Voltron poster: favorite pieces

Holt family being happy + their dog has a new friend

Shay’s parents being adorable and her grandmother looking happy for them

Keith driving the speeder with the Mice at the front and Shiro deciding to be Peter Pan and fly around a bit

Lance with his flag as if he was leading the parade with Alfor’s ghost just hanging out there

Shay smiling at Hunk and the alien dude behind them looking like “I ship it”

Coran ever-present behind Allura and her fellow dignitaries 

Thace aka “Good Guy Galra” looking happily at his kinda gay friends while the sacrifice dude is just happy he won’t have to actually walk

the size comparison of how big Voltron truly is, that’s not even a “leg of Voltron” but rather just part of one “foot of Voltron”. The robot in its full capacity would be just as big if not bigger than a sky scrapper. 

Show Me The (Peter Parker/Spider-Man Imagine)

Request: uhhh maybe where the reader is spider girl? and they meet when fighting crime? Pete gets hurt and she saves him? I’m bad at coming up with ideas, gods. and ummm just ditch the whole sister thing though. thanks

I’m so sorry that this took me forever to fulfill. 

Requests are Open (just bear with me)

I hope you enjoy!

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It was creepy. Peter will admit that him staring at the new girl at Midtown High was a tad bit creepy. But he couldn’t help it. You just intrigued him even if all you were doing was looking straight at the board. 

And although he thought he was being discreet about it, you knew exactly what he was doing. He intrigued you too. But you weren’t about to admit to that, so you simply played with your web-shooter and your web as you attempted to pay attention to the teacher. 

All day it was like this. Peter and you never got each other’s names.You never spoke to each other. But you both knew there was something about each other that seemed just so desirable.

After school, you suited up to patrol the city. Of course, you knew that Spider-Man was around and your assistance was probably unnecessary, but you also noticed something has changed with your fellow web-slinger. He would only be taking on petty crimes or helping old women. He would never run into the dangers of fighting against the illegal weapons users/dealers or those worse. It was almost as if he was on a leash. And if the city’s hero won’t go head to head with those villains, then someone has to.

You thanked the heavens that your former nanny that was hired by your father was a seamstress and you were taught  from a young age and it eventually became a hobby. If it weren’t for all those years of pricking yourself with needles, then you wouldn’t have been able to create your own suit. Wanting to make it different from Spider-Man’s, your suit was white, pink, and black. Your good deeds somehow goes unnoticed, but you knew you were making a difference, you were semi-okay with it. 

You swung from building to building, never really getting tired of the feeling. It was freeing. It was relieving. It was simply spectacular. 

Then you heard the ruckus and maneuvered your way closer to it. You saw Spider-Man having trouble as two gunmen shot at him. You figured it was because of lack of practice and that’s why Spider-Man was having a rough time. You got ready to take down the gunmen, but your eyes focused in more towards the action and saw a bullet hurling through the air. You gasped  and as if it were instinct, attempted to stop it, jumping out from your secret location. 

But you were too late. The bullet shot Spider-Man, in what you assumed was your arm. He began to plummet to the ground. And you shot your web towards him and shot it up at tower crane. You prayed that the impact wouldn’t snap his neck or break his back. That would instantly kill him. Your prayers were answered seeing as he was able to regain himself and climb up your web.

“Hello there, Miss Webby.” He said as you swung the both of you to the top of a sky scrapper. You only nodded. “Uh… Thanks. But I got it from here. Don’t want a girl like you to get hurt…”

“Exactly. So stay here, Spider-Woman.”You scoffed as you jumped off the building, swinging your way towards the gunmen, apprehending them in record time. 

Peter swung his way down with astonishment on his face though you couldn’t see it through the mask. “I didn’t mean you couldn’t handle it.” He clarified. “I just wanted to Mr. Stark I can handle these things on my own. And your Spider-Woman.” 

You adjusted your white hood and rolled your shoulder, kicking the gun away from one of the men. “So that’s why you’ve been M.I.A. on big heists and big threats. You don’t want Stark to be upset with you.” 

