I heard he may know something about ancient China.” Jack smiled at Skye and the pair walked out of the cafeteria and headed for the cellblock.


           Po was awoken by the sound of footsteps outside his door. He yawned and sat up as best as he could in the straitjacket, surveying the cell around him groggily. The door swung open and a fox, bunny, and buffalo filed in and regarded him warily.

           “You guys should really invest in a better bed.” Po said with a yawn, earning puzzled glances from the assembled mammals.

           “Mr….” Bogo began.

           “Po.” Po replied, “Just Po.”

           “Ok then.” Bogo remarked, “Po, I am Chief Bogo, the chief of police for Zootopia and these two are Jack and Skye Savage, they work for INTERPAW. Now—”

           “So you don’t work for Asha.” Po clarified, sighing in relief, “Well that’s good, I was a little worried that—”

           “Please. Be. Quiet!” Bogo interrupted tetchily, causing the panda to close his mouth. “You were detained in the company of Officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, who work for me incidentally, as well as an unknown tiger. Would you care to tell us how you came to be in such a situation?” Po regarded the chief dubiously.

           “Chief Bogo, the tiger that these agents captured is named Tigress. We are both from ancient China. We came to this time in an accident involving chi that was engineered by Asha. We escaped her attack and hid in a cave, where we were quickly assaulted by other mammals, captured, imprisoned, and placed in whatever this is.” He said angrily, tugging at the straitjacket, “That’s the short version.” Bogo sighed and turned to Jack, who cleared his throat and addressed Po.

           “Po, I am an expert in the history of the time period you claim to be from. If you are really from the past, you should be able to answer my questions with ease.”

           “Or,” Po responded, “you could let me show you that I’m telling the truth.”

           “And how do you propose that?” Jack challenged the panda, “Are you planning on time travelling out of here?”

           “No.” Po retorted, “Bring me a flower that’s dead, take off this thing, and I’ll show you.”

           “No! We’re not going to just—”

           “Jack,” Skye interrupted, “I’ll go get a potted plant, and Bogo can take off the straitjacket. You can keep a tranq gun on him the whole time, and if he can actually prove anything, our jobs will be a lot easier.”

           “You two can’t possibly believe that this panda can do anything special can you?” Jack asked stridently.

           “I trust my officers.” Bogo said simply, “And your wife is trying to keep me happy so that I won’t go to Max to ruin your careers.” Skye looked down at the floor, embarrassed that Bogo had figured out what she was doing so easily.

           “And just so you know Ms. Savage,” Bogo continued, “I wouldn’t do that to either of you. That being said, I would appreciate you and your husband’s continued cooperation.”

           “Of course Chief Bogo.” Skye replied, “But being perfectly honest, both of us would appreciate if you let us take the lead from this point forward.”

           “Fair enough.” He said gruffly. Po cleared his throat and the three mammals turned to look at him again.

           “I’m still here you know.” He interjected, causing Skye to leave the room to retrieve a plant. Jack pulled out his tranq gun and trained it on the sitting panda while Bogo approached.

           “I’m going to take that jacket off Po. I would advise you against trying anything because either Agent Savage will shoot you, or I’ll knock you out myself.” Po merely nodded. Bogo undid the straps binding Po’s arms and quickly stepped away, clearing Jack’s line of fire. Po shrugged off the jacket and shook his arms around, wincing as full feeling returned to his muscles. Po moved to stand up but was stopped by Jack.


           “I’m just—”

           “I don’t care.” Jack said flatly, “If you would like to stay conscious, stay seated.”

           “Fine.” Po grumbled under his breath, “It’s not like I’ve been bound in a cell for a day and a half.” Jack and Bogo remained silent to the panda’s quiet protestations until Skye returned carrying a shriveled orchid.

           “Is this fine?” She asked Po, “It was the only one I could find.”

           “It should work.” He replied with a nod, “If one of you will bring it over here, I can prove my story was possible.” Skye approached Po’s bed, staying clear of Jack’s line of fire, and placed the dead flower next to Po, quickly retreating back to the entrance where Bogo and Jack were. Po looked expectantly at Jack.

