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Sounding Rocket Science in the Arctic

We sent three suborbital sounding rockets right into the auroras above Alaska on the evening of March 1 local time from the Poker Flat Research Range north of Fairbanks, Alaska.  

Sounding rockets are suborbital rockets that fly up in an arc and immediately come back down, with a total flight time around 20 minutes. 

Though these rockets don’t fly fast enough to get into orbit around Earth, they still give us valuable information about the sun, space, and even Earth itself. Sounding rockets’ low-cost access to space is also ideal for testing instruments for future satellite missions.

Sounding rockets fly above most of Earth’s atmosphere, allowing them to see certain types of light – like extreme ultraviolet and X-rays – that don’t make it all the way to the ground because they are absorbed by the atmosphere. These kinds of light give us a unique view of the sun and processes in space.

The sun seen in extreme ultraviolet light by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.

Of these three rockets, two were part of the Neutral Jets in Auroral Arcs mission, collecting data on winds influenced by the electric fields related to auroras. Sounding rockets are the perfect vehicle for this type of study, since they can fly directly through auroras – which exist in a region of Earth’s upper atmosphere too high for scientific balloons, but too low for satellites.

The third rocket that launched on March 1 was part of the ISINGLASS mission (short for Ionospheric Structuring: In Situ and Ground-based Low Altitude Studies). ISINGLASS included two rockets designed to launch into two different types of auroras in order to collect detailed data on their structure, with the hope of better understanding the processes that create auroras. The initial ISINGLASS rocket launched a few weeks earlier, on Feb. 22, also from the Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska.

Auroras are caused when charged particles trapped in Earth’s vast magnetic field are sent raining down into the atmosphere, usually triggered by events on the sun that propagate out into space. 

Team members at the range had to wait until conditions were just right until they could launch – including winds, weather, and science conditions. Since these rockets were studying aurora, that means they had to wait until the sky was lit up with the Northern Lights.

Regions near the North and South Pole are best for studying the aurora, because the shape of Earth’s magnetic field naturally funnels aurora-causing particles near the poles. 

But launching sensitive instruments near the Arctic Circle in the winter has its own unique challenges. For example, rockets have to be insulated with foam or blankets every time they’re taken outside – including while on the launch pad – because of the extremely low temperatures.

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Dark Lovers [3]

An AU Series

Character Pairing: AU!King of Hell Steve Rogers x AU!Demon Bucky Barnes x AU!Angel Female Reader

Word Count: 2,879

Warnings: NSFW 18+. Fingering. Swearing. Mentions of torture and violence. 

A/N: This wouldn’t be possible without @apolla62200. Most of these ideas have come from her creative mind! 

One - Two

“You are pulled from the wreckage,

Of your silent reverie.

You’re in the arms of the angel,

May you find some comfort here.”

‘Sarah Mclachlan would be proud,’ you thought to yourself as you sang the last notes of the song softly.

Prying your swollen eyes open, you looked up at the ceiling of your tiny cell. You could barely make out the intricate etchings of the ancient binding spell.

You huffed a sarcastic laugh out of your dry, chapped lips.

Shifting your body slowly, you groaned when the cuff around your ankle chafed your raw skin. The heavy metal chain dragged the floor with your movements. You leaned over the side of mattress and grabbed the metal tray your lunch had been on. Lifting it in front of your face, you grimaced when you saw that your bruises had turned to that nasty yellow color.

Sitting the tray down, you rolled over onto your back again. Your body was mostly healed but still sore.

You heaved a heavy sigh. It could have been worse. This was a just a warning. Fury normally didn’t even give warnings, so you considered yourself lucky.

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Dusk by Michael Boys
Via Flickr:
This was a beautiful evening at the Magic Kingdom. The sky lit up with numerous clouds catching purple from the setting sun. The full moon perched above Prince Eric’s Castle was the proverbial cherry on top.

Star Above the Waters.

TW: major depictions of suicide and suicidal thoughts, major character death.

The icy cold drops of rain pierce deep into Lance’s tear strewn cheeks, pale with cold as he shivered. It was like little needles flecking his skin and leaving him numb and frigid.

Above him, storm clouds cracked and thundered and rolled, making a symphony of Mother Nature’s deadly desire.

Somewhere in front of him, the sky lit up with light like a match in a dark room, only now it was a lighting strike as it buried itself and made its mark somewhere in the world.

Good for it. It left a lasting impression when it was gone. Something Lance would never be able to accomplish.

He had tried countless times.

Either to be noticed, to be popular, to exist in the eyes of people who weren’t apart of his routine life.

He went to whatever lengths he could, tried to stay out of any negative situation.

Lance was always a people pleaser. He always did his very best to make sure everyone he encountered was left with something good to say about him when he was gone.

But any good start with anyone, would only crumble to bad in some way and have him in ruins. Failure.

It seemed like other people could do it just fine. They could be just like Lance and yet they would be the one to rise up in the world, while he was only sinking lower.

Literally and mentally.

Over the past few weeks Lance had got to thinking pretty hard about life. Not about how to go forward with it, what he could make of it, or even what he had planned in life as it went on.

Lance thought more so on the side of ending it. Which, in that way, could be counted as the same as making it better.

Or at least that’s how Lance saw it.

He’d been looking at the possibilities for weeks, like a kid in the candy store. Any way to get out of the world that he couldn’t stand up in, only put deeper and deeper into a hole that the people around him were digging for him.

In all honesty, maybe he had a shovel himself, but that had only been for a little while. It was a small shovel.

Hanging was out of the question. He read too many history books and seen too many movies to know that if it’s done with the slightest flaw, it won’t be easy.

You have to take in people’s height and weight, and the way the noose is tied in relativity to it all.

He would leave the math to Pidge.

Second option had been using those skills with a firearm that he had. But in all honesty that was too messy and he didn’t like the idea of risking it not going right, distorting his face for the rest of his life.

Although he knew the proper way was to put the shotgun directly behind his ear, he didn’t want to wimp out at something only he could control. Pull the trigger or not, there’s too much room for mind changing.

Lance had already tried pills. But he had already been on so many medications to numb the race of his heart, the workings of his mind, all the boy had gotten in return was a nice euphoria for a few hours.

The stomach pumping afterward wasn’t as pleasant, so again there is too much room for flaw. It needed to be just right.

So here he was.
Standing atop this mere ledge as the thing he loved most fell down around him.

You may be thinking that there is too much chance of let go or not let go, fall or not fall, in this scenario.

But that’s why he chose today of all days.
This ledge of all ledges. It was perfect.

Below the 3 ½ inch strip of concrete his feet balanced on, roared the sea. Lance had always loved the water.

A lighthouse. Dark. 5 pm.

Lance had learn most suicides happened between the times of noon and six in the evening, so why not just blend in with the crowd, since he could never stand out in it?

It was about 230 feet tall from the water, and here Lance stood at 198 feet above.

The boy closed his eyes, which were warm with tears but the rain made his skin cold. He felt a swaying motion, and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears.

Everything has an expiration date, whether human or animal or thing.

Nothing doesn’t not come to an end.

It can be chosen by you or for you.
Expected or unexpected.

A thought came to his head, standing hundreds of feet above the water that would soon become one with him and finalize his expiration date.

Lance had always tried to stand out, take risks, try and be noticed and try to be civil.

How come he lived in a world where ‘Take A Life’ was something all you had to do was turn on the television to hear. A social norm almost, something sad, but no you don’t really try and think about it that much.

But ‘Take A Chance’? How is it fair that it seems almost impossible, scary even. Frowned upon, because why would you do that?

What sort of world was that?

Lance lifted on hand from the hold behind him, wiping his cheeks. If he lifted the other, he would fall.

He leaned forward, his free hand swaying at his side as he stared at the back of his eyelids. That questioned repeated itself.

What kind of world is that?

Lance shook his head with a low chuckle, a sad sound that made it past his lips but was then snatched away by the wind.

