sky roaring

In the town of Night Vale things are not as they seem,

with dragons and librarians and agents in trees.

The town is sleepy but the citizens do not slumber,

the sky is awake with roaring like thunder.

The postage is cursed,

the glow cloud All Hail,

there are secrets in our eyes,

the truths to no avail.

And yet here we stay in our sleepy desert town,

our windows and doors and fridges bolted down.

For this is our home and while it may cause a fright,

at the end, we will say goodnight Night Vale goodnight.

Joker Imagine - Thunder

Anonymous said:will you write one where reader is deathly afraid of thunderstorms and the joker comforts her? thanks :)

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Your P.O.V.

Ever since I was a kid and our house burnt down during a storm, I had been scared of thunder. Whenever I heard the sky roaring, I felt small and helpless again. We lost everything and I even lost my father. I hated the memory. The horror and shock turned into a trauma and I couldn’t remember details - luckily.

I was sitting in the living room, watching tv as the lights started flashing. It was raining in Gotham and I had a headache. They were all signs of thunder coming. It made me kinda nervous. J was drinking coffee next to me and reading the newspaper casually. It didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Suddenly the power went out and I saw a lighting flash. ‘’Fuck’’ I whimpered and snuggled closer to my boyfriend. He looked at me strangely. ‘’What’s up?’’ He asked me and put the paper down. I held onto his strong arm and tried to relax. I heard the thunder roaring outside and it just got worse. ‘’I’m scared’’ I whispered and shut my eyes. J realized that it was thundering and he remembered what I had told him before. He put the cup away as well and pulled me on his lap. 

‘’It’s okay baby girl, I gotcha’’ He reminded me while hugging me. I leaned against his body and wished that he could keep me safe. His scent made me feel like home and I just trusted him. Whenever I heard a lighting strike, I flinched. J was rubbing my back softly and rocking me on his lap. ‘’Everything’s okay baby..We can go out and shoot stuff when it’s over’’ He promised me. He knew that I liked my gun.

‘’I hope it ends quickly’’ I whispered while hiding my face in the crook of his neck. ‘’Mhh so do I’’ J mumbled softly. I tried to breathe normally as I controlled my fear.I wasn’t scared of many things, but thunderstorms were the worst. I hated them with all my heart. 

I didn’t know how long we were like this, but I calmed down. He rocked me so slowly, yet in a comforting way and it made me a little tired. J would keep me safe. I was sure of that. ‘’It sounds like it’s about to end’’ J broke the silence after we hadn’t heard any roaring from the sky. ‘’Let’s cuddle a little longer’’ I said quickly. J smiled and looked into my eyes. ‘’Fine by me baby’’ He chuckled and then pressed a kiss on my head. 

The guys pranking the girls
  • <p> <b>Natsu 'drunk':</b> Lucyyyyyyyy make me purrrrrrrrr<p/><b>Lucy:</b> WTF?!<p/><b>Gajeel 'drunk':</b> *laughs machanically*<p/><b>Levy:</b> *screams*<p/><b>Romeo:</b> *pretends to be unconscious*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> He's dead! *Sky dragon's healing roar*<p/><b>Happy 'drunk':</b> You're a donkey got it a donkey.<p/><b>Carla:</b> Why are you sitting on me?!<p/><b>Jellal 'drunk':</b> *Yells* You will do as I command!<p/><b>Erza:</b> *Yells* I AM NOTHING LIKE THAT!<p/><b>Jellal:</b> I'm sorry...<p/><b>Gray:</b> Sorry I can't do this... She'll love it.<p/><b>Juvia:</b> *crying*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I'm sorry! I'm sorry!<p/><b>Juvia:</b> *crying* Do it!<p/><b>Gray:</b> Fine... I love you Juvia *crying* Hang on Romeo<p/><b>Gray *under his breath*:</b> Why did I agree to this?<p/></p>

There was a man of double deed,
Who sowed his garden full of seed;
When the seed began to grow,
‘Twas like a garden full of snow;
When the snow began to melt,
'Twas like a ship without a belt;
When the ship began to sail,
'Twas like a bird without a tail;
When the bird began to fly,
'Twas like an eagle in the sky;
When the sky began to roar,
'Twas like a lion at my door;
When my door began to crack,
'Twas like a stick across my back;
When my back began to smart,
'Twas like a penknife in my heart;
And when my heart began to bleed,
'Twas death, and death, and death indeed.

incandescence; preview

Genre: werewolf!au, angst

Pairings: reader x taehyung (feat. all members)

Word count: 2k

Summary:  You had never been afraid of storms and neither did you believe in superstitions, but something about the swaying willows and withered oaks, flimsy and unstable caught up in the torrents of rain and sharp gusts of winds screamed bad omen.

