sky sprite


There is a book shelf in my room with books, games and toys which is where this idea started. I thought it would be fun to make a Ghibli themed illustration.

I’ve always wanted to do something involving Miyazaki’s work but I always seemed to find myself hitting a block and putting it aside. I wanted to finish something so this is the result.

🌧🌙 Small Acts to Acknowledge  Air Faeries ☀️☁️

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Ideas for experiencing the magic of sylphs in your life

  • write in a journal daily
  • hang wind chimes by your window
  • learn to recognise the calls of different birds
  • learn how you can help reduce air pollution
  • paint maple seeds to look like butterfliy wings
  • put out a feeder for the hummingbirds 
  • hang bells on your doors to keep away negativity
  • make your own loose leaf incense
  • write letters to your past and future self
  • sing or hum to your favourite songs 
  • practice deep breathing
  • scent your room with homemade air freshener 
  • open the windows wide
  • spray some perfume in your hair
  • visit a field or meadow on a windy day 
  • write down wishes and keep them in a jar
  • whisper fears to a dandelion and let the wind carry them away
  • make a simple essential oil diffuser using a piece of felt
  • practice safe place visualisation
  • hang branches of aromatic plants like rosemary, lavender and pine by your bed
  • drink non caffeinated herbal teas
  • start a collection of found feathers
  • start a bee and butterfly garden
  • make an herb sachet for anxiety & intrusive thoughts to hang in a window
  • carry a small hand fan with you
  • blow a kiss to a loved one for a small protection charm
  • learn different ways you can predict the weather
  • if you’re overthinking, write down all your worries on paper, tear them up, and blow them into the wind
  • any magic for clarity, thoughts and the mind
  • try seeing an issue from another’s point of view
  • make an herbal dream pillow
  • write positive affirmations for yourself and tape them to your mirror
  • stop and take time to think before replying
  • make lavender mint lemonade
  • let your hair blow free in the wind
  • learn a few words in a new language 
  • take time to research a subject you love or are interested in
  • tie an (eco friendly) ribbon to the highest tree branch you can reach for the air fae

Parents who dismiss what their children are experiencing or the symptoms that they’re feeling because “they’re not that disabled,” are valid.

Parents who constantly go on about how their adult children are “too disabled,” and will never be able to survive without them as a result? Valid.

Parents who only view their children as disabled when it benefits them are valid!

And it is done! Doing this took me back to my trip to Japan 7 years ago…and when I got to tour the actual Ghibli studios. That opportunity has shaped my career and artistry in so many ways, and so I am glad I got honor their work in this way. I hope you all enjoy!

It is available on my etsy shop:

Slowly but surely she arose from the water.

Moonlight draped against her dark shoulders.

And all around her radiated power.

An old ancient power, like none I had felt before.

Last but not least we have this water witch for the Inktober prompt, 15) Mysterious. Inktober was really fun and brought out my better art. I will look forward to doing it again next year.