HAPPY 12 YEARS OF WINX CLUB 💕💖💛💚💙💜💝🎊🎉🌙⭐️🌺🌸🎵🎶🔥

Where would I be without these girls they where there when no one else was if it wasn’t for winx I really don’t want to know what would have happend to me This show saved my life and it still does everyday

New on 500px : Fählensee in the Swiss Appenzell Mountains by samuelroniger1

Right in the middle of the Appenzell mountains, a nice little lake offers splendid views. As it’s a couple of hours walk away from the next cablecar, not many tourists visit. my Swiss Alps Portfolio via 500px


Tree by Tonny Roger Frøyen
Via Flickr:
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Shippers and Ships

I’m the type of shipper that’s has a freaking armada

I don’t hate other ships even if there rivals ( mabill-billdip, royal shipping( bloom and sky)-sparxshipping( bloom and baltor), amorra, makorra, tahnorra, or borra, Roxy and ogron, flora and anagan, tom and star, jaspis, pearlnet, rupphirre, jasper and pearl, Connie and pearl, Steven and Connie, rose and Greg, and sux, nuxable, max and furiosa, pink lemonade(princess B and lemongrab), and many more

I may not ships all the ships and I even threw in some ones I can’t stand

If u hate a ship keep it to yourself. Don’t go ranting and raving bout how much u can’t stand for them to be together because none of the shippers whose ship your hating on really could not give less of a fuck about your options or your life.

So remember stay in your own territory and don’t go looking up things u know disturb your very soul