Spider-Man nodded. “Exactly. But-”

“The lack of actual training is evident. I’m guessing he wants you to focus on being a kid?” You asked, knowing exactly what the feeling was like. You got ready to leave. “Well. Nice meeting you.” You said before shooting a web and heading straight to a sky scrapper. 

“Wait!” Peter called back and that’s exactly what you did as you climbed on the rooftop. “Train me.” You crossed your arms and jutted out a hip. “Please. I need the help and Mr. Stark won’t give that to me. Show Me The Ropes… er… Webs.” He took off his mask and your stance faltered as you took a step back. “My name is Peter Parker.” It was the same boy from school. No wonder your first instinct was to save him rather than take down the men. You were so intrigued by this teenage boy that turned out to be Spider-Man.

“Fine. Meet me here tomorrow seven sharp.” You said. You were getting ready to leave, but it didn’t feel right. He showed you his identity, it was only fair. You took a deep breath and took off your mask and hood. “(Y/N) Stark.” Was all you said before jumping and swinging away. 

The next day Peter rushed into the Avengers Tower for his “internship.” And who would’ve known he’d bump into. 

“(Y/N)! Er… Sorry.” He apologized. You gave him a soft smile and he felt his heart flutter. 

“My dad’s upstairs with Happy.” You said. Peter recognized the voice behind the mask and smiled. 

“Where are you going?” Peter asked. 

“Well…” You stepped closer towards him and brought your voice down to a whisper. “If Spider-Man’s in here with Iron Man, who’s out there protecting the city? Someone’s gotta get cats out of trees and beat up bad guys right?” 

“Yeah.” Peter nodded a smile on his face. “I’ll join you.” 

“You gotta learn first, Parker.” You joked, lightly punching his shoulder. You started running out the door.before stopping. “We’re still on for seven right?” You called out.

“It’s a date.” Peter responded.

I think this should definitely be a series or something on my blog. I really enjoyed writing this.

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Never have I ever written a Puella Magi Madoka Magica au

Above Keith, high above Altea’s sky scrappers, Haggar the witch ragged.

Black magic crackled in the air, visible and audible through sheer strength.  Lines of it burst from Haggar’s beastial form, slamming into buildings and tearing through them.  As they collapsed, then changed.  They became organic, twisted, moving of their own violition.  Gaping maws opened to release deafening screams, dripping with malice.

That wasn’t the only magic in the air.  Above Haggar, barely visible at such a great heigh, Keith could just see the hints of red-and-black wings.  Light circled them in long points, shifting into different weapons of energy to defend or attack.


Fighting again.

Fighting each and every time.

Just as every time before, the rest of their friends fell on this night, if not earlier.  Just as before, Shiro and Keith were the last standing.  Just as before, Shiro fought and battled and stood firm until he couldn’t.

Even as Keith watched, the pale purple lights flickered and began to give out.  The wings started to fall apart, breaking into huge sections and then dissolving into darkening light.

No one could fight forever.  No one could stand against the monsters and not become one too.

(”I can’t hurt people like that,” Shiro had confessed to Keith one night.  They’d laid in the same bed, the moon bright and high in Shiro’s bedroom window.  The witching hour, back from a fight neither of them should have had to face.

Keith had shook his head.  “You won’t,” he argued.  “You won’t be like them.”  He’d reached out and cupped Shiro’s hand in his, the soul gem casting shadows on both their faces.  His was always the slowest to corrupt, but on this night, it looked darker.

Biting his bottom lip, Shiro closed his eyes.  “But what if-”

“I’ll stop you,” Keith replied immediately, without thinking.  Anything to keep the despair of Shiro’s face.  “I promise.”

It was such a dark thing to swear, but it seemed to light Shiro up from inside.  “Thank you,” he had murmured, and linked their fingers together.  The beating core of Shiro’s soul pulsed in their joined hands.  “Thank you.”)

“What are you going to do?” Asked a familiar voice.  Keith didn’t even look to see Lotor bound delicately onto the metal bars next to him.  “Are you going to do something different this time?”

Keith snorted.  “I will.  But not right now.”  His wish weighed heavily in his chest.  “As many times as it takes.”

