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[update] You can download every Adam Young song here including his hard to find corrupted songs and lost songs. [x]

It’s finally done. I took over a week of hard work. But it’s done. I’m not including Sky Sailing and Port Blue, because I have a separate tab for them.  I have no idea if even put a dent into his music, but here are all the projects I am aware of.


Aquarium: (members: Adam Young) 

all free for download [X]

1. If the Trees Had Eyes They Would Be Glaring at You 

2. M is for Motorcycle 

3. I am Denmark 

Note: Now Adam had a lot of “screaming” bands lol, but this one is by far the best. Aquarium is catchy and progressive. For example, “I am Denmark”, shows immense structure with a driving European dance undertone. By far one of Adam’s most original works.  


Dolphin Park: (Adam and Andy Johnson)

1. Crescent Island [x]

2. Helicopters [x]

3. Hello Enchanted Evening

4. The Theme for Moonglow

Listen to the rest here

Note:  Dolphin Park has a sound close to Windsor Airlift. Actually features the same tracks as a Windsor Airlift record. See below.


The Grizzly (Adam, Andy and Tony Johnson):

1. Yo, Griz

2. Cocacola

Note: The Grizzly is obviously one of Adam’s more “joke” bands. However I’ve always liked this project more than his other humorous bands. The Grizzly successfully captures the humor that Adam was trying to have on all of his other “joke” bands, while still making pretty good music. Personally I want Adam to bring the “joke” band back, but with a quality sound, having good song structure and catchy synths like “Dental Care” and “Rugs from Me to You”.  Like Flight of the Conchords meets Adam Young.


Insect Airport: (Adam Young)

1. Apple [x]

2. Orange [x]

3. Grape [x]

4. Strawberry [x]

Note: I particularly love Insect Airport. It is seriously one of Adam’s better side projects, that was never given a record.  "Grape" is my favorite. Overall Insect Airport sounds like a dancey version of Port Blue. Good Stuff.


 Keehar (Adam):

1. Dolphins

2. I Glide

3. Good Tumbleweed!

Note: Once again Adam has another complimentive band to my ears.  Unlike Adam’s “joke” bands, the drums of this band are on beat, and boy is that a good start to help this band.  In addition, Keehar uses his ambiance skills of Port Blue, but Keehar is more guitar driven.  “Good Tumbleweed” reminds sometimes of 90’s shoegaze artist Starflyer 59.  Adam has a very good Instrumental band here that nearly nobody knows of.  These are defiantly worth a listen.


Novel:(Adam Young)

Free download [x]

1. Behold! Lawns

Note: Novel is an amazing project to only consist of one song. I love this song. Many Hoot Owls probably already have this song.  btw Adam wrote this song after how much he mowed in high school.


Seagull Orchestra (Adam):

1. Aerial Promenade

2. Goodbye Goose Prince

3. in Flight

4. Sailboats 

Note: “Sailboats” was later re-recorded for Sky Sailing’s An Airplane Carried Me To Bed but with a lot of lyrical changes and other re-arrangements. Adam still performs some these songs at concerts. I’ve heard him perform “Aerial Promenade” in Houston. 


Swimming With Dolphins (Adam and Austin Tofte):

(band still exists, but these are the songs that feat. Adam)

Ambient Blue -2008

download [x]

1. Silhouettes

2. Pajama Party

3. Sunset, 1989

4. Everything’s A Miracle

5. Up In The Stars


1. Fast Car (cover)

Note: Please support Swimming with Dolphins by buying the high-quality tracks on iTunes here. You can also support Austin Tofte and have a dance party by simply buying his new record Water Colours here.


