sky after storm

Where I find the Gods

I find Apollo in the sharp glare of sunlight against the road after a rainstorm. I find him in the warmth against my face. He’s the feeling you get before you pull the final card in a tarot reading. He’s in my tears as I listen to a song that stirs emotions in me that I’ve forgotten how to feel.

I find Aphrodite in the sun setting into the ocean. She’s the lust filled laugh of a lover, their soft and rough touches. She’s in the cry of ecstasy as my pleasure mounts and releases. I find her in rose petals wet with morning dew. She is the warm wind in my hair as i drive with the window down.

I find Freyja in the fallen snow after a winter storm. I see her in the way a lover looks at me after we’ve made love. She is the drive to succeed, the war cry that echoes into the night. She is the sun rising over the mountain and the falcon screeching it’s glory to the world. I find her in books on magic, her hand slowly guiding me through the pages.

I find Hera in the blue sky after the storm clouds have departed. She is the white clouds glowing imperiously in the sun - tall, demanding, omniscient. I feel her the way my mother talks to me, the pride on her face when I succeed. She’s the excitement I feel when I think of my future. I feel her in the rain, am touched by presence in a cold wind. She’s the feeling of my destiny, weighing heavily upon me like a golden crown.

I find Hades in the shadows of a cold winter night. He’s the baying of dogs when I cannot see them. I feel him in my cup of coffee in the morning before work. He’s the soft smile I give to those I truly care about. I feel him when I talk about my ancestors - he’s standing there with their ghosts. He’s in the shadows of a room, watching, protecting. He’s the desire to protect what is mine.

I find Zeus in the sudden summer thunderstorms. He is the crash of lightning in a dark sky. I feel him in the long talks sigh my father. I hear his words of duty and honor, triumph and glory. He’s the fear that keeps me going, keeps me pushing, yet he’s in the feeling that I know I’ll be safe. I’ll succeed no matter what.

Broken Hearts Club - Chapter 4

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Broken Hearts Club

Summary: Upon confessing to their crushes, Marinette and Chat Noir both find out the hard way that those who hold the key to their hearts have affections for another. Rejected and blue, the pair find themselves in an odd sort of friendship, all while hiding the fact that they’d been the one to break the other’s heart.
When feelings that hadn’t initially been within them begin to rise, they both have to come to terms with the fact that maybe the person they’d rejected means more to them than they had originally expected…
Rated: T
Pairings: Marinette/Chat Noir, Adrien/Marinette

Chapter 4 - Things Will Get Better
Word Count: 5,010
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Adrien’s favorite color was blue.

It was a common misconception that his color of preference was green. Every article published in both fashion and teen magazines alike insisted that his favorite shade was striking, like his eyes, but he had never once confirmed these claims and would be lying if he did.

He adored every shade of blue. Blue like a crystalline sky the day after a storm when clouds are too lazy to be seen trailing any closer than hundreds of miles apart, and blue like the soft fleece of his favorite birthday gift to date—the scarf his father had gifted to him two years back—which he held close to his heart and always near whenever he felt in need of a moment’s comfort, or perhaps a brief escape from the clawed hands of reality.

Adrien’s favorite color was blue because it reminded him of home. Not of the Agreste mansion, of course, but of something more; a deeper, more profound feeling of home that nothing other than a certain shade of cerulean happened to spur within him. A warm, soothing feeling that filled him to the brim with pure contentedness.

Adrien loved blue for many reasons, yes, but there was no other blue like the fiery eyes of his Lady, and from the moment he’d first locked gazes with her what seemed like forever ago, he knew—he knew he’d never look at sapphires the same way ever again.

Because blue was the color of Ladybug’s eyes and blue was all his world had become.

Blue was his home.

And honestly…could there be a better home than by his partner’s side?

He didn’t even want to think of the possibility.

“You’re quiet tonight, huh?”

Blinking open an eye, Adrien grinned, a single black ear twitching against his tousled hair. He sat up from the gravelly texture of the roof with a stretch and rose his arms high into the air, clawed fingers digging into his palms as he let out a drawn-out yawn. “I could say the same about you, Buginette.”

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For the Anon who requested Harry approaching Draco like he would a Hippogriff?