           “Now may I stand up?” Jack nodded his head.

           “If you try anything, I will shoot.” He warned. Po stood up from the bed and faced the orchid, clasping his paws in front of his heart. He closed his eyes and focused, searching for his chi, which was still sorely depleted. After a few moments, he extended his paws outward, towards the shriveled orchid, and pushed his remaining chi through his paws. Bogo, Skye, and Jack watched in awe as Po’s paws began to glow and motes of golden light infused the orchid, restoring it to its former glory. Po lowered his paws and slumped to the bed, exhausted. Jack’s gun fell to his side and his mouth fell open as he looked at the orchid, which had gone from a fragile, shriveled, stalk to a vibrant and supple flower, with the bloom a breathtaking blue and yellow.

           “Believe me now?” Po groaned from the bed, utterly drained.

           “Oh my God.” Skye whispered, “That shouldn’t’ve been possible.”

           “It seems that my officers were telling the truth.” Bogo said, a similar look of wonder on his face, “Though it hardly seems believable.” Jack walked over to the bed and picked up the flower, touching the petals in disbelief. Po sat back up and glared tiredly at all three of the shocked mammals.

           “Does this mean that I’m free?” Po questioned expectantly, “Because now I could really use some rest.” Jack exchanged a glance with Skye and Bogo shrugged.

           “You’re definitely not free.” Jack began, “But I don’t think we need to keep you in a cell anymore. Or for that matter, Nick and Judy.” He directed at Bogo. Po smiled and rose to his paws, still somewhat shaky from his exertions.

           “Jack why don’t you take Po upstairs and show him where the bunks are.” Skye suggested, “You can probably release Nick and Judy as well. Bogo and I will interview Tigress and then join you up there.”

           “You guys are going to let her go too, right?” Po asked anxiously.

           “Provided she doesn’t give us a reason not to.” Bogo replied, “I trust Nick and Judy, and you just proved that their story is possible, but if she’s dangerous, we’re going to have to keep her in the cell.” Po frowned and thought for a moment.

           “Would you mind letting me go in first and explain the situation?” He asked hopefully, knowing that Tigress was probably going to attempt an escape. Bogo looked to Jack and Skye for their approval.

           “I don’t see the harm in it.” Skye responded, “Jack, do you have any objections?” The bunny shook his head and Po sighed in relief.

           “Alright then, follow me.” Skye said, walking out of Po’s cell and further down the hall. She stopped outside a heavy iron door and looked at Po.

           “When you’re ready to come out, just wave at the security camera. It will be the thing with the red light in the corner of the room.” Skye continued, answering Po’s question before he could ask it.

           “Ok. But don’t come in until I tell you to.” Po warned.

           “Why?” Jack asked suspiciously, “Are you planning something?” Po snorted.

           “No. But there’s a pretty good chance that Tigress is already out of the straitjacket, I think it was, and is waiting for the door to open so she can escape.”

           “WHAT?!” Skye yelled in alarm. Po raised both paws in the air.

           “Tigress is really good at getting out of things. And if I’m the first one in there, she won’t attack you guys or try to escape. That way, she doesn’t have to stay in a cell forever.” Jack buried his head in his paws.

           “Just let him go in Skye.” He sighed, “We might as well have some mammal she trusts explain it and avoid an escape attempt.”

           “Are we even allowed to do this Jack?” Skye asked in concern, “I realize this isn’t a normal situation, but letting Po go into her cell when he claims she’s planning an escape, even letting him out, seems like it could backfire.” Bogo cleared his throat and his companions turned to face him.

           “Ms. Savage, Max gave me oversight of you two. I have no problem with letting the panda talk to his friend and if something goes wrong, it is my responsibility.” Skye nodded, her bout of uncertainty ended and opened the door for Po, quickly slamming it shut after he was inside.


           Po slipped inside the door and heard the door slam closed behind him just as Tigress’s straitjacket was yanked over his head and he was thrown across the room.

