Ok, but like let’s analyze that scene a little aka talk about Ward’s facial hair. Ward’s facial hair situation typically said a lot about what part he was playing/what side he was currently on. In this picture, it’s definitely not at Evil Ward levels of scruff, but it’s not quite Good/Fake Ward levels of clean shaven either. He only has a shadow of scruff on his chin/lip area and his cheeks are clean shaven. (I’m totally reading way too much into this) I believe this may be Functional Human Ward levels of facial hair, which is a character we’ve never seen before, and I for one, am excited.

Thoughts on the framework after 4x15 (Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers)

Daisy.  I hope the first scene of 4x16 is the reality-conscious Daisy killing Ward in his sleep.  I also don’t know where this came from besides the show’s desire to have Brett Dalton, an amazing actor, back on.  They never scanned Daisy’s brain so we know this has nothing to do with her own regrets, and I’m wondering just whose regrets led to SkyeWard being a thing.  Also is this a reality where Ward recruited her to Hydra and they both work with May or are they both still SHIELD and fighting Hydra?  I’m curious as to how, if Coulson was never an agent, Daisy got into SHIELD and met Ward at all.  I suppose she originally infiltrated the agency due to them being involved in her parents so maybe Ward was the one who found her instead of Coulson.  But what about terrigenesis, did she go through it?  All I can say is the only thing keeping me from being super angry about Ward being back is that we don’t have to see the Daisy that existed before she hacked into the framework, the one who’s in love with someone capable of everything he did.  One of the things that makes this my favorite show is the fact that they didn’t define their protagonist by her love interest, they didn’t make her blindly follow or trust him despite his wrongdoing, and I would hate to see the writers undo that.  So, I’m relieved that we as viewers enter the framework at a point where Daisy has all the context that we have when it comes to Ward.  No one ships SkyeWard less than Daisy does.

Mack.  That was the obvious one, living in a world in which his daughter is still alive.  It’s going to be heartbreaking for all of the first four taken agents to realize this isn’t real, but more so for Mack than all of them.  I was hoping that the insight we got into his past and his family would be flashbacks instead of a alternate reality, but I also am so ready for family-man Mack.  I just wonder if he’s still with SHIELD, I’m assuming not but who knows.

FitzSimmons.  I’m combining them because there’s not much to go on from Fitz’s bit except that he’s rich and apparently has a girlfriend and it’s not Jemma because WHAT THE HELL SHE’S DEAD.  She died, okay, but when?  It says November and I think the year was covered, but I imagine that means that the Chitauri virus from season one killed her as it happened just before Thor: The Dark World took place in November 2013.  I’m running through scenarios that would make her unsuccessful in curing herself, and I’m remembering that Fitz helped her with the epiphany that led to the antiserum, so that could explain it if for some reason Fitz, like Coulson, isn’t an agent.  I’m ready for her to claw her way out of the grave like The Bride from Kill Bill and go reclaim her guy (and I’m going to be SOOOO pissed if the girl Fitz is with is Agnes.  Horrifyingly pissed.)

Coulson.  This one has me confused, fundamentally.  If Coulson was never an agent, and this framework combines the perfect worlds for him, Mack, May, Fitz, and Randolph, then that means a whole lot of the actual MCU never happened.  He didn’t die on the helicarrier in The Avengers, so did they never actually feel that push to save the world, or did another agent make that sacrifice?  Let’s assume no, and that the Avengers aren’t a thing.  Maybe that means the events of The Winter Soldier don’t occur like we saw them, and Project Insight went off without a hitch.  That explains Hydra being so prominent, it also kills off Stephen Strange, President Ellis, Bruce Banner (though I doubt that would have done anything anyways).  But now it gets paradoxical, because how did May end up on that mission in Bahrain if Coulson was never an agent?  Aida said she had to keep restarting the Framework’s paramenters when adding in each new agent’s regret-free world, but it’s confusing if one person’s regret occurs because of another’s.  And how did Jemma die of that virus if she was never on Coulson’s team to start?  Also to cap off this really long one, the hateful rhetoric he’s teaching.  This actually makes sense to me.  Coulson’s compassion for enhanced and powered people is now shown to be not something he innately felt, but drawn from his experiences of being around them for so many years.  Take that away, and add in years of him being a historian looking from the outside in on the effects of enhanced people on the world, and I guess that’s what you get.