Windsor Airlift (Adam, Andy and Tony): 

(band still exists, but these are the songs that feat. Adam)

The Basement EP:

1. Intro

2. See You Soon

3. Joyride

4. My Regards

5. Disaster

6. My Best Friend

7. Boat

8. Jason

9. First Semester’s Over


1. Downtown Liftoff

2. Autumn

3. Skyscape Planetarium

4. Helium

5. This Is Space

6. Waves Spent On Breathing

7. The Shadow Of Your Wings pt. 1

8. The Shadow Of Your Wings pt. 2

9. Hope

10. The Theme For Moonglow

The Forest Sings To Distant Shores: 

1. Nice Job With The Tent, Sturgis

2. One

3. I Hate Texas Taxes

Moonfish Parachutist:

1. Moonfish Parachutist

2. What, Pantaminist?

3. No One Tells Me Anything

4. My French Voice Teacher, Luvelle

5. To Paris! A Lovely Excursion

6. Grandeur-Out Interstate Park

7. Ruby Fjord-Runway Beck

8. Operatic, Glacial Kirovograd

9. White Tarn Sonata In Blue

10. Love

11. Heroism: Hazel And Dandelion

12. This Is Television

13. A Trio Of Talking Books

14. Oceanic? Staten Island, Oh Darling!

15. I Haven’t Any Money

16. You There! Hull, King Of Swans!

Moonfish Parachutist II:

1. Silhouette Harbor


1. A Wolf Am I, A Wolf On Mischief bent

2. We Shan’t Be Snorkeling, We Shan’t We Shan’t

3. The Number of Insects is Tremendous

4. Wake Up Boss, You’re Bald and I Suspect You’re A Dallas Fan As Well..

5. She and I Swam Down The Staircase

6. The Trouble With Bugs Is That They’re Non-confrontational… When I Try to Confront Them, They Just Run Away

7. Give Me Your Motorcycle 

Selections For A Fallen Soldier, Vol. 2: 

1. Cities, Stars And Planes

2. A Fatal Storyline

3. Buzz The Spaceship!

4. This Face Alone Unveils Shadow

5. A Fatal Storyline


1. When I Was A Pedant Clerk In Switzerland I Used To Wonder

2. What The Universe Would Look Like If I Was Traveling At The Speed Of Light…

3. On A Motorcycle

4. Owl

We Rule: 

1. Ocean City Park

2. Landscapes

3. One & This Face Alone Unveils Shadow

4. The Theme for Moonglow

5. The Babemeister

Ocean City Park & Beneath the Crystal Waves:

1. Hello, Enchanted Evening

2. Crescent Island

3. The Theme for Moonglow

4. Helicopters

5. Ocean 01

6. Ocean 02

7. City 03

8. City 04

9. Park 05

10. Park06

Beneath The Crystal Waves: (features the same tracks as the band Dolphin Park)

1. Crescent Island

2. Helicopters

3. Hello, Enchanted Evening!

4. The Theme For Moonglow

Unknown Album: 

1. You Mess With Kurt and You Go In the Grinder

2. White Shores

3. Basketball Abridged

4. Hallogen

Note: Adam did not work on the new record The Meadow and Live at the Varsity Theater.  Many of their songs can be found on iTunes here. I’m not well educated on Windsor Airlift, so message me if there are more songs featuring Adam or any corrections. Thank you. 

[Myspace] [Purevolume][iTunes][Downloads]


American Jesus (Adam, maybe Andy and Tony):

free downloads here [x]




Note: Actually probably Adam’s most legitimate attempt at a metal band. It’s chaotic, but it works for what it is. 


Apes with Guns (Adam, maybe Andy and Tony):

free downloads here [x]

1. Lous Thy Barn

2. Lance Bass Can Cut A Mean Rug

3. Wayne Gretsky Is In The House

Note: Ok we’re now into Adam’s “joke” bands. haha. You’ll quickly find out that every time Adam found a new vocal trick or combination of the voice and the music (metalic, dance, etc.), he would make three songs for it and post it to Purevolume. In Apes With Guns, he utilizes a “robotic voice” and pairs it up with a metalic/disco sound. lol. 


The Atlantic (now Glacier Island) (Adam, Andy and Tony):

1. My Weekend

Note: All songs after this one, don’t feature Adam. Andy and Tony have no released a full record under the new name Glacier Island. 


Basketball (Adam, Tony and Andy):

1. How We Ball

2. Basketball in da Hood

3. Basketball

Note: Yes, Adam based an entire project on basketball. I actually love Adam rapping on track 1 and 2. Classic. 


Beat Master Deluxe (Adam, and maybe Tony and Andy):

1. Easy Now

2. Spankey Takes the Cake

3. There’s Something Wierd in Here

Note: Instrumental music that falls into a more tribal or rhythmic style then the ambient styles of other projects.