           “Tigress stop!” He yelled in pain, “It’s me!” He pulled the jacket off his face and was then able to see a clearly horrified Tigress.

           “Sorry Po.” She apologized, “I thought you were one of Asha’s minions.” Po stood up and rubbed his sore backside.

           “It’s fine. In fact, I expected it, that’s why I came in first.”

           “What do you mean, ‘came in first?’” Tigress asked warily, “Who else is about to come in?”

           “We weren’t captured by Asha.” Po explained quickly, “We were captured by something called INTERPAW. I’m not exactly sure who they are, but they’re working with Nick and Judy’s boss. Apparently, Nick and Judy already explained everything to them, and they believe us.”

           “Po,” Tigress began concernedly, “why’re your legs shaking?” Po looked down and saw that Tigress was right. His legs were shaking. He sat down immediately and sighed.

           “I had to prove to these ‘agent’ mammals that what happened to us was possible. So, I used my chi to make an old flower bloom again.” Po replied, “I guess I’m more tired than I thought.” Tigress’s face filled with rage.

           “They did this to you?!” She asked furiously, “I’m going to—”

           “Tigress,” Po interrupted, “It’s ok. I had to do it to prove we weren’t lying, and I’m tired for now, but I’ll be fine later. Don’t worry about me.” Tigress walked over to where he was sitting and joined Po on the floor.

           “I know.” She said grumpily, leaning against him slightly, “I’m glad you’re ok though.” She added quietly. Po smiled and put his arm around Tigress.

           “I’m glad you’re ok too.” He added warmly, “But I hate being knocked out by those stupid darts.”

           “It’s cheating to use darts.” Tigress agreed sulkily, annoyed that she’d been brought down by a pinprick. The pair sat in silence for a few minutes until Po was capable of standing again. With Tigress’s assistance, he staggered to his paws.

           “You’re not going to attack them when they come in will you?” Po asked dryly, causing Tigress to chuckle.

           “I won’t attack them when they come inside.” Tigress replied.

           “Tigress…” Po began, “Will you attack them after they come in?” Tigress glared at the panda.

           “No.” She responded reluctantly. Po waved at the camera that was emitting a red light in the corner of the cell.

           “I’ll see you soon then.” He said with a smile as the door opened. Tigress gave him one last smile before he slipped out the door and a bunny and a fox entered.

           “Ms. Tigress,” The bunny began, “I am—”

           “Master Tigress.” She corrected under her breath, eliciting a frustrated groan from the bunny.

           “Not again.” She heard him muttering while the fox chuckled.

           “Master Tigress,” The fox began, emphasizing the word ‘master’, “I am Agent Skye Savage, and this is my husband, Agent Jack Savage. We have spoken with both Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, as well as your friend Po about your current situation. While we are satisfied that you are in fact from ancient China and that you are not currently working with Asha, we do have some concerns over letting you out of this cell.” Tigress motioned for her to go on.

           “Especially given the conversation you just had with Po.”

           “How did you hear that?” Tigress asked in shock, “It was just Po and I!”

           “That blinking red light in the corner,” Skye said, pointing towards the camera, “shows us and lets us hear everything going on in this room.” Tigress stood, dumbfounded by the existence of such a thing.

           “Either way,” Skye continued, “You are a potential threat.”

           “So is Po.” Tigress countered, “I’m no more of a threat than he is.” Skye chuckled.

           “I’m fairly certain that’s not true.” She said confidently, “Now—”

           “Actually, Skye,” Jack interrupted, “according to records, Po is as dangerous, if not more so than Tigress.” Skye sighed.

           “I wasn’t saying that he wasn’t a potential threat.” She clarified, “I was saying that he was less likely to initiate hostility than Tigress. Who escaped her straightjacket and was planning to ambush us, I might add.”

           “I thought I was captured by Asha.” Tigress said with a shrug, “I had no qualms about attacking her or her mammals, and honestly, given the manner in which you captured us, I wouldn’t’ve felt that bad about it being you either.”