“Boring,” Lotor declared.  He licked the bottom of one paw, his blue eyes piercing.  “But alright.  Maybe next time.”

Probably not.  It hadn’t been any of the dozens of times Lotor said before.

But that didn’t matter.

One day, Keith would save Shiro for real.

Stepping back, Keith took a deep breath, and lept back to the start.

ASTRO Rocky x Idol!Reader

Word count: 1k

As requested by anon ⭐ // I guess it’s more like a mini fanfic, but meh xd

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Days since debut: 1

Fairy lights are illuminating the practice room. Your producer comes in, her cheeks dimpled and the corner of her eyes wrinkled. In her hands, there’s a vanilla cake, with strawberries and a piece of chocolate where the words “Congratulations on your debut!!!” are written.

Everyone from Fantagio Co. is here, from the stylists to your seniors. A cheerful shout fills the room. Your eyes well up with tears. You made it. You made it. It can’t be true… Can it?

Your members notice your expression.

“Aww, maknae, why are you crying?” The oldest asks softly, giving you a tight embrace.

“This is the start of a remarkable adventure!” Another unnie exclaims.

All the members gather around you to tease and/or reassure you. Everything is perfect. The cake is cut, and it tastes like it was made from pure ambrosia. You’re feeling too many things at once, so you begin to jump up and down, in an attempt to evacuate your overflowing energy. Some of your members giggle and even join you. In the corner of your eyes, you catch him staring. He turns away almost immediately, but you could swear that he keeps glancing back.

Days since debut: 17

It’s late in the afternoon, but your eyes are already heavy. An intense dance practice just ended, and you have about 30 minutes to eat lunch before the car that will bring you to your next promotional event leaves. You’re walking through the main hall, singing quietly, and almost unconsciously practicing the part of the new dance that you tend to mess up. In your own world, you’re focussing on the movements of your arms when someone pokes your back.

Your heart skips at beat. “What…” You think. You turn around to see Park Minhyuk, two years your senior.

“Sunbae. You surprised me.” You admit, giving him a small bow. Without thinking about it, you start to fidget with your necklace.

“Hi, Y/N. I was thinking we could grab lunch together.” He says, his hands hidden in his jeans. He seems interested by something behind you.

“Of course, I’ll go get the othe-” You begin.

“I meant just us… You and me.” He adds, finally making eye contact.

“Oh.” You say stupidly.


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Whenever I make any type of au for FFXV, I make Ravus 2 inches shorter than Ignis or more close to Noctis' height because tiny and angry Ravus is the best kind of Ravus, in my honest opinion. Just imagine him somehow managing to look down on the chocobros while being so tiny! Also, nothing can convince me that Gladio wouldn't jump at the chance to throw tiny Ravus over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, while Ignis is secretly ITCHING to throw that ball of rage into a princess carry.




EPIC ahahahahaha!!!

Imagine if he was Prompto’s height or even shorter. Gods, a tiny Ravus would be entirely, absolutely GOLD. 

Sassy, cold, glaring Ravus looking down on the chocobros…while looking up at them. 

Can you imagine how powerful he would have looked, though, in that one scene he meets the party?

Seeing him walk up to them, all threatening and speaking harsh and being as rude, then find out he’s about Noctis’ height, except he may look a bit smaller, because the Commander attire may look a bit too big on him (it’s his size, but it’s so long and looks heavy on such a small creature), not to say the size of the sword that hangs from his waist (and that he has to secure with a second belt that holds the sheath by the middle, because if not, as short, the sheath would drag on the floor as he walks). 

So, of course, Gladio won’t take him with enough seriousness. He does stand between him and Noctis because Gladio has been strictly taught across his life to never underestimate any enemy no matter the circumstances, but he, young and smug, gets a bit too carried away; reaches a hand up to put a finger to Ravus’ forehead, bending down like he’s talking to a kid.

“Now, do fuck off before I-”

Just as Gladio had started to push the finger to Ravus’ forehead, Ravus strikes as we saw on the game; one slash and Gladio is sent flying backwards before he can even blink, crashing against the Regalia and falling to his hands and knees. 

