“You. Me. A bottle of imported energon. And my berth~”

Finally, after thinking about it for so long, I managed to draw this sexy Con~ I can still remember the struggle when I first try to draw him and failed miserably, because it was still the very beginning when I actually start to draw/learn to draw Transformers. But now, with all the practice recently, I finally could draw him satisfactory^^ I wished to do this for so long, he is still one of my favorite characters and I just love his sexy appearance, so I am so glad with how he turns out ;) :3

Likes and reblogs are very much appreciated :)

“F!nd. K!ll. Cl3@n$e.”

Oh boy, I am totally enjoying DJD day for today’s @lostlightfest! I did the sketch for this one a while ago and decided to finish it since I dedicated the day to my cute Vos :3 my thought behind is: what if Vos would be the DJD leader? I wonder, how the Justice Division looks like :’)
I am still not over his death, but I am glad he didn’t die in the background in a small unimportant panel. (But I still miss him dearly! ;3;)/ ) I will love you forever my cute little gun kitten! Sleep tight, babe!

So, first drawing upload, there you go! Here is Tarn, one of my favorite characters from MTMTE. I think he looks quite good, especially for my first try to draw him. Never tried it before although I always wanted to draw robots. (I never tried it, because I was afraid to mess the mecha parts up) 

Well, I keep on practicing and we will see~


[One peaceful morning under cherry blossoms]

I finally could finish this sexy guy :’) first I really didn’t plan to continue to work on it (and first I didn’t even had Hanzo in mind, when I scetched my little practice doodle :’)) but then I just started to line and color him. I am really satisfied with his face and the cherry blossoms, also of his tattoo (I was first very confused, how to draw them :’D) Currently I am a little bit in Overwatch fever as you see :’D Maybe I will draw more fanarts ;)

I am sorry for the bad photo quality. I haven’t a scanner now and my mobile takes really weird photos oO
I hope you like him anyway :)