           “How is that supposed to convince us to let you out of the cell?” Jack asked exasperatedly.

           “It’s not.” Tigress replied coolly, “I am simply being honest. At this moment, I don’t particularly like either of you. But I do trust Po. So I give you my word, as a mammal and as a master at the Jade Palace, that I will not attack you or anyone else here unless they pose an imminent threat to the safety of myself, Po, Nick, or Judy.” Skye and Jack exchanged a look and began walking towards the door.

           “We’ll be back shortly.” Jack said, opening the door, “We just need to discuss some things.” With that, the door slammed behind them and Tigress was once again all alone in the cell.


           Skye and Jack walked out of the cell and up to the command center where Nick, Judy, Bogo, and Po were all sitting around a large table.

           “Where’s Tigress?” Po asked anxiously, “Are you going to let her out?”

           “That’s actually why we’re up here.” Skye said with a sigh, “We don’t know.” Judy gave Nick a worried glance.

           “Why wouldn’t you let her out?” She asked angrily, “Po proved that our story was true and she’s done nothing wrong other than being apprehended under false pretenses!”

           “It’s not that simple.” Jack responded, “Yes, she isn’t guilty of working with Asha, but she also planned an ambush so she could escape the cell.”

           “Yeah, and I stopped it!” Po shot back, “Besides, she thought we were all being held by Asha! Are you telling us that you wouldn’t try to escape if she captured you?!”

           “If Asha got one of us, I doubt we’d have the opportunity.” Jack said flatly, “Even though she thought we were with Asha initially, Tigress freely admitted that she would have no qualms about attacking us.” Jack smiled slightly as his last comment silenced their protestations. That smile immediately faded when Bogo cleared his throat.

           “Actually Mr. Savage,” he began, “Tigress said that she wouldn’t’ve felt bad about you falling into her ambush, given the manner in which she was captured. She also said she didn’t particularly like either of you. But at no point did she say that she would attack without a second thought.”

           “Semantics.” Jack replied, glaring at the cape buffalo, “She’s still a risk.”

           “How about this.” Judy interrupted, “You let Tigress out of the cell and either Nick or I will watch her and make sure that she doesn’t attack anyone. If she does, you can arrest all of us again.”

           “Great idea Judy.” Skye replied before Jack could argue further, “Jack, why don’t we go let Tigress out.” The bunny let out a defeated sigh and followed his wife out of the room.

           “I still don’t like letting her out of the cell.” He grumbled while they walked towards the cell block, “Just because they’re watching her doesn’t mean she’ll behave.”

           “Jack, right now, we’re outnumbered. Bogo started interfering in the case and now Nick and Judy will too. Our best option right now is to work with them and use them to our advantage.”

           “You just said we were outnumbered on our own case! How can we use that to our advantage?!”

           “You heard their story. Asha brought Po and Tigress here and then attacked all four of them. They want her just as bad as we do. And more importantly, she wants something from them. We’ve been chasing Asha ever since she started, and we’ve barely come close, but now, we can draw her out.”

           “You want to use them as bait.” Jack stated, stopping in his tracks, “Skye, we can’t trick them into being bait for a trap! Not only is it wrong, but they’re also not that stupid!”

           “Not what I meant.” She replied quickly, “I don’t want to trick them, and we don’t need to either. Luring Asha out into the open is the best plan, and I’m willing to bet they know that. But we do need to work with them because they will feel a lot more comfortable with the plan if they trust us.” Jack nodded in understanding and resumed walking. The pair approached Tigress’s cell and keyed in the code. They pulled the door open and saw Tigress sitting on the floor in meditation. The tiger opened her eyes and raised an eyebrow at the duo.

           “Come with us please.” Jack said, holding the door open for her. Tigress sprang to her paws and exited the cell, suppressing the urge to smile.

           “Just to be clear,” Jack began as they walked back to the command center, “you and Po will remain under the supervision of Nick or Judy at all times. If either of you assault anyone, all four of you will be arrested again. And this time, you won’t be let out.”

