sky high scooters


Chicago Street Jam edit is done and uploaded. It was a real pleasure working with the Cinestyle picture profile for color correcting. The ability to achieve the maximum dynamic range and have more information to work with when color grading made me warm up to DSLR’s being semi practical for low budget film making. I didn’t bother before because I was mostly working with HVX footage for Tilt 2, but now I have changed my color correction workflow to direct linking to SpeedGrade. The programs capabilities are impressive. Haven’t found a LUT for Cinestyle yet that I am thrilled with, I just did all the grading manually.

I tried to manually create a scene file that was similar to Cinestyle on the HVX. It’s hard trying to make footage from two cameras that came out almost ten years apart look consistent. Grading the DSLR footage was easy. I went crazy calibrating my monitor multiple times, sitting in darkness for hours looking at the HVX footage. I would put it on a 3 up view, think I was done, and then switch to another clip and realize the grade wasn’t consistent.

All the HVX audio was terrible so I manually synced the fisheye angle audio with every long lens clip. I am debating on switching my sound design workflow to direct linking to Audition, but I feel like it’s overkill for scooter videos that usually have a soundtrack drowning out the majority of the clip source audio.

Being able to work with 1080p source footage was a nice change. It’s pretty standard for any action sports video to only be 720p since cameras that can do 1080p/60fps aren’t common yet. We took a risk because it was all 1080p/30fps, so I couldn’t slow down anything, but with the fast paced song and editing it didn’t need it.

Thanks to everybody that was involved. The video will go public tomorrow. Get hyped!


I edited the official video for the 2015 Chicago Street Jam. Filmed by Olivia Monks and Josh Smukal.