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Gorillaz and politics.

I’m seeing a lot of hate towards the Gorillaz, due to their political messages in the new album, titled “Humanz”. I’d like to first start out with saying, Music is art, and art is allowed to be, and almost always is political. As Skunk Anansie says “Yes, it’s fucking political. Everything’s political”. Secondly, The Gorillaz have always been a political, left-leaning, liberal band. If you don’t know that by know, then you haven’t been listing to any of the lyrics. (I will be creating another post about Gorillaz previous political music and linking it here later on in the day). 

Even the virtual band members are political. They are all left leaning as well if you were wondering, and yes that includes the most problematic member, Murdoc. Murdoc voted aginst Brexit, he is proud of the fact that coppers don’t carry guns in the UK, and he’s a feminist. 

If you have a problem with the fact that the Gorillaz is realising songs about police brutality, racial inequality, and the 2016 election. Then please, get over yourself. Leave if you don’t like it, but don’t try to say that they are all of a sudden political, it only proves that you are uneducated. They have always been political and will likely always be.

And yes. The entire album will be political. Damon started to write it in early 2016 as a “what if” to the unbelievable possibility of trump being elected. All of phase 4 takes place in a dark nightmarish world that he watched become reality, where you can no longer look at the people around you the same because of the election.   


Skunk Anansie — You Do Something To Me (Live In London An Acoustic)

You do something to me 

Somewhere deep inside 

I’m hoping to get close to 

A peace I cannot find —


DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 54: Skin
Born: August 3rd, 1967 (England)

Bands/Projects: Skunk Anansie (1994 – present); Solo (2003 – present)

Collaborations: Sevendust (1999); Maxim (2000); Pale3 (2000); Marlene Kuntz (2000); Tony Iommi (2000); Ed Case (2003)

Besides of being a singer, she is also an electronic music DJ and an occasional model.
Skin studied Interior Design at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, from which she later received an honorary degree.
She is best known as the lead vocalist of English hard rock/metal band Skunk Anansie, a band often grouped as part of the britrock movement in the UK and gained attention for her powerful, wide-ranging voice and trademark bald look.

Personal life:
Skin is openly bisexual.



BΔSTILLE Song Catalogue

[Last updated: 25/03/17]
This is a list of every Bastille song we know about!

If you can’t find a copy of anything in the list, feel free to message me and I can probably hook you up. At the bottom of the list I’ve also included songs by Dan Smith before Bastille formed and songs he created with Ralph PelleyMounter.

If I’ve missed anything please reply/message me so I can update the list! I’ll be updating it periodically anyway with new stuff they release.

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It always kind of breaks my heart when Mulder finds Scully hurt or injured, as well as Scully goes all Doctor on him.
All these moments fit perfectly to this song

Jughead Playlist

I’ve been meaning to finish this for a while but have just been way too busy with college to compile it all and upload it - until now that is!

Juggie gives me a lot of feels (protect that pudding!) and as someone who loves music I’ve been thinking a lot about what genres he’d be into and what music best represents where he and bughead are at in the series right now. Nothing pop or with an especially quick tempo because I doubt Jug would stand for it, (lol) but I also don’t think he’s a huge metal-head or anything either. I also think, as a writer, he probably pays more attention to a song’s lyrics than its melody. So! With all that in mind I made a big ol’ Jughead Jones playlist full of songs I think tonally and lyrically scream of Jug, bughead, and/or the Jones family dynamic. Like Juggie it's a little cynical, a little angry, a little sad, but pretty beautiful, too. Enjoy!

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Radiohead - Creep (Bughead)

Skunk Anansie - Secretly (Bughead)

Pain - Shut Your Mouth (Jughead - Little nod to Big Daddy with some of the lyrics of this one!)

Semisonic - Secret Smile (Bughead)

Rilo Kiley - Better Son/Daughter (Jones family - and the Cooper’s too, let’s be real.)

Razorlight - Wire to Wire (Bughead)

Cold War Kids - First (Jones family)

Elliott Smith - Between the Bars (Bughead) 

Seether - Fake It (Jughead)

The Killers - Romeo and Juliet (Bughead)

Metallica - Low Man’s Lyric (Jones family)

Aimee Mann - It’s Not (Bughead but also Betty - had to slip this one in!)

