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Venus Enters Aries

In about a day or so Venus will enter Aries. At around the same time the Mercury retro Uranus conjunction will become exact. Generally speaking Venus in Aries is about defining ourselves in the context of our partnerships and relationships. Having retrograde Mercury meeting Uranus in the sky could lend itself to some kind of surprise event, a flash of insight, fast events that unexpectedly change the course of things, volatility, surprising information. That perfection occurring at the same time that venus enters the same sign could mean that in the next 24 hours capricious events could take place that really show us who we are in context of our relationships. Something happens that highlights our own individuality within our connections. It has the potential to be very freeing. It could be a bit surprising at first but it brings us to a place where our individuality and personal genius is honored. It could be related to something that occurred in March when Mercury first crossed uranus while direct but it’s hard to pinpoint anything when uranus is involved. Expect the unexpected. It could have a similar effect in relation to finances. There could be shocking gains or losses as venus rules material resources and luxury.

Globally things might get a bit haywire. Aries is the sign of war, drive, pushing forward, assertion. There could be some kind of surprise declaration or show of force. Venus is partnerships. In Aries she is looking to define herself within the context of partnerships. There might be some tension between governments who were traditionally allies. Remember Venus is also a goddess of war and she’s still in that retrograde shadow. She’s still not at her friendliest when she steps into the mars ruled sign of aries. Globally we could see some kind of escalation of tensions.