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wait a second you’re telling me that the most popular sky high ship was layla and warren..?? like… listen… layla is a certified plant lesbian who may or may not be dating bi brat goth magenta … and like… guys … warren and will are literally gay superheroes romeo/juliet in high school… is that not the greatest gay movie plot ever…?? I’m sorry but like they’re all gay i don’t make the rules but they gay

thunder - zach dempsey

requested: yes

word count: 1.224

warnings: i swear once, besides that there are symptoms of anxiety in here

plot: zach helps you go through a storm, trying his best to make you feel comfortable and to be there for you

a/n: i can’t believe how much zach content i’m posting but i live for it. anyway i hope this is true to the request. also i listened to this & this while writing idk maybe it creates an ambiance for y’all

Zach was driving you home when the storm broke.

One minute the two of you were joking around as his music blasted from the speakers and wind blew messing up your hairstyles. Then, quick drops of water began falling from the sky, causing Zach to immediately put the convertible’s hardtop on.

You grew quiet as you took in the sight of the darkened sky and the raindrops hitting the windshield.

Zach took notice of your sudden mood change and turned the music volume down. “Everything okay?” He asked, shifting his gaze from the road for a few seconds to look at you.

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Tears // Zach Dempsey x Reader

“20 and 23 for Zach Dempsey:) Thanks!”

20. “Please take away the pain.”
23. “I don’t want to cry anymore.”

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Warnings: Jeff Atkin’s death, angst.
Ships and Requests are open!


“Let’s get this party started,” Jess yelled as Monty, Zach, and (Y/n) entered her house.

“It’s only us three and we’re only setting up,” (Y/n) laughed and hugged her,“ But I’m ready to party!”

“Where’s Jeff?” Jess asked as she lead the three of them to the kitchen.

“He’s still at home he’s gonna come later,” (Y/n) answered her question.

“But we brought kegs,” Monty smirked,“ Do you know how to open one?”

“Why would you bring one if you don’t know how to open it?” (Y/n) asked him while rolling her eyes,“ We’ll just have to wait until someone who knows how to open it comes here.”

Zach slung his arm over her shoulder as they lean against the counter,“ It’s fine the party doesn’t start for two hours loser.”

“Okay I’m not the loser you are,” (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend,“ Can’t you just google how to open one?”

“Okay lovebirds break it up,” Monty rolled his eyes as Clay and Jess walked into the room.

“Clay!” (Y/n) exclaimed happily and hugged the boy,“ Jeff forced you to come didn’t he?”

“Yeah he forced me here,” Clay nodded awkwardly as Zach glared at him.

“You’ll have fun!” (Y/n) cheered and smiled,“ Jess has the best parties in town!”

“You know it,” Jess cheered as the two jocks brought the kegs out.

“You know if you get wasted I’ll drive you home I’m not gonna drink,” (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend,“ And if you want to stay the night I don’t think my parents of Jeff would mind.”

“I won’t get wasted,” Zach responded,“ But I’ll take you up on that deal.”

“Anytime,” (Y/n) smiled as she swayed to the music,“ Let’s go outside.”

She took her boyfriend’s hand and dragged him into the backyard, finding a long pool chair and sitting in it with him.

“I wanna go on an adventure,” (Y/n) whispered to him, staring at the stars in the sky.

“And go where?” Zach rested his chin on her shoulder,“ We’ve been in ninety percent of this town we’ve lived here since we were kids.”

“Well we still need to explore that last ten percent,“She whispered,” I know we’ve lived here since we were kids, I’ve known you for a while.“

"With that little bunny clip you would always have in your hair,” He teased,“ You were a sobbing mess when you lost it.”

“Okay it was my favorite thing, my brother gave it to me and I looked up to him,” (Y/n) ranted,“ It meant a lot to me. I think I lost it at the park when I was with you.”

“Someone probably took it,” Zach laughed,“ But Jeff probably will get you another one if you wanted.”

“I’m a bit too old for that now aren’t I?” She laughed with him.

“You would still look cute in it,” Zach smiled flirtatiously.

“Always the charmer you are,” She laughed.

“(Y/n)! Zach! There you guys are,” Jeff exclaimed, fist bumping Zach and ruffling his sister’s hair.

“We were just talking about you,” (Y/n) giggled,“ About the bunny hair clip you gave me.”

“ I think it’s in my room, you lost it and I forgot to give it to you,” Jeff laughed,“ I’m going on a beer run I’ll be back soon.”

“Wait did you drink anything,” (Y/n) asked Jeff.

“Two beers two hours ago I’m fine,” Jeff smiled reassuringly.

“Be safe, okay?” (Y/n) told him,“ Love ya.”

“Yeah yeah love you too,” Jeff nodded as started to walk away.

“Get me sour patch kids while you’re there,” (Y/n) yelled to him.

“I got you,” Jeff laughed as he yelled back.
“I shouldn’t have let him leave,” (Y/n) sobbed out as Zach hugged her.

“It’s not your fault, (Y/n)…” Zach breathed out,“ It was an accident.”

“He’s my brother and now he’s gone,” Her voice cracked,“ Zach, please take away the pain.”

“Babygirl,” He whispered, wrapping his arms around her, not caring that her tears soaked his shirt.

“I’m not ready to say goodbye,” (Y/n) whispered to him, looking through the doors to the casket.

“You don’t have to go yet, your parents said you can stay out here,” He rubbed her back in comfort.

“I- It’s just, I don’t want to cry anymore,” She sobbed,“ I don’t want Jeff to be dead. I don’t want to say goodbye. Zach I don’t want to cry anymore then I have. I miss him so much.”

They stood in that hall silently with him wiping her tears away.

“Thanks Zach,” (Y/n) kissed him softly,“ Thanks for being there for me.”

“Anytime,” He wiped away the tear that fell from her eye,“ I love you…”

“I love you too,” (Y/n) sadly smiled,“ Zach, please don’t leave me.”

“I won’t,” He promised,“ You can kill me if I do.”

“I’ll remember that,” She softly giggled.


WELP. I wanted to try doodling samurai-sky’s really cool kids, so I did??? Buncha 12 year olds that are much cooler than I could ever hope to be, and I’M AT PEACE WITH THAT.

I’m gomen sky I screwed around with their clothes and this is dumb forgive me