sky flames


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10 indies I’m really looking forward to playing:

1. Oxenfree [TRAILER]
2. Night in the Woods [TRAILER]
3. Hyper Light Drifter [TRAILER]
4. The Flame in the Flood [TRAILER]
5. Firewatch [TRAILER]
6. Inside [TRAILER]
7. Rime [TRAILER]
8. Below [TRAILER]
9. No Man’s Sky [TRAILER]
10. Unravel [TRAILER]

AU where six year old Izuku met a young man with brown hair and kind brown eyes that sometimes turned orange. A young man who had the brilliant Orange Flames that didn’t burn Izuku when he touched the flames and sometimes grew as cold as ice. A young man who taught Izuku how to harness his own Orange Flames. 

Eight short weeks Izuku spent with that young man who believed that Izuku could do anything that Izuku set his mind too. Eight short weeks until the young man had to leave to go home. Eight short weeks that flew by too fast. 

On that last day, Sawada Tsunayoshi knelt down to Izuku’s eye level and ruffled Izuku’s black hair. 

“Keep on doing your best with your Dying Will, okay Izuku-kun?” 


i wanna write poetry about birds.
wings, fine bones, sharp lift 
of air. faraway fragile nests.
& the music, how i always forget
the music is why my poetry is birdless.
also because when picturing the
sky i think of flaming
aircrafts. i go to bad omens,
warfare, holes in the ozone.
all things nocturnal & strange.

yet another flightless passage:
it carries silence, sheds scales,
slithers & asks for nothing
celestial or foul.

Dark!Mafia! Headcanons


  • Over the years he has developed the art of wearing a tired, wry smile after learning of a betrayal before casually ordering a hit on the traitorous pig who dared endanger his Famiglia.
  • His favorite hitmen knows he’s offended when a hit from him comes in with a Sky Flame seal and a footnote that says, ‘I want it on video’.
  • He comes off as worn and tired and very young for his position as don so high ranking people who try to ingratiate themselves to get the Vongola’s influence try to look down at him from atop their well molded noses and demand what they need from him thinking he would just cower and let them have their way. Until he smiles in amusement at their attempt to intimidate him and his eyes burn orange transforming his overworked countenance into a force of nature. By the time he leans back these important men realize that despite the fact they’re the ones standing, it was Tsuna who was looking down at them.
  • Serbia’s former Minister of Finance did this once. His body is still missing.
  • He does not appreciate being used. Doing so for the benefit of others have very high, very bloody consequences. An allied Famiglia asked him to mediate peace talks between them and another rival Famiglia once only to use the trust their enemy placed on Tsuna’s status to massacre them after they laid down their guns and agreed to a reconciliation.
  • Tsuna personally joined his hitmen in killing every single member of that ally Family and stripping them of all their possessions and power to hand over to the victimized Famiglia’s survivors.
  • Over the years Tsuna had learned brutality and a deep distaste for corrupt officers of the law. His experiences with them since becoming don had made him understand and finally applaud Primo’s reason’s for forming the Vongola.
  • He once ordered a police officer- who dared stalk and then brutally rape the daughter of a subordinate- cooked in a steel barrel over a slow fire before sending the body and the bastard’s recording of his other rapes in front of the police station where the corrupt officer reported for work. Barrel and all.
  •  Instead of violently taking over other Mafia Famiglia’s turfs he makes allies out of them. He makes sure they understood that with this alliance, a percentage of the Vongola’s earnings will go to them in exchange for a percentage of the new Family’s income in return. If that new Family tries to cheat the books and Tsuna finds out he will have his Mist Guardians raise an uproar about this Family’s betrayal and leaves his allies to bully these cheating assholes until he genially steps in to stop the bullying like Jesus in Brioni. Like this he is treated by his allies from lower rung Famiglia as a savior and step all over themselves to keep his ‘protection’ unknowingly trapped by Vongola’s machinations.
  • Tsuna considers involving children in human trafficking particularly distasteful so when one of his allies defy him and invest in this business, he sends a special kind of ‘calling card’. One that would leave them all dead.
  • Even after all these years Tsuna has always been a very forgiving person. But experience has taught him to allow betrayals and offenses only one chance. Fool him once, shame on you. Fool him twice, shame on him.


  • Charming and magnetic, no one would ever guess Dino has a dark side to this charm. He is a great actor who can cover up a rather cold personality. Especially towards strangers.
  • His clumsy behavior could be blamed by the fact that his mother had forced him to write with his right hand when he’s actually left handed.
  • Despite his coldness he shows a bright and happy face towards his subordinates and allies because Reborn taught him that having to see his brooding face would affect their morale.
  • Although he is bright and friendly with Family members, he is quite cold and sardonic when it came to anyone outside the Mafia unless it was absolutely necessary.
  • The only reason he retained his act as a cheerful, if somewhat clumsy teacher back during the Arcobaleno trials in Namimori was because other Famiglia were watching and he had to keep up appearances.
  • For sex, Dino uses a paid, professional escort. He never uses a Family member for sex because he didn’t want internal disputes coming up.
  • Dino knew very well that the decline of the Cavallone he had had to set right was caused by his father losing favor with the Vongola due to his foolishness in investing with businesses the Ninth had found offensive.
  •  Reborn was a boon the Ninth offered as Cavallone’s threadbare chance to keep their alliance with the Vongola. Dino’s failure in getting Reborn’s approval during his tutelage would have spelled the end of their Famiglia.
  • Dino owes Romario a great debt. The man lost his family in a violent, brutal massacre from a rival Famiglia who had found out about his affiliation with the Cavallone.
  • Reborn considered it Dino’s graduating ceremony when the blonde stepped out himself to slaughter the Famiglia who had killed Romario’s household.
  • Dino had never stopped feeling guilty over his failure despite Romario telling him he had no regrets and that he bore him no ill will over the incident.
  • Dino never gained the reputation of being ‘merciful’. He dealt with his enemies too thoroughly and too quickly for him to forgive anything. Not that anybody knows, of course.