Just like a Hippogriff

Harry clearly remembered the time he first encountered a Hippogriff. His third year in Hagrid’s first ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ class. The same one where Malfoy, whom Harry had been calling Draco in his head ever since he came back to Hogwarts, had gotten scratched on his arm and nearly had Buckbeak executed. He remembered having to make steady, unblinking eye contact with Buckbeak before bowing and waiting for the Hippogriff to bow back. Now the reason he was thinking of this was: Draco.

Professor Macgonagal had opened Hogwarts to the students who had missed most of their seventh year during the war. And Harry hadn’t been sure if he wanted to return but Hermione had convinced him to. Well, it wasn’t that hard but Harry had sort of thought of Hogwarts as his home for at least six out of the seven years he’d been there. More like six out of six since he didn’t even go the seventh year anyway. Coming back to Hogwarts for school again made Harry miss it. Miss his lessons, miss Quidditch even if was;t playing anymore, miss the wonderful meals in the Great hall, miss Draco Malfoy and his snark.

How does one even begin to explain Draco Malfoy? Harry mused, staring out the window as as his quill dripped ink onto his blank parchment. Draco Malfoy was a big bully, but not anymore. Draco Malfoy was clever, indeed he was always coming second to Hermione’s top grades. Draco Malfoy was … handsome, Harry found that his stormy grey eyes often reflected the feeling in his chest. He’d tried to make peace with Malfoy but when he’d finally managed to corner Draco in the library one night, the blond had been so spooked he’d rejected Harry’s hand. Just like Harry ad rejected his in First year. He rather thought he understood Draco’s bitterness even if five years made quite a long grudge. He’d try again. Gryffindors were nothing if not determined.

Draco Malfoy reminded him of a Hippogriff. Beautiful in a rather unconventional way but still beautiful nonetheless, proud and a little sensitive, and cautious of those who approached. Harry didn’t care what Ron said, the war was over and it was high time they all started acting like it. What better way then to make a friend out of Malfoy? His first attempt was a failure. He thought maybe he should approach Malfoy like he would a Hippogriff. But Malfoy wasn’t truly a Hippogriff so his approach had to be slightly altered. But not too much. Malfoy was kind of like a Hippogriff after all.  

Step 1: Make unwavering eye contact with the  Hippogriff  Malfoy.
Whenever Harry saw Malfoy, he stared. Oh how blatantly he stared. First, Hermione and Ron rolled their eyes at his “obsession”. Then, Dean and Seamus teased him about his crush. Luna smiled serenely as she always did and Neville tried to give him advise about making the first move in asking Malfoy out. And Malfoy always looked away. Until he too started to give Harry strange looks and finally, finally he stared back. Harry was quite proud of his persistence. It was not creepy, whatever Ron said about it.

Step 2: Bow to the  Hippogriff  Malfoy as a sign of respect.
Now every time Harry and Draco had a staring contest, Harry would nod at Malfoy. He couldn’t give a proper bow, that was just ridiculous. And anyway, Draco wasn’t really a Hippogriff. So he nodded whenever he saw Draco and soon enough, Draco nodded back. Harry wondered, if he kissed Draco enough times, would Draco kiss him back? Not that he wanted to, you know. It was just a scientific thought.

Step 3: You may pet the  Hippogriff  Malfoy if it bows back. Step back if it does not.
Well, that was a bit hard wasn’t it? Harry couldn’t go about petting Malfoy if he saw him, no matter how soft and silky his gleaming blond hair was. Perhaps it was time for a bit of improvisation there. No problem, he had had lots of practice. Harry thought that switching from nodding to a friendly wave was probably the best idea.

“Malfoy’s looking at you, mate,” Ron informed Harry, before gulping down his pumpkin juice.

Harry turned. Malfoy nodded. Harry smiled and waved. Malfoy turned away. Harry turned back, still grinning. “What?”

“You look deranged.”

Harry shrugged and tucked back into his meal. He managed to wave again at Malfoy just as the blond left the Great Hall. Harry ignored Ron’s “You are obsessed, mate.” and Hermione’s exasperated sigh, waving to Malfoy as they entered the Transfiguration classroom. Malfoy had chosen a seat at the corner and was alone, Blaise sitting with Pansy. Harry eagerly went to take the space beside, ignoring the stiffening of Malfoy’s back as he approached.


