skye's mixes


Skye, mix (6 y/o), McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY • “She’s not too keen on dogs. It has to be on her terms. She also likes treats.”

dancing in the snow

a wintry pop mix for the best pretty setters ship
this is a secret santa gift for eun @aegyoshin​ !!

1. gorgeous! // akemi kimura 2. elle me dit // mika 3. winter valentine // bo en ft mus.hiba 4. レトロメモリー // capsule 5. the tip of the iceberg // owl city 6. we flood the night // far east mention mannequins 7. prom night // anamanaguchi 8. funky at heart // owl city 9. i wish you // capsule 10. für elise // beethoven

(cover art by @skyrafter, i hope u like it too)

“I gave you everything and it’s a beautiful crime”  - SkyeWard fanmix

I. Haunting - Halsey | II. Shameless - The Weeknd (cover) | III. War Of Hearts - Ruelle | IV. Beautiful Crime - Tamer | V. Shadow Preachers - Zella Day | VI. Gunshot - Lykke Li | VII. Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us - Hurts | VIII. ‘Til Infinity - IYES | IX. You’re The One That I Want - Lo-Fang | X. One Last Night - Vaults


t e c h n o pop ⇔ e l e c t r o fiction

1. 404 // knife party 2. echo (divela remix) // gumi 3. mind of a beast (si begg remix) // the glitch mob 4. nintendon’t // mayhem 5. chemical emotion (navy blue mix) // rin & gumi 6. tapping beats // capsule 7. white dog problems is what’s up // truxton 8. headshot // she 9. sincerity nature: drastic measures of ignorance // rin & len 10. sunshine, lollipops, & internet friends // frlg 11. we flood the night // far east mention mannequins 12. world’s end dancehall (dexholic mix) // miku & luka 13. skytoucher (starkey remix) // the glitch mob 14. the time is now // capsule 15. drop the bomb // far too loud 16. ♫ Ⅲ/ my h☢t wires // rq 17. stag party // renard ft. futret 18. pure space // unicorn kid


there’s S C I E N C E to do - an ema skye fanmix

still alive, ellen mclain & jonathan coulton. my sister, the juliana hatfield three. the poetry of reality, symphony of science. stronger, kelly clarkson. laura palmer, bastille. science style, asapscience. that don’t impress me much, shania twain. sports go sports, garfunkel and oates. take a hint, victorious cast. she blinded me with science, thomas dolby



“Lightning strikes twice,                                                                                                   And it burns like ice                                                                                                                I wish I didn’t love you,

                                                  B U T  I  D O”