The thundering clouds, hung low in the gloomy sky, growling and roaring loudly, as if upon the clouds sat a hungry lion, vexed at its inability to find food and shelter. You watched the downpour in silence, you had barely spoken a word during the entire 6 hour drive. Licking your lips for the umpteenth time, you found it impossible to push down the uneasiness building up in your chest. You had never been afraid of storms and neither did you believe in superstitions, but something about the swaying willows and withered oaks, flimsy and unstable caught up in the torrents of rain and sharp gusts of winds screamed bad omen.

 By the time, your  mother rounded up the driveway in front of your soon to be home for the coming few months, the raging winds seemed to have calmed down a little. You sighed taking in the dilapidated old house. It was not too big yet much too huge for it’s two lonely tenants. You couldn’t help but wonder what the house looked like, back in it’s days of glory. When the lush green creepers had not grown on it’s once pristine white walls. When the windows had not been sealed shut with years of rust and dirt plaguing it’s hinges. When the house looked like a home, not an abandoned haunted misery.

 You rolled down the windows making no move to step out of the car yet. The air was damp and cold, but when it caressed your cheeks, it felt eerie and uncomfortable, just like everything else about this place. You longed for the sunny skies and the sweltering heat of your hometown, but no amount of wishful thinking could turn things around and take you back.

 "So-“ your mother spoke up softly, testing the waters with her tone and choice of words. She knew you were upset about this whole move and somewhere or the else she held herself responsible. You hated seeing her guilt ridden eyes, for all you knew none of this was her fault. It was no one’s fault really, just a twist of fate that left you in quicksand. You had no way out and the only thing you were allowed to settle for was acceptance.

 "Don’t worry about it, Mom. I’ll be fine.” You reassured her, flashing her a small smile. “It does not look that bad. And it’s only for a few months right?” You tried to sound optimistic, and the thought of missing a semester at your local college and all the tedious routines that came along with it did make you feel slightly better.

 "If you say so Y/N.“ She trailed off sounding unsure and a good minute passed before she spoke up again. "After your father left, I no longer wanted to depend on him or his money but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I should have put my pride aside, atleast for your sake when he said he wanted to help us. Guess it’s too late to regret now.” You felt terrible. You wanted to see your mother happy. You really really did. After all she had been through and all she had done to provide for you she deserved every happiness in the world and you wished you could give it to her.

 "Mom, I love you so much, and even though I’m such a brat sometimes you have to know how much I admire you. You’re beautiful inside out. I mean it.“ You squeezed her hand "You don’t have to worry about me, I know this job is important to you. To us. You can’t commute this far everyday and renting two houses will be too much of a burden. I get it. So please don’t blame any of it on yourself. We’re just doing our best to survive.” By the time you finished you felt embarassed over your emotional outburst already. You were never the one to show your emotions or speak your mind and this felt unbelievably awkward. However, you did mean every single word that made out of your mouth without doubt.

 "Wow my little ice princess has quite the heart of gold eh?“ Your mother let out a chuckle but her eyes glistened and a loving smile played on her lips. "And no you’re never a brat.” She winked at you. “you’re just the opposite.”


It took roughly an hour as the two of you went back and forth taking in the boxes and suitcases from the rear of the SUV. It was drizzling slightly but that faint raindrops were not a bother as you kept up your paces. By the time you were finished you collapsed on top of one of the boxes panting heavily as you took in the insides of the house in detail for the first time.