X Ambassadors - Unsteady [Erich Lee Gravity Remix] (Jones family)

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Skunk Anansie - Yes, It’s Fucking Political

Everything Wrong with Afropunk 2016:

Photos: (L): Photo of myself, taken by Driely S. | ®: Skin of Skunk Anansie, taken by my partner, Tom.

I am someone that, while I thoroughly enjoyed my time that weekend, was also very, very aware of how “un-punk” the festival was. Did I dance, eat, drink, and smile? Yup. I even got photographed a few times, so I can’t be mad at that. But the articles popping up about the festival becoming a “Black Coachella” are not negative.They are true. Here’s why:

Controversial Acts:

This year, Tyler The Creator headlined the Red Stage on Saturday. The rush to get to that area of the festival grounds was chaotic. But I must have been the only one who was thinking in the back of their mind “didn’t Tyler come under fire for some homophobic remarks a few years ago?” Back in 2008, when Afro-Punk documentary maker James Spooner was still involved in the festival, he actually got on stage to call out a band that ended their set with a cover of the homophobic song “Boom Bye Bye”. Because that simply didn’t fly with the vision Spooner had for this festival/movement. So I can only imagine that he must be cringing at the choice of having Tyler headline.

Also on the bill for Saturday was Cee Lo Green, on the Green stage.. who, admittedly, I danced to, because Cee Lo has had some serious bangers in his career. However, I couldn’t be the only one who hasn’t forgotten his deplorable stance on sexual assault. When your booked artist stands firmly against your banner of “No Sexism” which is what you pride your festival on, then you’ve got a real problem, and should re-evaluate what you want Afropunk to represent. Enough said.

And then there is the band Trash-Talk, who I didn’t research before going, and who’s set I didn’t see. But in the aftermath, I kept seeing photographs of a white singer, crowd-surfing and moshing with the audience, and wondering who this could possibly be? Turns out that Afropunk has officially ditched its “you ha[ve] to have a black singer” policy, in favor of simply getting any old hardcore punk band with some black members to keep your credibility up as a punk festival. Ouch. Their only saving grace were the amount of amazing black, female-fronted rock and alternative acts I saw on the Green stage (especially Skunk Anansie).

The List of What You Can’t Bring Into the Festival:

Bags that you can fit more than a cell phone in; although they seemed to be more lenient when you actually arrive with a bag, the official festival website’s FAQs scares you into not wanting to bring anything, lest it be confiscated. Other prohibited items included lawn chairs, your own food and drinks, picnic baskets and coolers, and umbrellas. Now, with that being said, I saw more than a handful of people with chairs, and umbrellas that weekend. I do not know if they were simply being lenient on certain people, or if there were chairs and umbrellas for sale on the festival grounds. But it’s not a good idea to risk having to go back to your car or having it confiscated, if you decide to defy the the organizers.

The Choice of Music Spun by DJs:

I’m not anti-hip-hop, rap, or R&B. I’m not anti-pop. But the lack of alternative & punk music (not even black-made punk music) was very apparent at Afropunk this year. Perhaps it had something to do with the “theme” (they have themes now?); “Power to the Party”. What that means, I have no clue. But there was an abundance of hip-hop and rap that I honestly didn’t recognize (because I’m uncool and can’t keep up), with lyrics about “fuckin’ hoes”, and “suckin’ dicks”, and all that cringe-worthy stuff that shouldn’t really be played at a festival whose banner reads “No Sexism”. I literally found myself stopping in the middle of dancing when I would hear lyrics like that, and glance at my partner like “wtf did I just hear?”

White People:

As the festival gains more popularity, more white people are feeling okay about showing up, with their friends in tow. This is probably the most problematic thing about Afropunk, and could lead to its downfall. There are white people coming into a space that was made exclusively for alternative black people, standing through/ignoring black-made music that isn’t for them, to see artists that they could have seen at any other festival (i.e. Tyler, Ice Cube, Cee Lo, Janelle Monae, Trash-Talk). The future of Afropunk could very well look half white, as time goes on.

Cultural Appropriation:

We all know what this is. But we as Black people don’t seem to think it applies to us. I saw more than a handful of black girls with Native American headdresses on, and more than half the people on the grounds sporting the Indian nostril piercing look (you know the one). This isn’t okay. There isn’t much more I need to say on this. Especially since other festivals have come under fire for this sort of behavior before.

