sky plays


On a related note, I mentioned it late that night, but I popped my old SD card into my 3DS on Thursday or so and poked around my New Leaf town for the first time in… well, in 12 months, as everyone was keen to remind me. I got the whim to play it again while watching Vinny try out the new Mario Kart DLC.

It’s weird seeing my character in that old trainer getup that I always used. This one, I mean:

Not much has changed at all, surprisingly enough. Perhaps that’s just my luck. Nobody’s moved away, and aside from a few weeds and clovers, all the flowers and things were as pristine as I’d left them. Pietro was sick, though, so I brought him some of the spare medicine I keep in my cabinet storage. I really hope that I can move my town data over to my bigger SD card without any corruption or trouble. I’ve put a lot of work into Treasure town, and I’d really hate to lose it all.