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Montgomery De La Cruz-

“What would you do if I kissed you right now?”

“Well…this is new”

“Is that a tattoo?”

“High love” (I understand that’s a dumb name but it’s all I could come up with)

“Eating Disorder”

“Like you, like me”

“Dating Monty” (Would include tied to Justin)

Jeff Atkins-

“Can I have this dance?”

“Do you see me in your future?”

“Is that my shirt?”

Alex Standall-

“Are you flirting with me?”

“Why do you hate me?”

Justin Foley-

“I need you to stay”

“And being Justin’s twin” (would include tied to Monty)

Zach Dempsey-

“I love you…and it terrifies me” (Part 1)

“Give me another chance” (Part 2)

(Those two are each other’s parts, they just have different names)

Clay Jensen-

“Why are you so sad?”

Tony Padilla-

“Being Tony’s sister” (Is mixed with Skye’s first one)

Jessica Davis-

None at the moment

Hannah Baker-

None at the moment

Tyler -

None at the moment

Sherri -

None at the moment


“and dating Skye” (Is mixed with Tony’s first one)


A/N: Here is a masterlist for all of you! Keep requesting and I will keep updating! I love you all!

there’s S C I E N C E to do - an ema skye fanmix

still alive, ellen mclain & jonathan coulton. my sister, the juliana hatfield three. the poetry of reality, symphony of science. stronger, kelly clarkson. laura palmer, bastille. science style, asapscience. that don’t impress me much, shania twain. sports go sports, garfunkel and oates. take a hint, victorious cast. she blinded me with science, thomas dolby


She closes her eyes, takes in a deep breath, and then opens the door. When her eyes open, May bites her lip, watching him sleep. 

The gift in her hand feels heavy.

For once, Jemma is sleeping in her own bunk. But maybe this isn’t for the best - May stands beside his bed, but something about the stillness is unnerving in the darkness.

He’s sleeping. Dreaming. Screaming, silently, probably.

May places the mix on the desk, keeping her hands steady. She wants Fitz to flip onto his stomach, eyes squinted, fingers twitching in the fabric of his pillow. Instead, he breathes quietly. Placing a gentle hand over his, she glides her thumb over his palm. For a single moment, maybe Fitz relaxes.

And then May withdraws and blinks away a yawn. 

“May?” The corners of her mouth quirk upwards at Trip, blanket and pillow under his arm.

“Left him something - it’s helped me in the past. Music.” Trip’s dazed confused melts into understanding. May nods, watching the slow rise and fall of a man in too deep into his own head. “Just a reminder he’s not alone.”

May doesn’t wait for Trip to smile, because it’s late and she needs to be up early. 

(Later, she’ll hear the music from his room and she’ll smile and maybe everything gets a little bit brighter.)



Skye, mix (6 y/o), McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY • “She’s not too keen on dogs. It has to be on her terms. She also likes treats.”

Specific FC Name Suggestions

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close to you | a fitzskye mix (listen)

crush - jennifer paige. heartbeat - scouting for girls. best thing - steve moakler. here with me - dido. close to you - neon trees. use somebody - pixie lott. you - the pretty reckless. say when - the fray. good to you - marianas trench ft jessica lee. heart skipped a beat - the xx. don’t let go - miles fisher. end of the world - blake lewis.

over the sea to skye | a mix for jamie and claire fraser

Listen here

i. heartlines (acoustic)florence + the machine/ ii. you will be my ain true love - alison kraussiii. rangers - a fine frenzyiv. i 4 u and u 4 me - the decemberistsv. hold me plumbvi. well worn hand - editorsvii. the violet hour - sea wolfviii. give a little love -noah & the whaleix. poison & wine - the civil wars/ x. i can’t love you now - sarah jaroszxi. owl waltz sea bearxii. my lady’s house - iron and winexiii.wake the earth - the honey treesxiv. white blank page - mumford & sonsxv. laughter lines bastille

pizza-is-my-buziness  asked:

Um please do Skimmons for that ship meme thing. For reasons. Thank you much.

Yes. Thank you. As you know, I think Skimmons together are just the biggest dorks in love. They are super focused and serious when it comes to their work, but they are just idiots with each other, and they need that.

