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This is Vic with a dog at Walmart and he happened to find this coke with his name on it and his choice of face expression completes me.

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A Headcannon or scenario of Toshinori finally revealing his identity as All Might to his s/o. Then finding out that they don't really have an opinion of his hero persona, they're grateful for what he does but they're just not a hardcore fan, and them confessing that they vastly prefer him as his true form. Lovingly accept all of him.

I’ve made the reader female for this. I really hope you don’t mind.

Acceptance//Yagi Toshinori

“So, uh, (Y/N),” Toshinori began, wringing his hands together as he approached his long-term girlfriend.

He sighed as he looked at you. Even doing something as mundane as brushing out your hair, you still mangaed to steal his breath away every time. It baffled Toshinori how a woman as gorgeous as you could be in love with such a skeleton of a man like him.

“Yes, what is it sweetie?” You asked, not turning away from the mirror as you continued to brush away.

He smiled at the nickname. It never failed to warm his heart how softly and gently you would say that; the name reserved just for him. No, he couldn’t be distracted. Not now. He was finally going to reveal his big secret to you. How would you react when you found out the love of your life is All Might: the world’s symbol of peace and greatest hero.

“You know, All Might is a pretty cool hero, huh?”

“Yeah, he’s a great man.”

“Yeah, well I’m him.” There, he had said it. He couldn’t take that back now and looking at the mirror, he saw the bemused expression on your face. 

You turned arund to face him. “Huh? No way, I think I would’ve found out by now if I was in love with All Might.”

He scratched the back of his head. “Well, maybe this can convince you.”

With that, he felt his body swell and saw you shrink before him as One For All took over his body. It caused his everything to grow at least three times as big.

Toshinori analysed every aspect of your face. His heart pounded in his now-toned chest and it was a struggle to breathe. Seconds of no response turned into minutes. What were you thinking?

“Well, okay then,” you said, finally shattering the silence between the two of you.

“What do you mean? I mean, it’s kind of a big deal. I’m All Might,” he reitterated. The mediocre response from you was the last thing he’d expected. He had prepared for tears, anger, betrayal, a rush of questions or a sudden fangasm from you. For you to be completely calm felt like…an anti-climax?

“Because I don’t care what you are. I mean it’s cool but it’s not like this changes anything. Now will you please turn back to normal; to the man I fell in love with all those years ago?”

He felt his body deflate as he transformed back to his regular form. Just lke always, you were always on his side no matter what. He snaked his arms around you, holding you close as you embraced. 

Acceptance is a beautiful thing and, to Toshinori, nothing was as dazzling as how understanding and welcoming you were. How could he ever have found such an amazing person?

ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ paws up

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How would Todoroki deal with a girl on her period?

Omg that would be so cute. I’m gonna write it in the form of s/o if thats okay?

Todoroki Shouto

  • When he’s first asked if he can get his s/o sanitary towels/tampons, he panics because he doesn’t know which type to get. Ends up buying 3 different packs just in case.
  • Not really knowing what to do so he looks up information online. Manly tears after he sees how brutal it is.
  • Curling up with his s/o on the couch and watching old Disney/Pixar movies, comforting her if she starts to tear up at some of the sad scenes. He can kind of understand….UP is a very sad movie.
  • Using his left side as a heat pack, he’d place his hand over his s/o’s stomach to try and soothe the pain.
  • Getting his s/o all the chocolate she needs.
Snow Day

I wrote this for Skye’s @tiny-sam-is-my-jam ‘s Christmas Challenge.  My prompt was sledding.

Characters:  Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

It was the biggest snowstorm Lebanon had seen in years.  The weatherman had predicted a light snowfall, but the storm had changed course and dumped a ton of snow.

So much for the shifter case in Wisconsin.  No one was going anywhere.  The garage was buried, and there was NO way Dean would take Baby out in this weather.  She handled like crap in the snow.

One of the perks of living with two big, strapping guys is you never had to do any shoveling.  Sam and Dean had your car and the walk dug out before you even woke up.  And still it snowed.  And snowed.

By the third day, you were starting to get cabin fever.  The three of you were sitting in the war room doing research, and your mind began to wander. You couldn’t help it. Sam was sitting right across from you, and once your eyes focused on those sinful lips of his, every rational thought went out the window.

