sky rumson

From tycoon to lackey, my how the mighty are fallen… Tell me, how does it feel to be a has-been? That’s what you are, you know.

Everyone of your business ventures is a disaster. There’s nothing you can do about it because all you are now is Nicholas Blair’s slave… Consider right now what you’re doing— what HE has you doing. Keeping guard over a helpless young girl! You aren’t important to Nicholas. He doesn’t care anything about you.

What does Nicholas plan to do with that girl anyway? Or hasn’t he consulted you?

What’s the matter Sky? Am I making you unhappy? Oh, you’ve become thinned skinned in your declining days, haven’t you?

Shall I tell you how it’s all going to end? Nicholas is going to find some ingenious way of doing himself in. He always does. An then you’re going to be alone. All alone, with no one to turn to. And then… some one is going to put you out of your misery. Who knows, it may even be me.

Well, I better not keep you any longer. I know you have an important job in the next room.


Angelique (Lara Parker) to her husband Sky Rumson (Geoffrey Scott) in Episode 974. (Speech slightly edited.)

(Lara Parker was terrific in this scene. She eviscerates Sky with words and not a drop of blood. I don’t understand why she didn’t become a major star after the series ended. She is a great actress and beautiful.)