 You were pleasantly surprised, the shabby outward appearance of the house was incredibly deceptive in comparison to its well lit and neat interiors. The walls had been freshly painted a snowy white, and there were large windows framed with wood on each of the four walls of the living room. A comfortable looking leather couch sat in the middle looking a bit lonely by itself. But you were only going to be here for a short period so neither of you wanted to bother much with the decorations or the furniture. The less the better.

 Your mother’s voice echoed, bouncing off the emptiness of the house, as she called your name. You found her in the kitchen leaning forward on the black marble kitchen counter as she typed away on her phone. “Y/N? The gas supplies won’t work yet so maybe I’ll have to go pick up something from the diner we saw on our way here. Do you want to come along?” You shook your head in denial  immediately. “Alright then, you can freshen up until then, we can unpack tomorrow. You’re room’s the one on the left by the way.” You eyed the winding staircase in the living room which lead upstairs. It honestly did not look very stable. “My knees hurt just looking at those” You thought out loud and your mother’s booming laugh was the last thing you heard before she left leaving you all alone in this silent old house.

 You hugged your arms around yourself a little more tightly as you entered the room which was to be yours. It took you a while to figure out the heating, and you were shivering by the time you did. Somehow you had managed to drag your huge suitcase upstairs, your knees were indeed hurting but thankfully despite their shaky appearance the stairs did not give in under your weight. It was a strange feeling really but the moment you clambered your way upstairs a strange chill went down your spine and for some reason for a second you felt as if you were not alone. You dismissed it as paranoia, unsure if the exhaustion from a day so hectic was finally getting to you. 

 The bathroom was massive and maybe even bigger than your house back home. You took your time stacking up your toiletteries neatly on the shelves, all the while keeping an eye out for any roaches or spiders that might still be lingering. You turned on the faucet letting the bathtub fill up with warm water before stripping out of your jeans and flannel shirt  which felt itchy and damp, clinging uncomfortably to your body. 


 You froze mid activity as you heard the floorboards creak on the other side of the door. “Mom?” you stood still, only in your shirt as you tried strain your ears trying to tell reality and hallucinations apart. did you just imagine the whole thing. “Mom. Are you back already?” With a heart beat loud and frantic you sneaked upto the door before pushing it open with shaky hands. “Mom. oh my God, stop playing around I’m scared.” You bedroom door stood open just as you had left it and  there was nothing but silence which met your desperate calls.

 The hallways was just as silent. the narrow space was lit up by nothing but the faint line filtering in through the large window at the end of it. You furrowed your eyebrows, were you just imagining things? You had to be.


 Your heart dropped to you stomach and you nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt something cold and squishy brush past you ankle.

 You body almost shook with relief, when you saw a furry ball of white near your feet, a timid mewl came from the tiny little kitten and your legs gave in as you collapsed on the ground clutching your chest. “You scared me to death little one. Oh my god-” it was no more than a few weeks old, its fur white and fluffy. It looked well bred and too tame to be a stray. “Come here” you got up on your knees and leaned forward trying to capture the little creature in your hands but it escaped quickly and you almost fell flat on your face. But all of a sudden you heard the kitten screech out an ugly sound and your blood ran cold. When you looked up a dark figure stood in front of you.

 Fear had never felt so overbearing and death had never felt like such an imminent threat before. All you were met with when you looked up was a cold hard stare and blood crazy eyes that looked too wild, too feral to be human.

 And just like that, all too soon the world went black.


more of that studying Normal!AU, because why not

simon, 10.00p.m.: hey

baz, 10.01p.m.: everything okay?

simon, 10.01p.m.: why wouldn’t it be?

baz, 10.01p.m.: you never text after nine pm

simon, 10:02p.m,: huh.

baz, 10.02p.m.: so? what’s up?

simon, 10.03p.m.: agatha decided we should ‘take a break’. something about seeing new people, helping us grow. i don’t know how much of it i’m buying, but i don’t want to upset her.

baz, 10.05p.m.: you still love her, right?

simon, 10.06p.m.: yeah, i do. what do i do?

