For Club and Country: Kelley O’Hara for Sky Blue FC and the United States Women’s National Team

“The crowd in Atlanta was amazing the last time we played there. They were enthusiastic, engaged in the game and were happy to be there. They are excited about soccer.” - Kelley O’Hara

I feel like the media totally forgot and skipped over how US Soccer treated Rapinoe and that bullshit anthem policy. US Soccer looks even more pathetic now tbh. They’ll happily sell Pride kits and push the narrative that they’re progressive while not giving a fuck about POC. Honestly (and I say this as a person who has been a fan of the USWNT since forever) we have such a long way to go within the program and the fanbase as a whole.

A summary of each NWSL team’s season

Boston: Queens of losing or tying games that they should’ve won

Chicago: A ride or die team that must like riding roller coasters bc their season was a roller coaster


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Kansas City: Just give us more time and the ability to delete that long losing streak and we could’ve had a big comeback

New Jersey: We love making everyone’s heart rate go up and we love proving that Sam Kerr is unreal and we also love to prove that we’re fratty dog dads.

North Carolina: That new kid in school who’s perfect and super popular and you want to hate them but you can’t.


Portland: The usual except


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Washington: Queens of injuries and losing games in the second half