Punk as an Afterthought:

At the end of the day, Afropunk is looking to cash in, rather than serve the people it originally intended to serve. With non-punk or alternative headliners, and pricey admission, it’s become more about aesthetic than anything else. Even with Sunday night’s power jam, featuring Living Colour, Fishbone, and Bad Brains, punk was an afterthought. The fact that George Clinton (who was also on stage with them) had to even say “there would be no Afropunk if it wasn’t for Bad Brains” to hype up the crowd (who were all mostly waiting for Ice Cube), says it all. And it’s too late for the festival to turn itself around.


….then you watch Björk with Skunk Anansie singing ‘Army of Me’ live and now you are not the same person. 


@alatarielgildaen you are right, this is gorgeous!


I don’t want to write “nice little lyrics,” that wouldn’t be me. I am who I am and I don’t mince words, take it or leave it. As a black lesbian, I’m hardly the girl next door, more like the living nightmare of every conservative suburban house owner with a neat little garden. I really don’t care. If they don’t like me, fine. I can live with it and I don’t force myself on them, but I refuse to shut up and I can’t imagine anybody who could shut me up.

Skin from Skunk Anansie (1999 interview).

anonymous asked:

can you make an afterdeath playlist please?

canon ones:
Bones (Ms Mr) (tbh portwave version is better)
Monster (Ghost Town)
Hold me Down (Halsey) 
Afterlife (Sir Sly (but it’s actually a Arcade Fire cover)
We Must Be Killers (Mikky Ekko) 
Mother Murder (Hollywood Undead) 
Love Lives In This House (Sivu)   
Strawberry Trapper (Guilty Kiss)    -   juST READ THE TRANSLATION 
Country Song (Seether)    
maybe - Bad Habit (The Kooks)
The First Stone (Sir Sly)
Levitate (Hollywood Undead) 
Private Wars (A-RISE) (subs in the video ~)
Where I’m Going (Sir Sly)
You’re So Creepy (Ghost Town AGaIn) 
A sadness runs through him (The Hoosiers) 
Holy (Wolf Colony)
How (The Neighbourhood) 
Trust Me (Marc Senter)
S.C.A.V.A. (Hollywood Undead) 
Get Away With Murder (Jeffree Star)
We’re My OTP (Troye Sivan)  
The Sharpest Lives (My Chemical Romance) 
Flawless (The Neighbourhood)
Blood Gets Thin (Pete and The Pirates)  
Lion (Hollywood Undead)
Never Giving Up (OF MICE & MEN)
Nicotine (Panic! at the Disco)   
Mental (Sounds Like Harmony)  
Dance With The Devil (Breaking Benjamin)  
Love Again (Pentatonix)
Break (I See Stars)  
Holy Death (Mr.Kitty)  
Devil in the Details (Placebo) 
Certain Romance (Arctic Monkeys)  
Hear Me (Imagine Dragons)  
Post Blue (Placebo) 
Bittersweet (Panic! At the Disco)
The Greatest Bastard (Damien Rice)  
Pools (Glass Animals)
Figure.09 (Linkin Park)  
Faint (Linkin Park)  
Numb (Linkin Park)  
One Step Closer (Linkin Park)
Bleed It Out (Linkin Park)
Second Chances (Imagine Dragons)
Come A Little Closer (Cage the Elephant)
That’s Right (Cage the Elephant)
Twisted (Skunk Anansie)
The Perfect Kiss (New Order)  
Message Man (Twenty One Pilots)
We Got Game (The Radio Dept)
Tear You Apart (She Wants Revenge)  

smut? :D
Paralyzed (Mystery Skulls) 
Flesh (Simon Curtis)
A Little Death (The Neighbourhood)
Little Monster II (Royal Blood) 

CPAU (?) 
Skeleton (Ghost Town) 

w/o lyrics (themes)
I Still Hate You (SUICIDEWΛVЕ)
visitor (пl3nk)
Nightmare (Portwave)
نحن نحب ( SUICIDEWΛVЕ) 
Go With The Flow (IC3PEAK) 

Police/Criminal AU 
Usual Suspects (Hollywood Undead) 
Heathens (twenty one pilots)
The Run And Go (twenty one pilots) again
Back Against The Wall (Cage The Elephant)

Serial Killers! AU:
Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie)
Hospital For Souls (Bring Me The Horizon)
JDNT (Glass Animals)  
Kill All Your Friends (My Chemical Romance)