sky sevenfold

anonymous asked:

Name 5 songs that describe you.

Since I answered this on my phone at school I am going to elaborate a bit and put my favorite lines in here with them:

Desecrate Through Reverence —A7X.
(”don’t look my way for help, from the beginning you came to me)

Satellite –Rise Against 
(”We are the orphans of the American dream..”

Invincible —Deuce
(”It’s a new day, out of my way, here I come now to the new age
It’s a new change on a new plane, push me around, I’m not moving”)

Malleus Malleficarum—AFI
(”Open my eyes as I submerge and I won’t deny what I’ve been since birth I’ll die drowned by your standards…..honored by your hatred…”)

Sky Blue Sky—-Wilco
(”So happy to leave what was my home.  With the sky blue sky, this rotten time wouldn’t seem so bad to me now.  Oh I didn’t die.  I should be satisfied: I survived….it’s good enough for now..”)

Thank you for the question