A tired voice muttered, “Not the kind I want to live in.” With those words, Lance let go.

That wasn’t Lance.
None of them would believe that it was Lance, because how could it be?

It was held in a splayed out position, head back and mouth open, eyes closed.

It’s body was on the verge of turning blue, and had already bloated. It must have been there for hours.

It was dead. A dead, blue thing.

And even though it wore the same clothes, they all refused to believe it was the happy Cuban boy they had come to love and care for, even if he annoyed them sometimes.

They’d gone looking for him after he hadn’t shown up for dinner, and wasn’t back by ten at night.

Keith suggested they go out with flashlights.

Pidge who said wait a little longer.

Shiro who said he’d wait and see if he came back while they were out.

Hunk who found the note on Lances desk.
Shiro who read it out loud, and ran.
Pidge is the one who found it.

The body.

And it was Lance who was dead.

‘I knew someday I’d probably have to write a will or something, you know that thing old people write and families break over.

But I guess I didn’t know I’d be writing my own suicide note. Things had been pretty okay for me as a child.

I wanted to go to space, or become a marine biologist. Stars and water, either one was perfect for me because I loved them both.

Maybe I should say I’m sorry, because that’s what everyone else writes, but I’m not going to.

It would be like saying sorry for the milk expiring, or the toy that broke. I’m just another thing that had an end coming.

We all do.
But I’m not sorry.

I got to see the water, be apart of it, and I know I probably won’t look very pretty when you find me but I didn’t bother to put any makeup on when I woke up for the last time this morning.

Don’t worry, if you look up at night, I’ll look so much better as a star. Among those that I had always wanted to see.

Pidge, you’re such a strong woman and you’re smarter than I could have ever been. When you invent a code that makes memories a reality, please don’t forget about me by then and visit the good ones we had, okay?

Keith, at least from up here I can look down on your mullet, and pretend it looks a lot better than it actually is. Also, do me a favor and make sure Hunk is okay after this. You two seem close to an extent, he is going to need someone to go to. ((If he makes you something to eat, EAT IT.))

Hunk, thank you so much for being my best friend and my brother for all of these years. You’re a good bro, and I’ll make sure to put a good word in up here for you so you can be the Big Guy’s head chef. (Only if I get some snacks though.) I’m trusting you to keep Pidge in check, and make sure you feed those little mice in the shed. I love you.

Shiro, please please watch them all for me. And take care of yourself. I know you’ve been through a lot and I’m not helping any, but use them as your support and you as theirs. It’s okay to need someone, everyone needs another. Just make sure they have you, and each other, because I don’t want any of you to end up like me. Stay rad, space Dad.

I don’t care what you do with me, but whatever you do I want to be by the ocean. My final final resting place. Spread my ashes, bury my grave. Just make sure they play Beyoncé at the funeral.

You guys are out of this world.
See you later.

~ Lancey Lance
Just friends

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: something fluffy? Like, taking years to ask you out even though you both clearly liked each other for a while?

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

It was your usual weekly get together with the boys and the 8 of you sat around outside talking. You couldn’t remember who’s idea it was to camp outside for the night but you weren’t complaining. Despite the house being two feet away, the weather was really nice. It was a little cold but the sky seemed to be lit up with the few stars you were able to see.  

“I swear it was like I wasn’t even in the room anymore.” You sighed. 

Jimin burst out laughing. “Maybe it’s because you’re so quiet. I swear that stuff only happens to you.”

Jin laughed as well. “You’re shy too!”

“Yeah but I’m also hot. There’s no way they wouldn’t notice me.” Jimin said, smirking, causing all the other boys to groan.

“Anyway, are you guys hungry yet? The bonfire is ready.”  Hoseok added. 

You nodded. “Yeah I’m kinda hungry.”

Hoseok and Jin went in the house to get stuff for dinner and you moved over to Yoongi who was just sitting on his phone, cuddled up in a blanket. 

“Are you not having fun?”

He looked up from his phone. “Oh, no. I’m just tired and I feel like we should be preparing for our comeback since it’s so soon. It’s weird sitting out here.”

You watched his face, noticing he seemed more nervous than tired but you couldn’t place why he would lie about that. A bit of cold air blew down your back and you shivered, covering your arms with your hands. 

“But we always do this sort of thing.”

Yoongi seemed to be distracted by the fact you looked cold instead of answering you back. He moved his chair closer to sharing his blanket with you.

“Why did you come out here wearing shorts? I feel like you’re doing this on purpose.” He joked, placing your half over your legs. You blushed.

“Yeah sorry…”

As the night starts to go by a few of the boys decided to go to bed leaving you, Yoongi, Jungkook, and Taehyung still awake. Jungkook looks over at Yoongi.

“Can you go in the house and get my phone? I think I left it in there.”

Yoongi stands up from his chair, leaving you with a puzzled expression. He would have never agreed to that before.

“Y/N, can you come with me?”

“Yeah sure.” You say as you get up as well, following behind him into the house. 

“What’s the matter, are you scared now that it’s dark?”

Yoongi looked back at you, stopping in his tracks. His face was plastered with a serious expression and he exhaled. 

“…it was just a joke? What’s going on with you-”

He took a few steps closer to you, making you stop talking. His head tilts away from you as if he wasn’t trying to make eye contact with you.

“I don’t usually do shit like this but-..You’re an exception. It seems like you’re an exception for a lot of things. I don’t want to keep pushing this back anymore because i’m sick of it. I’m sick of playing around with the fact that i’m in love with you, that I keep writing music about you, that i’m tired of not being about to hold your hand or kiss you when I want. Jungkook only asked me to get his phone so I could be in here alone with you. I wanted to ask if….you’d finally go out with me?”

You stood there speechless, watching his ears turn red.

“Please say something already.” He muttered.

Your hands came up from your sides and made their way to the sides of his face. The split second the two of you made eye contact he leaned in to kiss you. Although you did initiate it suddenly you were aware of how loudly your heart was beating in your chest. When his lips finally pressed against yours you could feel your cheeks get warm. It wasn’t a secret to either of you that you liked each other but it was a whole other thing hearing it out loud and to be able to kiss him. His hands grabbed against your waist, only pulling you in tighter. 


“What are you worried about? Nobody’s even in the house..” He groaned, now kissing on your neck. 

“It’s not that. Jungkook is standing in the doorway with a flashlight under his face.” You laughed. 

Jungkook smiled at Yoongi, giving him a thumbs up. He knew he was dead in the morning but at least his joke made you laugh. 

Glorious Gems of MP - The Gwalior Fort and Man Singh Palace

Most of what I remembered about the great city of Gwalior came from my 5th or 6th grade history textbook. And my memories were as foggy as the evening of the day I landed in MP.

Excited to be in Gwalior for the first time, I was just in time to catch the Light and Sound show at the Man Singh Palace also known as the Man Mandir Palace. And what a majestic show it was -   under the open sky, the palace lit up in wonderful colours, the history of the city rendered in the baritone of Amitabh Bachchan! It was nothing less than a grand theatre!  

Built in 8th century, the fort stands tall upon the Gopachal hill. The exact period of the fort’s construction is not clear, but historians say that it started in the 8th Century. According to the folklore, one day Suraj Sen who suffered from leprosy, found himself very thirsty atop the hill. Sant Gwalipa offered him sacred water from a pond, which cured him of the disease. Out of gratitude, Suraj Sen fortified the hilltop and named the citadel Gwalior to honour the saint.

Around the 15th century, the fort came under Man Singh Tomar, a king who was known as one of the greatest connoisseur of art and music. He transformed the fort into a grand architectural marvel that even Babur referred it as the “pearl amongst the fortresses of India”. After being captured by the Mughals, the fort was used as a jail. By the end of their reign, they had destroyed almost everything precious. Finally, in 18th Century, it flourished again in the hands of Maharaja Scindia.

