sky started crying

OFFICIAL VID: White Wives - Sky Started Crying

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So this band White Wives rented a truck and did this in Pittsburgh downtown around lunchtime. Pretty cool idea, would’ve loved to be surprised by a band on a flatbed in the middle of the day. Who paid for the police escort though? Or did they just start tagging along once the commotion began? And a few of the bystander reactions must be faked to have video cameras recording em. Otherwise, good idea and who doesn’t love a mobile rock show? Looks like it was a load of fun. The track is decent.


White Wives
Sky Started Crying

And it’s beautiful in death the way we stay eternally
We just get set free



White Wives - Sky Started Crying

The day after I left my first tour with WVS, the boys took to the busy streets of downtown Pittsburgh during lunch hour to shoot this video. Armed with a flat bed truck and a few GoPro cameras, this is the finished product!

Bummer I couldn’t have stayed on an extra day, but the video itself is still pretty rad! The video is being premiered exclusively by Hot Topic and if you go to their site to pick up HAPPENERS, they’ll throw in a FREE copy of the INDIAN SUMMER 7"!

Enjoy the video!

We’re also in the works of some other exciting news in the very near future! Stay tuned for that as well! I’m excited.


i was sitting in my kitchen eating dinner and through the corner of my eye i could see the hue of our backyard was way more pink than it should have been so i got up and ran outside, looked up, and immediately felt so overwhelmed by the magnificent sky that i started crying

i’ve been having such a bad day, my anxiety and depression have been plaguing me since i woke up this morning and no matter what i have done i cannot shake the mood – coincidentally, the weather has been complimentary to how it feels inside my brain, it was storming and miserable outside all day

and then, this – ten minutes of pure brilliance, a kaleidoscope of saturation painted across the atmosphere just for me, just when i needed it most. it felt like the universe was telling me “everything will be okay, look what happens when the storm passes, look what i can do,

look what we can both do”