baz, 10.06p.m.: [unsent] she doesn’t deserve you, you are worth so much more than half-assed replies and ‘breaks’ and being someone’s convenient backup plan, you are the constellations in the sky and the roar of a bonfire and the first breath of spring, you are your excitement when you solve a tough math equation and the way your tongue pokes out of your mouth a little when you’re thinking, you are the one and the only one who will ever be you and you

baz, 10.08p.m.: i think you should let her be. she’ll be back eventually, you guys are inseparable. you’re pretty much the power couple of our school

simon, 10.09p.m.: yeah, i guess i will. i don’t know.

baz, 10.09p.m.: [unsent] i don’t understand why you’re with someone who makes you doubt yourself and rethink your every move because that’s not how it should be i don’t know how i know but i know it’s just not like this you don’t deserv

baz, 10.10p.m.: i’m sorry, though. i know it still stings a little.

simon, 10.10p.m.: yeah, it does. you know me, huh?

baz, 10.11p.m.: [unsent] i wish i don’t know you this well. i wish i don’t know the exact sound of your laughter or the way your hair gets extra curly when you’ve just woken up, i wish i don’t know how you like dark chocolate instead of white chocolate and i wish i don’t know exactly what toppings your like on your pizza and i wi 

baz, 10.12p.m.: after so many years, i’d hope so. i’d be a shitty friend otherwise

simon, 10.13p.m.: we’re still on for our study session tomorrow, right?

baz, 10.14p.m.: [unsent] i

baz, 10.14p.m.: [unsent] you

baz, 10.14p.m.: [unsent] seeing you and knowing all you can think about is her, watching your eyes light up whenever she talks to you, observing how her head fits perfectly into the crook of your shoulder, everything is torture and i can’t de

baz, 10.15p.m.: yeah, see you at ten

simon, 10.15p.m.: see you :)

