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July 29, 2011

It started off as a normal afternoon at the Ruins.We packed up and drove out for an afternoon of G-rated fun. 

Zander skulked off and was gone for a while. I didn’t think much of it, but all of a sudden, Tillie leaped off our blanket and took off running.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!" Tillie’s voice was deafening, even from far away.

"What do you mean?!”

“Put that down, Zander!” Tillie shouted, “NOW!”

“Why should I?!”

“You know exactly why!” Tillie shrilled, “did you think I forgot? Get the hell away from that fire, or so help me!”

“C'mon Til,” Zander said, “it’s fine!”

“That’s what pyromaniacs say! Give me the damn fuel!”

“No!” Zander gleefully proceeded to pour the fuel on the fire before Tillie could get to him. 

The fireball that was formed could probably have been seen from space. It was probably a fucking miracle that no one was hurt. Or at the very least, singed some hair off.


“No way, that was awesome!" 

I didn’t find out until later that Zander may or may not be a recovering pyromaniac. I’m surprised Til didn’t straight-up murder him.

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The Great Sky of Totalitarianism (REDUX)


the brand new skybox

mesh for your ‘hood and lots!

Textures are from “You Are Empty” + “Assassin’s Creed II”.


No seams. No outdoor shadows. stdMatLayer and Bounding mesh are fixed.  Target-mesh is invisible in Live Mode. Compressonized!
There are 2 sky-layers:
- 6 recolors of outer sky (”The Tower”, “Rise of Communism”, ”Pray the Gray” + blend-mode versions), - 3 recolors of animated inner sky (clouds)
- invisible recolors for both layers.

You can find it in Misc. -> Misc. Costs 1 simolean.


You can find it in Effects section. Just look for preview pictures with clouds. 

Place them somewhere in the corner of your n'hood map.
There are 4 versions: ”The Tower”, “Rise of Communism”, ”Pray the Gray” and “Clouds”

+ Mesh was enlarged for compatibility with Criquette’ Horizons
+ Target-mesh (manhole) is offset from the center, so you can place it on a controller cube of horizon. 
+ Bounding mesh fix

I worked a lot on TXMT params, so now you can use a lot of situational combinations, that let you see EAxis stars at night, horizon mods, rise/dawn from the custom light mods like radiance etc. You are free to experiment with the Great Sky of Totalitarianism.

Keep in mind that..: 

- Blend-mode means that any other semi-transparent object (like, say, windows) will get ‘eaten’. But it can be fixed with TXMT param stdMatLayer. The outer blend sky use 0-layer, and inner cloud sky has 1 layer, so sky doesn’t overlap clouds. I’ll post more info later.
- The game likes to put your lot in a little box with additional textures to set boundaries. You have to download SimNopke’s Sky Fix.
- If you’re using my ‘hood skybox with any semi-transparent lot skybox - ‘hood sky will be visible. So, you will see the transparent clouds from 'hood view through the lot-sky in blend mode, because clouds’ stdMatLayer = 1.


Feel free to contact me if you want to.