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains: Skye. Jemma will start talking about precipitation and the way the light catches the rain, and what angle it’s falling at, and how pretty it looks, and nature, and she wanders around looking at how the everything interacts. And Skye loves her for it, but it’s cold out. And when Jemma holds the umbrella she’ll walk away and leave Skye with no protection from the elements. So Skye holds the umbrella, and Jemma has to reign it in so she doesn’t get a cold, or she’ll just pout at her girlfriend, and say, “Skye, the Science!” And Skye will follow her umbrella overhead. But she knows she’ll get a bubble-bath with Jemma out of it.
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning: Skye. She loathes morning workouts and having to leave her warm bed and hot girlfriend to do tai chi with May. Jemma is up by 5:45, but May likes Skye to be ready by 5:45. Jemma has switched around her routine, so she’s up with Skye. She makes Skye coffee while she drinks her tea. Then while Skye works out, Jemma does her time on the treadmill, and then they shower together. So really, Skye’s not too grumpy in the mornings because she’s got shower sex with Jemma to look forward to.
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt: They worry equally. Jemma always panics internally until she can check Skye over when she’s been in the field. Always flashing back to when Skye was shot by Quinn. When Skye is sick, Jemma worries as well because Skye is stubborn, and will not rest. She’s made a 24 hour bug last 72 hours because she wouldn’t stay in bed, she’s reopened a wound because she had to her morning work out. Skye worries when Jemma is hurt because Jemma’s the doctor, and she can’t fix herself if she’s hurt. She’s taken to trying to study Jemma’s old flash cards. Mostly, she worries that she’s doing to make something worse but cuddling Jemma too much when she’s hurt.
  • who plays pranks on the other: They play pranks on each other, and the rest of the team is a casualty. Jemma’s pranks are more subtle. She bio-engineered oranges that tasted like apples, apples that tasted like bananas, and grapes that tasted like oranges, and bananas that tasted like grapes. And Skye was so confused and scared that something was really, really wrong with her and started to panic. Coulson thought it was some kind of biochemical terrorism. Jemma didn’t think it was funny after that. Skye mixed red dye in with the clothes detergent, so all of Jemma’s whites were a redish pink. It was hilarious until she forgot to switch it back before anyone else did laundry.  They aren’t allow to play pranks anymore. So it’s basically just trying to scare each other when one walks into a darkroom or turns a corner.
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa: Skye. Jemma spends so much time in the lab/doing research, and when they’re not on a mission Skye chills in the lounge working on code and such. When her eyes hurt or she thinks Jemma’s been working to long, she pulls her away from the lab, and they settle in for some much needed cuddles and netflix. They don’t usually cuddle in shared spaces, though because as Jemma put it to Skye, she “doesn’t want to rub it in Fitz’s face.” to which Skye replied, “you’ve been rubbing it in my face almost every night this week.” Then she made Jemma high-five her.
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other: Skye. She’ll call Jemma baby-cakes, her main-squeeze, doll-face. Dated terms of endearment, and things they’ve heard in movies and tv shows, like lamby-toes and sugar-foot. But she also calls her Jemmy-JemJam, baby and babe. Skye once called Jemma “cupcake”, then for a week Jemma referred to Skye as “her little breakfast bar”, “butternut squash”, “bearclaw”, “churro”, “meatball hero,” etc. Through a fit of laughter, Skye made her promise to stop when Jemma called Skye her “sweet, sweet turducken”. Jemma usually calls Skye, darling or love. Just to see Skye’s reactions she’ll call Skye her “main bitch”, “shawty”, “boo,”  ”bae”, or the most random item she can think of: see turducken.
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep: Jemma does. She usually falls asleep with her head pillowed on Sky’s chest. Skye says it’s because Jemma loves Skye’s boobs and is thinking about them before she sleeps. Jemma won’t admit that a lot of her dreams involve her mouth and hands and Skye’s breasts. 
  • who says ‘I love you’ first: Jemma says it first. Over breakfast. Skye tells her a really bad science pun, and Jemma is just tickled because she knows Skye was on the internet looking for chemistry puns to make Jemma laugh, and that thought makes Jemma kiss lean over and kiss Skye. Skye sighs into the kiss, and Jemma whispers, “I love you,” against Skye’s lips.

babydoll gone wrong — “You have a pretty face, but inside, you’re just a middle-aged man.”

i. babydoll gone wrong — skye sweetnam ii. she’s a genius — jet iii. fluorescent adolescent (acoustic) — arctic monkeys iv. take me to the riot — stars v. all night — icona pop vi. problems — natalia kills vii. primadonna — marina and the diamonds viii. her— WHOwho ix. my favorite tune — skye sweetnam x. i love it — icona pop xi. knocking on your door — kiyoshi sugo xii. makeout song — skye sweetnam xiii. everybody loves me — one republic

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