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Celestial Friend Part 6

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Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (featuring Bobby, TFW, and reader’s dad)

Word Count: 1,630

Warnings: Angst, hurt/comfort

A/N: This is going to be an emotional part in our story, but not the only one lol. So I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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You got into Bobby’s car.  There was a thick silence in the car as Bobby followed the Winchesters.  It was like he wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure how to say it.  You only wished he would say what was on his mind.  The silence was starting to rattle your nerves.

“I don’t know nothin’ about your dad [Y/N],” Bobby said out of the blue.  “Whoever he is, I hope he knows what he’s been missin’ out on.”

“I know this is kind of sensitive topic for you and all,” you murmured.  “But I think you’re a great dad.  I mean look at the Winchesters.  I heard you’re like a dad to many hunters, not just them.”

“In a way I guess,” Bobby shrugged.  “S’not the same, but it’s the closest this old geezer is ever gonna get.”

“I gotta tell you Bobby, I’m a little scared,” you confessed.  “I’m not really sure what to expect.”

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In South Florida, Two Penthouses With Rooftop Pools For $35 Million

Two penthouses north of Miami, each with its own rooftop pool, will soon hit the market for $35 million apiece. The luxury condo tower they will cap has not yet broken ground, and is scheduled for completion in early 2018. But the marketing is beginning. Each contains six bedrooms, 9.5 baths, three kitchens, a wine room, and a master suite with a gym.


The Khaleesi

A 102-story residential building with sweeping views of central park and the new york city skyline. Each unit has its own unique figurally carved façade and balconies that frame particular features of the surrounding urban and natural landscapes. The building is draped in a façade of limestone-tinted concrete panels with hydroformed sheet-bronze details and brass-tinted alloy structural extrusion enclosures. 

The 64th floor features a sky-lobby with exclusive retail stores, a 2-story high ballroom for events, and a 4-star restaurant all of which have access to four massive cantilevered balconies that offer an awe-inspiring event and dining experience unique to the city of new york. 

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Architect:  Mark Foster Gage


For The Love of Houston, Texas

The skyline of downtown Houston is one of my favorites in all of Texas. A few miles from downtown is the San Jacinto Monument (its taller than the Washingon Monument) There’s Discovery Green park in downtown Houston and a few miles above the city is The Woodlands which has a beautiful Riverwalk! The Chase Bank Tower (tallest building in Texas) has a Sky Lobby where you can see all of Houston & there’s lots of public art, sculptures, and a huge museum and art district!  #HTOWN

– The clacking of her heels was a distinct sound that echoed in the place. A roll of her eyes before she plops down on one of the sofas, practically sinking into the cushions. "Bozhe moi! “ The blonde exclaims in exasperation, slipping to her mother tongue so easily. "You would not believe what this stranger told me on my way here. He made a move on me, saying he puts the ‘STD’ in ‘STUD’. Hands down, the worst pickup line i’ve ever heard.” she finishes dramatically, English accent dripping from her painted-red lips.