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Sky Byte x Riptide (It's my new fav crack ship I need all the sharks 8D)

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When I saw your ask this scene came right through my head.

I wondered how this ship can be and then I like “Hey maybe they meet in the bar. Riptide sitting there chillin and saw Skybyte show and that would be first impression!!” This make me ship them XD.


Transformers Generations - Predacon Sky-Byte

Deep within Sky-Byte beats the spark of a poet, a scholar, a brilliant and cultured military general who can command armies capable of conquering worlds. But without aptitude and patience, that means jack squat, and Sky-Byte lacks both. Still, he soldiers on, for he is driven…by a desperate need for approval. He needs the blessings of his commander, Megatron, quite possibly more than he needs energon. And Megatron, being Megatron, doesn’t dole out praise much, so Sky-Byte tries harder and harder, getting more and more desperate.

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Sky-Byte has always been a character close to my heart, being one of the first to get me into the fandom. Managed to get around to reading some of the Robots In Disguise comics and HOLY HAPPINESS I was so freaking joyful to find him there!!!

So, I just HAD to draw him. Threw in some facial features from the RiD cartoon as I’m not a complete fan of the comics version.

I will never not read his lines with the voice of Peter Spellos. <3

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It was honestly pretty fun to watch, and I'm probs gonna block you now because you literally are saying you want cishet allies in the lgbt community but you don't want asexuals in it because they can be heteroromantic, which is really stupid.

did you even read what I said at all? the a is for closeted LGBT people to have a cover, not for cishets to claim.