Blue Dallas (Adam, maybe Andy and Tony):

free downloads here [x]

1. Glass Canada

2. Islands

3. Texas Hold'em is the Devil

Note: Actually, if you’re a Norma Jean fan, Blue Dallas actually isn’t that bad. It's chaotic, but that’s it’s strength. I’m quite sure if this band was a “joke” band because it’s well executed for Adam’s really early stuff. 


Brother Reed, You Have Messed Up My Afro (Adam, maybe Andy and Tony):

free downloads here [x]

1. A Very Merry Christmas from the Music Troupe

2. The Rolling Thunder Double Clothesline Chairshot to Reverse Piledriver

3. Sports are Life

4. Basketball

Note: Ok. Ok. lol. Well the name of this band tells you that you’re in for fun. haha. I’m not aware of any meaning to the song titles of this band. One of them does have another reference to how much Adam used to like wrestling. “Basketball” is not the same song as “Basketball” by the band Basketball. (I’ll never repeat that sentence) To top things off this band is without a doubt a “joke” band. Every song is a different version of the same song, featuring a very out of tune vocal to different beats and, yes, even blast-beats.  I’m not sure if the vocal is a sample or if someone is doing it. I’ve never bothered to read too much up on this one. Message me if you know more about this one.


Can You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking (Adam, maybe Andy and Tony):

1. Gimme Some Burgers

2. Slap Shot Double Shot Hooking Goal!

3. I’ll Dunk You Face

Note: Well apparently Adam loves food and sports a lot! 


Charlton Heston and the Blast Beats (Adam, Andy and Tony):

free downloads here [x]

1. Missle Drop Kick

2. Swinging Chest Assault

3. The Atomic Neck Slam

Note: Oh gosh, Adam probably never thought he’d get famous. He probably also never thought fan girls would have to track down this band. This “joke” band utilizes groans, yelps, moans, and yells as it’s vocal trick.  Don’t get to excited. It’s actually quite hilarious, but far from the way Hoot Owl girls want to hear Adam groaning. 


Chester McWiggins and the Kowboy Kidz (Adam, Tony and Andy):

1. I’m a Western Guy

Note: This one-track band is actually entertaining to me lol. With the humor, I can only assume Adam feels like I do about the cheezy aspects of “country” stuff lol. He’s even said in interviews that he probably could never date a girl that owned a horse. haha. Got to love Adam. This band can be filed under his “joke” bands, it uses Adam’s “deep” voice and a spoken word delivery. 


El Uno Clarence, the One Clarence (Adam and Andy):

1. Hulkster Death Kill

2. Death Camp

3. A Tall Tale of Death

4. Hulkamania Ultimate Death

Note: I think by now you may be noticing Adam’s inner young boy. It’s funny how he used to write joke songs making fun of things or songs about food, wrestling, Star Wars, metal things, blowing up stuff, etc. People think he’s acting weird recently saying gross jokes or putting up stupidly funny tracks. Maybe old old Adam is coming back. lol


Half Nelson Flying Corkscrew Clothes Line (Adam, maybe Tony and Andy):

free downloads here [x]

1. I’m Gonna Smash You

2. Bring The Pain

3. This Conversation Is OVER!

Note: This band is another “joke” band I assume. Tony and Andy may have worked on this with Adam, just rumors. Most of these bands don’t have real pics of the band, so it’s kind of hard to tell who’s in the bands.  The first track, “I’m Gonna Smash You”, reminds me of Crystal Castles.


Isle  (Adam and more)

1. Always Have A Reaction

Note:  Adam only played drums in this one. I posted a video earlier of him playing it.


Join The Dark Side You Knob (Adam, maybe Tony and Andy):

free downloads here [x]

1. Jar Jar Binks Is A Loser

2. Someone Axe Kick Obi-wan In The Face

3.  Vin Diesal Blew Up The Death Star

Note: Once you here this bands name, you probably have a good idea of what it’s gonna sound like. “Jar Jar Binks is a Loser” and “Someone Axe Kick Obi-Wan in The Face” both sounds like a improve session, but undoubtably use themes and motives from John William’s score for Star Wars.  Then there is the song “Vin Diesal Blew Up The Death Star”.  This song actually uses samples from Attack of the Clones.  It’s pretty funny lol.