So everyone look at him like òAó

This creature

This 175 cm. tall creature just used ONE arm and sent a bulky, heavy 198 cm. tall man like 2 meters back and literally won in that one movement.


To be honest, that would be pretty damn terrifying, as much or even more than tall Ravus. For someone as small to carry such strength and power, oadpfsodjg, no wonder Gladio’s terrified and so upset afterwards, hahahah


Hahahaha, you CANNOT tell me that Ardyn doesn’t constantly rest the arm on top of short!Ravus’ head because I will NOT believe you!

That would explain Ravus’ disgust towards him and his -___- face. Ardyn would insist on resting the arm on top of Ravus’ head, on making jokes about height, etc.

Ardyn looks like the kind of man that would stand in front of him, like right five inches from him, right in front of him, face to face, then go all “Oh?” staring side to side to side to side and “Hm….where is Ravus? Oh my he disappeared!”

Ravus isn’t paid enough for this bullshit. 

Short Ravus looking smaller than Aranea (because of her heels, dammit). Ahahaha, so cute.

*unintelligible raccoon growling*

Uuuuuuggggggggh I had no idea I needed and loved Short Ravus so much until just now THANK YOU ANON YOU RUINED MY LIFE VERY BEAUTIFULLY

You know, a super short male character that’s still terrifying and strong but is also not a child would be something very nice to see. It makes me a bit sad, to see that just as girls are expected to look stunningly slender and half-nude in a skirt on battle, boys are expected to be bulky and/or at least super tall to be strong or scary or worth being called a Boss. Ya know, we short gamers exist, too <////3

Hahahaha, not that I complain, tho. I love canon Ravus and wouldn’t change him, but the mental image of Short Ravus is utterly adorable and amazing overall.

Love it!

38. Amour

members: Kim Taehyung

contentInspiration; after so long of wanting each other Taehyung makes love to you in a bathtub at a house party. 

length: 3530 words

rating: hella smut with a teeny tiny bit of fluff too

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You watched him from the other side of the living room; he gently sipped from a beer bottle while you tipped back another shot. Eyes locked on each other as you stepped into the middle of the room, the designated dance floor. A small smirk played on his lips when your girlfriend’s pulled you with them, a low and sultry song pumping through the sound system and vibrating in your chest.

You moved away slightly from your group of friends, into a space where he could watch you hungrily from where he stood. Your flickered your eyes shut, raised your arms into the air as you allowed your hips to sway to the music. The alcohol buzzed around your body as your mind began to feel hazy, only aware you were seducing Taehyung from across the room.

He had been the reason you had agreed to come to this party, dressing up in a lacy bralet that didn’t cover much as well as high-waisted jeans and sky scrapper heels just to finally catch his attention. Judging by the way his tongue flickered out to lick his bottom lip you had succeeded. You had finally become tired of trying to attract your brother’s best friend; sick of the way he only viewed you as a naïve younger sister. You were tired of keeping your crush a secret and tired of pretending he was just another guy way out of your league.

Your eyes snapped open as a playful smirk wound it’s way onto your lips, your hips dipping and grinding against thin air as you teased him. He was still looking at you and you weren’t sure if it was the new confidence from the alcohol or you had just grown inpatient but with your index finger you beckoned him over.

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Gran Mediterraneo

French architect David Tajchman recently released a conceptual design for a skyscraper to be built in Tel Aviv, Israel. The sky scrapper would house everything that a small community would have from automated parking garage to bars, restaurants, and even a farming space.

Eisuke’s Jealousy (4)

[There are links to the songs, I highly encourage you guys to hear them to add more to the tone of the story]

You were interrupted by François who took the phone away from you.“I won’t allow you to continue hearing this” He says as he hangs up the phone, “I won’t  allow you to harm yourself…..________ This must be hard for you, but I won’t allow you to shed a tear for that egoistic self centered fucker.”

“François, do you think he loves me?” you said in between sobs.

“I can’t be the judge in that ______. However all I know is that who ever does that to their “loved one” is really not worth of them.”

