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Scotland The Brave by Stefan
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The Beast by Dave Brightwell
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Beautiful Highland Cows that normally occupy the road down to Elgol. Truly magnificent beasts.

Since many of you are just confused about this sexy cutie above (I can’t really blame you, there are too many fictional vixens in the Zootopia fandom) I decided to write a profile for her! 


Full name: Cynthia Aurora Walker (not Sky/Skye)

Age: 27

Occupation: GSD Agent


  • Jack Savage -> coworker, “rival”
  • Stella Rogers -> assistant, friend
  • Gregory Kohle -> chief, father figure, donor
  • Zac Goldenwheat -> Jack’s assistant, but she thinks he’s kinda cute
  • Cynthia’s parents -> she doesn’t want to know anything about them, not even if they’re still alive
  • Judy Hopps -> “friend”
  • Nick Wilde -> pain in the ass (she can’t bear with his craftiness)
Goals in life: be more honest with her feelings, be more friendly, be able to have a decent relationship with Jack, overcome her past


Cynthia has had a difficult life, and her past still tries to haunt her when she accidentally lowers her guard. That’s why she always seems so stiff and unable to express positive emotions, especially when it comes to Jack (with whom she has a really complicated relationship due to things that happened years ago). However, she actually is very protective and deeply cares about the mammals she loves, like Stella Rogers and Colonel Kohle (who is like a father to Cynthia). She thinks that Judy is a nice bunny but, on the other hand, she dislikes Nick for his crafty and sarcastic attitude. However, she feels like the relationship between Nick and Judy has, in a certain way, a lot of things in common with the one between her and Jack.

IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD KNOW: according to Black Jack storyline, Cynthia doesn’t know neither Judy nor Nick, at least for now. I can’t assure you that it will happen in the comics, because the profile I wrote for Cynthia (and for Zac) follows the canon line I created some months ago; kind of like the difference between the actual Zootopia movie and the fanfics I wrote based on this universe.

As always, praise @rem289 for the gorgeous sketch!


Distant Blaven by Dave Brightwell
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Distant Blaven This is a shot taken just before sunset from Ord looking over towards Blaven. I had set up my shot and was waiting for the sun to go down but coming over from Elgol way was a little rain storm which helped diffuse the bright sunlight and give some great conditions. Please Enjoy:)