Malfoy nodded tightly at him.

Today’s lesson was on Transfiguring a beetle into a spider. Very advanced Transfiguration that required changing all the the internal organs inside. Malfoy was much better than Harry was at this, which disappointed him at first when he thought he couldn’t offer Malfoy help. But then he realised how Malfoy would feel if he offered and decided to ask for help instead.

“Malfoy,” Harry whispered.

Malfoy pretended not to hear.

“Malfoy,” a little louder this time.

Malfoy’s grip on his wand tightened but Harry was still being ignored.


“Mr Potter, is there something you would like to say?”

“No, Professor. Sorry, Professor.”

“Malfoy, stop ignoring me.” This was whispered out of the corners of his mouth. Harry saw Malfoy visible exhale through his nose.


“I need help.”

“I’ll recommend you some good mind healers.”

“Not that kind of help, you git. I mean with Transfiguration.”

“Ask Macgonagal.”

“Malfoy, just help me!” Harry whisper-shouted.

“Hold your wand like this. And flick it like I’m doing now.”

Harry tried it. “Thanks, Malfoy.” He aimed a smile at Malfoy.

Harry tried to talk to Malfoy again after class, but Malfoy disappeared down the corridor too quickly for Harry to follow so he bit back his disappointment and went for lunch. Malfoy wasn’t at lunch. He wasn’t at dinner either. Harry wondered if Draco didn’t need that much food, although it would explain his slightly unhealthy looking state. Time to bring out The Marauders Map. And the Invisibility Cloak.


Harry watched as Draco’s footsteps appeared on his map, going in the direction of the library. What a coincidence! Harry had some homework he had to do too! And what better place to study than the library? Hermione swore by it and she was top student. Harry gathered up his parchments and books and quills and map. Humming lightly as he went to the library to  see Malfoy  STUDY! He was going to study.

He smiled when he saw Draco sitting a lone and tried not to look to much like a kicked puppy when Draco glared at his approaching figure.

“Hi, Malfoy!” Too excited. Malfoy glared.

“What do you want?”

“You looked lonely so I thought I should come sit here with you.” Harry smiled encouragingly.

Malfoy’s nostrils flared. “You thought wrong.” He picked up his wand. “Now go away.”

“Can’t I sit here with you?” Harry’s eyes widened. Malfoy huffed, exasperated.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

“No! No. I’ll go. I didn’t mean to disturb or anything. Sorry. I’ll go now.” Harry got up.

“Potter.” Harry turned back expectantly. “What do you really want? From me, I mean.”

Harry looked at Draco. How his eyes managed to change colour every time never ceased to amaze Harry. They were the stormy grey that Harry liked right now. “To be your friend.”

Harry couldn’t read the look in Malfoy’s eyes. But the colour had lightened a little, like the sky after storm clouds were gone. He extended a hand. Malfoy stared at him, stared at his hand like he was contemplating the pros and cons of taking it.

Malfoy took his hand and Harry squeezed it lightly, heartened when Draco squeezed back. He smiled.


“Go out with me?”

“Why? You need something from Hogsmeade and need my honest opinion?”

“No. Date me.”

“Ask me nicely, Potter.”

“Draco, will you do me the honour of spending your weekend with me at Hogsmeade?”

“I said ask. Not propose.”

“Draco, will you PLEASE go out with me?”

“Wow, not even one date and you’re begging already.”


“Alright fine. But you’re paying.”


“We should get married”

Isak chokes on his cereals and starts coughing till tears spill from his eyes and he can’t feel his throat anymore.

“Are you okay?” Even asks, as calm as the sky after the storm, slowly sipping from his tea (made with boiled water) like he didn’t just say that.

“Whatttt?!?!?!” Isak spits, trying to catch his breath.

“I asked you if you were oka-

You proposed!”

“Oh, that”

Oh, that. Isak hides his face in his hands. Sometimes he can’t believe his boyfriend.

“Are you manic? Cause last time you asked it was at the hotel and then you-

“I’m not manic, Isak”

“Then fuck, yes”

This time it’s Even’s turn to choke on his breakfast.