Today, the monument is a huge fortress sprawling across an area of 3 square km surrounded by a concrete wall of sandstone. It comprises of six palaces, three temples, and several water tanks. One of its most famous temples is Teli-ka-Mandir built in the Dravidian style with an exquisite sculpted exterior. Another fascinating temple is the Saas-Bahu Temple, with two asymmetrical pillars. The other palaces are Jahangir Mahal, the Karan Palace, the Shah Jahan Mahal and the Gurjari Mahal, built by Man Singh for Mrignayani, his favourite wife. Gurjari Mahal currently is an archeological museum with an impressive collection, some of which dates back to 1st century AD.

Totally engrossed in the stories, I had walked down the lanes of history. I looked around to see the most beautiful view - a modern cityscape of Gwalior. The city was lit up!

Early next morning, I returned to witness the monument and relive all the stories I had heard the night before. We started off our visit with the Man Mandir palace or the Chit Mandir for the rich ceramic mosaics encrusting its facade. It was absolutely breathtaking made out of sandstone with stunning motifs on coloured tiles- everything speaking volumes about craftsmanship beyond time. My guide Puneet ji narrated many more wonderful tales that described the symbolism of the motifs as well as showed me the secret little telephonic tunnel the king used to converse with his queens.

The Diwan-e-aam and Diwan-e-khas music halls made for the queens to see performances while honouring the purdah system, have some exquisite grillwork. Lotus, which signifies Lord Brahma is a motif that keeps re-appearing across numerous places. 

The royal seal can also be seen in the main hall.

Raja Man Singh’s  bedroom has beautiful brackets which once held stunning mirror work like a Sheesh Mahal. Taking cue from this, I began reimagining the grandeur of the place.

I could also see the Gurjari Mahal situated below the palace, which was built as one of the conditions set by Mrignayani to marry Raja Man Singh. The other two conditions were that she should get water from her village river (which was the secret of her strength and beauty) at the new palace, and that she would fight each war alongside the King.

A leap into history, the Man Singh Palace has left me inspired in many many ways.

About the artist

Neethi Goldhawk is an independent illustrator and textile print designer who loves drawing all things dreamy, inspired by nature and life. She has illustrated for platforms like Redbull Amaphiko and Launchora. Her pen name (Goldhawk) was concocted in the crowded space of her mind full of absurd characters, who are but little children at heart. She is an avid Tumblr blogger and can be found here

By Neethi Goldhawk

➳ For the first time in three days the weather cleared enough for us to see the night sky being lit up by the midnight sun. Meanwhile I listened to the small town fall asleep behind me as I walked along the waters edge. I really can’t wait to be among giants like these again.

Say It (2/8)

Part 1 Part 3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 4.816

Summary: Bucky searches for Y/N.

Warning: Angst. @suchabigmesss asked me to pick up her heart from the floor, just an indicator. 

A/N: Hi loves! It’s finally here, so sorry for the delay! Definitely do read part 1 first!! Thank you so incredibly much for all the love you give me and this story! This will be a multichapter series, so I really hope you’ll want to read it, I have an outline ready and chapters will be out faster than this one! I promise! Lots of love to all of your cute faces! feedback is as always greatly appreciated <3

Bucky looked at the hologram in front of him, gritting his teeth in annoyance. He had raided every Hydra base he could think of and more, but not as much as a stray of hair of evidence had been found of your whereabouts. His eyes scanned the map again, his brain working overtime to think of something he hadn’t thought of, something he couldn’t remember. Just something.

He came up with nothing.

Groaning in frustration, he dismissed the hologram and fell back in the chair. He stared out of the window at the night sky being lit up by a few stars, letting his mind run wild.

Seven months and twenty four days. That’s how long it had been since you had sacrificed yourself, going with Hydra so they wouldn’t hurt him or Natasha.

Whenever he closed his eyes, all he could see was the last look you gave him. A silent plea for him to step over the line so they would kill you instead of taking you with them. He hadn’t listened to your plea because he couldn’t stand letting you die. He had done what he wanted, let you live, and because of that, you were God knows where among the people who had ripped him from everything he was and made him into something they wished.

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Starlight and Snowflakes

Content: An Elriel fan-fiction. Some fluff, quite a lot of smut…I think.

Rating: Explicit/NSFW

Words: 3,382

Link on Ao3

Disclaimer: MIGHT CONTAIN SOME ACOWAR SPOILERS. This is my first ever fan-fiction guys. Please go easy on me if this sucks, if the smut’s not good enough and if I don’t resonate with the characters’ voices well. I tried :’x If you enjoyed it, likes and reblogs would be appreciated <3 Also thank you @throne-of-omg-the-feels for the nudge <33 @obnoxiouslycheerfulgirl, because you wanted to see it.

Months after the war with Hybern ended, it was finally the time to celebrate for the residents of the Night Court on their most cherished night of the year-the night of Starfall. All day, the citizens of Velaris kept themselves busy in decorating the city of starlight and setting everything up for the festival. The High Lord and High Lady, as well as their Inner Circle, also lent a hand in painting the city with colors of harmony and peace. By the evening, the streets were crowded with both high and lesser Fae, a crowd of adults and children. Since the wall came down, a few humans who could muster the courage to overcome their fear of the Fae came to the Night Court to witness this unique phenomenon.

Gleeful choruses of laughter and the melodious tunes of music trailed to Azriel’s ears as he stood in the threshold of the garden of the townhouse. He looked out to the festivities and took in the sound of Cassian and Mor bickering over one thing or another behind him in the foyer. Amren was casually perched on the sofa, snuggling with Varian, the Prince of Adriata, who she had invited over from the Summer Court to experience Starfall.

He turned as he heard footsteps and turned to see Rhys and Feyre coming downstairs, hand-in-hand, his High Lady grinning from ear to ear at something Rhys whispered in her ear. They both looked regal and radiant in their attires and were closely followed by Nesta, her eyes clearly searching for Cassian. When their eyes met, she didn’t smile but Az caught a glimmer in her eyes and looked towards Cass to find him smirking at her. He had finally stopped bickering with Mor and she now sauntered her way toward Feyre, probably complementing her outfit for the night and still nagging Rhys to tell her where he got these dresses from. He just winked at her and she stuck his tongue out to him and walked away to grab a bottle of wine from the table. As entertaining as all them were, his eyes still searched for the one person amongst them all who was still to make an appearance.

As if on cue, he felt her. Not quite there yet, but he could sense her coming and just like that, there she was, at the top of the staircase. Azriel’s heart-stopped at the sight of her. Everyone else blacked out from his vision and it was as if there was only him and her in this space. Elain Archeron. She looked like a fragment of the stars themselves as she stood there, her eyes finding his. At the sight of him, her face seemed to brighten with a smile that even lit up his shadows. Fretting nervously, she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Dressed in stunning silver, with an undertone of blue, the sheer top half of her bodice was covered in lace designs that lay floral patterns on her chest, torso and along her arms. They continued down to the side of the lower half of the gown, which draped down and pooled around the floor, its chiffon material glimmering. Her golden-brown locks hung in loose waves around her shoulder and only a single, thick braid, bedecked with pearl beads, was plaited on the crown of her head like a headband. A circlet with a moonstone pendant in the center and adjoining charms shaped like stars bejeweled her forehead.

A snow-flake. That’s the first thought that came to Az’s mind and he chided himself for it. But that’s what she reminded him of. A snowflake under the reflection of the moon, something he always found so beautiful in its simplicity. He willed his feet to start moving and approached Elain as she descended down the stairs. Unmindfully, he fixed the collar and lapels of his snug-fitting black embroidered jacket and took his girlfriend’s hand.

A couple months ago, he had finally started courting her when she finally confessed to him that she did not want to be with Lucien. That she did not feel drawn to him, at least not in any romantic way and that she sought and found more of a companion in him. That she loved him and not the man who is supposed to be her mate. Azriel had been taken aback at the revelation but soon after, he was ecstatic. He hadn’t felt this way in centuries about anyone else but Mor, who he had slowly learned to let go of in the recent months; and here she was-this gorgeous, strong-willed girl with a heart so full of love that he was drawn to her from the very beginning.

