sky replacement

languid air wears away
to a restless gloom,
trapped by summer’s noon

the steady rhythm of
cicadas buzzing
overshadows time’s passing
(illusions of eternity do not
make life any less fleeting)

lightning bugs set 
the sky ablaze,
replacing stars on 
a cloudy day 
(you keep trying to
replicate their brightness)

how free it is to
laugh among verdancy 
and azure ceilings, 
an amnesiac to feeling alone

photosynthetic heart—
you grow dazzling 
under direct sunlight
(where have you hidden your roots?)

the tangled shade of
tree branches become
a sanctuary within 
the potential of June

dragonflies dance
in a dusted sky,
clearing the way for
night’s descent 

inescapable, sweltering
heat — you fear 
evaporating into the
hazy skies

barefoot and careless —
you laugh in sunbeams 
and smile dandelions 

lost without a 
semblance of structure,
blurry weeks fade into
blurry months until
you can’t decipher
cicadas from hummingbirds

cloudless eyes 
enamored of a world abloom
wish to be like sunflowers,
rival to the sun’s role

oceans reflect
fleeting ripples of 
brighter views, 
quickly consumed by
 the crash of waves

—  summer poetry for the signs // fauxastrology
And He Was Warm

(Part 3)

The grass was soft. It tickled the back of his knees when the breeze picked up. His hands were behind his head, his eyes up to the clear blue sky. The sun shone brightly, warming his skin. It felt nice.

A looming shadow crept its way across his body. He Tian. The boy was blocking the sun with his head, the blue sky replaced by a devilish smirk in Red Head’s vision.

“What do you want?” It was less a question and more like a greeting between the two boys now.

“Go to the movies with me,” said He Tian, that smirk still plastered on his face.

Red Head shifted uncomfortably. “Why the fuck would I do that?”

His first mistake. He Tian stepped on the boy’s shoulder, pushing him hard into the ground.

Red Head wiggled free. He was used to dealing with this shit by now. He wasn’t going to get involved anymore.

He stood up and dusted off his shorts. Today really wasn’t a good day for this.

“Listen. You can beat me up all you want, but I’m done.” He wasn’t going to let his temper get the best of him. That would be playing right into what He Tian wanted.

The boy was taken aback by Red Head’s uncharacteristic response. He just stood and stared. This was an interesting development.

The red-haired boy picked up his books and looked He Tian dead in the eye. His black eyes reflected nothing but a dangerous curiosity, like a boy with a magnifying glass on an anthill.

He turned to go.

“It starts at seven,” yelled the dark-haired boy after him.

Red Head turned. What part of “no” did this asshole not understand? Besides, it’s not like he could afford tickets.

As if reading his mind, He Tian held up two ticket stubs. “Courtesy of my Uncle,” he added.

Red Head hadn’t planned on showing up to the theater. He hadn’t planned on He Tian buying him popcorn. He hadn’t planned on sitting with the dark-haired boy in the dim theater. And he most certainly hadn’t planned on touching his hand while reaching for the popcorn. It was surprisingly warm for such a cold person.

He looked over before carefully reaching after that. But another unexpected thing happened. He found himself looking at the dark-haired boy.

Enjoying the movie. Smiling in a non-sadistic way. He had a dimple on his left cheek when he laughed.

The movie ended. Truth be told, Red Head didn’t remember most of it. It was some generic comedy, the kind where all the best jokes are played in the trailer.

They went outside. He Tian struck up a cigarette, his face glowing in the darkness of the night. He offered it to Red Head. He refused. He wasn’t going to smoke after what happened.

Quiet. The night was quiet.

He broke. “My mom got diagnosed yesterday.”

More silence. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I don’t owe you an explanation.”

He Tian regarded him with dark eyes. This was a mistake. He shouldn’t have said anything. He shouldn’t have come here.

The cigarette dropped from his fingers, the light tracing it’s way in the dark. The boy was quick. He’d forgotten how quick he was.

He flinched. His hand was on his shoulder. His hand was on the back of his neck. He pulled him close.

He was warm.

Tears. He shouldn’t have come here. Why was his face wet? Why was he holding onto the dark-eyed boy in the dark night on a sidewalk illuminated only by  passing headlights.

He hated to admit it, but this slick tonged dangerous person, this heartless bastard, was the closest thing he had to a friend.

And standing in the cold, he was warm.

let me write about how I’m not going to write about you. replace your name with whiskey. replace your name with a clear, silent sky. replace your name with an unbuilt fire, a speaker that makes my ears ring, a road that I won’t pass you on. replace your name with his new hands and his new hands and his new hands.
Datamined Alinor Dialog

Please everyone go read this massive document I put together of unreleased Alinor (yes, I mean the main Summerset Isle island) dialog and quests. It’s sooo good. 

  • Maormer attacking everything with ships that can go through land and stones that make them invisible
  • An orrery takes up a whole third of the region! Like, a whole region with just planets floating in the sky, not some interior thing. 
  • The Maormer knock the planet Auri-el out of the sky and replace it with a necromantic planet named after Orgnum. 
  • Tonal architecture magical bells used to repel invading armies powered by magica highways varlines pulled from the sky via complex attunement rituals.
  • Sentient libraries! Books that do what the PGE1 said Aldmer books do!
  • Ayrenn Ayarynne politicking 
  • Sload!
Sims 4 - Winderburg cloud/sky replacement mod?

