for sky , i love you , and you’re something like a best friend to me . <3


I’m glad i have that one girl that i can call every night and just talk and talk till we pass out. Although things might have not of worked out how we wanted it to, all that matters to me is that i still have her in my life. she’s one of the few true friends that I have that hasn’t walked in and out like many of the so called “friends” i have had in the past. Sure there’s been periods where we didn’t talk to each other for weeks due to arguments over petty shit, but point is she’s still here. I got mad love and respect for this chick and i’m just proud to have her. Every moment we share together is just another page in the book. I guess all i’m really tryin to say from all this is thanks for being a part of my life Macarena Castaneda.