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Skybox Imaging releases the first 1m-resolution, HD video of the Earth from space.


Skybox Imaging Captures World’s First High-Resolution, HD Video of Earth from Space (1080p HD)

COMMENT: Here is a perfect example of how technological advancements have outpaced government legislation and will be impacting our modern world now and into the future.

Skybox Imaging Inc. from Mountain View, California, is now offering 3D satellite imaging of military-grade quality for public and private entities involved in emergencies, disasters and business continuity. The catch here is that these 3D military-grade images are full motion 1080p high definition videos with pixel resolutions at the sub-meter level. Public and private entities who subscribe to Skybox Imaging are able to monitor in realtime anything imaginable from humanitarian aid events to natural disaster responses to urban planning scenarios, for example. 

How did they do this? Skybox Imaging launched their initial SkySat-1 micro-satellite on November 21st, 2013, into orbit and recently demonstrated their achievement in the video clip seen here. Now that they have accomplished that feat, they are right now progressing to build ground stations and launching up to 24 micro-satellites that will cover all of the Earth’s surface. 

This San Francisco Bay Area company hopes to revolutionize how our modern world is managed (some would argue micro-managed) by public and private entities using technological means that before now only the world’s military has access to previously. The obvious concerns here would be invasion of privacy on the individual level. A private corporation with a network of micro-satellites spanning the globe that can record full motion 3D 1080p videos, kept in computer storage for who knows how long of a period of time, and can be accessed and sold to anyone at the right price, warrants top level scrutiny from policymakers and the general public.