The beginning of the first session of our sophomore year (is basically new PC introductions, so this is very long):
  • DM: Wind whips the sharp rain across your bodies, soaking its cold into you even further. A wave that dwarfs the three-masted ship you're on crashes over you, washing men and wreckage into the ichor-black water. All you can do is cling to whatever railing or rigging you've found and endure the raw fury of the ocean. There was no time for preparation or even to flee belowdeck, azure sky eclipsed by the roaring tempest in a matter of heartbeats. The water and the wind leaves you deafened and near-blind as your very existence seems to tear itself apart around you. The ship crests a wave and you see before you a swirling maw in the sea that holds only blackness. Your course is inevitable. The crew has been lost, and no feats of strength or of seamanship can counter the force that has driven the weather against you. Demented laughter booms like thunder as you are swept into the hungry ocean. The boards beneath you crack and splinter, the icy water freezes your muscles and fills your lungs. The singular chaos of sound grows silent, and you sink into the void.
  • Party: *silence*
  • Logan: Alright, good campaign guys!
  • Alice: You win!
  • DM: Ahem. But we get ahead of ourselves, for this is not how your story begins. There are many types of beginnings: fairy tales often begin with "Once upon a time..."; Great epics with the heraldry of the hero or of his people. Some stories start with a far-off land, a god, and their timeless homes. The best stories, though, the ones dearest to my heart, well. They begin in a tavern.
  • Logan: TAVEEERN!
  • *shire music begins playing*
  • DM: This particular tavern is the Enchanted Beaver -
  • *party snickers*
  • DM: -located along the main docks of the city of Aowen, capital of Meroweth and the jeweled city of Silver Bay. There, an unsettlingly tall sorcerer is conducting interviews.
  • Logan: Perfect. Next!
  • DM: Alright. Who shall we start with?
  • Michaela: Not it. Nose goes.
  • Logan: Next!
  • Me: Thym, I think you're actually scaring people away.
  • John: Hello.
  • Logan: Hi! How are you?
  • John: I don't do interviews.
  • Logan: It's... more of a job application.
  • John: I don't want a jo-
  • Logan: HI. How are you?
  • John: *something inaudible*
  • Logan: Listen, sassiness will get you nowhere. I'm Thym.
  • John: Howser.
  • Logan: Howser?
  • John: Colonel Howser.
  • Logan: Colonel Howser. Colonel of what?
  • John, OOC: Fuck, I keep doing this. It's Cardinal.
  • Michaela: Cardinal of what?
  • Logan, laughing: No, kerdinal of what!
  • John: *again inaudible*
  • Logan: I understand. How can I help you?
  • John: I have learned that you are intending to travel to The Islands.
  • Logan: Yes, I am.
  • John: *something vaguely audible about an evil sorcerer and it being his prerogative to kill tyrants or something like that*
  • Logan: I do like prerogatives.
  • John: *inaudible*
  • Logan: What can you add to the effectiveness of this Grade-A team? (OOC) I point to no one behind me.
  • John: Well, for starters, I'm not stationary.
  • Logan: Excellent! Question One: Are you an asshole who will leave halfway through an adventure?
  • John: If there are monsters to be slain, I will be-
  • Logan: You're in! NEXT.
  • Alice, muffled: Hold on, I've got something in my mouth.
  • Logan: Speak!
  • Alice, in character: Agh! Oh my G0d, what, what, I'm-
  • Logan: This guy's got a deep and commanding voice. What do you have?
  • Alice: Hi, hi! OhmyG0d, hi!
  • Logan: Hi.
  • Alice: OhmyG0dOhmyG0dOhmyG0dOHMYG0D! You're Thym! THE Thym The Sorcerer! Known throughout many dimensions - and I have traveled through many dimensions, planes, and crazy planes and opposite worlds and that one world that's made of croissants - and I've found YOU.
  • Logan: Yeah, I blew a plane up with a crystal. It was pretty terrifying.
  • Alice: .......
  • Logan: .....
  • Alice: You're amazing.
  • Logan: What are you?
  • Alice: I'm a... person! Man! Person-man! Persimmon, yes, Norman Persimmon NogginNoodle, at your service, sorcerer extraordinaire of the aberrant planes and -
