sky dragon of osiris

Yugi epic summons his Egytian God Card “Saint Dragon -The God of Osiris” in his last turn Draw Phase, against Yami Bakura in their “Yami no Game” Battle City duel…

ブラック・マジシャン・ガール、マグネット・ウォーリアー・ガンマ、 ビッグ・シールド・ガードナーの3体を生贄に捧げ、 オシリスよ、降臨せよ!

“Burakku Majishan Gāru! Magunetto Woriā Ganma!  Biggu Shīrudo Gādonā no santai o ikenie ni sasage… Oshirisu yo, kōrin seyo!”

“Black Magician Girl! Magnet Warrior Gamma! Big Shiled Gardna are the 3 bodies offered in sacrifice! Here comes… Osiris!”


So one of my favorite scenes in the new movie was when Kaiba pulled freaking Obelisk from the ground and then says “it’s not a monster, it’s a God”. Hands down one of the best quotes, I loved it. So recently I ran into this from the manga. I didn’t realize that Marik said it first whenever you are first introduced to Osiris/Slifer the Sky Dragon.

“There was something very unusual about this dragon. Yuugi wasn’t quite sure what exactly, but he had a really hard time believing the horror stories filtering from town to town about this monster. Was this really the Sky Beast everyone was so frightened of…?" 

 Finished up while watching a movie. Honestly forgot about it for a while. I’ll continue writing chapter two after dinner possibly. But anyway, here’s some more art for Dragon Keeper. Lol at a tiny Yuugi. I’m not even sure I got the scale right XD


Slifer the Sky Dragon !

The first time Yami Yugi/Atem summons Osiris/Slifer to defeat Yami Bakura. Damn’, It was such a perfect moment the first time I saw this!!

(I need to re-watch the entire serie but I want to find it in Japanese with subtitles >.<“ )