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Black Canyon at Sunset., by DavidSoldano

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a United States National Park located in western Colorado and managed by the National Park Service. The park contains 12 miles (19 km) of the 48-mile (77 km) long canyon of the Gunnison River. The national park itself contains the deepest and most dramatic section of the canyon, but the canyon continues upstream into Curecanti National Recreation Area and downstream into Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area. The canyon’s name owes itself to the fact that parts of the gorge only receive 33 minutes of sunlight a day, according to “The Black Canyon of the Gunnison.” In the book, Vandenbusche states, “Several canyons of the American West are longer and some are deeper, but none combines the depth, sheerness, narrowness, darkness, and dread of the Black Canyon.

Hello, baby. Part 11.

It’s one night. I can get through one night with him. Just a few hours. Don’t forget the shit he has put you through. Don’t let him break you again.
I can’t believe I said yes. He seemed so, sincere. I mean, he’s a psychopath though. I’m frustrated that he has the effect on me and that I just can’t seem to escape his grip.
I went back to the couch after I said yes to J, he went upstairs. He didn’t smile or anything. He just walked away, he’s so good at that. I sat there with the knife by my side.

“Kat! What are you doing here!” Jackie runs to me and gives me a huge hug and I hug her tightly back, “And why do you have that?” She looks at the knife.

“Well, I originally came here to kill J, instead I accepted a night out with him. You know, just usual ‘me’ things.” I sit back down and put my head in my hands, “How does he do it Jackie?” 

She sits next to me and puts her hand on my back, “Sweetie, I wish I could tell you. I also wish I could say I’m excited for you, but, I mean, dear you’ve lost almost 10 pounds in a week. You got shot for that man, and this is how he repays you.” She sighs and stands up, “I have honestly had such a hard time working for him since you’ve left, since all that happened. I couldn’t say I would miss him.” She walks back to the kitchen. 

I know how I have to handle things tonight.
I am going to handle things tonight. 

I wait for Lucas to appear, he said he would take me home later, and now I have to get ready for tonight. He eventually walks out of the hallway where the guards stay and comes over to my side. 

“That seemed to go well.” He has a smug look on his face.
I roll my eyes at him, “Take me home please. I have to go get ready.”

“As you wish.” I can hear the smile in his voice. 

I get up and follow him to the door, I put the knife back on our way out. I ignore Lucas and his remarks on the drive to my place. I slam the car door once we get there and flip him off, he laughs. 
I get to my apartment and go through the things Lucas has packed me, hoping for something that will possibly give J an actual heart attack.
It’s perfect.
I shower and wash my hair, I get the blow dryer and give myself some long curls. My hair is like black silk and the curls look soft and bouncy. I apply foundation and a quick winged liner, false lashes are a must for tonight. I find the brightest red lipstick I have and put it on.

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I slide into the dress and add the diamond choker necklace that Lucas had also thrown in the bag. 

The dress is the black sequins dress that Jackie had showed me, ‘Lucas, you can do something right.’ I smile at myself. The royal purple straps looks fierce against my porcelain skin, the scar on my shoulder gives me a queasy feeling, ‘Let him remember what happened.’ The black sparkle sequins are perfect and eye catching, it’s low cut in the front and I know J will love that. I slip on my own black heels and throw my lipstick in a small clutch I found in my closet. I give myself one last look, I feel confident and powerful.
Now I just have to stay that way. 

I walk out front and wait for Lucas to pick me up, he pulls up not a second later. He gets out of the car and opens my door.
His mouth is open, “My God, you look, I mean, he is waiting for, but wow. Beautiful.” I laugh at him, “That’s the killer right there though, that smile. Man have we missed it.” 

I smile at him and I know my face is red, “Thanks Lucas.”
I get in the car and he closes the door. He gets in the driver seat and we are off.

We pull up to his club, I roll my eyes. “He couldn’t think of anywhere else to go?” I look at Lucas. 

He gives me a big smile, “This is just your first stop.” He gets out and comes to my side of the car. 