He could feel everyone in the room still behind him but he didn’t care. Az politely put his right hand forward as he reached the end of the staircase and offered it to Elain. She took it and looked up at him from beneath her lashes.

“Hi” she mumbled.
The edges of his mouth tucked up as he responded.
“Hello, Elain. You look stunning” and kissed the back of her hand.
Azriel quickly noted the blush that now stained her cheeks and the shy smile that played on her lips. With that, he took her hand and placed it on the crook of his elbow and led her to everybody else.


After some mockery and chit-chat, the group gathered in the street outside their home to witness Starfall with all the dressed up on-lookers of Velaris. Looking at every one of them, he felt beyond grateful that his family had all survived the war and were now well and happy. They deserved it. Every single person present here deserved it. With that thought, he sensed the music and chatter die down and all the companion lights go off. Shocked, Elain grasped his hand, unsure of what was happening, her brows crinkled in an adorable gesture of worry. He brushed a kiss on her temple and whispered in her ear, “You’ll see”.

And with that, it began. The night sky lit up in a shower of starlight; of effervescent paint that now stained the vast darkness. He took in the sight, the beauty and somehow the falling stars seemed to multiply this year. As he heard from Rhys, they weren’t exactly stars, but souls that chose this one night to make their journey across the heavens. This seemed to be a tribute from the lost souls of the war and so many of the residents sent kisses to the skies, as they then proceeded to drink and dance.

He stole a glance at Elain and found her spell-bound. Her mouth was slightly agape, her eyes widened and gleaming with the reflection of the starlight, hand clutching Azriel’s tightly.
“Beautiful” she said, her words barely audible.
He drank in the sight before him and locked it away in his memory forever, smiling down at her.


Following the star of the celebration, they all drank some champagne and danced. Azriel had Elain in his arms and slowly moved with her, breathing in her scent, basking in the warmth of her body against his. He gently kissed her sometimes, which sent his memories reeling back to their first kiss-it happened during an evening stroll by the Sidra when he was showing her around the city and they stopped to rest. She had leaned into him for warmth and he had his wings tucked around her as she looked up at him and then moved her gaze down to his lips. Normally, he had stellar control, but then and there, he could not muster it and leaned down to make their lips meet. The feel of her mouth, the taste of her was indescribable. He wanted more, but he knew not to push her and cherish as much of her as she’d give to him.


They were still slow-dancing when she murmured near his chest, “Azriel?”
Resting his chin on top of her head, as he was doing so for a while, he asked, “Hmm?”
“Would you come up to my room? I want to show you something.”
He moved his face and looked down at her. He gently brushed the back of his hand along her cheekbone as he nodded. Elain took him by his hand and led him inside the house again and up to her chamber.

It was a neat little room, well arranged and organized. It smelled floral and distinctly like the woman he was irrevocably in love with. The curtains were left open, letting in a cool breeze that made the room feel airy and comfortable. Elain stopped just by the terrace that accompanied her room and looked excitedly at a patch of newly-bloomed morning glories.
“I always wanted to grow these. There’s something so intriguing about how they just bloom at night; and how ironic their name is. And, now look, they’re finally here”, she grinned up at him.
Azriel wrapped an arm around her waist and finally spread his wings, getting some free space.
“They’re beautiful, my love”
She leaned closer, and bit her lip. Turning to him, she took his scarred hand in hers, brought it up to her mouth and kissed it. Azriel stiffened slightly at the contact and it was now his turn to bite his lips.
“Your wings. You. That’s what’s truly beautiful.” She said to him, a glazed look in her eyes as she traced a finger down a wing. He shuddered and closed his eyes.
“Are you okay?” she asked, unaware of how delicate an Illyrians’ wings were. Normally, he’d object to anyone even thinking of touching his wings but with her, with Elain, he felt safe. And he wanted her touch. So, so bad.
“Yes” he said hoarsely. “They can be a little…sensitive to things”
She nodded but continued to trail her fingers along them, as if memorizing every nook and curve that forged those mighty wings. Every layer of color they shone. He gripped her tighter around the waist, gasping out her name when she lifted her face up to kiss him.


Elain barely just brushed her lips against his and felt a soft whimper escape his mouth. Azriel held her tight but was standing so very still, looking at her with something more than just love. She stood on her tiptoes and moved to kiss him properly now and he obliged. Both their eyes shuttered close; one of his hands moved to cup her face while the other moved along her waist and grabbed the edge. Her own hand curled itself on the back of the Illyrian’s neck while her free fingers entwined in his dark hair. The sky was still illuminated with starlight and they reflected off of his night black hair, giving them a silver sheen.

Their kiss deepened as Azriel gently opened her mouth with his tongue and started exploring. A little moan escaped Elain which in return got a low, satisfactory groan from him. He broke the kiss to trail his lips along the lines of the jaw, just behind her ear and down the exposed collar of her neck. She arched to his touch, allowing him more access. He grazed his teeth along the exposed flesh and she gasped.

Az look at her, eyes glazed with barely contained lust, hair an unruly mess that was her doing. They both knew where this was heading.
“Elain, are you sure you want this?” he asked earnestly, still holding her close.
She had never gone this far with a male. Even being engaged to Graysen, they did nothing more than kiss, saving themselves for their wedding night. She always thought that’s how it’d be. That she’d be married to a wonderful human man, they’d have a lovely marriage, a happy home and a flock of beautiful children. But all that had been a fantasy. No, she was a High Fae now. None of that would be real. There would be no human end for her and she might have felt the loss of it at the beginning of her transition, but not now. Not anymore. Back there, she would perhaps have been shunned for sharing a bed with any other male but her husband, so she would hold back.
But not in Prythian. No, here, everyone owned up to their sexuality. And it was oddly liberating. Here, she felt free. And healed-and all for this extraordinary male that now held her, who accepted her and loved. She wanted to be with him. She wanted to give him everything. This, her first time, she didn’t want to experience it with anyone but him.
“Yes, Azriel. Yes” she said to him, voice steady, with no flicker of doubt in her mind.

That was all it took for him to delve right into her. He kissed her passionately; rougher than before as if some part of him he kept chained became unleashed at her approval. Az’s hands explored her body and every touch of his was electric. She let her hands roam over his body; the hard planes of his chest, the lean stomach, the smooth, warm skin of his neck. He turned Elain toward the room and led her inside, never breaking their kiss. Her hands started fumbling with the buttons of his jacket and he helped her unbutton it. She took it off of him and threw it away. Breaking their kiss yet again, she proceeded to look at him.

There he was, bare from the waist up. She noticed his stomach was corded with muscles as she moved her fingers along his chiseled chest, banded with black, Illyrian tattoos, and torso. Those majestic wings framed him, hiding everything in the background from view. They were massive. The colors hidden in their skin seemed to shimmer under the starlight. His shadows were barely there, as if something kept them at bay. Azriel seemed to shudder at her very touch and she could slowly start to feel his hardness against her core.

Elain slowly turned and had her back to Azriel, unclasping any jewelry she had on and laying it on a table nearby. She moved her hair from her back placed it over her right shoulder, clearly signaling for him to unzip her. With steady hands, he oh-so-slowly undid her zipper. He grazed his fingers along her shoulders and started pushing her sleeves down. Her blood turned to liquid fire at every point of contact and she let the dress fall to the floor and pool around her feet. She now stood there, just in her white lace panties, barer than she’d ever been, even in front of her sisters. She felt Az inch closer and lean down to place feather-like kisses along her exposed shoulder and she threw her head back at the feel of it and sighed.  Catching her unawares, he bit her shoulder, making her cry out from pleasure. She could now start to feel warmth pulling between her legs like never before.

