sky squid

(i find it a little funny how a lot of muses merc rp’s with tend to be interested in what’s above – space and the vast universe – while merc doesn’t really care about the stars. they remind him of when he couldn’t sleep and staring out the tiny window, stuck in the basement when he was living with marcus. but instead, he’s more interested in what’s below, under the ocean and all the mysteries in it. it’s all a little ironic, with his name being a fucking planet, or a god who lives up above, but instead he’d rather sink into hell – with legs that wont even allow him to swim)

If my math is correct, even if we took out either Solo OR Team and just went with the number adding scoring like we did before, Ice Cream would have still won both ways, they had a MASSIVE popularity and enough wins on both Solo AND Team to carry them to victory

Disagreements with the Teams or Scoring aside, they did win fair and square no matter how ya slice it! Let’s just try to be good sports, OK?

Worlds of the Spiral

Wizard City- (Mentioned in Wizard101) The world home to Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. It’s the starter world of Wizard101 

 Krokotopia- (Mentioned in Wizard101 and Pirate101) An Ancient Egyptian style world, with Manders and Kroks. 

 Marleybone- (Mentioned in Wizard101 and Pirate101) An early British world, home to the Dogs, Cats, and Foxes. The Wizard101 version reflects the aristocrat side of Britain, while the Pirate101 reflects the poorer parts. 

 Mooshu- (Mentioned in Wizard101 and Pirate101) An Ancient China/Japan styled word, land to Cows and Goats. 

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[ATTACK: COMBINATION] Fierce Bull Revolving Cannon & Origami Great Release.

Japanese: 猛牛大回転砲
Romaji: Mougyuu Daikaitenhou
Mecha: Mogyudaioh
Weapon Required: Fierce Bull Cannon

Japanese: 折神大開放
Romaji: Origami Daikaihou
Mecha: Ika Shinkenoh
Weapon Required: Squid Sky Buster

From: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger - Episode 40