May.  Like I said before, I don’t even know if her regret even happens since Coulson was involved in the Bahrain op (we even see him at the end of 4x11 but like I said again, AIDA has since reset the Framework’s parameters.)  Before I saw the Hydra logo I assumed that she had been made the Director of SHIELD, but I guess we can’t rule her out as the Director of Hydra, would would be badass.  I can even see her being the one who originally led the original SHIELD 616 team instead of Coulson; May and Ward recruiting Simmons (or maybe both her and Fitz, who knows) and then Skye when investigating the Rising Tide.  And then after the death of Jemma and then Project Insight, the three of them, May, Ward, and Skye, realizing that SHIELD just wasn’t going to survive and taking the path of least resistance.  Maybe they’re even trying to bring Hydra down from within, who knows.

The real world.  I’m so ready for Yo-Yo and Agent Piper vs. the Superior.  I’m assuming at some point he’s going to find the Zephyr and there’s going to be an epic strike on the airborne fortress as they try to defend Daisy and Simmons.  What I’m wondering about Aida is if she can see into the Framework.  Can she see what Daisy and Simmons are trying to do, and if so, can she reset the parameters again, or force them out, or was Daisy’s hack so good that they go undetected as they try to get the band back together?  All I know is I’m just as excited for the real-world storyline as I am for the Framework.  I’m just worried that this epic, loose-end-tying, what-if-this-happened arc doesn’t mean what I fear, that this is the series finale.  This is my all-time favorite show and it’s gotten me through tough times, not to mention it really fleshes out the MCU.  AND it gets better with age, as much as I did enjoy the first episodes.  4x15 was by far the best episode and I truly hope it makes the case for a fifth season.

anonymous asked:

Overwatch and Paladins fans don't always get along, but how would each champion react to meeting the Overwatch gang, who would get along best, and who would be at each others throats?

I never thought they existed in the same universe since Overwatch existed in a very Earth-like place while Paladins is most definitely not on Earth, but for the sake of this ask…

Makoa: Is slightly put off by them, but is willing to meet them and get to know them and make his judgement based off how they react to him.

Fernando: Is totally willing to meet them as long as he’s the best looking there. And let’s be real, he is. <3 (But Mod Mal’Damba is also thinks McCree is very cute)

Ruckus: Initially is very suspicious of D.Va but manages to eventually make friends over talking about upgrading their mechs. D.Va wants to learn how to install so many guns and massive rockets into one small mech while Ruckus is interested to know how she can self destruct her mech and get it back so quickly.

Barik: Is not happy with Torbjorn at all. They both make very good turrets and have a lot of pride and nearly fight. Torvald and Winston have to pry them apart before they murder each other.

Torvald: Is less concerned with the Overwatch heroes and is more concerned with Barik trying to murder Torjorn. He’s ultimately neutral with all of them even though Sombra is very confused on how to hack his runic magic which functions on a plane outside of Sombra’s ability to hack.

Drogoz: Tries to steal coins or sell his loot to them for coins but is deeply uninterested in their paper money. The Overwatch heroes are very confused by him.

Bomb King: Quickly becomes friends with Junkrat and they share lots of info on explosives. Junkrat gives Bomb King a concussion mine as a gift and Bomb King in exchange gives Junkrat a Poppy Bomb.

Viktor: He and Soldier 76 are very suspicious of their similarities but eventually just switch to Dad Mode and go get coffee and complain about their teams.

Tyra: Is highly suspicious of the Overwatch heroes and doesn’t trust them one bit. She finds McCree very charming, to the point where something about him seems off.

Cassie: Warms up to Lucio quickly and they become close friends very fast! They enjoy each others company and Zigs likes trying to eat Lucio’s braids.

Kinessa: Does not like Widowmaker. Sure, Widowmaker is very skilled, but Kinessa doesn’t like her cockiness even though honestly, she’s the same.

