you know what breaks my heart about skye?

she was hunted down and labelled an object when she was just a baby. she was put into foster care and bounced around from house to house, and everytime she thought she was starting to fit in she got sent back.

she was living out of a van for god knows how long. foster kids older than about 12 tend not to get adopted, because they’re not baby-faced angels anymore.

her van was her home. everything she had was in there. when she joined the team, they became her home and she and the other members got a knife in the back by one of their best agents.

she finally got to meet her dad and he turned out to be a murderer and he kept talking about the old days, like they could just turn the clock back to when she was a kid and start over again. she met her mom and her mom started a war with her chosen family.

and now? now, her mom is dead and her dad has no memory of her. now, her closest friends – her real family – have drifted apart and jemma is trapped.

now, skye’s back to the place where she was in the beginning of the series. with virtually nothing.