 Nuclear Suplex (Adam):





 Note: Once again, Adam’s love of wrestling comes out.  Using a familiar technique, Adam uses his “deep” voice with flaring drums and running synths. “Mick Iz Cool” cracks me up every time.  Over how funny the music is, Adam can make me laugh with the lyrics. Some of them are so stupid, it’s just gold! The line about Mick playing bass on the worship team kills me. Hahaha.


The Perfect Theory (Adam, Andy, and Tony)

1. Waldorf Sweetheart

2. Waldorf+CSU+LOVE

3. Fast food Relationships

4. Do you want to date me?

5. Prom Night

6. Without You Baby

7. Would you be my Valentine?

Note:  This band is actually pretty entertaining. It’s not a “joke” band.  Adam’s not the lead singer of every song, but it’s still good, sounds sometimes like Second Hand Serenade.  There is very striking similarity between  the first track “Waldorf Sweetheart” and Sky Sailing’s “A Little Opera Goes A Long Way”.  Remember Sky Sailing is “before” Owl City, but in actually it’s a collection of Adam’s old ideas.  I think Adam sings lead on “Prom Night” and “Without You Baby”


 Riders Of Rohan (Adam, Andy, and maybe Tony)


1. 4 Today

2. Swimming In Gravy

3. Judas

Note:  Another “Joke” band. Andy sometimes can’t keep from laughing when he sings and Adam uses his “deep” voice.  Once again Adam sings about food.  It’s kind of sad to listen to because you can really tell how much these guys loved each other with how they sing.


SLAM DANCE (Adam, and probably Andy and Tony):

1. Hills That Look Like Your Hair

2. Crafted In The Deepest Depths Of My Heart’s Console

3. Bringing New Hopes Into Our Lives Forever

Note: Correct me if I’m wrong, but are the Slam Dance songs the same as the Riders of Rohan songs?


Slingshot Powerbomb (Adam, maybe Tony and Adam):

free downloads here [x]

1. Bone Clubs and Cavemen

2. Tape Decks and Muscle Shirts

3. Harley’s and Camaro’s

Note:  An instrumental metal band that may have also had Andy and Tony in it.


Spinning Skull Smash (Adam, and maybe Tony and Andy):

1. Everybody Feel It All Up In Here [x]

2. J to the AM

Note: Well I guess once someone figured out how to do a Muslim impression, they decided to make a whole band out of it.  It’s a “joke” band, but this one kind of crosses the line on jokes. If this band ever got famous, I’d be worried for safety of Tony, Andy, and my beloved Adam.


The Sports (Adam, maybe with Andy and Tony)

free downloads here [x]

1. Give Me The Basketball—I’ll Dunk Your Face

2. The Jazz Sports Metal Experience

3. I Was Recording Some Tracks In Studio C

4. Well No One’s Going To Jail Son

 Note: Well, it’s “heavy”.  I don’t know it’s supposed to be a joke or not, but it’s pretty chaotic.


 Tombstone Piledriver (Adam, maybe with Andy and Tony):

free downloads here [x]

1. Goodbye (Live)

2. My Speech Impediment Romance

 Note: I’m not sure if the first song is a joke that it’s “live”, because there’s like two people clapping and one of them sounds like Adam. Lol.


Understory (Adam, maybe with Andy and Tony):

free downloads here [x]

1. My Station Wagon

2. Silver Village

3. Summer Broken

 Note:  It’s another “joke” band. Flamboyant singing.  


The Wellington Giggle-Bomb Experience (Adam, Tony, and Andy):

free downloads here [x]

1.   Sweet Healing Misty Rain

2.   The Bazooka Message

3.   Let’s Go Surfing

Note: Another “joke” band. It’s hard to describe. It’s like spoken word over ambient music.


Rumored Bands: 


Yesterday’s Tomorrow



Pump N Munch

Left Lane

Goodbye Dubai (the talked about collaboration between Adam and Matt Thiessen)