sky waltz

ficlet: twice as high

fandom: little witch academia
characters: andrew/akko
summary: andrew acquiesces, and not because he’s recently been unable to turn her down


“How about this,” Akko says, lowering her wand. “Today, we can go for a broom ride.”

Andrew has slowly, but surely warmed up to the idea of magic, despite his father’s vehement protests otherwise. It comes with the territory that is his relationship with Miss Kagari Atsuko. She transforms them into animals and makes tableware dance the tango and, in return, he plays her a song or two (or three or four) and teaches her English. It’s a nice, little exchange system she’d invented one day after one of their usual spats.

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holy crapola when was the last time i last posted anything on tumblr.

These are my submissions for Syn’s “Sky Waltz” Attack on Titan artbook! o)-< These were done between last summer and fall so they’re actually kinda old hahaha. But i finally get to submit them horray!!

Center Mass

Title: Center Mass
Rating: M (NSFW)
Author’s Notes: This is a post-Pilot/pre-Deep Throat fic that literally took over my life for the past month.  It attempts to explain how and why Mulder and Scully are so immediately comfortable around one another, physically and emotionally.  Please note: I have taken some artistic liberties with the FBI’s firing range qualification scoring and procedure.  Massive, massive thanks to my boo/bae/beta @piecesofscully, and my backup beta @2momsmakearight. I very literally would never have seen this through if it weren’t for the two of you.

Portland International Airport

March 12, 1992

Rain fell in steady sheets, beating against the floor-to-ceiling windows of the terminal as Scully melted back into her seat and watched planes taxi back and forth across the tarmac in a lumbering waltz.  The sky outside darkened, growing more ominous.  It was only 10 a.m., but it could just as easily have been 10 p.m.  Scully groaned inwardly as she mentally tallied how many hours of sleep she’d gotten during the past week.  When she realized she would only need to count with ten fingers, she closed her eyes and slumped further down into her seat, so beyond exhausted that she would need an intravenous drip of Starbucks’ darkest Columbian roast to keep her eyes from drifting permanently shut before they boarded their flight back to Washington, D.C.  

Scully snuck a glance at her new partner out of the corner of her eye.  Mulder was folded in on himself in the cramped, plastic seat with one elbow perched on a drawn-up knee as he gazed out the windows, the lean contours of his long body at once disquietingly sharp and beautiful.  He was resting one sunflower seed after another against his full bottom lip before tonguing it gently into his mouth, working the seeds out with a muted crack between his molars, and spitting the hulls discreetly into his empty coffee cup.  The entire process struck her as vaguely and casually erotic somehow.  Scully carefully studied his profile, letting her eyes wander over his tall, angular frame.  Mulder must have felt her eyes on him, though, because he canted his face towards hers, flashing her a tired half-smile.

“Not exactly what you were expecting for your first field assignment, was it?” he asked.

She shrugged a shoulder, trying her level best to appear nonchalant.  “I wasn’t sure what to expect, to be honest.  But I can’t say I’m not intrigued.  Is this the way these cases usually resolve?” she asked, angling her body towards his.  “Without resolution?  With more questions than when you started?”

He chuckled and dropped the leg that had been drawn up, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees.  “Yeah, that’s pretty accurate.”  

Scully shook her head, perplexed.  “No offense, Agent Mulder, but I honestly can’t see how the Bureau could justify continuing to allot resources to the X-Files division if your solve rate is…”  She swallowed hard, allowing her voice to trail away helplessly as he turned to face her fully, unsure of how to complete her thought without offending him.  

“Non-existent?” Mulder finished for her, still smiling with his disarmingly self-effacing good humor.  “I don’t investigate these cases hoping to add another notch in my headboard, Agent Scully.  I don’t care about my division’s bureaucratic viability.  If I can close a file and understand a little bit more about myself or the universe, then I think the investigation was worthwhile.  We should see some sort of resolution with this case, though. The local DA’s office will take it from here.  Billy Miles will be facing kidnapping charges at the very minimum, although competency is going to be an issue at trial, obviously.  And depending on how any subsequent interviews pan out, his father may be charged as an accomplice.”  He cracked another sunflower seed, pondering.  “And your question didn’t offend me.  No offense to you, but I didn’t really expect you to be as…” Now he trailed off.  “I guess I was expecting a little bit more, I dunno, rigidity in your adherence to scientific principles.”

Scully lifted an eyebrow, meeting his eyes.  “I do try to keep an open mind, Mulder,” she said.  “Especially when I obviously have a lot to learn.”  She stifled a sudden yawn into the back of her hand and gazed gloomily into her near-empty coffee cup.  

Mulder’s brow furrowed.  “You must be exhausted,” he murmured, genuinely sympathetic.  “I’m sorry, Scully.  I’m not used to anyone trying to keep up with me.  The hours I keep are pretty, uh…”

“Irregular?” she guessed.

He smiled.  “I was going to say ‘odd,’ but irregular works, too.”

“Yeah, I suspected as much when you asked me to go for a run at 4 a.m.”  Scully cleared her throat and glanced at him sidelong, trying to keep her tone neutral. “So…uhm…have you always had trouble sleeping?”

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anonymous asked:

what are filk songs???

[slams a large book on the desk as if i am about to give a major lecture]


actually tbh i am far from an expert on this stuff i am a small 19 year-old who’s never even gotten to go to a filksing but. i track down what recordings i can b/c i love the genre

“filk” is a genre of music that i guess is best described as?? in a brief description, “sci-fi/fantasy folk music” (that’s where the name comes from, “filk” was a typo of “folk” that just. stuck)

you can get like? more-professional CDs of it but a huge part of the spirit of filk is like. sharing songbooks (some of them are to traditional folk tunes anyways, making learning them easier) and sharing/singing them w/ groups and there’s just a really neat culture around it all

even if that’s less appealing to you though i would rec the music as just music b/c it’s like? have you ever been frustrated with the derivative concepts a lot of modern music is about! please check out filk! there is filk about everything! space travel! star trek! the loch ness monster! fantasy worlds! parodies! exploring new galaxies! time travel! D&D! everything!

(….it’s a bit geeky by nature, but whoever said that was a bad thing?)

if you are interested in some basic recs to see what it’s sort of like may i suggest:

and i’ve done some other posts on the subjects w/ recs that i can link too:


Maybe you guys have already seen this, but I cant remember if  I saw it. I dont care, because i could watch this sooo many times, and enjoy every single second, every single Beardstoph’s frame in this interview, his beard makes me melt, like marshmallows on a campfire under a starry sky. <3<3