Sha Lin: Finds Roadhog quite intimidating but otherwise is really cool with everyone. He finds Tracer very amusing and cool and likes being around her. He also likes to chat with Zenyatta and finds him very interesting. Hanzo does not like him at all and feels like Sha Lin doesn’t respect the idea of being an archer with his suavity and all his little tricks.

Evie: She thinks something’s up with Mei while Mei tries to get friendly. It’s rare to find a Winter witch and Mei, being a woman of science, wants to learn about Ice magic and how Evie got it but Evie is a little wary. She won’t admit it, but she’s glad to find someone else of her element.

Skye: She surprisingly likes Bastion! She thinks Bastion is adorable and so is Ganymede. Bastion appreciates her gestures very much.

Androxus: Has a shootout with McCree in the safety of respawn and loses, but he appreciates McCree’s skill. McCree might have killed him first but Androxus used his Accursed Arm and managed to deal a lot of damage. For the fun of it, they switch revolvers for a day.

Buck: Doesn’t really mind the Overwatch heroes but doesn’t care enough to go be friends with them.

Mal’Damba: Is deeply interested in Zenyatta and both make friends as generally peaceful champions who like similar things. Only problem is that Zenyatta isn’t a fan of snakes.

Pip: Takes a huge interest in Genji and tries to pry into his backstory. Genji is willing to talk about it but is very passive aggressive about Hanzo regarding the whole thing.

Grover: Takes a liking to Zenyatta quickly as well and both like to meditate together. It’s very relaxing.

Grohk: Does not like any of them at all and tries to leave as soon as possible.

Ying: Mercy doesn’t believe Ying should be on the field at all and tries to protect her until she learns that Ying has been a sentient being for almost a hundred years. They get along really well and like to go out for tea and just chat about life.

Unresolved question: can someone please explain WHY Daisy would take off the sports bra/top and change into a sweater that is falling off her shoulder with zero chest support?  Especially right before she was about to go out and literally fight for her and Jemma’s lives?  Because, like, serious.  Pretty much any woman I know, who was preparing for that, would make sure her clothing was properly supportive and probably tie her hair back.  This whole 90s Kelly Kapowski off-the-shoulder sweater with no bra is a giant pile of BS.

For the anti-SkyeWard or anti-Ward out there

First: english is not my first language. So, Sorry for the mistakes.
Second: try to be polite and don’t hate on fans, actors or writers. Doesn’t make you look like a great person if you do. It’s a Tv show. Not real life. Deal with it.
Third: I was a SkyeWard shipper in the early days. Now I’m a “let’s Daisy be single”
I don’t care what you guys are thinking but after all the shit they put Brett’s character in the past seasons, I am happy to see him again. SkyeWard need at least a closure. We only will see them in an AU place where they are together. One of the most WHAT IF in the past for this ship was “what if they go with the redemption for Ward?” and in this AU we don’t know what they are putting them through. Are they Hydra like May seems to be? How will Daisy react seeing he is not Lincoln but Ward?
You are free to ship whoever you want but let’s be real: the chemistry between Brett and Chloe is irreplaceable.
For me the StaticQuake (Daisy&Lincoln) relationship was forced, but never complain with anyone on the show about it. The lack of chemistry between them was evident. Made their scenes boring. Still they had shippers, and no one said anything. Well the haters are everyone so someone said something but still… not the majority.
I agree it could’ve been Tripp, because Daisy and Tripp had a better chemistry than StaticQuake for sure.
Still… let’s us enjoy Brett back in the show! We don’t know what they are going to do with him, but I hope they give us finally a closure. We deserve it. Brett deserve it.
Lincoln and Daisy kind of had their closure. In a dramatic way, yes, but they did. While Skye and Ward had to deal with all the Hydra-thing just after they were going to start something. Ward maybe was a “nazi”, as most of you said, but you can’t say he didn’t feel anything for Skye. He did.
And if Skye changed and became a total badass is also because all the hydra-thing.
So, let’s see what they will do in this storyline. They messed up a lot in the past, but I definetely miss Brett (as actor), so I’m ready to watch the rest of season!