sky trenton


“Are you moving? Hopefully not too far.” Her voice rang through the room as she looked around. Her eyes were taking in the sight of the countless boxes stacked across the floor.

I was finally making enough money from gigs to move out of this shitty apartment. I felt like celebrating it. I wanted to do something big and spontaneous. But I was too horny and thirsty to think of any good ideas. All my mind could focus on was calling one of the various numbers in my phone. It just so happened she was the number I landed on.

“Across the city.”

A smirk slid on her lips as she turned towards me finally.“So what did you call me for? One last hurrah in your place? Like old times?” She began to walk closer, her hips swaying as she walked.

 “I guess you could say that.” The disinterest in what she was saying was beginning to show in my voice. I never cared about the words she spoke. All that mattered to me tonight was her ass and that sweet smell pulsing through her veins. It was intoxicating.

Her arms wrapped around me like they usually did–or at least, I think they normally did. I could be thinking of someone else. At this point they all sort of blend together. 

“Well aren’t I lucky.”

“I don’t know if I’d call you lucky.”