sky sim

There, an actual picture of Nimi finally trying out Criquette’s horizons (yay!!! ♥) instead of reblogging every other of his posts. ;)

Perfect for Avonlea! ♥

As you probably figured out by now, with some fiddling you can still get the sky globes to look fine. They just need to be adjusted for every angle, because they are smaller… and then (just like for the larger skybox+animated clouds) you need to be prepared to give up cameraman mode if you like to take pics from the other end of the terrain. ^^


Seth: Zara… are you sure that this is a good idea…?
Zara: Oh come on! No one saw us going away, this means that no one will follow us! Now, walk faster!
Seth: But Dorian…
Zara: Shhh, don’t worry about him. I can fix everything if needed…


💕 Valentines Day Surprise 💕