I grab his hand as he helps me out, “First stop?” I look at him demanding answer.
He doesn’t budge.
I go up the the doors and I’m let in right away with a smile, I turn and wave bye to Lucas. People are staring and I know things are being said, they haven’t seen me here in a while.
I’m scanning the room for him, I don’t want to head up to the VIP, honestly I don’t really want to be here.
My heart starts beating like I just did a hit of coke.
There he is, fucking perfection and all. 
He’s walking towards me from the VIP elevator, his eyes are locked in on me and mine are on him.
I snap out of it, no. ‘Not that easy J’.
He finally approaches me, “Wow. You are. Hello darling.” He can’t keep his eyes still. 

“Hello J.” I give him a hint of a smile. 

His eyes snap to my face, “Shall we?” He holds out his arm for my to link.
‘Not today asshole.’
“We shall.” I walk past him and head to the elevator. I don’t look back to see his reaction but I’m sure it included him locking his jaw and then giving some sort of grin.
He meets me at the elevator door and we get in together. 

“How have you been darling?” He’s looking at my face for emotion.  

“Fucking peachy J.” I turn my head and look at him, the door opens and I walk out. I’m pushing him to his end quickly. I sit on the couch that we have sat on many times.
I can feel my chest ache. I push it away, not right now. Not tonight. 

“Would you like a drink doll?” He is standing next to me. 

I don’t even look at him, “A red wine would be nice.” I lean back in the couch and cross my legs. I feel like a goddess. 
He hands me the drink and I take a sip. He sits next to me and rest his hand on my knee and I give him a look that’s full of fire.
He removes it, “Ok, Kat, I get it.” He sighs. “I just want to start over with you. I had to do it. I needed to do it. I don’t expect you to understand. Come on darling, daddy has missed you.” 

I laugh a little, “First things first, you are not my daddy, not anymore. Second, you don’t get to sweet talk me, and it won’t work anyways. We also need to clear some things up J. You say you needed to do this, you had to, but maybe you forgot that you hit me, I was beat by you, I was broken for you, I would of died for you, I was shot for you J, I suffered for you. You said you needed me J, you said that, do you remember? I was yours, I was consumed by you and I loved it. For some reason though, you needed to do this, you just had to break me again and again and again. So yeah, I don’t understand. I wasn’t given and kind of reason to try and understand.” I sigh like a was relieved, and I was.  

“I see.” He runs his hands through his hair like he is frustrated. 

‘Thats really all you are going to say? Well then let me just push your buttons.’

“Do you even know anything about me J? Because I really don’t know much about you. I know that’s how you are and I loved the little bits I used to get from you, but you never once tried to get to know me. You have no idea what it’s like to be me J. To be someone like me and want someone like you.” I’m leaning in towards him, I want to really hear him. 

He smiles, “What should I know about you, what is it, what is it like to be you doll?” He laughs. “What is so difficult to understand about you?”

I grab my glass of wine and slam it on the table in front of us, he gives a grin. The ridges are sharp from the glass being so thin. I grab his hand and have the back of his hand in my palm and his arm spread across my lap, the underside facing up. I gently start running the glass against his arm, careful not to break his skin. His eyes are locked on me. His face is is hard to read. 

“What’s it like to be me baby, mmmm let me tell you.” I press an once harder, still not breaking skin.
“I’m an open book J, I’ll never lie to you. I’ll never keep what’s on my mind a secret, I’ll tell you exactly what I feel when I feel it.” I look up at him, still running the glass down the length of his arm.
“The thing about being an open book, the thing about being me, is i feel everything so deeply. Do you know what that’s like J?” I press harder, leaving a red mark down his arm. I keep tracing over it.
“A small surface wound like this to you is nothing baby, but this feels like someone stabbed me.” I press harder and he has a deep glare on me as I draw blood in the center of his arm.
“Like blood is gushing out and I can’t stop it. I can’t stop the bleeding.” He pulls his arm away when I press harder, his arm has a nice size gash in it, he looks at me and grabs a napkin and presses it against his arm.
“It takes time to heel that kind of wound J, and it will never be the same. It will scar and I’ll always be reminded of that moment. That moment where someone else created my madness.” I lick the glass with his blood on it.
“That’s what it’s like to be me J. That’s what it’s like to be with you.” I lean back in the couch and cross my legs again, I drop the glass that was in my hands. I stare directly out to the club. I’m proud of myself. 