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Can you do a Mc who's afraid of storms and the Rfa + V +Saeran, try to distract her with some things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

RFA (V + Saeran) reacting to MC who’s afraid of Storms

Note: I’m so happy to have gotten my very first request!! Sorry some are shorter than others, haha, I’m trying my best c:


✰ - He genuinely was unaware of the storm until the wifi got knocked out, resulting in the failure of his LOLOL mission. He looked around his apartment for you, hoping to watch a movie on his phone while the storm brewed.

✰ - “MC, where are you?” He wasn’t afraid of storms, but felt fearful that you’d gotten caught in one. So, he dialed you on his cellphone, nervously hoping for your answer.

✰ - Yoosung heard your ringtone coming from the bedroom and thought you’d left your phone here.

✰ - Entering the bedroom, the noise was coming from underneath the bed, where he heard sniffles after the ringtone subsided.

✰ - “Oh my gosh, MC, are you okay?” Helps you get off the carpet and from under the bed.

✰ - Hugs you, and as thunder booms, realizes you have a fear of the storm. Remembering what he liked to do as a child when he was scared, he had an idea.

✰ - “I know what we can do, um, since the internet is down.” Doesn’t really want to acknowledge her fear of storms, so instead he acknowledges his ability to come up with terrible excuses.

✰ - “We make a pillow fort! I know which pillows and blankets to use, so you stay here and listen to some of the LOLOL soundtrack!” Gives you limited edition LOLOL warrior headphones with gaming music blasting.

✰ - Makes the best pillow fort ever around you.

✰ - “Alright, now that our pillow fort is complete, we shall watch movies I’ve downloaded from Netflix!” 

✰ - Curls up with you under tons of blankets and pillows, makes sure to hold your hand.

✰ - “Yoosung, the only movie you have downloaded on your phone is the Bee Movie?”


✰ - After getting soaked on the way back from his rehearsal, he’s very surprised when you hug him, the two of you now wet.

✰ - Thinks it’s cute - oh no it’s not cute anymore.

✰ - Only because he realizes your scared and is not gonna let you be scared if he wants to call himself a man.

✰ - Grabs some towels to dry you both off, unsure if the shaking is from you being wet and cold or because of the rumbling storm,

✰ - Pops open a cold one for each of you, better for you to loosen up during the storm.

✰ - Offers to give you a ~sensual~ back massage to relax even more.

✰ - He’s literally the most comforting boyfriend ever, between rubbing your shoulders and kissing them.

✰ - How could someone even focus on the storm? 

✰ - Turns into a full on makeout session, in the midst of trying to relieve your stress about the storm, he’s stressed about releasing the beast.

✰ - Releases it anyways. 


✰ - Bless this female, she’s just back from a long day at the cafe and comes home to the blaring television. But, it’s the weather forecast, and can hardly hear herself think.

✰ - “MC? Why are you watching the weather? So loudly?” 

✰ - Sees MC curled up on the couch, looking from the window to the television.

✰ - Immediately closes curtains and changes the channel, she knows her girlfriend is upset woman’s intuition.

✰ - Turns on one of Zen’s DVDs for MC, keeps it loud so she can hear it in the kitchen.

✰ - Being the awesome person she is, makes some relaxing herbal tea to help MC calm down and fall asleep so she isn’t so nervous about the storm.

✰ - Grabs her #1 Girlfriend mug and brings out the tea.

✰ - MC is already calm just watching the DVD, and with Jaehee’s tea, she’s feeling a lot better about the storm outside.

✰ - Jaehee is also rubbing circles on her back, doesn’t even stop once MC lays down, head in her girlfriend’s lap.

✰ - “Thanks for helping me through the storm.”

✰ - MC falls asleep and Jaehee kisses her forehead, pulling out her cellphone to snap a couple photos to send to the messenger.

✰ - 707: Jaehee!! Did you knock out MC??

✰ - ZEN: She’s sleeping, idiot. 

✰ - ZEN: Very cute tho ^^

✰ - This woman agrees that MC is very cute.


✰ - Where’s MC? Where’s Elizabeth the 3rd? 

✰ - Just got home from work, and neither of his girls are coming to meet him and he’s somewhat offended.

