sky favorite

My favorite thing about you is how that laugh can brighten the night sky.
My favorite thing about us is how well we fit together, I can lay with you all day.
My favorite thing about you is the way kids fall in love with you so easily, kinda like I did.
My favorite thing about us is the way we stay up till dawn just talking about anything, absolutely anything.
My favorite thing about me is how I became a better person from the day I met you.

He’d evolved complex coping strategies for being told he was rubbish- he’d had plenty of time to work on those- but nobody had ever told him what he was supposed to do if people suddenly turned round and started using words like amazing and astonishing at him. He was completely overwhelmed, and fairly terrified.

Still re-reading Blue Sky. One of my favorite scenes is in Ch 9 between Garret and Wheatley, and I felt it deserved this meme (never thought I would have to make a meme from scratch, but sometimes you gotta make the content you wanna see in the world, ha)