sky sprite


There is a book shelf in my room with books, games and toys which is where this idea started. I thought it would be fun to make a Ghibli themed illustration.

I’ve always wanted to do something involving Miyazaki’s work but I always seemed to find myself hitting a block and putting it aside. I wanted to finish something so this is the result.

And it is done! Doing this took me back to my trip to Japan 7 years ago…and when I got to tour the actual Ghibli studios. That opportunity has shaped my career and artistry in so many ways, and so I am glad I got honor their work in this way. I hope you all enjoy!

It is available on my etsy shop:

The Solstice //Ghost Sprite\\

Soleil had been disappointed to find that she had to work the day of the Solstice. It was the first day of summer. One of the few days her own magic was at its peak. But she had gone dutifully and awaited the end of her shift. When that time did come, she raced home anxious to be in Enchantra and to be with Zero.

Finding nothing but a short note at home, Soleil headed to the graveyard knowing she’d find her Zero there. “There you are, my sweet Zero,” she smiled warmly as she found the ghostly girl. “Happy Solstice,” she produced a beautiful lilly and held it out to her before gracefully slipping down next to her.