sky alchesay


first appearance: Aquaman v7 #20 (2013)

who is she? Sky Alchesay is a young Native American woman who lives with her grandmother, father and elder brother in Arizona. Her brother, a level-headed cop, spends a lot of his time worrying about her, mostly because Sky possesses the ability to walk both in the land of the living and the ghost world at the same time. Sky often speaks to her mother’s spirit, who was murdered when Sky was a little girl, though whenever Sky would ask who did it her mother would become very sad, so she didn’t ask anymore. 

Sky dresses up in what she calls shamanistic clothing one afternoon and leaves to find the Others, who are just landing in Arizona (thanks to some help from the thunder beings) to look for an Atlantean artifact, the Power Glove. Sky immediately climbs aboard their plane and makes a beeline straight for the Seal of Clarity, claiming that Kahina’s spirit told her the Seal was meant for her. When Ya'Wara angrily tries to stop her, Sky proves she’s spoken to Kahina by revealing that Ya'Wara had been in love with Kahina, who, while unable to return Ya'Wara’s feelings, loved her deeply as a friend. Sky then tells the Others that she knows where the Power Glove is - in the hands of an evil Skinwalker, a creature that uses witchcraft and can take on the appearance of any animal it pleases. Sky leads the others to where the Skinwalker is trying to release an army of dead Skinwalkers from where they had been imprisoned by the thunder beings. While Prisoner of War keeps the ghosts at bay, Sky faces the Skinwalker, who reveals himself to be her uncle, and who also admits that he murdered her mother in order to gain more power. With the help of the thunder beings, Sky traps her uncle and the ghosts back in the cave where they had been imprisoned before. With their mission accomplished, the Others take their leave while Sky stays behind with her family, telling them they know where to find her if they need her.

what can she do? Sky is able to see and speak with the spirits of the dead, saying these are the abilities of a shaman. It is possible that with the Seal of Clarity Sky will gain precognitive abilities as well. Along with her necromancy, Sky can communicate with god-like creatures and spirits, as seen when she spoke with the thunder beings and helped them defeat her evil uncle.

where can i find her? She’s only showed up in that one issue of Aquaman so far, but it was made pretty clear that she’d be showing up again with the Others, so I’d keep my eye on that book for more of her.

WOCtoberfest Guide to Women of Color Currently in Comics - Part 1 - DC Comics

WOCtoberfest is a celebration going on around tumblr dedicated to celebrating Women of Color in comics, so in honor of this, I’ve compiled a list of all the characters I can think of who are currently in comics. I know I’ve missed some so feel free to add on your additions below.

Part 1 will be dedicated to Women of Color in DC Comics, but come back for more from Marvel and other companies.

DC Comics

The Cast of Gotham Academy

Gotham Academy has introduced several new female characters to readers, and near as I can tell, all of them are WOC. There’s Olive Silverlock who is the protagonist and is going through some tough times, Maps Mizoguchi, the fun loving adventurous new student, and Pomeline Fritch, who appears to be something of a bully.


Kendra Munoz-Saunders is the newest incarnation of Hawkgirl and can be currently found in Earth 2.


She may hate the name Aquawoman, but in Earth 2 she serves as the queen of Atlantis, leading numerous readers and characters in the series to refer to her as such. 

Power Ring

In the backwards world of Earth 3, the Green Lantern ring does not allow people with great will to overcome fear, instead it is the Power Ring, a ring with a will of it’s own that feeds off those with great fear. It came to our Earth and found Jessica Cruz to be its new host, a woman who was a survivalist who was scared of the outside world and lived in her bunker afraid to leave. The ring took her over but with the help of the Justice League she’s decided she’s sick of living in fear and wants to learn to tame her new power.


Miiyahbin Marten is a young Cree super hero with season based powers who is currently appearing in the pages of Justice League United.

Sky Alchesay and Ya'Wara

Sky is the newest member of the Others with the ability to see into the future, and Ya'Wara is a Jaguar Goddess, and both of them can currently be found in Aquaman and the Others.

Tanya Spears

Appearing in Worlds’ Finest, Tanya is a scientist who currently found herself with super strength and it’s implied that she will become the new Power Girl of Earth 1 after the current Power Girl returns to Earth 2.

Helena Bertinelli

The current incarnation of Helena Bertinelli has been redesigned as a WOC and can be seen as a spy for Spiral in the new series Grayson.


The New 52 version of the young cowboy loving member of the New Gods Serifan has been redesigned to now be a WOC. She can currently be found in Infinity Man and the Forever People.


That’s all for the first installment, but come back later to see Marvel and Independent titles.