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Isharay - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Octane

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Sara had stopped counting the hours. It felt like the roaring of the storm had been a part of her forever; like howling wind and scouring sand were the pillars of her world. She’d made herself a hollow at the base of a Remnant outcrop, but sleep just wouldn’t come. Liam’s snoring could be heard even over the wind, but Jaal wasn’t sleeping either. His visor lit his features in a soft and pale blue - and it made his concerned expression almost impossible to ignore.

“I believe the wind is dying down,” he murmured. “We should not have long to wait.”

Sara didn’t respond. She’d stopped counting the hours.

But it had been too long.

Jaal was right. Time was slipping slowly through her fingers, but the deafening winds were beginning to quiet. If she peered beyond their shelter into the world of shrieking sand, she could see that the chaos was beginning to falter. She did count the hours, then. She counted every aching second.

The curtains of sand parted slowly, red-white layers dissolving away to reveal a sky of polished blue. Sara shivered as the walls peeled back, although it still wasn’t really cold. Elaaden was never cold - not even on its darker side, and not even now; not even if it seemed somehow wrong to feel the warmth.

Jaal protested when Sara stood. “Wait a moment longer, Ryder. We should make sure that this is not simply a lull.”

Sara ignored him. She headed for the exit.

“Wait for us!” Jaal called. Somewhere behind her, she could hear Liam scrambling up off the ground.

Sara kept walking. Sand grains scratched at her cheeks as she stepped out of their shelter - dimly, she realized she’d forgotten her helmet - but she didn’t turn back. She could see the spot where they’d tangled with the Remnant worm, although the landscape was almost unrecognizable. The great burrows in the ground had been completely erased by the storm. White sand was piled high around the section of sheared hull, the gentle breezes slowly working to turn the slopes convex. Only the very top of the colossal metal shard was visible, like a monument to some dim and distant tragedy.

Like a grave.

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