Az turned his lover around and took in the sight of her, bathed in gleaming star-shine. His eyes took in her in pert breasts; nipple peaked in arousal, down to her torso, her stomach and skimmed along her bare legs. His eyes shone with carnal hunger as he moved to lay her down on the bed and then place himself atop her.

One of his hands had her by the neck and the other grabbing onto her thigh, moving inward. Those wicked fingers of his caressed the skin just below her bare breasts. His other hand also stroked lazy, indolent circles along the inside of her thigh, building up her anticipation, teasing. She felt his hardness right between her legs as her hunger for him grew and she started moving along it. Azriel exhaled hard and looked up at her from her neck. Breathless, he asked.

“What do you want, Elain?”

“You. Every inch of you”

At that, a satisfactory growl from deep within escaped him and he gave her a long, hard kiss. His mouth moved down to the skin of her chest, and lower to her hardened nipple. He sucked on it gently, at the same time rising the index finger and thumb of his hand to roll and stroke her other breast and nipple. He gave that one the same treatment, only biting down making her gasp.

The ache was increasingly growing at her core and she needed him. She made a strained noise to alert him of how badly she wanted him and he smirked. He seemed to have gotten the hint. His lips landed featherlike kissed down her stomach and kissed her between her legs over her white lace panties before taking them off of her. He lifted himself up a little to look down at her, devouring every inch of her with his eyes. The ravenous look in them drove Elain mad.

Az started with her thighs, kissing the inside of it and sucking on the skin and kept moving inwards. With every inch forward, the kisses became more light and teasing. She was ready for his mouth; there was nowhere forward to go. Except….he stopped and kissed her everywhere BUT where she needed him most.

“Please Azriel..”

"Patience, my lady” he replied with a cocky grin.

She made a cry of protest but he just laughed from between her legs and damn her, this just made her want him more.

At his lick, she turned molten.

“Fuck, Elain. You’re drenched”

“Mmmm” was all she got out as he continued feasting on her-licking, sucking, probing her with his skilled tongue. Soon enough, he pushed a finger inside her. And then another, stroking her just where she wanted him as well as continuing to taste her. This pushed her over the edge and she cried out his name as she lost all sense and reason. She came relentlessly over his mouth.

As she was calming down from her first orgasm, he got up on his knees and discarded off his tight fitting pants and by the cauldron, she almost came undone from the sight of him. The dark hair, deep, hazel eyes, the sculpted body, the whorls of his tattoo; the hard length of him all dressed in the silvery light of the stars leaking through her window-he looked like a fallen prince- with powerful wings that now cocooned them, a lust-addled look on his face.

He lowered his mouth down onto hers, kissing her rough and hard and wrapped her legs around his waist, positioning his tip on her entrance and gently rubbing. She was drenched again, completely ready for him. Yet still, he looked into Elain’s eyes, a silent question still. She nodded. And just like that he slowly pushed himself inside her and let her adjust to it. It hurt just a little at the beginning but soon, the pleasure had overridden the initial pain. When she was comfortable, he started moving and she had no way to hold back her scandalous moans as she lost herself to the ecstasy of the full feel of him inside her. Azriel himself was panting and moaning, a sound that set her blood on fire and when they both came together, he called out her name. The intensity of it burned through her, making light explode behind her eyes.

“I love you, Elain. I don’t deserve you. But damn me, because I can’t not find myself around you”, he said afterwards, still lingering inside her.
“And I love you, Azriel. You deserve everything and more”


Azriel fell asleep before Elain did. He left a kiss on her forehead before he passed out and was now sprawled there covered up to the waist in her white sheets, an arm tucked under her neck, holding her close. She leaned down and softly kissed his cheek. He shuffled slightly and wrapped her in tighter in his arm and wings and went on with his slumber. In the aftermath of their deed, they had laid there for hours talking and laughing with each other. A certain topic of “wingspans” had also come up till they at last had snuggled in comfortable silence and till the male beside her passed out.

don’t let me go | jjk

pairing: reader x jungkook 

themes: angst, lots of angst, idol!jungkook 

warnings: swearing, semi-smut (?) 

word count: 2,700+

summary: jungkook has been yours for two long years, but even time cannot save what you two have when you’ve finally reached your point of no return. 

a/n: so really i wrote this so fast out of burst of inspo, but i didn’t want the situation/issue to be so clear, so it’s up for your interpretation! 

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Silence. Silence is what engulfed the room. The phrase, ‘so silent you could hear a pin drop’, applied to the situation. 

Distance. Distance is what separated the two of you. While you two may be nearly just feet apart, there was more distance there than more than meets the eye. 

Resentment. Resentment is what is sending you over the edge. 

You were currently curled up on a chair in the hotel room you two shared. Your makeup still on from the night, your hair up on top of your head. Dawning a look tank top and sweatpants. This normally would be the ideal situation of a boyfriend looking longingly at his partner, even when they look their lowest. 

However, the situation was not normal. Jungkook was there sitting on the edge of the bed you two were meant to be sharing, his elbows on his knees. Jungkook also was not looking at you longingly, he was looking at you out of despair. He was desperate for you to look at him. But you couldn’t. 

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Mean - Part 4 [Harrison Osterfield Series]

A/N IT’S FINALLY UP I’M SO HAPPY CUZ THIS TOOK ME FOREVER i had writers block then I had no time to write when I got the idea so YAYYY

Summary: You and Harrison share the same group of friends, but somehow you can’t stand each other. All of your friends wonder how long it’ll take for you two to get along, or maybe even fall in love.

Word count: 1, 827

Pairings: Harrison Osterfield x reader, ft Tom Holland and friends

Warnings: none!!

Masterlist | Mini Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

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Falling In Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader fall for each other but have a hard time expressing it, for fear of rejection.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Slight Cursing, Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyyy guys!!! This is my entry for Mimi’s aka @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s “Mimi’s Trope Challenge”!! I got the prompt: Secretly in love but for some reason can’t express it. I hope you guys like it!! *hides face* Feedback is definitely welcomed!!

You know that butterfly feeling people say they get when they’re in love?

Well I used to think that was a bunch of bullshit. I wasn’t like your typical girly girl who was all about the weddings and the falling in love at first sight. It just wasn’t me.

Why, you ask?

Well, because in my humble opinion, true love didn’t exist. One didn’t just fall in love out of the blue with someone and say “oh you’re the one for me”. At least not in my book.

But fuck me, man. Who would have thought that I would eat my own words? And in huge heaps of it. Hell, even to this day, I’m at a loss for words with this overwhelming feeling. And it scared the living hell out of me.

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Request: 14. You are seated next to your bias on a plane with Hansol from svt?

Member: Seventeen’s Vernon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Are you going to eat that?” hummed the sleepy voice of the stranger beside you. 

You jumped at his words, looking up from the book you had laying open in your lap. You blinked slowly, taking in the new development that had occurred in your fairly uneventful flight. 

When you had first boarded the plain to Korea, you had landed in your seat, extremely nervous about the hours before you. It was your first international flight and you had no idea what to expect. You had leaned over to the young man in the window seat, his face hidden by a baseball cap, and began introducing yourself. Your mouth moved independently from your thoughts, the nerves taking over your words as they escaped from your lips with a speed you didn’t know you were capable of. 

After speaking for what was at least an interval of five minutes, your words finally slowed, realizing that the guy beside you hadn’t looked up from the window he was leaning against during your whole one sided conversation. You eased forward, waving your hand lightly before his partially shielded face, coming to the conclusion that he was asleep. 

And had been during the entire duration of your speech. 

You sighed as you leaned back again, grumbling to yourself. You quickly came to the understanding that you were very much alone for this flight. 

That was why when you heard his deep and accented English, you jumped, almost having forgotten that he was there at all. 

“Um…I’m sorry?” you hummed, furrowing your brows. He readjusted his cap, setting it further up on his forehead so you could now see his handsome face. You felt your eyes widen, shocked by how attractive he was. 