 He then pulled you closer to him and gave you a peck on the head. Your mind when totally blank when that happen. It was as if you wanted him to do that, to cherish you, to hold you and tell you everything was going to be ok. You wanted him to give you the love, affection, respect, and the attention Eisuke had not given you. “How about we get you ready, and then we go out to the streets of Paris to get something to eat for lunch, because there is not way I would let you stay here, stuck in this golden cage Eisuke brought you to, and feel sorry for yourself. I promise you _______, that I will try my hardest to make you happy.” He let out a gentle smile, and you nodded yes, how could you have said no to that gentle smile of his.

After lunch, François took you to the Eiffel tower to get you to think about other things then just Eisuke. His planned work because you were really afraid of heights. “________ whats wrong?”

“I-I just hate heights”

“But we are almost at the very top! Here, I’ll hold your hand if that makes it better.” You were not sure if that was a good idea, but you really wanted to get to the top and you knew that that would help by a lot, so after a few seconds you took hold of his hand.

“Its beautiful! It was totally worth it. You can see the whole world from here. It almost feels like I’m flying!” Your eyes were lit up from the excitement you were having. François was looking at you with a gaze that you had never before seen in a men. His gaze told you how happy he felt to see you happy, how relived he felt that you were not crying about Eisuke. His gaze was the one of a men in love. In the attempt to keep you happy and cheerful, François took you to a “fancy dinner.” To your surprise this dinner was not in the place you though it would be, it was in the kitchen with all the cooks.

“Sooo, I decided to bring you here, you know, as a change of settings. Trust me it’s so much fun to be around this guys!”

“Haha you are always full of surprises, I swear!”

It was indeed very fun, there was so much drama. François later told you that he was friends with the chef, and some how got to be friends with the cooks because he went to visit there a lot. Both of you guys were exhausted from running around the city that you guys decided to go to the hotel right after eating and go watch a movie.

“You know, you don’t act like you were famous at all.” you said.

“I’m not like other rich people, I like to value things, not matter if it’s something as simple as a heart beat. Often, you get the most inspirations from there, from their simplistic nature.” François was seating on the coach facing yours. After a few hours of talking you both drifted into a deep sleep without even noticing.

The next day you woke up on your bed and François was not there “He must of left me after carrying me to my bed,” you thought. “Why is he so sweet! Why! when that is my weakness.” You spent all morning  until 3pm, alone in your room. You were unreliably bored, and you had not friends there so you decided to text François.

Thank you for a wonderful time yesterday, and for being there for me.”

Minute later~


Hey, I’m so sorry that I didn’t call you, I barley name it to the meeting I had today, and not it’s not related to the hotel. I’m still in the meeting but I can not resist the temptation to text you, ya IK shame on me. “


Oh gosh I’m so sorry”


Its fine. Hey do you want to hang out later, I’ll be kinda working but I like talking to you so maybe you can come to my studio, and talk to me as I work?”




pick you 6;30 ish?”


Great, see ya then”

You didn’t know why, but suddenly you were really happy. He had been so sweet to you this past couple of days. In addition he had also being with you the time when you most needed a friend. “Oh François, why are you so easy to fall in love with!” you said in a hopeless tone. You spend the next of the time, trying to get yourself ready.

Around 6:40pm you hear a knock on the door. As expected you see François at the door entrance.

“Hey, how are you feeling ______?”

“I’m fine, I was a little startle by awakening on another part of the room.”

“Haha, yeah, I just wanted you to be more comfortable.” He said smiling shyly as he looked down.”

“Are you ready to go?”

When you arrived at his studio you were amaze by how many papers there was just laying around. “Sorry for the mess, I have been a bit busy.” François studio wasn’t actually dirty nor messy at all. However there just were so many things every where that it made it looked like it was.

“I’m really sorry I can’t take you anywhere nice, It’s just that I need to start with the sketches for one project and I need to start planning ideas for the Hotel.”
“Oh François, if your so busy I probably should not be here. I can proab-”

“No no, in fact, knowing that you are fine and happy makes it easier for me to work.” You then knew that he was just concerned you would feel lonely and he wanted to prevent that, so he brought you with him.

“Do you want some coffee, tea?”