           “Understood.” Tigress replied as they neared the room.

           “Chief, it’s the best plan.” Judy pleaded as Jack, Skye, and Tigress entered the room, “What could you possibly have against it?”

           “Are you joking Hopps? Your ‘plan’ has more holes than swiss cheese!” Skye cleared her throat and the four mammals at the table turned to look at her.

           “Perhaps you’d like to tell us what plan this is?” Skye asked while Tigress slipped into the room and sat down next to Po.

           “These geniuses,” Bogo began, gesturing at Nick and Judy, “want to set a trap for Asha and be the bait.”

           “Well, we wouldn’t be the bait per say,” Judy interrupted, “Really we’d be more—”

           “Hopps!” Bogo yelled, leaning forward and slamming his fist on the table, “It’s a bad idea! It’s unnecessarily dangerous and might not even work!”

           “It’s not like we haven’t done dangerous things before chief.” Nick replied angrily, “And we’d have you, Po, Tigress, and a team of INTERPAW agents covering the area. If we play it right, we can capture Asha.”

           “Or,” Bogo responded heatedly, “you’ll be captured or killed yourselves, we will have lost the element of surprise, and Asha will have gotten exactly what she wants.” Bogo locked eyes with his two officers and tried to stare them down.

           “I agree with Nick and Judy.” Jack said suddenly.

           “What?!” Bogo said, whipping his head around to face Jack.

           “You’re too close to the situation.” He continued, standing his ground, “They’re your officers and you want to protect them, so you’re ignoring the best plan we have.” Bogo looked at the bunny in bewilderment and leaned back in his chair.

           “Are you sure it’s me who’s too close to the situation Agent Savage!” Bogo spat furiously, “Because it seems to me that you’ve been chasing the same crook for a long time and you’re desperate! So desperate that you’re willing to risk the lives of two of my officers for the slightest chance to capture her!”

           “Quiet!” Tigress shouted, stunning the fighting mammals into silence. “Stop fighting and think! We have something Asha wants. We have the perfect opportunity to trap her! We need to do something!”

           “Tigress is right.” Skye said, “We need to do something. We can’t just sit around and wait for Asha to move. We need to be proactive. I vote that we go forward with the plan.”

           “Is that what we’re doing?” Bogo interrupted, “Voting on it?”

           “Seems like a fair way to do it.” Jack replied, “I’m for it as well.”

           “I’m for it on one condition.” Po began, “Nick and Judy have already risked enough for us. I can be the bait.”

           “Po, we’re not just going to leave you by yourself as bait.” Nick protested, “What if she brings more henchmammals with her?” Po shrugged.

           “You already said there would be backup there. All I’d have to do is hold out for a few minutes.”

           “Po’s right.” Tigress said, forestalling Judy’s protests, “You two have risked enough for us. I don’t love the idea of Po being the bait, if he says he can do it, he can.”

           “Fine.” Judy sighed. Jack looked around the table.

           “Final vote.” He announced, “All those in favor of this plan, raise your paw.” Everyone but Bogo put there paw in the air.

           “Excellent.” Skye said with a smile, “We’ve got some work to do.”

A/N: I’m alive! Sorry for the huge gap between updates, I’m nearing the end of the school year so all of my teachers decided to give me work. How dare they. Anyways, here’s this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it. I tried to shift the perspective around a few different characters and change it up a little bit so I hope that was good. As for the next chapter, I can’t really make any promises on timelines, but what I can say is that I will get to it. I may not always be the fastest, but it will get done. That’s about it. Thanks for reading!

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fs + 10 please?

Hey babes! Here’s a little fic set in season 1!

10. “It’s too early for this.”

 Jemma was sleeping soundly when she heard a knock on the door of her bunk. After a second the sound of May’s voice came through the door. “Simmons, get up. We have a new mission and Coulson wants us to prep before we get there. Get Fitz up too.”

