sidorra  asked:

Hey Faeb! I just got my lunarwing form on my druid (I love it ;o;) and there is a Nelf called Skycaller Faeb at the shrine who looks alot like your character! It's great to see you in the game aswell! :D

Eeee! I have been so happy hearing about this and seeing people’s screenshots today. Way back when she was first put in Moonglade I was told there was a second location but not when/where! So this is so neat, I’m so excited to get the mount/form myself :D 

rippersbeguile  asked:

I just finished the Druid quest and think the Lunarwing form is hideous, so I would like to thank you for being there to remove it again from my character. I'm not liking the Lunarwing Owl at all Skycaller Faeb, thank you so, so much for letting me get rid of it.

Haha, anytime, Archdruid. <3 


Skycall- Oculus rift and Razer Hydra bird flight simulator.


hey guys. as you know, this month’s event is drawing to a close! so i thought, why not have a giveaway of all the things i managed to collect during this week? so here we are, a giveaway!


  • You do not have to be following me
  • Likes don’t count, reblog only
  • Please put your preferred order of prizes (I had several people not do this last time. If you do this, your entry will not be counted.)
  • Enter with your UN and ID number
  • Optional: Tell me your your favorite video game
  • There will be four winners

What you can win

  • Pack 1: All the festive favors
  • Pack 2: All the festival chests obtainable from coliseum (bamboo bound, skycaller, wingchime, bamboo guardian, cloudsong and skysong)
  • Pack 3: There are 20 familiars in total! You will be able to pick 10 of your choice
  • Pack 4: Any of the leftover familiars

This ends on Sunday at rollover!