So, first drawing upload, there you go! Here is Tarn, one of my favorite characters from MTMTE. I think he looks quite good, especially for my first try to draw him. Never tried it before although I always wanted to draw robots. (I never tried it, because I was afraid to mess the mecha parts up) 

Well, I keep on practicing and we will see~


[One peaceful morning under cherry blossoms]

I finally could finish this sexy guy :’) first I really didn’t plan to continue to work on it (and first I didn’t even had Hanzo in mind, when I scetched my little practice doodle :’)) but then I just started to line and color him. I am really satisfied with his face and the cherry blossoms, also of his tattoo (I was first very confused, how to draw them :’D) Currently I am a little bit in Overwatch fever as you see :’D Maybe I will draw more fanarts ;)

I am sorry for the bad photo quality. I haven’t a scanner now and my mobile takes really weird photos oO
I hope you like him anyway :)

A little sneakpeak to the artwork I am currently working on. Tarn looks so fucking done… :’’D (but because of what~?)
So far, I am very satisfied with it xD
Please excuse the bad lining…the pic wasn’t very big and my hand always start to tremble, when I try to line small and detailed things…

I~ keep on scetching things when I haven’t got the time for it~ *sing and claps in the hands*
And the craziest thing? The stuff looks actually good! Oo I am decent surprised :’D This encourage me alot but it is so contraproductive NOW when I should do uni stuff ><* (because I want to line and color it immediately!)

I hope I could line my Mistress of Flame at least in a few days…