Red coral and a seashell in the middle. I’M NOT PROPOSING I SWEAR, but red coral is good luck and you like red right? This will be in the envelope with my letter to you in the package that I should send out because I am 5 months late godommot. I hope you make it to Sweden safe and sound, jam some serenades with that rad guitar and play the song of your people. Ameripersian OUT


I almost forgot to do this lol. so @skybro tagged me to do that pokemon selfie thing. i chose Xatu because it gives me native american vibes and zweilous because i used to be emo and i’m a two faced gemini 

i dont know who do tag but if you see this and wanna do it @ me

Skybro let me make this clear to you LESS THAN FIRMLY (I’m kidding ilu too much mi portuchink CIELtello)

You can alWAYS be John Carver because when I see the red R.I.G suit he wears, add LITERAL SCARFACE, I mean he has a giant scar running down and about his face, I can only think “WOW THIS GUY WAS MADE FOR SKYBRO” so pls don’t be afraid SKYEVER

I’m Isaac because TEAL IS RAD STUFF plus I always see my dead girlfriends in remorse right and at least it will make up for most of my family irl actually being engineers. Except I top them all since I am crazy SPACE engineer (how do you like dem apples)

Head's Up!

After an AWESOME afternoon chat with mia cara SKYBRO, AKA, MR. COO CARVER, You can now catch me on STEAM! I decided to get an account to prep for my ultimate fate: Dead Space 3. I owe you BEYOND FACIAL MASKS AND INCENSE SKYEVER okay let me buy you an actual hand cannon (or a foam hand replica 8’D)

No games on it yet, probably won’t be for a while (because I need all the money I can hoard for next year’s trip to AB and then THAILANDIA, plane tickets cost a ton) but I promise there will be. If not, sometimes you can catch me on Xbox LIVE too. uvu Anyways, just letting that out there!

AH, YES…I did this painting when I was crying about cramps and not being able to move without forgetting I had painkillers by my side. It soothed my pain, yes it did.


This dude right here is one of skybro’s characters from her story CHAOS, which will also become a comic/artbook/if it’s a mix of both I’ll be so happy I could die. His name is Apollonos from the Hellini family. And as skybro puts it, he’s basically a retarded vegan heroin lord who likes to argue about cabbages all day long. (actually, I had a dream that we argued about cabbages ALL DAY in fluent Italian, and I got the last say before I was mauled to death by a shadow summon FUCK and then I woke up)

Despite being as retarded as his cabbages, his story makes me just as sad (as in, it comes behind Vatos and his mother ;; bawwww) and I can’t help but really like him regardless. Skybro forever is the master of tales and illustration, or else my sense of fashion sucks as much as vanilla-flavored Italian ice.

In honor, I gave him an Italian horn pendant for good luck because I’m too nice to fictional characters regardless of being retarded or paranoid times 1902470982409

You should REALLY ASK HER ABOUT CHAOS or CHECK OUT THE STORY FOR YOURSELF, but do it nicely. It’s just such a pulling tale, even though all we see are bits and pieces through her sketches and works. Give her lots of love okay? She’s the best amico ever, si si~ and while you’re at it, take a look at her commissions and stuff they are definitely worth looking at.

I can never thank her enough for the help, the ideas, the inspiration, and the influence she has given and been to me. Ti amo, ti amo~