sky world journey


i finally got nagasone this morning, i just stared in shock at my screen for a whole minute before starting crying… i have every single sword now… this is the greatest accomplishment of my entire life…

i figured i would share a few tips so everyone can also make this happen ♡

drops have always been the way to go for me! unlike smithing, which relies heavily on luck & waste of ressources, farming maps for drops is just patience & hard work at no cost! it definitely takes a lot of time, but playing on one half of the screen while watching TV shows, movies or even visual novels proved productive for me LMFAO

5-4. just. 5-4. i’ve probably done ten times more sorties on this map than all the others combined LOL every single rare-ish sword other than kogitsunemaru drops on several nodes here, there are 0 nakigitsune, and unlike 5-3, you’ll rarely take the wrong path to the boss node! this is where i got jijii, kosetsu, uguisu, hotaru, ichigo & half a dozen of iwatooshi, each oodachi and each yari. my nagasone also dropped here, altho i doubt that is related!

speed training new or low leveled swords! while i am all for Who Needs Stats When You’ve Got Love ((see: ookurikara and mitsutada being on my LV90+ main team besides rarer swords)) training rare, strong swords is extremely useful, especially for KBC fights. if you’re impatient like me, making a LV1 sword the leader of your main high leveled team and tackling world 5 maps works wonders. i get swords to LV30+ within a few hours thanks to this LOL

you get 500 FREE DMM coins simply from inputting your credit card number on your DMM profile. i used said coins to buy a bunch of ema, and finally managed to forge kogitsunemaru thanks to a fuji ema! …the only good forge of my entire tourabu career LMFAO but kogi is hell to get to drop, so!!

an oodachi filled team is the way to go to destroy the KBC! if you have at least two oodachi at the level of your KBC team, there is nothing to fear!! and with today’s update that makes the kotetsu brothers drop 10 times more frequently after KBC fights, i’m sure everyone can get their own hot shinsengumi dad sword~