  • Enma never seriously considered the Shimon a Mafia Famiglia. With the way they live their lives, one can actually say they were more like a vigilante group with seven members than an underground organization.
  • Enma is quiet and usually low brow making other Famiglia unaware of his status as Boss. What others don’t know is that he can pull off the most vindictive and grueling punishments to those who try and hurt his loved ones.
  • He delivers these punishments himself.
  • No one ever lives long enough to tell anyone else he was the one who did it.
  • People mistake the scent of blood on him as the ones inflicted by bullies pushing him around. They had never once realized the blood came from other people.
  • Once, as he rounded an alley to get to Koyo’s locker room so he could wish him good luck on his next match he finds members of a yakuza group thinking of incapacitating Koyo so they could fix the fight. Without saying a word he uses his Flames to squeeze these men into atoms and make them one with the sewers before quietly going on to do what he came there to do in the first place. The bosses of those men he crushed to death had never found the bodies and they never found out who did it either.
  • Since the Shimon were not really rich and had opted to stay in the shadows bordering the Mafia allied to the Vongola, Enma and his Famiglia need to work like common folk. They have become a hit squad that answers directly to the Vongola Decimo and they are rewarded with money and respect while remaining incognito from other allies.
  • He and Tsuna had a silent agreement that Enma could refuse any ‘job’ that he considers unethical. Tsuna always respects that and rethinks his decisions because of it later.
  • Enma had long since passed second guessing whether or not he should take a life. He had resolved himself to ending the Vongola during middle school, after all.
  • Although he can take a life easily he had never been able to find enjoyment with it like certain members of the Varia did. He reminded his enemies of an abyss. It made them think he felt nothing.
  • The demons of his past never died. His tragedy a shadowy burden that caused his shoulders to always slump and his back to always slouch disguising the dangerous man beneath them when awoken from its bed of undiluted guilt and sorrow.
  • He shares in Tsuna’s distaste in pigs who involve children in human trafficking. Every childish face he saw dead in the hands of an enemy would set him off. Every one of them a reminder of how Mami looked as she stared back at him through lifeless eyes.
  • Despite his kindness Enma’s heart is buried in grief. Despite his giving, kind nature he couldn’t free himself from the fear that he may lose someone important the same way he lost his parents and sister. Or what he might do when it happens. Of all the Mafia Bosses he was allied with he was the last to acquire a significant other.


  • His mother’s loss was a blow to his heart and caused him to mistrust his father who had told him that everything was going to be alright during her illness. It was the reason Takeshi never came to talk to him before attempting suicide back in middle school. And although he had since become closer to his father and had in fact always loved him, he had never told Tsuyoshi about his connections with the Mafia.
  • Despite his smile and seeming oblivion he was an observant person when it counts. Especially after Genkishi. In fact, ten years later he was among the handful of Vongola’s Guardians other than Hibari, Mukuro and Chrome who could see through illusions. It was reported that he was even better at battling illusionists than Hibari.
  • Takeshi had become so renowned for his expertise in dealing with illusionists that he was often contracted by groups in and out of Vongola’s alliance to take care of troublesome Mist users. He took these jobs as long as it didn’t involve him having to face off with Mukuro, Chrome, Fran or Viper, of course. He was good but he was not suicidal.
  • He takes on these occasional freelance hits just for the fun of it, of course.
  • Takeshi would never say it but he was one of the Guardians who opposed destroying the Vongola rings back when Tsuna presented the idea just before the rise of the Gesso. He viewed his father’s death at the hands of Byakuran’s Famiglia as a consequence of Tsuna’s decision for the longest time despite his deep loyalty to his friend.
  • Despite the alliance and his relative good cheer in their presence, Takeshi always had a grip on Shigure Kintoki whenever he was around Byakuran and his Famiglia.
  •  The same tension in him is applied whenever he was around Mukuro as well for quite some time.
  • His carefree nature is a ploy. The more easy going he acted, the more people opened up to him. And when he’s sent out to kill them, they would never see it coming.
  • Takeshi, despite his cheerful disposition, is paranoid by nature since becoming a hitman. Most of his romantic liaisons were only half-hearted attempts to cling to the side of him that was still human.
  • Squalo had a suspicion from the get go that Takeshi could surpass him in sheer brutality when all his buttons were pushed. One example of this was when Takeshi had been sent on a hit by Tsuna regarding a major cartel Boss who decided selling off children to prostitution was a good idea.
  • Upon seeing the sheer amount of kids being fed to adult pigs Takeshi got so enraged that he numbed the man with his Flames to keep him from moving before slowly hacking the poor man’s body parts away from the feet up. It was a long, slow brutal death that the cartel Boss being butchered was forced to watch thanks to the Rain Flames that kept him alive till the very end.
  • Takeshi has become the best calling card the Vongola Decimo has. Having him sent over literally means the Tenth had been displeased by a person’s actions and is now going to die.
  • Takeshi’s kills were often swift and done before his victims knew what was going on. One moment they were answering his smiles with their own; the next, their heads were off their shoulders. With this, he has gained the name ‘The Smiling Reaper’ among the Mafia.