The last of my Beast Machines orders from last month arrived yesterday! The nightmare is finally over.

I love these guys so much. Final tally is as follows:

Maximals: Longhorn, Buzzsaw, Battle Unicorn, Snarl, Skydive, Night Viper, Hammerstrike, and Quickstrike.

Vehicons: Mirage, Spystreak, and Scavenger.

(I also got two iterations of retrax/powerhug but couldn’t fit the pics in this post)

For the most part, the figures are in good condition. Snarl’s pelvis was pretty loose though. Ebay seller didn’t make note of it in the item description. :(
Managed to fix it up a bit by wrapping an elastic around the joint.

Also one of hammerstrike’s arm joints was really stiff when I got him, and wound up cracking while rotating it. It’s still firmly on the ball joint and sturdy, but I’m going to have to be more careful with him… You win some, you lose some.

I… also think I have a misprinted Snarl? He’s missing his spark crystal. Like. It’s not like it broke off or anything. I was just never there in the first place. I took a look online and see snarl figures with the crystal in a hole in one of his thighs, but mine just has two identical mirrored thighs… Weird.

I’m pretty happy about finding a battle unicorn figure that wasn’t too expensive. I’d been watching one on ebay waiting for an opportunity to get it, but unfortunately it got claimed before I could get to it. Luckily another site had one listed and I nabbed it as soon as I could.

I’m also super giddy about how most of these figures have some fluorescent plastic parts too. Loads of fun under a blacklight.

no words

should have sent a poet

Image scanned from Transformers Visualworks, originally published in a 1980s issue of Japan’s Tele-V Magazine.

(Note that both Skydive and Fireflight are miscolored as Slingshot. Man, even the 1980s couldn’t tell the Aerialbots apart…)