“Don’t worry ______, don’t feel like you have to do something, your presence is all I need.” Those last words struct you hard. Eisuke had said those exact same last words before, but somehow François’s felt more honest. “However, if you don’t mind, and this is if you want to, you can put some music on, I tend to get my inspiration from there.”

“But I don’t know any french music…”

“How about you put your favorite songs, no matter what language it is.”

“Don’t judge though….” With that you started shuffling though your songs to find one. You couldn’t decide what to play so your just pressed shuffle. The song Fearless by Taylor Swift, started playing, and you automatically, out of habit, you started singing it.

……We’re drivin’ down the road

I wonder if you know

I’m tryin’ so hard not to get caught up now

But you’re just so cool

Run your hands through your hair

Absent-mindedly makin’ me want you

And I don’t know how it gets better than this

You take my hand and drag me head first


And I don’t know why but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress


So, baby, drive slow

‘Til we run out of road in this one horse town

I wanna stay right here in this passenger’s seat

You put your eyes on me

In this moment now capture it, remember it

'Cause I don’t know how it gets better than this

You take my hand and drag me head first


And I don’t know why but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress


Well, you stood there with me in the doorway

My hands shake

I’m not usually this way

But you pull me in and I’m a little more brave

It’s the first kiss,

It’s flawless,

Really something,

It’s fearless.

You suddenly are brought back to reality and you realize that you were signing this in front of François, and the funny thing was that more then half of the things the song said were true. You indeed felt that way about François. You started blushing, you felt so stupid.

“You sing beautifully _______.”

“OOh gosh, I am so emba-”

“Hey, there is no need to be ashamed of how you sing, nor how you feel.” He said smiling at you. “and if it makes you feel better, I was just listening to you I didn’t see you, I was working on this sketch.” He said pointing to a paper. You were so relived when he said that, that you then felt more comfortable being there.

“So what type of music do you listen?” You asked trying to change the subject.

“Spanish, French, English, I don’t really have a preference. I listen to Spanish music for if I’m feeling nostalgically romantic. French for when I’m working out. English is a mixture of Spanish and French. But I don’t have the nicest voice, haha, How about you see this new model I’m building, I would like your input in it.”


“Yes, you.”

The rest of the night you spend it helping him pick out the colors of the new hospital. You guys stayed up until 11:48pm and would of stayed longer if it wasn’t for François, who wanted to get you home earlier then 12am. Before dropping you off he asked you if you had plans for the next day, to which you responded with a no. You knew that he knew you were very lonely, but you also knew he wanted to be polite. “Alright then, I’ll pick you up around 3:00pm for if you want to visit some stores, then we can get dinner, and then I’ll bring you somewhere, and that somewhere will be a surprise for tomorrow.” He then gave you a kiss on the back of your hand and left you on the entrance of the hotel.

It was now Friday morning, and you felt so exited to visit the boutiques of Paris. You had read of how wonderful they were on magazines and you remembered wanting to go to them badly. While taking a shower you remembered what you had dream the night before. It was you and François living together as a couple. You remembered that you were so happy being by his side because he was so attentive to your needs and was always wanting to make you laugh and see you happy. You both, in your dreamed, live in this very cute house he had designed, But also had a penthouse near on a Sky scrapper in New york city. However the most surprising thing was that you then were with Eisuke, having sex, and when you both finish having sex you looked at him and it wasn’t him, rather it was François. Your mind then went blank and that was as far as you could remember from your dream. Where you falling in love with him? No, that was not a question any more, you were in love with him. “How can I be in love with two guys at the same time. Is thinking about another guy romantically cheating?” You asked yourself out loud. But then thought of how Eisuke was probably cheating physically and not mentally. You felt like you could not longer breath whenever you got reminded of the phone call. You decided to think of something else for the time left until Saturday, when Eisuke would come back from hell. You got ready and then spent your day posting random things on Tumblr. Looking at Youtube videos, and watching sop-operas. Time went by so slow, and you could not wait until François could come knocking at your door.

You were staring at the clock when it turned 3:00pm. Five minutes later he was at your door with a box of macaroons.

“Hey, what is up, are you ready. Do you need any extra time to get ready?”

