“Hey you know something about the Necrobot?”

I see a drawing pattern here during inktober :’D Whenever I am not having the time or the energy to draw, I just do a simple headshot of the particular bot (here Nightbeat) for @lostlightfest :’D So whenever you see a simple headshot, you know what’s currently going on ;’D

“Touch me again and I’ll rip your face apart!”

Funfact: Whenever I am looking forward for a certain bot for the @lostlightfest (like today or Tailgate) I don’t have the time for it or even worse: I am too tired :’D
But I am happy I managed to keep on going with this great challenge and even if it is today just a simple headpiece for day 18: I likemy first version of Ravage ^^ I really wish I wouldn’t be too tired to draw his body properly :’) Hopefully next time!
I was heartbroken that my favorite cat in this verse died (Taaaarrn!! >A<””) especially after showing Soundwave after it…Sleep tight my deeply loved kitty!

“No worries, I can handle this!”

I tried a different coloring style this time, just shade out his body without basic colors, and I am surprised how well it looks :’) Sadly it took quite a long time (my hand hurts now ><*) but I am glad I still make it on time for @lostlightfest
I wish he survived…his death was one of the most tragic ones (for me) and I was really distressed..he was such a good spark ;3;)/ I am still not really over it *sighs* But I try to remember him as the mech he was :)

Sleep tight, dear soldier! You served well! <3

“Halloween? How cool is that? I want to dress up too! Shall we make a photo together??”

Oh my I am so sorry for messing our cutiepie up! ;A; I was so looking forward to draw him but then it happens that my shading grey went empty. My try to shade Tailgate with a darker tone failed and brought him a nice beard…and any attempt to correct it failed too :’D How frustrating! If I had enough time, I would draw him again for @lostlightfest but sadly I have not ;3; Hope you guys won’t kill me *sniff*

“Hey, it’s cold out there. Please come in and have a nice cup of tea!”

No. 13 of the @lostlightfest
It hurt me when Pharma killed him and like First Aid I had the hope that Ratchet will save him and he’ll survive…Sadly this didn’t happen. I wished that he belong to the survivors of the whole trip ;3; I will keep our beloved leg in my memories :3 Because I really love him and First Aid together, I gave him a cute First Aid plushie^^ Let his smile warm up your hearts!

“You want to know something about the Tyrest Accords? Follow me!”

I am still not fully recovered yet and feeling really tired, but I am happy that I could find time to draw Fort Max for Day 16 of the @lostlightfest :’3 Again just a simple headshot. I hope I’ll find enough time for drawing a more challenging pic soon!^^
(Btw. I tried to upload this pic from my cell before but the uploading stopped cause of really slow internet…In case you wonder when you see this pic twice, IF tumblr decides to post it again much later… :’D)

So, first drawing upload, there you go! Here is Tarn, one of my favorite characters from MTMTE. I think he looks quite good, especially for my first try to draw him. Never tried it before although I always wanted to draw robots. (I never tried it, because I was afraid to mess the mecha parts up) 

Well, I keep on practicing and we will see~


[One peaceful morning under cherry blossoms]

I finally could finish this sexy guy :’) first I really didn’t plan to continue to work on it (and first I didn’t even had Hanzo in mind, when I scetched my little practice doodle :’)) but then I just started to line and color him. I am really satisfied with his face and the cherry blossoms, also of his tattoo (I was first very confused, how to draw them :’D) Currently I am a little bit in Overwatch fever as you see :’D Maybe I will draw more fanarts ;)

I am sorry for the bad photo quality. I haven’t a scanner now and my mobile takes really weird photos oO
I hope you like him anyway :)

A little sneakpeak to the artwork I am currently working on. Tarn looks so fucking done… :’’D (but because of what~?)
So far, I am very satisfied with it xD
Please excuse the bad lining…the pic wasn’t very big and my hand always start to tremble, when I try to line small and detailed things…

I~ keep on scetching things when I haven’t got the time for it~ *sing and claps in the hands*
And the craziest thing? The stuff looks actually good! Oo I am decent surprised :’D This encourage me alot but it is so contraproductive NOW when I should do uni stuff ><* (because I want to line and color it immediately!)

I hope I could line my Mistress of Flame at least in a few days…