Secret Room Theory

I have always wondered why there was a square looking room on Julie’s stage. Like it’s literally a platform. It sticks out like a sore thumb, and it looks like a connection to the house. 

My theory is, what if the sky walk leads to a secret hallway that leads to the secret room right that’s connected to the stage.

I’m really thinking that triangle shape thing behind the L-shaped sofa leafs to the secret room. Not only that but the way beams are angled towards the center of the sky walk makes be believe it. 

I uploaded another picture to show the other side of beams angled towards the middle of the sky walk.

I really doubt that the door in the London room leads to anywhere. Reason being is that they storage room and London room are right next to each other with no camera catwalk in the middle. Just a wall. Previous seasons are the same. If the rooms got smaller then the returnees would have noticed. 

If you consider the two way mirrors then you really take away a majority of the house. The only other possible options are the phone booth up stairs could lead to a secret room. Or the second HOH room/Pandora’s box room. Which really how offensive would that be to us if it’s the second HOH room.  

Quite the front yard I’ve got. Quite the companion to explore it. I hope you all have what you need, I hope you all feel peace. I hope your hearts are content and your feet are weary from wanderlust. I hope we learn to love one another again, I hope we stop being so angry. I hope we remember how to use our arms for holding on, not pushing away. I hope compassion spreads through like a disease and infects every single one of us. I hope.