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i asked for requests and then just drew what i wanted to draw anyway… i’m bad at this

A Sad Story Time with the Mun Skye. Episode 1: Geno and Death.

I ship Aftertale Sans - Meaning Geno- with Reapertale Sans. 

I just had a horrible thought. Basically they have a baby together {{ Geno is the pregnant one just because}} and Geno has to leave somewhere after giving birth to the baby so he leaves Reaper/Death with the baby. The baby is asleep so Death watches over the baby. 

But the baby wakes up while Geno is gone. Death tries to comfort the baby but when Death touches the baby to pick it up, the baby goes limp in his arms and then its tiny soul shatters and the baby turns to dust in his arms.

 Death is devastated and when Geno comes home they both mourn over the loss of their baby. Death was so desperate to comfort his crying child he forgot that everything he touches -besides Geno- dies. He also didn’t think that the baby would be affected by his touch like Geno isn’t.

So Geno and Death take their child’s dust to Toriel and begs her to bring their child back to them. Toriel knows their sorrows and brings the baby back to life, and uses her magic to cast a spell on the baby to protect them from Death’s deadly touch. Geno and Death take their baby into their arms and Death sobs as he nuzzles their newborn.

Please Don’t Call me Senpai

Howdy there, it’s me. A person some of you may like to see as a senpai. I am here to say, please dear friends do not call me senpai. Even though I laugh and play along, I am very uncomfortable with being called such a title.

 I am no senpai, I’m a human being just like you all. I’m not better than you, even if I make wonderful art and have so many great ideas. Being so highly regarded terrifies me, in fact it terrorizes every fiber of my entire being.

 I’m terrified of being so popular, I’m terrified of so many people watching me, I’m terrified of everyone’s high expectations that they bestow upon me. I don’t mind if my ideas and my arts become well known and popular.

 But I myself do not wish to be popular, I cannot handle a life such as that. I’m one follower away from 300. This makes me tremble and I am so nervous. Sure I want amazing friends, I love friends, but I do not want friends to think of and regard me so highly that they are nervous or too shy to interact with me.

I want people to feel comfortable in approaching me, I want to be a lovable and approachable person. I’m not an art God/Goddess, I’m a human like you, I want to be treated as an equal and not as a deity on a pedestal.

 It frightens me, it makes me wanna curl up and hide. Knowing that people have high expectations of me makes me horrified to fail, makes me nervous to fail at anything. I feel like I have to try and be perfect, that I’m not allowed to slip up once.

I’m a human and I make mistakes. Please, please , please stop thinking of me as a Senpai but as a friend and an artist and a creator who just happens to have many wonderful ideas and who has a charming art style. But do not think of me any higher than yourself. I’m not more special than anyone else is. I’m just me. A human, Skye the human, nothing more, nothing less, I’m not a senpai, I’m not a deity to be placed atop a pedestal, I’m not a celebrity, I’m just me. Skye…. a human being who loves to interact with others and make friends. Please treat me as your equal and instead of Senpai, please call me your friend. - Love Skye

This post was made for both myself and @shypurple 

We both just wish to be treated as your friends and not senpais. Please don’t feel horrible, I did not wish for this post to make you all feel rotten. Instead take this as a lesson and learn from it and stop and think about this the next time you’re about to call another artist a senpai. 


Also if there are any other artists out there that feel the way Shypurple and I do, feel free to reblog with:  

 Please Don’t Call me Senpai  - in your reblog.

 So you can let your followers know how you feel about being called Senpai. 

Marvel Friends are not just here as someone to talk to, but all Muns and Muses are against Hate and support the No Hate Campaign. 

There has been a lot of hate circulating again, especially I have seen, within the Marvel Fandom. 

I ask everyone who follows this blog or actual blogs to go to one of your followers asks, either on anon or not and just spread a little love. Tell someone they’re your favourite blog, tell them you love their muse, go send them a virtual hug. Show someone who has received hate that they aren’t alone. 

We shouldn’t allow a minority, of selfish, jealous, hateful individuals spoil Tumblr.

No Hate

Just Love