“Are you going to eat that?” he repeated, pointing to the small bag of snacks on your tray. You looked back at him, shaking your head in silence. He grinned and reached over without any reservations, ripping into the small bag of pretzels. “Did I miss the meal?”

“Uh…no,” you said slowly, still mildly stumped by him. He had been asleep for the majority of the flight. With roughly three hours in the air left before you, you had assumed he would just sleep the entire time. 

You watched him carefully as he chewed, while he did the opposite. He was fidgety and avoided eye contact. Whenever your eyes happened to trail past each other, his cheeks would break out into a deep blush and he would immediately look out of the window again. 

“It’s rude to stare,” he muttered, a bashful grin on his face as he looked down to his lap. 

“To be honest I’m kind of amazed you’re alive,” you chuckled, finally looking away from him. “I thought about sticking a mirror under your nose to make sure you were still breathing.”

The young man looked at you, eyes wide and mouth slightly ajar. 

“Oh come on, you can laugh,” you sighed. “It was a little funny.”

After a few moments of silence the guy nodded, letting out a small and forced laugh. “I’m Vernon by the way. Or Hansol. Whatever you prefer.”

“Those are two very different names,” you nodded. “How do they relate at all?”

“Hansol is my Korean name,” he smiled. “Vernon is my middle name…and stage name.”

“I’m Y/N,” you said, finally getting to introduce yourself. “And I’m sorry…your stage name?”

Vernon’s eyebrows rose, his expression suddenly filing with excitement. “Yeah! I’m a rapper!”

“…and you picked Vernon…as your rapper name?” you said slowly, not quite following. 

“Well…yeah!” he gasped. “Why?”

“I mean…it doesn’t have the street cred I expected of a rapper’s name,” you hummed, tilting your head in thought. “No offense…I mean, I’m sure you’re a wonderful rapper, but-”

“Let me show you my mixtape!” he gasped, cutting you off and beginning to dig in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and a pair of headphones, unwinding them quickly. 

“No, really, I-” you began. 

“It’s lit!” Vernon insisted, thrusting a headphone into your ear. As soon as his fingers hit your skin, he retracted them, another deep blush painting his cheeks. “Sorry.”

“Uh…it’s fine,” you trailed, readjusting the earbud. 

“This song is called Lotto,” he nodded, bopping along to the opening beat. You nodded as well, thoroughly surprised by the quality and caliber of the young man’s rapping. He began to whisper rap beside you, becoming his own hype man as the recording played. 

“You’re voice rides the beat well,” you nodded. “You have good flow.”

“Thanks,” he grinned, finally pausing the song on his phone. You gingerly removed the earbud and smiled in return. “I’m actually in a group called Seventeen.”

“A group of rappers?” you asked dumbly. “Are you aware your named after an American teen magazine? Are there seventeen of you?”

Vernon looked down into his lap and exhaled a deep breath. You suddenly felt guilty about your innocent question. 

“We aren’t named after the magazine…that’s just a coincidence,” he grumbled. “And no, there are thirteen of us.”

“I’m afraid I’m not following,” you whispered. Then again, you hand’t necessarily been following for the majority of this conversation. 

“There are thirteen members, three units, vocal, hiphop, and performance. And we are one team. Seventeen,” he nodded. 

“Sounds like a stretch,” you muttered, turning back to the book in your lap. 

“So maybe there were seventeen members and things didn’t go as planned,” he hissed quickly. “But you didn’t hear it from me.”

You looked up with lifted brows as Vernon looked over his shoulder, seemingly anticipating an attack from somewhere or someone. 

“That makes more sense,” you nodded, smiling at him. He smiled in return, shaking his head before he redirected his attention back to his phone. 

“So what’s your opinion on J.Co-” he began but was almost immediately cut off by a ding noise, signifying the captain was about to speak. 

“Ladies and gentleman, please take a seat and fasten your safety belts. We will be experiencing a small amount of turbulence shortly.” 

You bit your lip, your gaze trailing over to Vernon. You didn’t know if you were comforted or terrified by his equally as upset expression. Both of you looked up as the intercom dinged again and the safety belt light brightened above your heads. You looked down, adjusting the thick fabric that would keep you safely within your seat. Vernon did the same before reaching over and clutching your hand. 

“Oh, sorry,” he whispered, immediately retracting his fingers. His face was bright red as he avoided eye contact. 

“It’s-oh my god,” you hissed, just as the plane began to shake. You reached over, clutching Vernon;s hand first this time. He looked up in surprise, but immediately looked away and out of the window again. Neither of you let go as your fingers intertwined, unsure of who was cutting off the circulation from the other. 

The plane bumped along violently, dropping abruptly as you cruised across the sky. The turbulence was continuous, hardly giving up for even a moment. You closed your eyes, trying to ignore the queasy feeling taken over your stomach. You hissed out a breath, assuring yourself that you were much too frightened to be sick. 

“I’m going to vomit,” Vernon whispered, his thoughts mirroring yours. 

You cracked your eyes, looking over to him in your peripherals. “You are not. So help me Vernon.”

Rain slapped across the small window separating you from the night sky. The clouds lit up, suddenly brightened by the appearance of lightning. The passengers around you remained deadly silent, expecting the worst out of the situation you all had ended up in. 

“Have you ever seen final destination?” Vernon whispered, his knuckles white beside yours. 

“Shut up Vernon,” you spat.  

 The woman behind you began to recite quiet prayers in Korean as the plane tilted, violently jumping alongside the clouds. Her reassuring words were quickly overshadowed by the howling winds rushing past the large aircraft. Realistically the turbulence had only been going on for about two minutes, but it felt like an eternity. 

But the funny thing with flying is, just as quickly as it had begun, it was over. The entire cabin of the plane erupted into laughter and applause, breathing a sigh of relief collectively as you coasted along the puffy clouds again. 

“Good thing we didn’t panic,” Vernon nodded, sliding his hand from yours. He flexed his fingers and nodded to himself, looking at you kindly. 

“Sure,” you grumbled, noting that you had lost all feeling in your hand and began to shake it out as well. 

“But anyway, I was saying,” Vernon sighed, pulling out his phone again. “Do you like J.Cole? Or should we listen to some more of my mixtape?”

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4 O’Clock (Taehyung x Reader)

- pt 1 -

genre: angst

length: 3,518

a/n: let me know what you think, and feel free to request a part 2 :-)

summary: you view him as your world. he views you as just a fan.

You had always been there for him since day one. You made him meals, took care of him whenever he was sick, brought him his favorite food and drinks, offered him emotional support. You defended him against haters, gave him advice whenever he messed up on something, encouraged him to move forward instead of dwelling on meaningless mistakes.

You believed that your relationship with him was something much more than a relationship between an idol and a fan. After all, you had given your support to him since he had become a trainee, way long before he had debuted as BTS.

You went to all of their concerts, all of their fansigns, and all of their award shows, even when they were hard to get into. He knew who you were; he’s had conversations with you before. You’ve hung out with him a bunch of times when he was a trainee. You would even go so far as to call him a friend.

But that’s where it stopped there.

Because everyone, including Taehyung himself, knew that a healthy relationship between an idol and a fan should just continue to remain as it is, especially since he was still on his dating ban.

He had told you that he had a dating ban on his contract, so everybody knows that he had been off limits. But somehow, he always managed to keep in contact with you.

In fact, you two had shared a little secret that no one besides the other members knew. Every so often, the two of you would meet up at 4 o'clock in the morning at the park when no one was awake. You knew that he would get in trouble if people found out that he kept meeting up with a girl, so it absolutely had to be a secret.

You two would talk about how things were going on in his life; in BTS; his worries; his hopes; his dreams; how much he loved the dazzling sky laced with pale blue azure and the gleaming moon above. However, your meetings would be cut very short because once it turned 5:30AM, he would leave immediately in order to prevent the risk of being caught.

You found the way he spoke and his philosophical approach on life very intriguing though. He pulled you in so much that you wanted hear him talk and talk for hours without end.

You were so utterly in love with him.