“No I’m ready.” You said as your locked the door from behind. You were so exited and eager to go outside and look at boutiques you could no longer wait a second longer.

You finish shopping around 6:00pm, and François’s hands were so full of shopping bags. You had bought so many things to wear, and gifts for your friends that you felt really bad for François, although he kept insisting to carry them all himself.

“Now we are going to this mysterious place to eat something.” He said nervously, and you had no idea why.

You guys arrived at a huge mansion in the suburbs of Paris. “You won’t mind eating dinner with me at my house.”

“This is your… the house you said you had?” and then continued as you saw a table set up for two, it had the tone of a romantic dinner but you were not sure if you were just confusing it for one since you wanted one. “Oh my…François…”

“Oh no, did I do something wrong, Would you’ve prefer to go to a restaurant instead? because we can if you want to.”

“No no, I was surprise at how artistic the place looks”

“Hahaha, yes my friends think the same thing.”

“No Way….is that three  Van Goghs, a Picaso, and a Monet”

“Eeeeh yeah, well I…You can’t blame me ______. I bet you would of gotten them yourself if you had the opportunity.” He said pouting and blushing, the way Ota did when his girlfriend, Koro, said something cute.

“Heey, i’m not judging, not judging at all.” You said, wanting to tease him more.

You guys had a very nice dinner, the food was italian, and the rich spices where on every spoon full you took. At the end of that night you both had a little more to drink then usual. Due to that you dare asked François to sing for you.

“What type of song?”

“A song you would sing to me” you giggled.

“Alright, let me get my guitar.” Minutes later he had his acoustic guitar in hand. “Alright, I’ll sing something in English, because I don’t know, I kinda just feel like it.” He sang the song Creep by Radiohead. His voice was very deep yet beautiful, and you had no idea why he had said he didn’t have a nice voice. As he sang you thought, “is he in love with me as I’m in love with him, or is he being just friendly and I’m mistaken it for something else. “Now is your turn, sing something you would sing to me,” He let out a laugh followed by a shy look.

“You are quite funny, haha, I don’t know how about I sing just the song that pops into my shuffle.” You took out your phone and hit play and then shuffle, It was The Other Women by Lana Del Rey that pop up. It wasn’t until you were singing it that you for the first time empathize with what it was saying.

“The other woman has time to manicure her nails

The other woman is perfect where her rival fails

And she’s never seen with pin curls in her hair anywhere

The other woman enchants her clothes with French perfume

The other woman keeps fresh cut flowers in each room

There are never toys that’s scattered everywhere

And when her old man comes to call

He finds her waiting like a lonesome queen

'Cause to be by her side it’s such a change from old routine

But the other woman will always cry herself to sleep

The other woman will never have his love to keep

And as the years go by the other woman will spend her life alone, alone.”

As you finished, everything felt silent. Were you the other women, had the roles reversed. You were Eisuke’s lonesome queen, everything in that song was true about you. This thoughts only made the matter worst, making you share a tear. Seeing this François, rushed to your side, wrapping his arms around you tightly. “_______ you are not that women in my eyes.”

“Of François but I totally am.” In an attempt to make you forget, Francois suggested,

“Well how about we go hop into a boat and just stay there, get a drink and forget all of our sorrows.” You were not sure at first, but you knew François would take no for an answer.

Arriving at the boat, you notice it wasn’t just a boat but a very luxurious yacht. You guys spent the night drinking wine and laughing at whatever funny thing François said. Drunk and tired you both fell asleep next to each other.

The sun was shining at your face when you woke up embrace by François’s arms. You didn’t want to wake him up, and you kinda liked the fact that someone was embracing you.

 However Francois, bothered too by the sunlight, woke up minutes later.

“________” he said softly, still holding you.


“Do you want to just stay here with me for the day, I’ll bring you back before, 10pm I promise. That is, if you want to.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Well I enjoy your presence. Second, I hate eating alone. You would think its cool and chill, however once you do this for a long time it gets old. Third, well, I don’t want you to leave anytime soon.” he said as he snuggle his head on your neck, and action that made you blush.