✰ - As thunder rumbles he remembers how anxious Elizabeth gets, and wonders if she’s run off again. Feeling nervous, he rushes back towards the bedroom, hoping she’s underneath the bed.

✰ - “Elizabeth oh.” Sees you and Elizabeth curled up on the bed, you grooming her fur with a purple brush.

✰ - He sits on the bed beside you, but as a flash of lightning lights up the room, you stop brushing the white Persian’s fur, shaking.

✰ - He wraps an arm around you, picking up the purple brush from the bed, kissing you before quickly going to shut the curtains.

✰ - “MC, why don’t you continue to brush Elizabeth’s fur while I go pour us each a glass of Pinot Noir.” 

✰ - Calls Jaehee while pouring wine into two wineglasses, confused as to why you would get so jolted by the flash of light. Perhaps it startled you?

✰ - “Assistant Kang, is it normal for a woman to jump when lightning flashes?”

✰ - “Mr.Han, MC probably has astraphobia, a fear of storms.” Of storms?? Storms can’t steal your money or business ideas, why are you afraid of those?

✰ - Comes back to the bedroom, hands you your glass of wine, and snuggles under the covers with Elizabeth the 3rd between the two of you.

✰ - MC’s hand holding a wineglass and petting Elizabeth’s fur with the other.

✰ - Jumin, on the other hand, is in the chatroom,

✰ - Jumin Han: I believe Elizabeth the Third should be a service or therapy cat.

✰ - 707: I NEED HELP!!

✰ - Jumin Han: Service cats aren’t for the mentally ill.


✰ - The bunker is soundproof and there aren’t any windows, but MC just went to the garage to grab another box of Honey Buddha chips.

✰ - It’s been like forty-five minutes? Did MC get locked out or something?

✰ - 707 literally finds you laying in the floorboard of one of his babies cars.

✰ - Laughs at first, but then realizes you aren’t trying to play ultimate hide and seek, as the thunder rumbles the entire garage.

✰ - “MC? Let’s go back inside, we probably have Honey Buddha Chips somewhere else.” 

✰ - You’re too scared? No problem, he’s in the car with you.

✰ - “At least get in a seat, I’ll turn on the seat warmers and everything.” Coaxes you to sit in the front seat with him, and casually plugs in his phone through the aux chord.

✰ - MC is laughing already as the Ouran Highschool Host Club theme blares throughout the vehicle, forgetting the storm.

✰ - Turns into some sort of car radio party, from I Don’t F*ck With You to Call Me Maybe.

✰ - Does the casual yawn and literally throws his arm around your shoulders.

✰ - Takes a couple minutes to let you appreciate the purr of his engine.


✰ - This dude is super sensitive to sound as his sight is gone, so he is well aware that it’s storming. And those whimpers? He can fit two and two together.

✰ - Casually grabs ones of his photo albums, making out his handwriting on the cover, before going back to where MC is.

✰ - “You’re frightened by the storm?” He wants to be sure, he’s a caring dude. After confirmation, he smiles, opening up the album, revealing beautiful photos of flowers and beautiful rainbows.

✰ - “Wow, Jihyun, these are beautiful… that rainbow!”

✰ - “Without that terrible storm, we wouldn’t get these beautiful photos of rainbows and perfect shots of roses.” He’s a deep person.

✰ - “Remember that after the storm, the sun always shines.” He flips through the page, revealing an image of the sun.

✰ - “Jihyun, do you want to go take photos once the storm passes?”
✰ - The two of you spend the rest of the storm looking through all the beautiful photos, V capturing a couple photos of you on camera in the meantime.

✰ - It becomes a bit of a tradition to take photos after the storm. Bless V.


✰ - He just wanted to look at the sky with you, outside the bunker, but nope; it’s pouring and light is flashing everywhere. 

✰ - You’re shaking with your jacket held above your head, and it reminds him of how he had to suffer through these alone as a child.

✰ - No, this would not happen to you.

✰ - “Let’s get out of this storm,” He’s already getting you back to the bunker, he’s holding your hand, he’s not having any of this. “It’s okay to be afraid of the storm.”

✰ - He doesn’t even ask, and just takes his pair of earbuds, one in his ear and one in his own, playing some mellow music. 