  • Logan: Norman. Cool arms.
  • Alice: Wow, thanks!
  • Logan, sarcastically: What can you add to THIS A-Grade squad?
  • Alice: Oh, wow, a tall guy! You look cool.
  • Logan: I'm sitting. How can you tell?
  • Alice: No, he's tall. *gestures to John* Though, everyone's tall. I'm a gnome. I am a gnome. That is it. That is all.
  • Logan: Okay, well, you can sit up on the desk if you want.
  • Alice: I specialize in invocation, and transmutation! If you don't like something, I can change it! If you don't like me, I can change it. *giggles nervously* Please like me.
  • Logan: I'll keep that in mind. Go stand by that guy. *gestures to John* Next!
  • Party: *silence*
  • Emily: *raises hand*
  • Logan: Okay. Hi. You have a cool axe.
  • Emily: Thanks.
  • Logan: Name?
  • Emily: Sheeela.
  • Logan: Sheila. Okay. Where are you from?
  • Emily: The Dirt.
  • Logan: The dirt?
  • Emily: Yeah.
  • Logan: Interesting. A woman of the earth. So you're a druid?
  • Emily: No, I'm... *trails off uncertainly* (she's a first-time player)
  • Logan: I can see you're new to this world. Um, what can you do to benefit our party?
  • Emily: *long pause* Um. I have a spyglass.
  • Logan: Excellent! What would you say is your biggest disadvantage in the workplace?
  • Emily: *longer pause* Color-coordinating. I have color-coordinating problems.
  • Logan: Okay. Now, say you were staring down three teleporting blink-dogs (he's actually referring to the hounds of tindwylos the DM kept siccing on us in the last story arc) in an aberrant plane and all you had was a crystal that could possibly destroy it but maybe kill you, sending you back in time. What would you do?
  • Whole party: *silence*
  • John: What?
  • *Whole party bursts out laughing*
  • Emily: Can I call a family member?
  • Logan: That was close to the right answer, which was: Ask Thym what to do! Go stand over there. Next!
  • Michaela, playing an 11 year old fetchling fresh from the Shadow Plane: Hi.
  • Logan: Hi!
  • Michaela: Hi.
  • Logan: Hi! *pause* So, you talk first.
  • Michaela: I talk first?
  • Logan: Well, now I did, so you kinda screwed it up.
  • Michaela: I said "hi" firs-
  • Logan, demandingly: Who are you?
  • Michaela: My name's Leilani, so yeah.
  • Logan: Interesting... What would you say your favorite color was?
  • Michaela: I don't know, I come from a place where there isn't any color. It's actually kind of scary to be here.
  • Logan: *pause* Uh, two horses leave a town, traveling in opposite directions. One travels at 50/mph, the other dies instantly. Which horse is best?
  • Michaela: Is this... a trick question?
  • Logan, seriously: No. I am asking you which horse is best: the one that dies instantly, or the one that can successfully travel at fifty miles an hour, an exceptional speed for a horse.
  • Michaela: Well, you didn't tell me where we were. In a desert, the one that is dead would probably be of more use to me.
  • Logan: Explain how.
  • Michaela: You cut open its belly and crawl inside so you don't freeze to death.
  • Logan: It's a desert. You're in a town. It died in a town. Why don't you stay at an inn? What if its blood freezes, giving you hypothermia in the night?
  • Alice: I have been to a dimension that is nothing but dead horses. It was terrifying.
  • Logan: Alright, what's your name?
  • Michaela: My name's Leilani.
  • Logan: Leilani? Alright, I'm gonna write these down. *to John* So, your name is Hector...
  • John: Howser.
  • Logan: Howser...
  • Me: Hector.
  • Michaela: Hector-Howser?
  • Alice: I'm gonna go sit over with Trillani.
  • Michaela: Leilani.
  • Logan, to Alice: Uh, okay, I know it, but it's something weird... *points to Alice* Name!
  • Alice: Uh, oh, you can call me that, but my name is Norman.
  • Logan: Norman... *turns to Emily* Sheila...
  • Emily: Yeah.
  • Logan: Sheeelaaaaaaa. Aaaand... *turns back to Michaela* Ilani?
  • Michaela: Leilani.
  • Logan, nodding: Leilani. Layla.
  • Michaela: Uh... Layla! That's not me.
  • Logan: Your name sounds like Layla. Excellent!