The Biochemist let out a groan. But she made sure it wasn’t loud enough for May to hear. Then soon as May’s footsteps walked away from the door, Jemma slumped out from under the covers and began pulling on her buttoned shirt and cardigan. She leaned over and checked her phone to see the time. Jemma let out another low groan as she saw that the time read three in the morning. 

Walking out of her bunk, Jemma rubbed her eyes trying to rid them of the sleepiness. She walked forward and then leaned against Fitz’s bunk door. “It’s too early for this,” she groaned.

But whether she liked it or not May have given them orders. “Fitz,” Jemma said softly as she opened the sliding door. “Fitz, we need to get up. Coulson needs us for a mission.”

But as the light poured into the dark bunk she saw that Fitz wasn’t moving. He just lay there with his jaw slightly ajar.

“Fitz come on. You’ve got to get up.”

Jemma was about to speak again but Fitz’s face made her stop. He looked… Distressed? Maybe he was having a bad dream. So instead of speaking, she knelt down beside his bed and leaned in closer to him. Sure enough she could hear his uneven breathing and see sweat dripping down his forehead. Jemma reached out her hand and rested it softly on his shoulder.

But Jemma would regret this decision, because as soon as she did Fitz jolted awake and thrashed around wildly trying to get away from her. As he did so his hand flew into her eye.

Jemma cried out falling backwards. Her hands flew to her eye and instantly knew it would bruise. Whatever Fitz had been dreaming about had clearly scared him terribly.


She heard Skye calling to her from the front of the plane. “I’m alright,” she called back. “It’s alright.”

Fitz was waking up now. His bright blue eyes, which were filled with fear, were darting around his bunk wildly. Then finally, he caught sight of his best friend sitting on the floor. “Jemma…” It didn’t take him long to connect the dots. He studied the area around them and then looked back to her in horror. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m alright,” Jemma promised him.

Fitz jumped out of his bed and knelt beside her. As he did so Skye entered the room, but Fitz was too concerned about his best friend to notice.

“What’s going on in here?”

“Nothing,” Jemma assured Skye. “We’re fine. Tell Coulson we’ll be ready in a few minutes.

“Okay, if you’re sure,” Skye replied looking very unconvinced.

Once Skye was gone Jemma turned back to Fitz’s deeply concerned face. “We can talk about this later. Don’t worry for now. Just relax and get dressed,” said Jemma soothingly.

However, they weren’t able to talk later. The mission took longer than expected. It wasn’t until the next night that the work came to an end. Jemma had tried her best to dismiss the questions about her rapidly bruising eye. She would just say she was fine or that it probably happened in her sleep. Skye was very persistent, but Jemma was just as equally stubborn.  

However, when it came to Fitz, Jemma knew she couldn’t put him off forever. Plus, she wanted to know what his dream had been about and if she could help. But she had a funny feeling she already knew.

So it was no surprise to her when Fitz came into the lab as she was cleaning up. “Hello Fitz,” she said giving him a reassuring smile.

“Can-can we talk now? I mean about yesterday, and your eye. I’m so sorry Jemma.”

Jemma held up her hand to silence him. “Fitz I promise, I’m fine. It’s just a bruise. What I want to know if you’re okay.”

Fitz looked down at his hands and began to play with his fingers. “Yeah. You know I have bad nights every now and then,” he mumbled.

“Yes I know,” she said moving to him and taking his hands in hers. Jemma swallowed hard before speaking. She didn’t want to push him too far. However, she didn’t want Fitz to bottle everything up either. She licked her lips nervously. “Was… Was it about your father?”

Fitz’s lips tightened and his face went white. “Don’t worry Jemma,” he said looking away from her.

“I’ll take that as a yes. And Fitz,” she said using one of her hands to direct Fitz’s gaze back towards her. Once his eye looked back into hers, Jemma gave him a grin. “I’m always going to worry about you.” She leaned forward on tiptoe and placed a kiss on his forehead, then headed back to the bunks to get some sleep.

But little did she know that Fitz was watching her go. His eyes were not filled with fear anymore but with longing. He wanted to go after her and tell her what he had been wanting to tell her for months. But he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.