You were sure he had to feel the same thing for you as well. After all, you had been there for him since the beginning. Why else would he allow you to get so close to him and his members? Why else would he ask to have secret meetings at the park at 4AM? Why else would he make sure to wave to you at a concert or a fan meeting, knowing very well that you’d always be there? You were 99% sure he must feel something special for you.

It had been a month since you’ve last seen each other. You had made up your mind to tell your feelings to him the next time you two saw each other. You recalled the last time you talked to him.

“Hey, y/n,” he called your name. You two were situated next to each other on the wooden bench.

“Yes, oppa?” You responded.

“I can trust you right?”

You blinked at his question, “Of course you can. You know, I’ve never leaked out any of the secrets you’ve told me.”

He smiled gently as you, “Yeah, you’re right. We’ve known each other for years, and I know you’re not that kind of person.”

“Why do you suddenly ask?”

“I’m not really supposed to tell anyone this,” he looked a bit hesitant, “but I’m sure it will be fine.”

You remained silent, encouraging him to go on.

“… It’s been four years since we’ve been BTS,” he started explaining and then chuckled, “but I’m sure you already know that. Our contract is getting renewed in a month.”


“Yeah, Yoongi-hyung read the new contract to us and explained all of the differences between the old one and the new one.”

“What are they?” You immediately added, “-if you want to tell me.”

“No, I want to tell you. You just have to keep it a secret because I’m not allowed to disclose it.”

“I promise I won’t! I’m a very loyal fan, and you know it!”

“Thank you,” he gave you a cute smile before continuing. “I don’t want to get into too much details, but a lot of things are going to change for us. I think we could use those changes as an opportunity to grow though.”

“Yes, that’s true. I don’t know what they are, but you and the other members have worked so hard the past few years, and I know for sure that you can make it through!”

He stared at you for a moment, trying to take in your words before he broke out into a big smile. “Wow, you never fail to amaze me. Our fans are amazing, and I’m glad to have them, and especially you, to support us.”

Your heart raced at how he added that “especially you” part. But a part of you also thought about he still grouped you as part of those fans, how he still sees you as only a fan.

“It’s cute,” he added. “You’re so, so cute.”

“Ah, oppa, don’t try to flatter me,” you said flustered and playfully pushed him.

“It’s true though,” he defended and let out a laugh. “I do want to tell you an important change that was on the contract though.”

“What is it?”

“The dating ban will be lifted.”

Those words alone brought you hundreds of mixed feelings- good and bad.

“So you and the other members can date now?” You asked.

He nodded but he didn’t look too happy about it.

“I feel like if I dated, I’d hurt so many fans. I don’t want to do that,” he told you.

This was one of his traits that made you fall in love with him. He was always thinking about the fans.

“Well, if you dated,” you started, “I’m sure a lot of fans would be devastated. If they were your real fans, though, they would continue to support you and your music.”

“Do you really think so?”

You nodded, “I don’t think it really matters if an idol dates. There are a lot of fans out there who are possessive of idols, and there are those who aren’t. I think, overall, fans just want the idols to be happy. And as your fan, I would want you to be happy, too, and find someone who you really love. Just know that there will always be fans out there to support you, even when there’s so much hate going on.”

He listened to every single word you said before he smiled. “When you explain it like that, it makes me feel much, much better about my own thoughts and feelings.”

You didn’t mention the fact that you would be one of those fans who would be devastated. But if he dated, regardless, you would continue to support him. Your love for him, after all, was much more complex than just a simple crush.

“So,” you started and wiggled your eyebrows, “do you have someone particular in mind once the dating ban is lifted?”

You were begging to hear his answer. You prayed that he was going to say no.

“I do,” he admitted.

You heart started beating louder, and it wasn’t a good feeling.

“Who is it?” You pressed. “You know I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know,” he laughed, “but I’m going to keep it a secret just for a little bit longer.”

“Awww,” you said, a bit disappointed. “At least tell me what kind of girl she is? Do you talk to her now?”

“Yeah, I’ve known her for a while now,” he replied and looked at the pale blue sky that lit up a bit from the rising sun. “I always feel very comfortable around her, and I feel like I can tell her everything. She’s beautiful like the moon, and she shines brighter than any sun.”

“Taehyung-oppa…” you said astonished at the way he looked while he was talking about her. It seemed like the girl who he was talking about had completely captivated him; that at that moment, he imagined her smiling and laughing with him in his head.

You were hoping he was talking about you. You weren’t confident because the description was very broad, and you didn’t want to be too cocky to think that it was about you. You could only hope.

You gulped, waiting for him to say something else.

“She’s my first love, I’m sure of it,” he said. The nameless birds started chirping as the sky lit up some more. He then looked at you and asked, “Do you know that feeling when you can’t stop thinking about a person? When all you want to do is stop whatever you’re doing and just hold that person in your arms? When all you want to do is see their smile and listen to their voice all night long? Do you know that feeling?”

You blinked, startled at his passion. But you gulped again and worked up the nerve to nod and reply back, “I know the feeling.”

“You do?” He asked back, surprised. “You’ve been in love? This is the first time I’ve heard about this.”

“I’m in love now,” you admitted and your heart was beating so loud at that moment that you swore it could cause an earthquake anytime soon, “with a guy who I’ve been talking to. He’s my everything. I feel the same thing for him like you had described.”

“Are you going to confess to him soon?”

“I-I don’t know,” you stuttered and looked away. If you told him you were talking about him, you were sure you were going to run away from embarrassment.

“I think you should. I’m sure he feels the same way,” he gave you a gentle smile that made you melt inside. “Here’s some advice from oppa: if he wants to keep talking to you, then he’s probably interested in you too.”

“I… I hope he likes me back then,” you said shyly. “He’s my first love too.”

He grinned, “then we’re both the same.”

“Yeah,” you agreed, your heart still beating like wild. “You should confess to that girl too. I’m sure she likes you back.”

“Do you really think so?” He asked with wide eyes. “I’m going to be really nervous, but I plan on asking her out after I sign the new contract and the dating ban is lifted.”

You smiled back, “Of course. You’re Kim Taehyung after all. Any girl would be lucky to have you.”

He let out another smile. You loved it when he smiled. “Thank you. That was what I really needed to hear.”

“I’ll be cheering you on, oppa,” you told him, praying that it was you who he was talking about.

“Thanks, I’ll be cheering you on too! Let’s confess to the people we like at the same time, then.”

“Sure! Taehyung-oppa, fighting!”

“Yeah! Y/N, fighting!”

His words repeated in your brain, “if he wants to keep talking to you, then he’s probably interested in you too.”

That was the reason why he kept wanting to talk to you, right? Why he kept on wanting to meet up with you? Right?

You had begun to doubt yourself. Taehyung hadn’t responded to your texts in a few days. Usually, he would respond back quickly. The other members were responding to you just fine.

The other members definitely knew who you were. You were their most loyal fan, after all. You formed a friendly relationship with all of them, but you were just the closest to Taehyung.

You wanted to ask the members how Taehyung was doing, but you felt like it wasn’t any of your business. Even though they all treated you like a normal friend, you still felt like there was that barrier between you all; the barrier between an idol and a fan.

You then got a text message.

Taehyung: Hey sorry I haven’t been responding

Taehyung: We’ve been busy trying to renew the contract and making sure everything is okay

Did that mean that the dating ban had been lifted? You quickly responded, glad that he was texting you again.

You: It’s fine!!

You: How have things been lately?

You waited for a response back. It took ten minutes.

Taehyung: Good!!

Taehyung: We just signed out contracts

Taehyung: Let’s fulfill our promises soon okay??

You smiled at the text. He didn’t forget and you were so, so happy.

You: Sure! Do you wanna meet up soon, then?

Taehyung: Yeah, let’s do it this Tuesday

Taehyung: Same place, same time

You let out a breath. That was in a few days. You needed to prepare yourself. You wanted to look extra special just for him.

