IMG_5081 by Mike Pechyonkin

Vroom beach

© Marie V Vollmer aka Lulette  ||  Plage du Travers, Hérault, 17 août 2015, with my sister ♥

I actually posted this picture in november 2015 and was about to repost it when I noticed stains…!!! I realize that sometimes I don’t see them, ggrrgrgr. So I edited it again and post the new version instead, of course.

“(…) Glancing at Chat, you wondered if he’d go back to normal anytime soon. (…) Your eyes went to his face. He seemed to be in deep sleep, his breathing even. His blonde hair fell over part of his mask, covering it like a curtain of gold. Beautiful, you thought.”

The Muse, Chapter 3

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Hmm, so what AU is this? I dunno, it could be for the Incredibles AU, X-men AU, Sky High AU (ahah, thanks for that idea) or just “someone-has-gone-too-far-with-these-AUs” AU… I think, its suitable for everything
i just love drawing Chat`s eyes and every kind of wings 
and muscles


Hold your Horses! by Miguel Ángel García