on rare familiars in Sornieth

We all know that everyone wants the scarce familiars, right? For a certain dragon, or collecting purposes, or even just the money. What if the same thing was true for dragons? Imagine a penniless vagabond that keeps their skycat on a leash so it never leaves their sight. Morally corrupt dragons offer to “hunt down” certain familiars, for a fee. A black market for stolen sprites. Royalty with golden bantam fangars hire special guards just to protect them from thieves. A young dragon with a bone fiend has tied a wolf pelt over its skeletal form so it doesn’t stand out. Imagine the possibilities.

Obi-Wan Catobi is joined by Anakin Skycat to say:

  • Write that fanfic, headcanon, theory or essay.
  • Draw that cartoon, comic, sketch or art.
  • Make that video, photoset, or gifset.
  • Share your theories and ideas.
  • Squee over your favourite fanwork.
  • Recommend what fanworks you’re enjoying.
  • Encourage artists and writers - with a positive message or note.
  • Review & send kudos - let the creator know you’re enjoying their work.
  • Create, bring positivity and show your love for your fandom.

You can do it. Everyone has to start somewhere - if you feel creative then start off with a drabble or a rough sketch. There is room for everyone in this fandom!

Whether you participate in fandom creatively or as part of the audience, Obi-Wan Catobi and Anakin Skycat are sending you positive vibes!

Share your “I remember when I was a smol lil nooblet on FR...” stories and when you joined

I’ll start us off

I remember when I was a smol lil nooblet on FR, I wanted a skycat and I thought they were the cutest familiars and back then, I knew nothing about the KS and how rare they were. Also light sprites were 4mt. I wanted a hornhelm. I thought anything more than 30k was too much for any dragon. Imperial scrolls.

I joined June 3rd, 2014

What your favorite Flight Rising Kickstarter familiar says about you
  • Skycat: Childish but friendly and lovable. Probably was (or is?) a huge weeaboo. That, or you're a grumpy cat lover that loves any and all cats unconditionally.
  • Bone Fiend: Edgy punk. Likes to fight. Either talks like a Saturday morning cartoon villain or is one of the most honest and headstrong people you'll meet.
  • Golden Idol: You're a rich fuck with your mind on money. If there was some sort of elite class of Flight Rising users, you'd be in it.
  • Cog Frog: An oddity. A very strange, interesting person. That, or really likes robots or steampunk.

I have a ‘me’ dragon now.

This is Nix! She’s based off two things I love on FR: my starter flight in lightning, and the adorable skycat familiar! 

I used to use Linguini to rep me but tbh, spirals are too energetic and Linguini is too warm and bright to be anthing like me :’D

honestly anything that’s even vaguely siamese cat looking and i love it, i’m doomed if points ever comes out