skurf art

My dad called me late yesterday evening and asked me if I had assigned a pricetag to this painting (if I remember correctly I finished it in 2012 ).
On a whim I said 2000 kronors (Which is about 290 USD). 

It turned out that the man owning the café where my paintings been displayed liked it too much to part with it (Since in two weeks a new artist will display there), and had offered to buy it.

So, this one will be forever staying at that café.

I can’t put into words how utterly excited and proud I am that I -  for the first time - have sold one of my paintings.

friendly reminder,
If I take pictures of you that I then send to you, it is common and polite practice to then credit me when you decide to upload it. Even if you edit it out of recognition.

I’m an amateur, I don’t have a fancy site where I upload the pictures. And it’s not about me getting fame.
It’s like saying thank you. Giving me creds for taking time to photograph you and your awesome cosplay. (My work wasn’t very hard, no. But then again, crediting me doesn’t take much time either.)

I don’t know how to tell people this, because I’m sure I always tell people this. And I am too awkward to bring it up in conversation.