When he looked up at you and smiled exposing those deep dimples, your mouth went dry.  God you loved this man!  How was it possible that he hadn’t figured it out?

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Like Clockwork

Skye worries the nail of her thumb between her teeth and takes off her glasses.It was an impossible task. She shouldn’t have believed in it, but it kepthappening to people around her, so there was always that dangerous shimmer of hope in the back of her mind. She shouldn’t have held onto that shimmer, but she did.

She had been happy enough with people who weren’t her soul mate. She would just be with them because they both logged more than seven thousand hours. Skye didn’t get why you should wait for your soul mate. She had her urges and there still was this thing called sexual attraction, and love. She had been in love, sure. She had been in love with her cute co-worker Ward, even though it didn’t last long. She had been in a fulfilling relationship with Trip, until he found his soul mate and left her in a heartbeat. She understood; everyone did; it was just the thing that happened. Skye would probably have done the same. She had had her sexcapades with numerous people. And then there was Bobbi Morse, who was different. Maybe she wasn’t technically dating her, but she was always her plus one.

Skye grins. She shared the same view on soul mates as her. It was stupid, but there still was that sliver of hope for the both of them. Skye has no idea when Bobbi’s clock was supposed to run out, but the last time she saw it she logged over five hundred hours, while Skye had already been down to two-fifty. Usually they covered it up.

The black numbers on her wrist have been stuck at 0000:00:00 for two days now. She knew it had been coming. As soon as her clock hit twenty-four hours she had felt nervous butterflies. She didn’t calculate where she would be at the time her clock would hit zero. There was no use. Schedules change and sometimes the clocks jump. They don’t jump much, but an hour ahead wasn’t a strange occurrence. 

She just happened to be in the middle of a crossing on Times Square when a hot pain seared her wrist and the white numbers went black at exactly 23:04:56 on June 12th. She just happened to be in the middle of Times Square with hundreds of other people, the person she was looking for all of a sudden nowhere in sight. She hadn’t even wanted to go out, but she was, and it bit her in the ass.

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Can you do a headcannon with bakugou and todoroki (separat) gets grumpy without there daily cuddles from his s/o

Of course. I would be grumpy too tbh. Me needs hug and love to survive…sadly i have no s/o of my own. :’)

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He hates to admit his weakness but he’s grown so accustomed to his s/o’s daily hugs and cuddles that it doesn’t feel right to start his day without them.
  • Lots of incoherent swearing under his breath.
  • Being a lot more irritable and giving people a lot more death threats than usual.
  • Being kind of scared because the only time his s/o doesn’t cuddle him daily is when they’re away or very angry. If they aren’t away, he’s anxiously thinking over all of the things he has done wrong and his life near enough flashes before his eyes.
  • Tries to take his cuddles by force which ultimately fails.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Highkey offended af.
  • Goes into a foul mood for the rest of the day and when people try to ask him what’s wrong, the look in his eyes makes them head for the hills.
  • Spends the day hunting down his s/o and demanding his cuddle, no matter how childish and pathetic it may sound to others because he barely got any love as it is, and damnit, he was not gonna let this slide.
  • When he finally does recieve his cuddle he doesn’t let go. He just doesn’t. His s/o would probably be trapped in his arms for the forseable future.

Imagine you and Skye start making bets on when May and Coulson are going to confess their love for one another. May and Coulson find out and decide to play you by kissing in front of you both

Requested by Anon | Gifs not mine

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Today, like any other day

Skimmons Childhood Friends AU. Skye and Jemma have been friends since they were 5 years old. Skye couldn’t help but feel that maybe, she likes her friend a bit more than that. Between her painful hangover and raging hormones, it’s hard to keep her feelings in check when Jemma is being perfect.

Word count: 14k+
A/N: hey guys! so this is going to be one of the longest fics I’ve ever written to completion. It started as a basic “domestic/lounging prompt” and it sort of devolved into something a lot deeper. For all of you skimmons fans and my friend schfiftytwo I hope you enjoy this story about how best friends struggle with their feelings and move towards lovers. Previous stories that don’t necessary need to be read but can be referenced to are: Blissfully Unawareand No One Else But You

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