“Fine fine, I guess it won’t be that big of a burden” You responded with a quote he had said to you before.

Both of you ate break fast and played miniature golf. “Play some of your music!” He said in a cheerful tone. You connected your phone to the bluetooth and started to play Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey. The song reminded you of the situation you were at that moment. It was almost as if you were Daisy, and François was Gatsby. Like you always did, you sang along with the song.

I’ve seen the world
Done it all
Had my cake now
Diamonds, brilliant
And Bel Air now
Hot summer nights, mid July
When you and I were forever wild
The crazy days, city lights
The way you’d play with me like a child

Will you still love me
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me
When I got nothing but my aching soul?
” In a swift motion François hugged you from the back by the waist.

“Of course I will.” He whispered, as he rested his head on your shoulder. You didn’t know what to think, “Is this his confession of love?” you thought.

It was 7:00pm and you were now headed home, you weren’t worried Eisuke was going to arrived soon since he had called you earlier to tell you he was arriving home at midnight. When you arrived at the hotel it was 8:50pm.

“I had a wonderful time _____. “

“Me too, thank you for spending time with me.”

“Haha, no I should be thanking you for even talking to me. Its a pleasure, it really is.” 

With a faint blush you answered, “Francois don’t be ridicu-lous” You broke the last syllable of the word as you saw Eisuke enter the reception. You were so surprise you could not move. At the same time you were terrified of how he would react to seeing you with another men while your face was blushing. When Eisuke turned to your direction, you still unable to move, he quickly directed him self to were you were. François turned around to see what exactly was making you so scared.

“Lets go.” Eisuke said coldly as you he grabbed you by the hand, leaving François behind. “Why were you talking to the architect for?” The question took you by surprised.

“Uum, well he was just asking if I knew were you were.” As you guys were in the elevator Eisuke saw his shoe untie, and he bent to tie it. However as he did you saw a lip stain in his blue color shirt. This only made things worst for you, now you wanted to confront him.

Arriving at the hotel room he looked at you as he said, “I missed your coffee _____,” while looking at you very tenderly.

“But you didn’t miss my presence nor my love, nor my kisses, right?”

“Lower your attitude women.”

“Who is she, tell me.”

“I said lower your tone and attitude, I don’t have time for this.” He said as he turned around to untie his tie.

“I need to kno-” you were interrupted by his forceful kiss as you resisted. Seconds later you pushed him back. Afraid you were going to ask again the same question he lashed out a cold stare that made your whole body shiver in fear.

“What were you doing with Francois this late at night _____. Answer the question now! You know I’m not buying your bullshit story____.”

~to be continued~

Zumba Songs in order of videos

FIrst video (group of 4 girls, i was wearing black and pink polka dot shorts)

  • Mr. Saxobeat
  • Reggaton Mami-
  • Go Dung- Lil Rick
  • So Fine- Sean Paul
  • Krazy Kids- Ke$ha
  • Hella Decale
  • Ballens
  • Can’t Believe it
  • A little Party Ain’t killed no Body
  • Work- Lil Jon
  • Thrift Shop- Macklemore
  • We Run the Night- Havanan Brown  ft. Pit Bull
  • Crazy 
  • Floor is on Fire
  • Sky Scrapper 

Video 2 ( I was wearing black shirts with a pink band)

  • We do the Cha Cha
  • Oww (Some Brazilian crew  song, i got form a friend i dont’ know the name lol) 
  • Fuego Fuego
  • So Fine
  • Na Na Na
  • Ballens
  • Can’t Believe it- Flo Rida
  • A little party an’t killed not body 
  • Work- Lil Jon
  • THrift Shop- Mackelmore 
  • Crazy
  • Happy And You know it (remix)
  • Girl on fire

Video 3 (I was wearing pink and black color block capri’s)

  • Choclate
  • Iko Iko
  • Turn Down for What- Lil Jon
  • Everybody Cha Cha- Shakira
  • Talk Dirty To ME
  • Werqin Girl
  • Boom Boom Regga
  • Make it shake- Busta Rhymes
  • Twerk It- Busta Rhymes
  • Make Dem Burn
  • Imagine Dragons