He sits there with the napkin pressed against the slice in his arm, the napkin is almost a burgundy color. ‘He might need stitches for that.’ I look over to him and smile. 

“I. I can’t get enough of you Kat. You are my strength but also my weakness. I’m vulnerable when I’m with you. My focus is shit..” he stops and reaches over to my shoulder, he brushed his fingers against the scar.
“This happened because I was captured in you.” He has his hand on the side of my face, his thumb trails down my lips.
“God, you’re so fucking good. You don’t even know it do you?” I sit up and lean my head in, he leans closer.
“Kat, I can’t do fucking anything without you. When you got shot because I wasn’t paying attention…it killed me. Putting you in that safe, I wanted to off myself then and there. I had to get you away from me. I needed to clear my thoughts of you. I couldn’t. I couldn’t get you out of my fucking mind!” He has his pointer finger pressed hard against his temple.
“Jay had to pull me off ledges Kat. Fucking sky high ledges.” He sits closer to me, his hand is still cupping my face. He wipes the tear on my cheek with his free hand.
“Forgive me, doll?” His breathing seems heavy, his arm has dried blood down it. I rest my hand on his knee a let it linger there and I bring my face inches from his, my hand trails up his thigh, until I lightly place my hand in between his legs, his growl makes me week for a moment. 

“No.” i whisper to him.
He is surprised and that quickly turns anger. I pull my hand back sit in the couch. 

“Lets go.” he is pissed. 

I get up follow him out, i’m not afraid of him, at least not yet.

He walks ahead of me and I break a sweat trying to keep up. We walk outside and its a cool breeze. Jay pulls up in the most extravagant cars i have ever seen. The color is a purple that matches my straps. It’s so shine and has gold trim on it. Im in a trance looking at it and J pulls me out of it, “Get in the back.” he yells at me as he gets in the front.

“Where to?” Jay asks, not even giving me the slightest of recognition. 

“Stick to the plan!” He says in a loud voice as he hits his head against the window. I flinch as he does it, I straighten my dress and get myself together. ‘This is going to be harder than I thought.’

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The car is so fast it send vibrations through my whole body, I almost forget that we were in a fight. I was enjoying the ride when it came to an abrupt stop. I looked outside the window and it was pitch black but it smelled like the ocean. J doesn’t open my door or help me out of the car. I roll my eyes at him. I get out and follow him, not a single word is spoken. He stops and I stop behind him. 

“Do you know where we are?” He asks me but is still facing the darkness. 

“No, I have no idea.” i start to panic a little bit. 

“Good.” his voice is low and I can barley see him. 

“J?” I can’t see anything, its pitch black. I hear the waves of the ocean and they sound rough. There is no sign of life anywhere.
“This isn’t funny J.” I scream out. The panic is really setting in.
‘I can’t swim’  

“Go ahead, turn on only a few of them.” I hear his voice.

Dim lights come on, I can’t see the water still but I can see him. He is standing a few feet behind me.

“What are we doing here J?” I’m sure he can hear the fear in my voice.

“We are just going to… Hang out.” He laughs and walks closer to me. 
“Kat, baby, I simply can’t function properly without you. You make me even crazier in the best way baby, and I know, oh I know you can not live without me darling.” He is right in front of me, one hand is on my waist pulling me close and the other is behind my neck. Chills run down my entire body, he knows it too. 
“The thing is, if i were to kill you, well, my future wouldn’t be too bright.” he lets out a chuckle, “Oh, baby and I know if i were to die, well so would you. Isn’t that right doll face?” I bite my lip. “Thats right baby girl.” his grip is tight around my waist and i keep thinking about how much I missed him.
I fucking missed him so much. 
“So, i have a question for you darling.” He lets me go and walks me over to the edge of the platform we are on. My heart is beating fast. 
“Would you die for me Kat?” He is standing only inches behind me.

