Skycall- Oculus rift and Razer Hydra bird flight simulator.


hey guys. as you know, this month’s event is drawing to a close! so i thought, why not have a giveaway of all the things i managed to collect during this week? so here we are, a giveaway!


  • You do not have to be following me
  • Likes don’t count, reblog only
  • Please put your preferred order of prizes (I had several people not do this last time. If you do this, your entry will not be counted.)
  • Enter with your UN and ID number
  • Optional: Tell me your your favorite video game
  • There will be four winners

What you can win

  • Pack 1: All the festive favors
  • Pack 2: All the festival chests obtainable from coliseum (bamboo bound, skycaller, wingchime, bamboo guardian, cloudsong and skysong)
  • Pack 3: There are 20 familiars in total! You will be able to pick 10 of your choice
  • Pack 4: Any of the leftover familiars

This ends on Sunday at rollover!