You went out to buy a new dress and even some new makeup. You didn’t want it to seem like you were trying too hard though, so you planned on keeping it casual.

Then, the morning that you and Taehyung were going to meet came.

You woke up early, got ready, and ventured out to the park that was all so familiar to you. There was something ominous about the world that morning, though. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it. The moon was concealed underneath the clouds that covered the entire sky. The street lights slowly started to dim as the gray sky brightened from the rising sun. All thoughts ceased, however, once you approached the bench and noticed Taehyung’s broad figure that sat upon it.

You straightened your back and breathed out, ready to admit your feelings to him.

He looked very nervous, staring at his phone as if he was waiting for a text or a call. He didn’t even notice you approaching the bench. When you called his name, he looked up, startled.

“It’s been a while, oppa,” you said and sat down next to him.

“Yeah, it has,” he said shortly before turning away to look at his phone.

“How have things been?”


He was definitely nervous. And you were nervous too. Your heart was pounding, unsure of how to continue the conversation. You wanted to tell him your feelings, but what if he didn’t feel the same way? What if he loved someone else?

“This guy you like…” he started, and you looked at him startled, heart thundering a million beats per second, “How have things been with him lately?”

“Ah, pretty good,” you said flustered, “H-he hasn’t talked to me in a while, but we recently connected again.”

“And do you still have feelings for him?”

You immediately nodded and he stared at you, an inscrutable expression on his face.

“I’m still in love with him,” you confessed. You wanted to stop there, but once you got it out, you just couldn’t find yourself to stop. “I’ve always been in love with him since we met. He-he didn’t used to be confident before, but I wanted to keep supporting him because I knew how talented he was. He treats me kindly and pays attention to everything I say. And when we talk, I want to keep talking, and I want to keep listening to him. He’s everything to me. Actually, oppa, this person is…”

You hesitated. Your heart was pounding rapidly and you felt yourself getting sweatier. You were so, so nervous. You clenched your hands together. You had to tell him you loved him. You promised to yourself that you would let him know.

You took a deep sigh, making up your mind and said, “The person I love is-”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to tell me,” he said right as you were about to say it. He gave you a gentle smile, “I can tell he’s a great guy, judging by the way you talk about him. You should tell him all of that, not me.”


“I feel the same way about Kim Mi Sun,” he admitted, interrupting you again.

It was then that your heart dropped.

Kim Mi Sun? The lead singer of that new kpop girl group that had just debuted? That same Kim Mi Sun?

You didn’t reply. You didn’t know how to reply. It felt as if everything had just came crashing down.

“I know a lot of people will be against our relationship,” he commented, “but I just know that she’s the one for me. She’s my first love.”

“You…” You struggled to get the words out, not sure of what you could possibly say. Your heart had torn into a million pieces at then, and you wondered if this was some sort of sick joke.

You were about to cry and run off, but then, his eyes made you stop.

Yes, it were his beautiful eyes that made you stop from doing so. The way his eyes glistened, piercing right through you, desperately waiting for your response.

It was then that you realized that you had to put your feelings aside and to support him. You could cry about it later because if you told him about your feelings now, it would just ruin things. He was counting on you to be there for him; you promised him that.

“You two… would look really good together,” you forced out and faked a smile, blinking back tears.

He let a sigh of relief and his tensed shoulders slumped. “Thank god you like her. If you like her, then I’m sure the rest of the fans will too.”

There he went again, grouping you with the rest of the fans. That was all he saw you as. There was nothing more to it.

You gulped down that feeling and leaned over to pretend you were interested, even though you felt like breaking down. “Tell me more about her. How did you two meet?”

He smiled, a smile that you had seen once, which was while he was talking about the girl he loved the other night. Mi Sun.

He told you about how he met her a few years ago after BTS debuted. She was struggling being a trainee, and he gave her a lot of advice on how to make it as an idol. Even though she had the chance to get to know any of the members, she stayed close to him only. He felt like it was a dream to have such a beautiful girl as one of his best friends. She was talented, funny, and had similar interests as him. They continued talking for the next few years and met up in secret. He was really in love with her.

You wondered why you hadn’t heard about her at all. But you realized that right after BTS debuted, you had lost contact with him for a while because he was really busy. He must have used most of his time off to be with her

“She reminds me of the pale blue sky that appears just right before the sun rises,” he stared off into the distance, “and the bright moon, too. She lights up all these feelings inside of me.”

You remained silent. The cloudy sky brightened slowly, but everything still looked gray. There were no birds chirping. There was not a single sound besides the drops of rain that fell down one by one.

Or maybe those were just your tears.

He didn’t notice. He just looked up and said, “Oh I didn’t know it was going to rain.”

“When are you going to tell her your feelings?” You asked quietly, ignoring what he just said.

He turned to you, eyes widening once he saw the tears pouring down your cheeks.

“Y/n?” He called your name in concern, “Why are you crying?

You wiped your tears away, sniffling before you gave him your biggest, fakest smile, “Make sure you tell her today, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, “but what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

You shook your head. You weren’t going to tell him your feelings. Not when he was so in love with her. He’d just feel guilty if you said you had been in love with him since the beginning.

“I wish you luck, Taehyung-oppa,” you said and got up. “You should get going now before the rain gets heavier.”

“Wait-” he called out but it was too late because you had started running.

You ran and ran until you were panting. You stopped at some random corner of the park and then looked back. He was nowhere in sight. You then crouched down, trying to catch your breath before you let out a loud sob. The rain was pouring at this time, ruining your makeup and wetting your new dress. But you paid no attention to the inconvenience, only one thought racing through your mind.

It wasn’t you. It wasn’t you.

It was never you who he loved.

Great Chemistry (Part 11)

Summary: After years of auditions and small acting jobs, you finally get picked to play the female lead in a major spy movie: Rogue Agency. Suddenly you find out that the actor playing the male lead and love interest is none other than Sebastian Stan himself. Throughout the story you go through the motions of filming a movie and come to find out that you and Seb have great chemistry. Do you take the leap and let yourself fall in love with your costar?

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 2,827

Warnings: Fluff, cussing

A/N: Once again this is a short one (compared to others I’ve written). But I’m sure you’ll be happy with the content. I had this one all written out because I knew how I wanted it to go.I tried getting this up quickly because I was scared that I wouldn’t have time to post it later. And 11 is my lucky number btw so yeah. Have fun.


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Chapter Four: Confession Time? Here’s What I Got

Lafayette x Reader

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five 

Note: Do you guys still hate me because of the last chapter? Because if you don’t you probably will now. Does the cute gif of Daveed make up for the sadness of the chapter?

Disclaimer: I don’t speak french more than the basics so all my French comes from google translate. I apologize if it’s dreadful.

Word Count: 2100

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“You have to tell him” Eliza hisses at Y/N as she tapes up another box. Y/N throws her a look as Lafayette comes bouncing into the room, a grin on his face.

A week earlier Lafayette had asked Y/N to move in with him and Hercules. At first she had honestly considered declining, simply to avoid the possibility of Lafayette finding her pills before she has a chance to tell him like Eliza had, but after considering it she decided to go for it.

“Is there much left to pack in here?” Lafayette asks, crossing the room to press a kiss to your forehead before picking another box.

“Just enough for two more boxes” she tells him glaring at Eliza, praying that she doesn’t say anything to Lafayette just like she has every time Lafayette and Eliza have been in the same room over the past two weeks

“I’ll take this one down to the car” he says, picking up the box Eliza had tapped up and leaving the room again, the smile never leaving his face.

Y/N sighs, leaning back against the wall. “I know I have to tell him Liza. I know I do but I just… don’t know how. Please just don’t say anything? I’ll tell him soon when I find the right moment”

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Finally updated Opal! Now with pink trees, purple sky, and lit up PWPs! If anybody ever visits any of my town DAs, I would LOVE to hear what you though about it! None (ugh I’ve had some for so long…) are 100% done yet but I would love any advise :)