I glance over my shoulder, without even thinking, “Yes.”

He turns me so I am facing him, he has a deep growl, “That, that seems to easy, doesn’t it darling?” He gets close to my face, “Would you live for me?” 

“Yes.” My eyes are locked on his cold blue ones. Im melting. 
He pulls me close to him and kisses my neck, I wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly.

“One more thing, doll.” He pushes me off him and walks me backward toward the ledge again. “Fall.”

My eyes are open wide. I hear the waves crash against the cement platform we are standing on. I don’t even second guess it.
The cool air as I fall backwards hits my neck, my hair is in my face, I am waiting to hit the cold water. My head hits the water first. It’s freezing. I sink deep into the water, my eyes are closed tight. My lungs are starting to feel compressed. I open my mouth and the last bit of air I have left escapes me and turns to bubbles in the cold ocean water. 
Somethings grabs me and I feel myself lifting from the water, I reach the surface and search for air. My breathing is rigid and my teeth are chattering, I wipe my eyes and its J. His hair soaking wet, falling in his face, his shirt is clinging to his shoulders. He gives me a huge grin and kisses me, I reach for him and pull our kiss deeper. When the kiss breaks he lets out a laugh and then he pulls me close. “Lets go home baby.” 
My teeth are still chattering from being so cold, I just nod my head and give him a smile. 
We reach the shore and there is that beautiful car again. He carries me like a child to the car, my hands are curled up in my chest trying to warm up. We get to the car and there are two bags, J hands me a long sleeve shirt and some jeans to change into. I’m to cold to think about being naked in public.
I wiggle out of the dress and see it on the street, “That was my favorite dress.” my voice is shaking.
I start to slip on the jeans and he lifts my head up to look at him, “I’ll get you another one darling.” he smiles and kisses me.
‘Fuck, I am so happy to be back.’

We get in the car and J sits in the back with my, his arm around my shoulders, my knees to my chest and his other arm around my legs. I start to warm up. We pull up to his place, he opens up the car door for me and picks me up again. I laugh at him but curl into his chest.

“Welcome home baby.” He says as we walk through the front door.

I reach up and kiss his jawline.
He carries me all the way to the bedroom. The sun is starting to come up and its reflecting in all the windows. It’s beautiful.
He set me down once we are in the room, “Well thank you clown prince.” I giggle at him and head to the closet, “I don’t know what I missed more baby.” I can hear him laugh. 
I throw my hair in a bun and take the jeans off leaving me in just my boy briefs and a tshirt.
He is laying on his side of the bed in just his boxers, and my God, it will never get old seeing him like that. 
He smiles at me when he sees me, i get in bed next to him. I don’t even ask if I can curl into his side, I just do it. He lets me.

“I missed this. I missed you.” I kiss his chest. It stays quiet for a moment.
His grip gets a little tighter on my waist and I think that is him saying he missed me too. 
“Can I hear another story J?” I look up at him to make sure he is awake. He looks back at me, “Sure baby. Pick one.” He laughs.

I trace a few of them before landing on one low on his hip bone. “This one.”

He is quiet for what feels like forever.

“That was when I was younger.” I feel him tense up.
I don’t press anymore. 
I want so bad to tell him I am right here, it’s ok. That whatever happened is in the past. We are right here and right now. 
I don’t.
Thats not how he works.

“Good night J.” I whisper.
“Goodnight baby girl.” He pulls me closer and kisses the top of my forehead.

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The lovely lady and the idiot hero (private rp with melaniedragon)

Ducaine was trying to enjoy his icecream on the balcony above the city. His apartment sat on the 8th floor of the sharington hotel. It wasn’t in a good part of town. But not in a bad part either. Everything here just seemed, okay at the most. “I haven’t stopped anything in weeks….God it’s boring.” He thought to himself before seeing something blue on the street below. Leaning over the rail he could see it was a beautiful young woman with actual curves. Not a stick. Not thinking if he would scare her he sky dived over the ledge of the rail. Making a flying disc out of his energy he used it to slow his decent so he could land behind her. Tapping her shoulder. “Hello miss?”