✰ - Lets you borrow his hoodie, the two of you just surviving the storm, leaning against one another in the bunker.

✰ - “MC, let’s go look at the sky after the storm. They say there is always a rainbow after the storm passes.”

✰ - Where to find Saeran after the storm? Looking up at the sky, with his girlfriend beside him.

Kacchako Week Day 0


Day 0: Rainbow

“Looks like we both forgot our umbrellas today, huh?”

Bakugou turns as Ochako’s sing-song voice comes from behind. She steps out of the gym, with a towel coiled around her neck and that fucking smile that was always on her face, and comes to his side to take refuge from the rain.

With a “tch”, he thrusts his hands deep into his pockets and slouches against the wall. “I didn’t forget mine,” he emphasizes, “I left it in class.”

Puzzled, Ochako cocks her head to the side, “isn’t that the same as forgetting it?”

“It’s not the fucking same!” She snorts and struggles to hold back her laughter as Bakugou’s infamous temper flares. “I remembered to bring it but I just left in the fucking classroom!”

“Hmmm,” Ochako hums in faux contemplation before finally shrugging, “sounds like forgetting it to me.”

“Fuck you! Do you wanna fucking die?!”

Laughing, she pats him on the shoulder and almost immediately his temper dissipates and all he can pay attention to is how her hand remains on his shoulder. The two of them fall silent as the downpour crackles in the background like white noise, softening the edges of the campus with watercolor hues of grey-tinted indigo. Charcoal ash clouds roll across the grim sky, plump and heavy with the weight of the rain.

“I didn’t see you at lunch today.”

Ochako’s soft voice breaks the silence.

“I had shit to take care of,” he mumbles unconvincingly and she grows quiet and pulls her hand away, sensing the aloofness in his voice. “Well,” she starts bashfully, “will…I see you tomorrow?” The edges of her voice are tinged with hope and it makes him feel guilty because he wanted to see her but he needed to end this – whatever they were – before he ended up regretting it.

So he throws his shoulders up as if to shrug away the question and mutters, “I dunno.” The lie feels heavy on his tongue, “it’s not like I keep a fucking schedule for this shit.”

He hears her hum in thought before she admits quietly, “I enjoy it though.” A pause and then, “spending time with you, I mean.”

He whirls around to look at her, his mouth gaping and eyes wide as her words strike him like a thunderbolt, shaking him to the very marrow of his bones. They play over and over again in his mind – “I enjoy it though. Spending time with you.” – and his rouge heart is desperate to respond in kind; to tell her that he felt the same way, that he wanted to be with her for just a little longer, to hear her voice and her laughter for just a little longer.

The disappointment is almost palpable as the sky begins to clear and the grey clouds grow increasingly punctured with streams of sunlight. “Looks like the rain’s cleared,” Ochako announces, holding out a hand to test her theory, then turns to look at Bakugou. She stops, giving him the chance to say something, and then smiles sadly when he doesn’t. “I guess I’ll see you around then.”

She takes a step and, before he realizes it, his hand shoots out and grabs hold of hers. Ochako stops in her tracks, autumn eyes wide with surprise as Bakugou keeps her anchored to place with his nervous grasp. His fingertips tremble with the words he cannot say but are reflected in his wide-eyed gaze: I’m sorry. Don’t go. Stay. Stay a little bit longer.

He then blinks, as if waking from a spell and realizing what he was doing. Flustered, he makes a move to let go but Ochako stops him, interlacing their fingers and tightening her grip.

“Bakugou-kun?” She encourages him softly. Pride was a hard pill to swallow but the song of her voice makes him brave and fills him with the courage to say the words he was too afraid to say.

“Tomorrow,” he promises breathlessly, “I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Her face brightens with a smile and she nods in acknowledgement. “Ok.” She closes the gap between them and leans up to plant a chaste kiss on his cheek before pulling away with an embarrassed giggle. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

She lets go of his hand and, with a wave, breaks into a run, leaving him in stunned silence.

In the spring of his 3rd year at UA, Bakugou learned two things.

First, that he was hopelessly in love with Ochako Uraraka.

And second, she kissed as tenderly as a rainbow kisses the sky after the storm.