Thorin has a habbit of always nudging his nose along Bilbo’s ears when they cuddle nap. Thorin always denys that he does it on purpose, but in reality he loves to hear his hobbit giggle.



YES. Thorin is such a fucking schmoopy mess when it comes to Bilbo. He also has that habit of just bury his nose on Bilbo’s curls, and enjoys burying his face by the crooks of Bilbo’s neck just because he finds Bilbo’s sweet scent comforting.

Im about to FLIP SOME SHIT that motherfuckin B O S S BABY Got nominated for a GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKIN OSCAR and i dont see A GODDAMN FUCKING THING ABOUT THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE honestly FUCK the oscars and all their pretentious NUT S A C K S

Im reading Witty’s latest chapter of The Marks we make and im just alksdlkfasd
I don’t talk about this fic very often, but its one of my absolute favorite fics from Witty. The writing is so full of raw emotion and it just grips you. I’ve felt all sorts of things reading it and can say that i’ve cried, laughed, gotten angry, frustrated, excited throughout all the chapters so far.

It’s one of those fic that truly leave a mark on you and I’m so happy it exists.

This messy doodle is inspired by this new chapter, and by the way Keith translates his emotions onto paint and how they convey his innermost feelings to Lance through each brushstroke.

Anyway… yeh Im very emotional rn thanks

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