Recommendation Friday :D
Today I’d like to recommend the Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi. This is one of my favorite dystopian series out there.
Just a fantastic trilogy. Amazing world building and memorable characters.. Highly recommend it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Weekend

It’s Cold (Spencer Reid)

Warnings: none 

*Lazy day in with Spence* 

His POV:
   It was a chilly October day. The blackened clouds covered the blue sky. The roaring thunder and the bright white lightning had filled the darkness. It was a perfect day. The perfect day to spend inside with my beloved Y/N. Although she was still fast asleep I admired her striking features. Her ample lips. Her beautiful long lashes. Her cute little button nose, and her sweet innocent face as she slept. She was clasped to the duvet, i could feel the coldness radiate off of her. I moved closer to her body taking her frame into my long arms. Her unconscious body relaxed into mine. I stroked her back and kissed her forehead waiting for her to wake up. I closed my eyes and smiled when I heard a groan. “It’s cold in here Spence.” she told me in a groggy voice still not opening her eyes. I laughed a bit at her and combed her hair with my fingers rubbing down her sides. “You’re freezing love.” I told her, “Ya think.” she mumbled and embraced me. “I need to get a shower babe.” I whispered to her. She whimpered a bit. “No! You’re warm baby, stay.” She told me. I kissed her ear and whispered. “I have to babe, why don’t you stay in bed until I get out then we can go make breakfast yeah?” I asked her. She nodded her head and then rolled up in the blanket. I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower to let it heat up. I headed back out of the bathroom to the closet to pick out a clean shirt and some sweatpants since it was just going to be a do nothing day inside. I came out of the closet to see Y/N cuddled into the duvet like a cocoon. “Babe, are you that cold?” I laughed. She groaned and nodded her head. “Yes!” she shouted at me. I smiled and went back to the shower. I slipped my shirt and pants off I got into the shower and sighed as I felt the steamy water on my back. I started to wash my hair when I jumped as I felt someone else’s little hands in my hair. “Hey! what are you doing in here?” I asked her with a laugh. She smiled and hugged my front. “I’m warming up.” I rolled my eyes and kissed her lips. I then poured some shampoo in my hands and slowly massaged it though her beautiful hair. She just stood there with her head against my chest and hugging me. I loved when she did this. She was so spontaneous sometimes, I loved that about her. We both cleaned our bodies and soon got out. I wrapped a towel around her body and wrapped a towel around my waist. I smiled at her and kissed at her neck. “I.” I kissed her cheek “Love.” I kissed her nose “You.” I then kissed her lips. She giggled and left the bathroom getting some clean clothes. I came back out into the room and heard her feet padding down the stairs. “You didn’t wait on me?” “Nope!” she yelled back and laughed. “I’m hurt!” I yelled back laughing. I quietly made my way down to the kitchen. I peered my head around the corner. Her back was turned towards me. I took in her appearance. She had one of my sweaters on and she looked wonderful. It hugged her curves and beautiful features. she then had on some of my Halloween socks. She looked so cute. i quietly creeped up behind her and picked her up from her waist. She screamed and elbowed me in the nose. I put her down and groaned “Ow Y/N, you just killed my nose.” I pouted. She turned around her eyes wide and saddened. “I’m so sorry Spence I didn’t mean to I thought you were a robber or someone.” she said and frowned. I uncovered my nose and she widened her eyes “Oh my gosh Spence! You’re bleeding babe!” I looked down at my hands and walked to the sink to put my head over it. “I’m so so sorry Spence I didn’t mean to make you bleed.” She said handing me a paper towel. I slightly laughed, “It’s okay love, I guess I’ll rest easy now when I’m away since I know you can defend yourself.” I told her smiling and holding the paper towel up to my nose. She pouted a bit and she turned my head to face her. She grabbed a dish towel and ran it under cool water. “Spence lean down.” she whined “I can’t reach you.” she frowned. I smiled and leaned down as she aided my bloody nose. “I’m sorry.” she told me and pulled the towel away from my nose. “Good, it stopped.” she said again. I smiled and then kissed her. “And by the way”, I said putting my lips on her neck “You look really sexy in my clothes.” 

The thunder roars, the sky breaks into tears and the sounds crack against the clouds. 
The King of the gods, the ruler of the skies:

Zeus Hypatus (Most High), the one who controls fate and creates order in the universe, I say to thee only the most beautiful of words,
incomparable to your majesty.

I pray to thee for the fate I am given to follow through magnificent;
I pray for rain when the flowers ache,
and thunder when the world is too quiet for me to bear.
Holding your thunderbolt you are glorious in stature, and worthy
forever of mighty praise.

—  hymn to zeus; #1 (v.c.x)
The sky sheds its tears
From all the bottled up emotions
It kept in.
The sky roars and echoes
Through the night
From anger and deceit.
I’ve always wondered why
I feel peaceful
During thunderstorms.
Maybe because the sky
Feels my pain and sorrow
And cries out the tears
That I cannot cry.
The sky feels my outrage
That I bury inside.
For the sky understands
How I feel.
And now I know why
I love thunderstorms.
—  k.b. // “Thunderstorms”

Imagine being part of a race that can shift into different creatures. You being one of the few that can shift into something mythical. Being part of the Avengers Tony and Thor are constantly trying to get you to shift into your other form, which they have no idea what it is, hence why they keep bothering you about it. And every time they do so, you always reply with no. 

Well one day, while Loki is on Earth as part of his punishment, he walks in on the two pestering you. He’s been quite curious about your other form too since he’s taken a liking to you since his staying in the Avengers tower. Eventually, the two men bothering you becomes enough, and you state the reason why you don’t change form is because you’ll just strike fear into their hearts if you do. Of course, they don’t believe you, and when Loki starts to question you also, you finally gave in. Going to the top of the tower, you give them one last chance to back out, but none of the three do. So, being engulfed in flames, you change into a terrifying dragon, one too big to even fit on the tower, so you have to hover above them; breathing fire into the sky that almost seems to scorch the clouds and a ferocious roar that feels like it’s shaking the very earth. All three men, now on the ground from being blown back by the power of your wings, look up with widened eyes and gaped mouths. While Tony and Thor look on stricken with fear, Loki looks on in amazement as he’s only fallen for you more.