No matter how hard I try to get used to it, I don’t like the sky in Winderburg, specially the clouds (I so miss the lovely Granite Falls sky, and its wonderful starry night!)
I searched for a replacement mod, but so far I haven’t been lucky; I found a mod that maybe could have worked, by simshout, but all the links I found lead to a 404 page on MTS.
I’ve also found two mods by @alf-si​ (here and there), but as far as I understand, they’re meant to replace Oasis Springs and Willow Creek ones.
Is there anything else I missed?


Lena looked out the window, a cup of tea in her hands. It was incredibly calming outside. Rain softly hit the soil, thunder rumbling quietly in the background, flashes of lighting occasionally lighting up the gray sky. The window was open a bit as well, allowing the smell of the damp earth to come in. She missed that smell, it was always around her in her childhood. One of the rare times in her life she felt at peace, not a care in the world. Similar to now.

A loud roll of thunder moved across the sky, only to be replaced by a downpour of rain. Perfect weather for curling up with a book or to catch up with friends or-

There was a soft knock on the door and a small gasp when a boom echoed from outside. The door creaked open and Amélie stepped in, shaking slightly.

“May-may I come in.” She asked, staying at the door. Another flash of lighting and an echo that rattled the ceiling fan. Amélie winced and yelped at the sound of it.

“What’s wrong love? Scared of a little thunder?” Lena said, “Come over here you scared spider.”

Amélie practically jumped on the bed, trying to hide under Lena when the rain kicked up. Lena giggled, amused by the sniper’s reaction. Who would’ve thought a world famous assassin was scared of thunder? She grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around herself and Amélie as Amélie snuggled up against her. She was gripping Lena’s arm, trying to stop herself from shaking.

“See, nothing wrong. Just a bit of-”

A giant crash shook the supports of the walls and everything in the room rattled. Amélie started whimpering and held on to Lena as if the thunder would shake her off.

“Shhhhh, it’s alright love. Just a sound.” Lena whispered, combing her fingers through Amélie’s hair. She started to calm down a bit, breathing steadier. Lena closed the window, muffling the sounds from outside, in hopes it would help. Perhaps a bit of conversation would help as well.

“So, why are you scared of thunder?”

Amélie had to think for a second, especially since there was another shake. Lena wrapped her arms around her, bringing Amélie closer.

“I got hit by lightning once when on a mission. My combat suit is made of metal, combine that with the fact that I’m usually on the roof and you have a lightning rod.”

“I’m so sorry, that must had hurt.”

“Why aren’t you scared, chérie? Surely you got hit once when flying…”

“Thunderstorms are no-fly days. We’re brave but not stupid. Saved my arse a few times back in school when they was a test.”

Thunder rolled through the room again, erasing all progress Lena had made towards calming her down. She could hear her breathing kick up again and feel her tremble.

“Calm down, you’re here, I’m here, we’re safe,” Lena whispered, kissing the top of Amélie’s head.

“Everything is okay. I’m real and you’re alive, it’s okay.” She started to steady her own breathing, hoping that Amélie would follow. She did, and soon her lover was on the brink of sleep.

“Je t’aime, ma chérie.”

Lena looked down at her now-sleeping form. She knew what those words meant, she had heard it thousands of times. During sex or at the beach or on a plane or in battles and everywhere in between. But it’s the times like these when it sinks in that she’s cared about, that she’s loved.

“I love you too.” She said to the sleeping figure, even though she has heard it thousands of times. 

Imagine accidentally catching Thorin bathing and trying to sneak away before he sees you staring

For ladyunderthemountain :)


A bath. A luxurious, warm, sweet-smelling bath is what you had been craving for the better part of a week. Unfortunately there were no baths matching that description on your journey so far so you would have to make do with a nearby lake.

Keep reading

[i.] “I am being torn apart,” he whispers, eyes glassy and distant. Vaguely, she wonders how she can hear him, even when he is so far away; when they are separated by space and silence and everything in between. “I want to be free of this pain.”

She gives no answer, for she does not know how to save him.

Behind her, the sun dies.

[ii.] Ruined beyond repair, he looks up, searching desperately for the light of day; gasping softly when he catches sight of her in the sky, a fitting replacement for all the stars.

Watching her take treachery by the hand, his awe is quickly eclipsed by the ruby-red leer of bloodlust, and he staggers through the haze of destruction, following her out of the wreckage -

[iii.] Because even now, she is the beacon who guides him out of the darkness, a light he is always pulled to; one he chases after without a second thought.

—  for my favorite fictional couples: the sky & the stars (pt. 7) by A.L.©

To my Sims 3 fellows who would wonder what I have against Sims 4 Winderburg skies. That’s the piece of sky my Sims see from their little campground. Stupidly, I haven’t made sure to take the very same angle on every picture, but you can still see that the clouds are always the same, same shape, same place, only the color changes. Do they move a little bit? Watching at all those pictures, I find them even more ridiculous… Booooh. I so, so dream of a sky/cloud replacement!!!

Day - Evening - Night (yes, check, you can see two stars) - Dawn.


Sky replacement in Adobe after effects

when singing along to any song with the words “the sky”, replace “the sky” with “this guy” and see who notices


P.H.FAT Brand New video for “City of Thieves”
Cape Town is fucking BEAUTIFUL
Rio outdid himself.