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So this is in my back yard right now. It’s 29 degrees Celsius and raining, which in my culture is meant to be a sign of Cheetahs getting married. #Rwanda The Africa They Never Show You? Pretty much.

Yep this is a good ‘ole YARD SALE POST!! Sometime before June 30th I have to get rid of all this garbage so I can move in with my boyfriend. And what do I have lying around that I really can’t send to Canada within reason? ANIME FIGURINES!!!!! Anything you buy will go towards supporting me and my partner while we live together (which will hopefully be longer than the 2 year working holiday visa - I plan to get permanent residency.)

All prices are negotiable, shipping charges may or may not be able to be absorbed (I’ll delegate this on a case by case basis) - I will do my best to ensure you get a good deal! I currently live in the UK so please keep this in mind when discussing shipping charges and prices.  You may either contact me through tumblr messaging or send me a direct e-mail at nega90[at]gmail[dot]com.

Signal boost if you can!!! Much appreciated.

Unless stated, all items have their box and pieces, undamaged

Prices and details are below the cut!

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Going Home (Kagero x Odin)

“Are you… are you sure you want this?”

Ryoma stood before Kagero sadly, they stood out in a grassy field under the blue sky. Several yards away, Kagero’s husband Odin stood along with a group of his friends and their families. Selena and Laslow stood beside him and waited patiently.

Kagero looked back at them, Odin smiling and giving her a nod. Ophelia, whom Odin stood behind with both hands on her shoulders, smiled and waved to her mother. “I do,” Kagero answered simply.

When she had fallen in love and married Odin, Kagero never thought that the theatrical man held so many secrets. As the days grew into weeks and the weeks grew into months, Kagero realized Odin wasn’t telling her everything.

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